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HRM (FINAL EXAMINATION) Questions 1: Describe the traditional methods used to conduct job of analysis.

s. [8 MARK] Discuss the step in conducting a job analysis. [12 MARK]

Questions 2: As a HR Manager, it is important for important role for you to understand the process of selecting the right applicants. Describe the general selection process. [20 MARK]

Questions 3: Identifying and describe any 5 training and development methods. [20 MARK]

Questions 4: Recruitment is an important component of HRM. Explain any 4 external recumbent sources that are available to an organization. [8 MARK] Explain any 2 advantages of using each of the external recruitment sources that you have discussed in part 1 (a). [20 MARK]

Questions 5: Briefly explain how the job is a determinant of financial compensation. [4 MARK] Elaborate on any 4 forms of job evaluation. [16 MARK]

Questions 6: Effective HR Managers must maximize their manpower planning skills to find and maintain qualified employees. Identifying and discuss the process of manpower planning. [10 MARK] Discuss any 4 limitation of manpower planning. [10 MARK]

Questions 7 Give 4 reasons why firms invest in training for their employee. [6 MARK] Distinguish between internal and external training. [6 MARK] Briefly explain any 2 advantages of internal training and external training. [8 MARK]

Questions 8: As the manager of a newly set up HR department, you have been asked to prepare proper guidelines for conduction an interview. Elaborate on these guidelines. [20 MARK]

Questions 9: Discuss any 5 functions performed by HR department. [20 MARK]