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2011 Board of Investment Bangladesh
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Contents Walton at a Glance Walton and Bangladesh Walton's Mission Walton's Vision Walton's Products BusinessConcept Yearly sell of Walton's Products Yearly Capital flow of Walton Revenue payment to the Government Products Manufactured BusinessGrowth Production Unit of Refrigerator in the Plant Annual Turn Over of Motorcycle Production Unit of Motorcycle in the Plant Walton in the eye of Hon'ble Prime Minister Walton now on the way to International Market Corporate Social Responsibility of Walton Walton's Success 05 05 06 06 06 10 11 11 12 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 .

.Board of Investment (BOI) introduces Online Registration System for the Investors.

30 1. Motorcycle. Walton HIL always emphasizes on supreme priority in achieving customer satisfaction. in Bangladesh is a milestone in the path of success and reputation of the brand WALTON. Motorcycle and Air Conditioner etc. Refrigerator & Freezer. Air Conditioner and Motorcycle etc. • • • • 1. The Industry has its own Mold & Die making section. Air conditioner and various types of necessary and useful home appliances etc. Printing & Packaging Section etc. Air Conditioner and Motorcycle Manufacturing Technology of Bangladesh which is treated as one of the most sophisticated plants in South EastAsia. excellent quality and many different models & capacities. Walton HIL has introduced first advanced research and manufacturing technologies and equipment for household & commercial Refrigerator & Freezer. Motorcycle. LCD. highly equipped Metal Forming Units with Powder Coating. Domestic and Industrial Generator.2 0. Electricity generating equipments and other household electrical & electronics appliances using the brand name WALTON. LED). highly skilled engineers & technical personnel from home and abroad. In this concern. The company has three Poly Urethane Foaming Plants. Establishment of Walton HIL to Manufacture Refrigerator & Freezer.20 0. Group (Mother Company) is the country's top business Group in electrical and electronics.. Manganese & Alkaline Battery.) is the pioneer of Refrigerator. high precision molds & dies are made by the help of the state-of-the-art VMC. machines. WALTONbrand main products are different types of Television (CRT. Walton Mobile Phone. Microwave Oven.Walton is now proceeding in the country with the slogan "Walton at EveryHome". Walton Hi-TechIndustries Limited is a fully equipped industrial set-up with annual production capacity of . Steam Oven. DVD Player.. B. Walton at a glance Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited is furnished with strong Research & Development (R&D) Division comprising a large team of dedicated. in Bangladesh. Freezer. three Thermoforming (Vacuum forming) Units.Walton HIL (Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. .LCD& LED) Walton and Bangladesh The company has been running its business with a great reputation since 1977 with strong social & economical commitment. Nickel-Chrome Plant & Die-Casting Section.0 million Refrigerators & Freezers million Motorcycles million Air Conditioners and million Televisions(CRT. The company's commitment to provide the latest technology based products with innovative design. Management of Walton HIL ensures their commitments for quality at any cost. CNC Wire-Cut EDM etc. Robot operated Injection Plastic Molding Plant Highly equipped Test Lab. R.

Walton ultra slim Televisions has different stylish Television Design. contrast & color variation independently and are not affected by each other because of the presence of digital decoding circuit technology. Walton Television support innovative LCD Television picture technology. Employment Total Employees: Around 5500 people are working in industries. Full High Definition Digital LCD Television that's delivers digital cinema color and crystal clear picture. • Growth Strategy ExpressExpansion • Core Competency Technology Eldership • Corporate Culture T T T Let'sWork Together Don't say "NO" Apply your Creativity. Picture in Picture System. The remarkable specialty of Walton Television is HDMI Hi-Resolution Data Transfer Technology.Viewing Angles (H/V): 178/178. Walton set its vision to take a place among the top 10 electronics. automobiles. IPSTechnology. and telecommunication industries in the world by 2012. Comb Filter etc. Our Television has wide screen experience with smooth action to watch. Produces 100% high density picture with progressive base band output. .Walton's Mission Walton's Products at Every Home. latest technology and proper customer satisfaction. Walton's Products Television Walton Television ensures home cinema entertainment. selects the best picture and performs finetuning by auto frequency tracking technology. Walton Television's d4ta Digital Technology is one of the most innovative technological solutions which automatically reduces video noise. Walton's Vision Walton pursues its 21st century vision of becoming a true universal digital brand through innovative design. Display Resolution WUXGA 1920X1080. Adjusts brightness.

Remote control.Motorcycle Walton is manufacturing motorcycle of modern innovative technology. Walton Motorcycle has also introduced fuel efficient technology & Eur03standard engine. Model: Fusion-12Scc Model: Cruize-l00cc Walton motorcycle has under security control with voice alarm.~- _ I ~ •• ". Refrigerator Walton Refrigerator & Freezer ensures highest quality compressor. And there are some special specifications of Walton Motorcycle as mobile phone indicator. Anti-Theft lock and Alloy rim etc.. elegant shape & design with different models of 80cc to 125cc motorcycle maintaining international standard quality as per requirements of its customers of different countries or regions. Air shock absorber. Everyspare parts including door with different color are changeable and available everywhere over the country.Wttl_. Digital gear display. Hydraulic Brake.~ . Model: W2D-3FS Model: W2D-2GC . :. Condenser is made by 100 % copper which lasting 20-30 years. Walton Refrigerator also ensures eye catching design & color and more useable space.~. Fuel location meter. . .

Everyspare parts including door with different color are changeable and available everywhere over the country. parties and more. Model: FC2T5 Walton Refrigerator & Freezer based on DECStechnology. energy consumption is very low. Walton Generator has some special specifications. When the lights suddenly go out then a power outage can result in your home. Condenser is made by 100 % copper which lasting 20-30 years. 4-Stroke Engine. properly ensure exact moisture for proper nutrition and all food value. properly ensure exact moisture for proper nutrition and all food value. DECSTechnology provides longer enduring cooling. Non Contact Transistor Ignition System . 50Hz Rated Frequency. . 12-8. DECSTechnology provides longer enduring cooling.Walton Refrigerator & Freezer is based on DECStechnology. Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) . as well as concert. the Generator operate with a click from remote location. energy consumption is very low. party center etc. Walton Hi-Tech industriesare also developing non frost Refrigerator in their products item. and interruptions are very low.3A DC Output. Generator Walton Generator scientifically developed with technologies that deliver Clean Power which means much more reliability. business place. Walton generator is the perfect way to enjoy the home. Auto Circuit Barker. Walton Generator technologies is very sensitive electronics. Walton Refrigerator also ensureseye catching design & color and more useable space. Freezer Walton Refrigerator & Freezerensures highest quality compressor. Digital Display Meter.

programmable timer and Auto restart. long life operating with air purifying filter. an electronic thermostat that's accurate and reliable. Digital audio coaxial and optical fiber output Composite video output and YUV output 4:3/16:9 Picture conversion. Air Conditioner Walton Air Conditioner cooling standards are high in quality. HDCD. Besides other Walton's Split Air Conditioner includes dependable components. excellent after sales service and stunning looks. rli~1110 . Microwave Oven Walton Microwave Oven cooking standard is high and environment friendly. Userswill find this very expertise in cooking in Walton Microwave Oven as well as brand new exciting features. fuzzy logic control that adjusts performance automatically and low energy consuming compressor. All the features are accurate and reliable. DTSDigital output Parents lock setting. CD-R. That translates to crystal-clear high definition movies. DVCD. Speedy and Weight Defrost (meat poultry.W23AP. Safe Child Lock Feature.lcu. JPEG and Kodak picture CD. CD-RW.325 glass turntable.ft). Userswill find much expertise in cooling area of Split Air Conditioners as well as new exciting features. For example Microwave Power output: 900w. Besides other Walton Microwave Oven include dependable components. power saver compressor. Walton's products has digital display to easily read exact temperature setting. MP3. and W17AP are available here.DVD Add a touch of Walton DVD Player of unique style to users home entertainment area. CD. Cavity capacity: 281iters (l. Different models like WC30ASPR. Walton Air Conditioner is high efficiency and silent operation with attractive design. Pscan function. 32 Subtitle. Preset Function. For example. Digital Clock (12 hours system). It also plays the most popular multimedia formats like Compatible with DVD.1 Channel audio output PAL/NTSC compatible. This lightweight compact DVD player also up converts you're DVDs. Painted Steel Cavity. 10 Microwave Power Levels. seafood). KARAOKE function. Full function remote control. SVCD. full function cordless remote handset helps in easy setting of temperature. S-Video output VGA output. Cooking end signal. excellent sales service and stunning looks.VCD. Dolby Digital AC-3 decoder. Push handle door. 5. multiple angles and 8 language supporting.

Customer's satisfaction is the principal motto of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited. • • • Walton Plaza(own Show Room) FranchiseShow Room Dealer'sShow Room Walton Hi-TechIndustries Limited desires to provide proper support after sales.BusinessConcept Channel of Distribution Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited has a strong marketing network by three different types of salesoutlet. Walton HIL has a complete team of experienced. Export Planning Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd AFRICA EUROPE . Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited is always committed to ensure product quality and render innovative modern technologies and provide after sales services smoothly. locally & foreign trained professional Engineers & Installation Team with full backup for after sales services.

Yearly sell of Walton's Products 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 o :)I 2006 /1 /1 /1 /1 /1 'I L__ - ~ - ?-- L.__ - ~ 2007 2008 2009 2010 Trend of Yearly Turnover in BOT(Crore) Yearly capital flow of Walton 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Trend of Yearly capital flow in BOT(Crore) .

. always emphasizes on supreme priority in achieving customer satisfaction.__ f--- L__ f--- r--- f--- 0.. - 17 2008 2009 2010 2007 Trend of Yearly Revenue payment flow in BOT(Crore) Products Manufactured Major Products Manufactured Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd..Revenue payment to the Government 120 100 80 60 40 20 11 1/ L__ r--- 11 11 11LJ/ 2006 f--- £.. Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd producing different types of Major Walton Brand product such as: • • • Walton Motorcycle Walton Refrigerator & Freezer Walton Air conditioner .

2 Millions 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 o -100 / 2008 / I / / / I / / / I V - - - - Refrigerator - - I I 2009 2010 2011 Expected 1.~L---0..6 -+----------------1.4 -+-------------------f Refrigerator 1.8 -.2 -+----U.8 -+-----------0.4 -+---------U.2 Millions .6 1.2 -+----------------+-- 0.---------------------1.6 -+~L- • Refrigerator 0.Business Growth 1..-l~-_=__"""- o 2008-> 2009-> 2010-> 2011-> Expected 1.

Production Unit of Refrigerator in the Plant .

108 Million Motorcycle currentear y Motorcycle Per Millions 0.2Millions 920 I 1000~---------------------------900+----------------------800+----------------------+ 700+-------------------~-600+-----------------~---500+----------------+-----400+--------------+300+--------200+------------.05 ~ o 2008 I 2009 I 2010 I 2011 Expected0.25 0.Annual Turn Over of Motorcycle 0.2 0. 100 +---------r--- I Motorcycle% o +----------.2 0.-Expected0.1 I-- I Motorcycle I-- 0.12 Millions .15 ~ / ~ t--- 0.

Production Unit of Motorcycle in the Plant .

(WHIL). Holger Michael. German Ambassador in WALTON Hi-tech Industries Ltd. fridge and motorcycle. Arturo Perez Martinez Ambassador of Spain is so pleased about the products after his plant visit of Walton HiTech Industries Ltd. He also showed interest to import those from Bangladesh after visiting the Walton Pavilion in DITF2011. German Ambassador in Bangladesh shows interest in Walton's products & appreciates its quality. H. E. . Mr. Mr. Spanish Ambassador in the WHIL H. Me. E.Walton in the eye of Hon'ble Prime Minister Hon'ble Prime Minister of The People's Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina shows keen interest in products of Walton and its impact on national economy during her visit at DITF2011. Bhutan Keen to Import Electronic Products from Bangladesh Hon'ble Bhutanese Prime Minister Jigni Y Thinley has praised the quality of Walton Products like television.

Through its marketing channels. At the signing ceremony. Malaysia to import Walton refrigerators. Vietnam. Myanmar and other its office at Menara Safun Tower in Kuala Lumpur.. mostly from China. Aget Group will sell the imported Walton brand refrigerators and motorcycles to Indonesia. . The plant has a capacity of producing 5. recently signed an agreement in this regard with a famous Malaysian company. failed in competition with cheaper sets.Walton now on the way to International Market Walton to relocate Korean mobile phone plant to Bangladesh Walton Hi-tech Industries Limited is going to relocate a Korean mobile phone manufacturing plant to Bangladesh which is scheduled to come into operation early next year. The annual market size of mobile sets in Bangladesh is around four million pieces and worth around US $ 20000 M. made here by assembling imported Chinese parts. brand refrigerators and R. The Korean plant bought by the company is a sophisticated plant that has been producing handsets of top brands including Nokia. Sultan Abdul Kadir of Malaysia expressed his interest to invest in Bangladesh saying that Bangladesh can be prosperous because of her plenty of natural resources and cheap handsets will be produced in the factory in the first phase. Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd is a local manufacturer of electronic appliances and motorbikes. Under the agreement at the primary stage the Malaysian company will import one lakh refrigerators and 50. will export Walton motorcycles to a semi-developed country Malaysia.Aget Group.000 motorcycles every year.Group of Companies Ltd. Singapore. cater to lessthan half of the market. Group of Companies Ltd. Walton company had already started the process of relocating the plant to Bangladesh by February 2011. The low.B. This has already created huge enthusiasm at home and some countries abroad.000 mobile phones a day and will utilize the capacity according to market demand. Dr. Bangladesh saw its first local brand of mobile phone sets a couple of years back but Birds Mobile.B. motorcycles R. The hand sets to be manufactured by the plant will be marketed under a local brand. Imported sets of various brands.

under the arrangement of RB Group of Companies. The company has also showed its interest to invest in different sectors in Bangladesh. Walton work for awareness to control the road accident with the slogan "Nirapad Sarak chai".Walton has already registered a window office in the USto market the products. Walton contributes in national sports programme and culture of the country with offering sponsorship. Walton work for conservation of Environment of the country. which produces electronic goods and motorcycles under the Walton brand. Corporate Social Responsibility of Walton • • • • Walton distributes scholarship to the poor students. and other electronic items to Malaysia. RB Group. Japan agreed to import some products of Walton and the business process is going on. It has large investment in Indonesia. Vietnam and Myanmar. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. will be the first Bangladeshi electronics maker to Trade with Japan RB Group signed initial agreements with traders in Japan for expansion of business. Walton to export refrigerators to US RBGroup has moved to export refrigerators and other items to the US.He also pointed out that through the agreement the relationship between the two countries would improve in future and Bangladesh would get an opportunity to expand its market in the ASEAN region. Saudi Arabia and some countries in the Middle East for a couple of years now. has been exporting refrigerators. steel industry and finance sector. Aget Group is one of the world leaders in power production. a pre-requisite to entering the USmarket. Walton is now busy in acquiring the documents related to standard and quality. motorcycles. infrastructure development housing. flyover construction. India. If successful. Walton enter the US. Singapore. .

Walton now eyes ASEAN countries for doing good business. Walton is now expanding its quality products to all over the county with exploring the gobal market in building the national economy. The recent economic meltdown gives Walton a competitive edge as its production cost is relatively low.2011:2nd Prize in Pavilion Category.2003. • Bangladesh Chalachitra Sangbadik Samity Award: 1st Prize in Best Advertisement for Remote Control Motorcycle.2004. • TDFAward: 1st Prize in Best Advertisement for Refrigerator in 2004 & 2005. ~IB~II . • Dhaka International Trade Fair. motorbike and television manufacturing plants. These countries are now looking for import from developing countries. The products of the company have acquired a significant local market share and are also exported to countries like Myanmar. • Dhaka International Trade Fair. Walton-a unique local investment venture of the country who cares the people's demand and showing the successful performance as an emerging one. Many manufacturing plants in developed countries were shut down following the global meltdown. Australia and some other European countries. Sudan. • Dhaka Cultural Reporters Association Star Award: 1st Prize in Best Advertisement for Refrigerator 2004. • Bangladesh Binodon Sangbadik Samity Award: 1st Prize in Best Advertisement for Remote Control Motorcycle. • Bangladesh Chalachitra Sangbadik Samity Award: 1st Prize in Best Advertisement for Refrigerator. • Chittagong International Trade Fair: 1st Prize in Pavilion Group: 2004 & 2005.Walton's Success Company Awards • Dhaka International Trade Fair. • Special award from Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited as a business partnership. Walton refrigerators are being exported to South Africa.2004 : 2nd Prize in Mega Pavilion Group. Walton can offer their quality products to international markets as a foreign currency earner. • Sylhet International Trade Fair-2004 : 3rd Prize in Best Pavilion Group.2009: 1st Prize in Premiert Pavilion Category. and Qatar. Walton set up the country's leading refrigerator.2004.

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