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for the
MiNiFLiCK Contest

When you submit your film on DVD, be sure to include your completed:

Entry Form (one per film)


Talent Releases (if you had recognizable people or voices in your film)

Music Releases (if you had original music or sound created for your film by a musician)

Music Licenses, Agreements and/or Sources (for all other music and sound options)∗

Material Releases (if you used photos, video or materials owned by a 3rd party in your film)

Location Release (if you featured private property in your film)

∗You can still submit your film if your music license has not arrived by Feb 10th but you must
already have applied and paid for your license before this deadline, and you must provide a copy of
your application.

This contest is sponsored by the Raincoast Education Society with
funding from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund.