Normal and Abnormal Characteristic of Sputum A.

 Amount -The amount may be scant, moderate, or copious. (a) Scant. Scant means a small amount. (b) Copious. Copious means a large amount. (c) Moderate. A moderate amount is more than scant but less than copious.  Color -Normal sputum is clear. Abnormal sputum, such as caused by a lung disease, may be green, yellow, reddish or pinkish (mixed with blood), or gray.  Character -Sputum may be watery, semi-liquid, viscous, or frothy. (a) Watery. Watery sputum is thin and usually colorless. (b) Viscous. Viscous sputum is very thick, firm, and stays together. (c) Semi-liquid. The normal thickness of sputum is semi-liquid. It is thicker than watery sputum but not as thick as viscous sputum.  Frothy -Frothy sputum is foam-like and contains many small air bubbles.  Odor -Normal sputum has little or no odor. Abnormal sputum may have a sweaty smell or a foul and offensive smell.

1. Bloody (Hemoptysis)  blood-streaked sputum - inflammation of throat, bronchi; lung cancer;

may come from obstruction or even edema. Foamy white .sputum evenly mixed with blood. The color can provide hints as to effective treatment in Chronic Bronchitis Patients[5]:  Yellow-greenish (mucopurulent) color suggests that treatment with antibiotics can reduce symptoms. infarction.pulmonary edema . embolism. lung abscess. though current research does not support that generalization.  Massive blood . Green color is caused by Neutrophil Myeloperoxidase.usually caused by pneumococcal bacteria (in pneumonia) 3. milky. small bronchi. (This information may correlate with the presence of bacterial or viral infections.cavitary tuberculosis of lung. Pink sputum . Purulent . from alveoli. Rusty colored .containing pus. 5.  White. 2. bronchiectasis.) 4. Frothy pink . or opaque (mucoid) appearance often means that antibiotics will be ineffective in treating symptoms.

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