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Published by: Rajat Sarkar on May 03, 2012
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Experts View:Research Head, Fundsupermart.com India.

Speaking of equity investments she said, “We are of the view that equities as an asset class looks promising from the long term perspective; however, this asset class will be in a volatile phase in the short term. In this context, investors need to enter the market at every dip and also continue with their SIP investments, without being worried about short-term fluctuations.” Sharing her outlook on fixed income products for 2012 she said, “RBI will start loosening its monetary policy once inflation shows a moderating tendency and the fiscal situation improves. In the current scenario, we advise investors to continue to look at shortterm funds and can also start taking exposure in long-term debt categories.” She ended her presentation by releasing Fundsupermart.com’s list of Recommended Funds across all mutual fund categories. (Dr. Renu Pothen)

Vice president, Head - Product Development and Delivery, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Mr. Pandya shared that volatility is an inevitable part of equity markets. Thus, rather than avoiding the equity asset class entirely, retail investors should use asset allocation strategies to protect their downside. Moreover, equity continues to remain the only asset class with potential to provide inflation-adjusted long-term returns.( Mr Himanshu Pandya) Senior Vice President, Head - Fixed Income and Products, Kotak Mutual Fund explained the tax advantage and returns potential from fixed income mutual funds. Despite the obvious advantages of fixed income funds, they account for only Rs. 611,402 crores of assets as compared to Rs. 6,195,600 crores in

which is almost ten times the size of mutual funds. Sharma shared interesting insights on performance of different geographies and a globally diversified portfolio has the potential to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns in the long-run.( Mr.fixed deposits. Investing in Equity you can make more money and even loose more . low or no perceived risk. simultaneously reducing risk through diversification. whereas. there are other countries also that have shown strong economic growth. during a rising interest rate scenario. peace of mind and lack of awareness are some of the reasons which make fixed deposits the obvious choice of retail consumer base. investors should consider accrual products such as FMP. Pankaj Sharma) We think most of the people invest in Mutual Funds is may be due to lack of knowledge of investing in equities directly or lack of knowledge in picking up a good stock and may be also because of lack of confidence. including some businesses and sub-sectors that may not exist domestically. Having said this.   While we have seen robust growth in India’s GDP. investors may miss out on market opportunities elsewhere in the world.” Mr. By ignoring investment prospects outside India. Ms. Guaranteed returns. Iyer pointed out in her presentation that investors should consider long-term bond funds and gilt funds with a horizon of 1 year and above during a falling interest rate scenario. He explained how Indian investors and their financial advisors can increase exposure to international funds which can help enhance returns while.( Ms Lakshmi Iyer) Executive Vice President at DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund shed light on the INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES THAT EXIST GLOBALLY.

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