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Published by: Pathikrit Guha on May 03, 2012
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The vehicle number plate can be partially illustrated. This is a common reason
why global thresholding fail. By using the adaptive thresholding, its can solve
the disadvantages of the global thresholding as it computes the value of the
threshold for every pixel separately using the neighborhood. If the histogram is
bimodal, the value of the threshold will be taken in the middle of the bimodal.
For other cases, in which the modes are overlapping,, the threshold will try to
reduce the error of taking the background pixels as object pixel and vice versa.




Digital camera with long exposure time setting and high ISOs will produced
images with lots of noise. Noise in the images is appears as the colour speckles
whereby there should not be any.
The reason of noise contamination on the image is categorised as below:

There will be not enough light source for proper exposure to activate in a
low light area/ Therefore, we need longer time for the image sensor for
collection of weak signal. In this circumstance, the electrical noise from the
background will be higher than the signal.

We will be enlarging the signal from the received light photons when we are
using the digital camera with a higher ISO setting. From the amplification of the
signal, the electrical noise in the background is also being amplified.

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