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PIC CONTRACT No. MPf4!2004 TeM CONT. No. KARO/112005 KN CONTRACT NO. 88900830




DOCUMENT NO: 3282 - TWI955




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- Revise and Ro-snbmlt,wo.k may proceed Subject to oommellQl. Code 3 - Rc'l'..'l.I:JIlK1 RlHlUbmJt, woo, r<<lly not proceed, Cod~" F~r lo/onn2t!or.: '


PRO J ECT No. 1265




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1265/3282 -TW1955 Rev. 02 26 June. 2007

Code 3. Code 4.. Revise and re-submit.___Sig_uatu_re: -----+-~-_ . batch and lot numbers.OWNER COMMENTS Transmittal Subject: No. General Comments Note: Method Statement needs to be attached detailing the traceability of the report. work may not proceed. For Information.DOCUMENTS SHALL NOT IN ANY CASE RELIEVE CONTRACTOR FROM HIS OBLIGATION TO EXECUTE THE WORKS_IN ACeORDANCE WITH THE CON'IRAC]. Revise and re-submit. work may proceed subject to comments. _.__D_ate_: _\ q_\ _~ 1]__1Sb_:t _ __. Rev. ' Page 1 o~ l' .. I Document No. _ __.: TE-TSKP-KPCP-219 Postweld Heat Treatment Procedure for Piping Spools Sr. Code 2. _-.1 OvVNER'S REVIEW AND/OR APPROVAL OF . No. No comments.TWI-95 5 1 Postweld Heat Treatment Procedure for Piping Spools Document Class Code: Code 1. WOIk may proceed. I. Description DOC Class Code 3 3282.

2007 8 April.2 etc identifying the description as "Incorporated Contractor Comments". if any comments received from contractor in first submission Rev.O will be the number for the document submitted for the first time for TCM review.1. Rev. 0 I Date16 March. ii) iii) After TCM approval. After Owner approval the same document will be issued for construction. Any comments given by the Owner will be incorporated and continued as subsequent revisions identifying the description as "Incorporated Owner Conunents". 0226 June. 0 Rev. 1 & Rev. 2007 Description of Revision Issued for review and approval Contractor's comments incorporated and issued for approval Owner comments incorporated and issued for construction By PMG PMG Rev. 2007 26 June. IfTCM provide any comments. 2007 Page 2 of 14 . Rev. the same document will be forwarded to Owner for review and approval by TCM. with the revision number displayed next to the revision line as shown on the left. SU SU SU App. the revised document shall be re-submitted as Rev. _. GD GD GD 2 PMG 1265/3282 ·TW1955 Rev. 2 are denoted by a vertical line in the left hand margin against the revised text.REVISION RECORD SHEET NOTES [}>1 i) Rev.

SUB CONTRACTOR : Kharafi National (KN) PROJECT : Aromatics Complex Project ABJ JOB NUMBER : 2115 02 Rev.ABJ Engineering & Contracting Company (KSC) JOB SPECIFIC TECHNICAL WORK INSTRUCTION TWI 955 POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT PROCEDURE FOR PIPING SPOOLS CLIENT : Kuwait Paraxylene Production Company CONTRACTOR : Technimont & SK Engg. 20 June 2007 Date -tf Sr QCE ~ Unit Head QC OM Approved Prepared By Reviewed 21 15! TW I 955 Rcv.02 20 June 2007 Page lors .

c 2 of 8 . GL a 1 2 Submitted for Client approval Client comments incorporated and issued for approval Client comments incorporated and issued for approval GL GL 21 151 TWI 955 Rcv. 2. with the revision number displayed next to the revision line as shown on the left Revision nos. C etc. B. 0 are denoted by a vertical line in the left hand margin against the revised text. A. GJ GJ GJ App. 2007 20 June 2007 Description of Revision Prepared GSK/ JV GSKIN GSKi JV Rev.REVISION RECORD SHEET NOTES i) Revisions after Rev.0 June 2007 Pa!. are issued for CLient acceptance after approval is Rev. and Implementation and ii) No. A & Rev.O Subsequent revisions are 1. 3 etc.02 2. Date 27 Feb 2007 02 Apr.

1 5.9 6.7 5.5 5.3 5.0 5.2 5. 20 June.0 PURPOSE SCOPE REFERENCES ABBREVIATIONS PROCEDURE 3..6 5. 0.8 5.0 5.0 ATTACHMENTS 21151 TW1955 Rev.4 Responsibility Equipment Data Calibration PWHTData Spools Loading Thermocouple Fixing Heat Treatment Visual Inspection Hardness Testingtfsrinell) 5.0 4.CONTENTS 1. 2007 Page 3 orB .0 2.

HZ.4 Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code-Rules for construction of Pressure Vessels 3282-XH-SW-T004 TSK EH & S Plan Permit to work procedure STARR T & JHA process procedure Heat stress prevention and management procedure Personnel protective Equipment Hot work procedure Safety watch procedure Fire Prevention & Protection Procedure Fan Prevention and Protection Procedure 3.13 4.7 21151 TW! 955 Rey.31.0 3.Welding Procedure Specification . 02 20 June.5 4.3 Hardness testing procedure ASME Section VIII Div.TOOOO 1 32~2-HZ.Magnetic Particle Testing .11 3.12 3.Non Destructive Examination .1. 2007 Page 4 0[8 .Quality Control .1 3.T00009 3282-HZ.Post weld Heat Treatment .7 3.2 3.PC.0 4.T00030 3Z82-HZ-PC. SCOPE This procedure shall be specifically applicable for the piping spool which requires heat treatment in an enclosed furnace as per proj ect specification and ASME B.1 3.6 3.PC-TOa~ 16 3282-HZ-PL.2 4.5 3.6 4.T00044 3282-HZ-PC. REFERENCES ASME B31.American Society of Mechanical Engineers .0 2.T00034 ABBREVIATIONS ASME NDE QC PWHT HT MT WPS .I TSK Specification 3282-HZ-PL.1 4.3 Code for the' Aromatic Complex Proj ect'.9 3.4 4.0 1.3 4.Heat Treatment .T00056 3282.T0006 6 3282-HZ-PC.10 3.Code for Process Piping 3282/KN-1265/IIC/HTJ06 2.PC.T00098 3282-HZ.1 PURPOSE This procedure shall be followed while performing Furnace Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) of carbon steel & alloy steel piping spools fabricated by ABJ.8 3.3 3.rc.

64 mtrs and the furnace base is situated at the middle of the rail.1.2 mtr.1 & Vents Flame arrangements 5.3 5.2 5.1 5. (Refer attachment . Location of thermocouple shall be verified by QC Inspector.8 Nos) : Fully automatic individual control panel & Provision for manual control with oven temperature controller and Safety interlocks. based on the applicable job 5.4 5.2 5.1.1 & 6.1 5.0 PROCEDURE Responsibility 5.2. WPS. 02 20 June. PWHT shall be carried out prior to final NDElHydrostatic Test. rail and movable insulated hood arrangement.1.1 QC Inspector shall ensure that all the required stages of fabrication.0m x Sm x Sm (L x B x H) : K-Type SS310 Sheeted 6mrn Dia. 8.2.5. (180mm Chart Width) : Each half of furnace shall be fitted with 4 Nos high velocity 'HSD' fired burner system (Total. : Furnace & burners are so designed that there is no direct impingement of flame on heat treating vessel. Thermocouple (24Nos.2. The furnace has three chambers each having an approx. : 312m x 6m x 6m (L x B x H) : 30. 5.1 12 5.1 mtr.2. Each recorder will have provision to connect 12 Nos.) calibrated with self compensating cables. : Two numbers.6 In house PWHT equipment details are given below.2.11 Heat treatment supervisor shall be responsible for the PWHT operation as per this procedure and HT request.l.2.1.2) The furnace rail has an overall length of approx. The 16.7 5. (Refer attachment .2. chamber hood can be moved to the one side of rail and 8. : Two Flue outlets on top furnace.1.1. Equipment Data 5.13 The furnace has permanent concrete base with fire bricks. length of 16.8 Burners Control System 5.1mtrs respectively. 255rnrn thick fiber bricks on bottom furnace. inspection and NDE prior to PWHT have been completed. 2115! TWI 955 Rev. : 100mm thick ceramic fiber insulation at top & both sides. thermocouples.2 5.10 5.1. 2007 Page 5 of 8 . Codes and drawings.2). ' QC Inspector shall furnish the HT request specification.2. Range: O°C[32 OF] .1. chambers hood can be moved to other side of rail.1.1.1 5.1. Furnace Type Internal Dimension Working Dimension Thermocouple Insulation Recorder : HSD Fired Spilt Roller Cover Furnace. °C[1472 OF] .

3 Smaller size spools shall be loaded on top of the bigger spools with sufficient spacing between the spools . 1 hr/inch (2. Bigger size spools shall be loaded on the temporary support arranged sequence according to the geometry of the spools.1 Spool Loading On receipt of PWHT request from QC Inspector. Soaking Temperature Unrestricted Heating Max. 5.2 5.5. Rate of Heating Max Rate of Cooling Unrestricted cooling Soaking Time 704°C . 1 hrlinch (2.2.2 5. 02 20 June. in the zig-zag manner and such that the flow of heated gas in one side of burner is opposite to the other side (Refer attachment . 150°ClHr.lmm) shall be maintained for above 1 inch wall thickness.3. PWHT Data The following PWHT cycle shall be followed unless otherwise stated specially: a) For carbon steel piping spools.4 min.4 5.1 150 °CIHr.4 min/mm) shall be maintained for above 1 inch wall thickness.3 5.4.649°e Upto 300°C 150°C/Hr. for wall thickness <1 inch.2. for wall thickness <1 inch. Soaking Temperature Unrestricted Heating Max.5 5. 5.l.5. Calibration records shall be verified by QC Engineer for acceptance. in a 5. After 300 D e Minimum 2 hrs. Page 6 of8 2115/ TWI 955 Rev. if time IS extended beyond one year. b) For low alloy steel piping spools.746°e Upto 30QoC 150°ClHr. 2007 .5. Rate of Heating Max Rate of Cooling Unrestricted cooling Soaking Time 593°C .14 Burners are placed on the bottom of the furnace in both sides.3. Heat treatment supervisor shall prepare the fum ace according to the number of piping spools and based on its size to either reduce or increase the length of furnace by isolating one or two compartments as shown in the attachment . Calibration certificate shall be made available to the client for their review. After 300°C Minimum 1 hrs.5.1 5.2) to obtain uniform heating of piping spools under heat treatment Calibration Temperature recorder shall be calibrated at least once in a year or prior to first use..

the temperature shall be once again raised to soaking temperature and the operation shall be continued. Heat treatment supervisor shall handover the time temperature chart to the QC Inspector along with instructions.6. shall be identified by QC inspector as agreed with 5. The PWHT chart shall be identified with the Spool No.3.5 5.6. I Job No. date of PWHT and starting tune. A sketch shall be prepared during the loading of spools to show the position and arrangement of spools with identification numbers. Before commencing the PWHT operation. All pipe spools shall be properly supported to avoid distortion.6. Heat Treatment The QC Inspector shall verify the location and attaclunent of thermocouples per instructions and shall release the spools for PV.3 5..fHT operation. Thermocouples shall be directly in contact with the pipe spools method of fixing shall as shown in attachment .3 5.5.5 5. monitored by the Heat Treatment On completion of the PWHT cycle. If the operation is interrupted during controlled cooling period and the cooling rate is faster than the specified.6 5. Thermocouple fixing shall be tack welded by qualified welders. If the PWHT process is interrupted during controlled heating time. as All thermocouples wire connection to the recorder & control panel shall be verified prior to closing the furnace hood.4 Piping spools shall be identified as a lot based on the overall length. The piping spools shall have no restraint which could prevent it's expansion and contraction during the PWHT operation.6. thickness and geometry of the spools.6 5.1 on the control panel and check for complete sealing of the furnace. the heating operation shall be continued once the problem of failure has been solved If the failure is during soaking period and the temperature comes down below the soaking temperature.1 5. Location of thermocouples Client.4. 02 20 June 2007 Paae 7 or S .5. Heat treatment cycle shall be continuously supervisor.7. the thermocouple are fixed with identification numbers. the piping spools shall be heated once again to the soaking temperature held it for the specified soaking time and shall be cooled down with the specified cooling rate.7.7_6 57. 5.5. all flange faces shall be protected by applying chalk powder on the faces to avoid oxidation during heat treatment Thermocouple Fixing Each lot of piping spools shall have minimum of 6 to 8 Thermocouples attached to the spools at various location.1 5. and the temperature comes down.5.4 5. e .ITW195_5 Rev.7 5.2 5.4 5.7.5 HT report and the time temperature chart shal1 clearly indicate in which spools.2 5.7 211 S.7. diameter.7.6. the serial Number of the recorder..7 5.5. Heat treatment supervisor shall feed the PWHT data as per clause 5.

the same shall be operated immediately to avoid any interruption of PWHT operation.1 6.4 The PWHT chart and report (Attachment .9 5.8 5. Visual Inspection On completion of heat treatment. the tack welds location shall by 5. all spools shall be visually inspected Inspector to verify the spools are free from deformation & oxidization. All thermocouple be checked by Dye Penetrant or Magnetic Particle Testing.1 5.0 6.1) shall be verified and approved QC Engineer and then submitted to the Client for their acceptance.9.3 Piping Spool shall be offered for visual inspection to Client as per their inspection points identified in the respective Inspection & Test Plan.3 6.7.1 5. 2007 Page 8 of 8 .4 ATTACHMENTS Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment 1 2 3 4 -Heat Treatment Request & Report Sketch -Spool Loading Arrangement -Typical Thermocouple -Details for Traceability fixing arrangement of report.8. the standby controller shall be operated. Batch & Lot nos.2 5.2 6. by QC If the running 5.5.9. If power failure occurs during PWHT. the standby controller has been provided.9 5. In control panel.2 Hardness testing (Brinell) Hardness test location on weld joints approved procedure. Hardness test shall be performed .8. 02 20 June.8. 5. controller fails. ThennocoupJe shall be removed from the piping spool by grinding carefully so as to avoid any damage to the spools.8 Standby power generator shall be provided. project approved procedures shall be as per the project specification approved subcontractors and by KPPC and as per 6.7. 21 151TWI 955 Rev.8.

2 20 June 2007 Page 1 or 1 . REQUEST & REPORT Report No: Job No· Job Description: Reference Code/ Standard: Temperature: Report Date. Sehl Thk YES I NO Type of Joint Remarks Report Number Line No Performed by : Supervisor PWHT Name: Sign: Date: Witness I Review KN Reviewed TCNI by Reviewed Kf'PC by 211SITWI 955 AII. Heat Treatment Healing Rate: Holding Time: Min unloading Location Max.1 Rev.ABJ Engineering & Contracting Company (KSC) HEAT TREATMENT Client: Project Ti.tle: Sub Contractor: Procedure No : Type: Rev. Loading Holding Cooling Temperature Rate: Time:: Method of Attachment: No of Thermocouples : of Thermocouples: of the spools ::Spool No TeNo Joint Visual Inspection PWHT Chart Number Hardness Date of PWHTPWHT Chart Acceptance:No Dill.

3:1 =>- ~ ~ ~ PPl=f=.:: ". 0 E . ~ ~ ~ =>- :11 Q ~: z I<t.~ ~ '" ffij !" :.. C<: w en L :0 .. _j' ~ ~ I' W' § :Q~ ..~' 63- 7)' ~ ~ ......je '~ I~ 0 ~ . ~ ~ .~ ~ 0.----Pl 000' I ---~~ ooo~ 1 .I:"\-.:§:~...j. I e w u -c I =>- ~ '-' =>=>- 8 o "I ill f=..:O\:'._ F- ! ~ 9ET- I asse- '" w m L I U « :€ ~ ~ ~ ~ I ...::s:.: W 0 I 5 I ~ ~ )...- i OJ ::< I U « ~ :...:ff:'\\:§.


2 20 June 2007 f'a!. Report no. along with the 2115rrw I 955 AHA r(0\'. (For furnace PWHT) 1) Spool numbers of loaded spools in each batch/lot shall be noted before starting PWHT 2) One report and chart will be prepared for each loaded batch. will be same for each batch.ABJ Engineering & Contracting Company (KSC) Traceabilitv for Report. but sheet nos.c I of I . Batch & Lot nos. shall be continuous if more than one report sheet is required for accommodating all spool numbers. 3) Hardness testing shall be done for each batch I lot and report shall be attached corresponding PWHT report and chart.