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Published by: Sonu Kumar on May 03, 2012
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Sonu Kumar

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http://www.scribd.c om/doc/60130888/ MC-MC-CComparison www.a ncomaritime.com ht tp://www.scribd.co m/doc/60440873/Oi

lChartsMarineLubricants http://www.spiraxsa rco.com/resources/s team-engineeringtutorials/steamdistribution/pipesand-pipe-sizing.asp
Oral taken by Mr. Banerjee in Jahaz Bhawan at 1200 hrs on 29th July, 2011.Safety :

intact stability?2) Tell me something about Annexe 6. Current tier level. More on Nox and Sox. Previous level and current level values. Tell him about .Fuction3:-1) What do you understand by damage stability.3) What is the minimum number of bulkhead required onboard a ship and what factor does it depend upon?4) What is collision bulkhead?5) Specialty of bulkhead between engine room and pump room.

General and MEPFunction 4 and 6:-1) Vit and super vit. How is vit actuated on Sulzer. .2) CCR and CCAI? Asked do you know something about RMG/35 ISO 8217.8) What does PSC checks on a ship during port stay?Motor.6) Emergency Generator location. to what all things does it supply power to and for how long?7) Emergency fire pump..gas tight integrity and A-60 bulkhead.

6) How reversal is achieved in Man B&W and Mitsubishi engines.(Definition of CCR must mention carbon residue in mass collected on burning of aunit of fuel in laboratory condition)3) Cam lead in fuel pump. What .4) Why are there 2 cams in STX MAN B & W. (One is for Fuel and the other is for the exh v/v).7) What is glazing and does it affect a 2S or 4-S engine more.5) A/E con rod inspection (looking for ovality and how do u check it in ur answer).

is mean piston speed?8) What are the cards and in what order are they taken. Power and Light Spring). Told him in detail about Compression. Answer is 2stroke. 2-stroke and 4stroke which is affected by running in time.11) What are the limiter of . Draw.10) Running in time of machinery. He was satisfied with my answer?9) Clearances of Bottom end and cross head bearing.

wants to hear the word vertical difference. torque limit and load limiter. What do u come to know from the vertical and horizontal difference.13) What is the difference in lubrication of crosshead in Sulzer and Man B&W? If one of the bearing clearance is when u checked it in port will u now run theSulzer engine. Answer is .governor scavenge limit.12) Tell me about crankshaft deflection .

Chief engineer tells u to check the propeller being fitted back onto the propeller shaft. Working principle.f affect an alternator?3) Shaft generator working principle.14) U have newly joined as 2nd engineer. Tell the connection . Checked in detail knowledge of AVR.2) What is power factor? How does a lagging p.yes as Sulzer supplies it at 16 bar is enough for lubrication. What all will u check?Electrical:Function 5:-1) Brushless alternator.

Questions might appear simple in Function 4 & 6 but he really went deep. Why first star and then delta?Orals went on for 2 hrs.from shaft generator to MSB.L starter.O. These . where will u use D.Told him about the values in milli volts.5) D. He was looking for single words and terms.O.L starter and Star delta starter basic principle. How will u maintain the frequency and voltage?4) Intrinsically and Extrinsically safe equipments .

are thequestion that I remember at present.Mr Banerjee was really good. He was very patient and if you were really close to the word he was looking for. Cleared function 3 and function 5. he would accept the answer. I will update if I remember anymore questions.Oxy-fuel GougingOxy-fuel or flame gouging offers fabricators a quick and efficient method of removing metal. It can be at least four times quicker than cold chipping operations.The .

Process descriptionFlame gouging is a variant of conventional oxyfuel gas welding.C) and a jet . the steel is locally heated to a temperature above the 'ignition' temperature (typically 900deg. ease of handling. Oxygen and a fuel gas are used to produce a high temperature flame for melting the steel. Whengouging.process is particularly attractive because of its low noise. and ability to be used in all positions.

of oxygen is used to melt the metal . This jet is also used to blow away molten metal and slag.The gouging nozzle is designed to supply a relatively large volume of oxygen through the gouging jet.achemical reaction between pure oxygen and hot metal. but remains on the top surface of the workpiece. It should be noted that compared with oxyfuelcutting. This can be as much as 300 litre/min . slag is not blown through the material.

equal quantities of oxygen and acetylene are used to set a near-neutral preheating flame. Typical operating parameters (gas pressures and flow rates) for achieving a range of gouge sizes (depth and width) can beseen in the Table. The oxygen jet flow rate determinesthe depth and width of the gouge. . In oxyacetylene gouging.through a 6mm orificenozzle.

...wat r the ... the gouge has a uniform profile and its surfaces are smooth with a dull blue colour...told him .how to overhaul a relaydifference between emergency steering and auxiliary steering.then he asked me type of telemotor system ....When the preheating flame and oxygen jet are correctly set.

in this question told him bout removal of luboil quills and also quills from underpiston scavenge space.symbol of hydraulic nrv and relief valvefunction 6removal of bottom end bearing of smc engineliner removal sulzer rnd.told him follow up mode and non follow up .....systems on bridge fortelemotor ..then i told him i will jack up he said wat is the pr i said i dont know he said how u will know ...went into detail....

bagga . Mehlotra and one more personfun 31) how many spares of dcp .the pressure its not given in the manualstern tube luboil seals latest type . he wants ..wat is the material ....then he started telling me that they are retro fitted with tenyears of guaranteecleared fun 6 orals on 23/07/2011taken by Mr...i told him that it is from solas . foam . Mr..i said perbunan s .. and co2i told first 10 100% and next 50% and for co2 samehe asked me from were did you get this ..

it for indian registered shipsits 200% spareswere would you get this informationdg shipping notification on dg sight 2)some co2 bottles are not lashed and chief engineer asks you to release it what would your action bei said i would lash the bottles and then release it he asked why shoud you lash and releaseas the pressure in the cylinder is high it will blow away and cause damage3)during ism .

Is it a single plate or made-up of diff plates.What r different type of keels..regulation. How much length of the ship will have it.Why ship enters the drydock with aft trim?What happenes if it .What is bilge keel? How it is attached to ships hull and why it is attached in such a way.audit what is the duties of second engineer Fun 3 = SSEP NAVAL ARCH.Draw them.Where is the location of emergency generator.

Liner inspection?Why there r bands provided in piston skirt? What is the material of bands?Different type of turbochargers. wear down. coating of groove. In grooves what will u check other than deposits.why?Different type of drydocks.how they function?Fun 4B= EKG & EKMPiston inspection during overhaul.enters when it has trim by head . Checks on top cooling spaces. what is the latest type of . cracks.

turbochargerHow it is controlled. at what load or on what basis)Latest engine in man b&w.e. and when the control comes in action (I.Why dead front is called so?If dead front is not .can this engine run on lpg?Function 5= electricalMSB safties?What is the length and width of normal MSB installation.What can it burn?what is the arrangement of getting the gasses to the cylinder unit how they are injectd in thay ME.

dead how will u come to know? How u will test it.What is AMP MOBILE?What are pole .Thickness of the rubber material and type of material?Material that main switch board is made up of?During dry-dock u discover shore power is 380 volts will u take it if ur ships normal was 440 volts?What will you do if the frequency of supply doesn t match the vessel electrical frequency.

What are the reasons? How will you rectify?What is schedule40? What is the next schedule after schedule40?What is dia of schedule 40?When will shipbuilder choose schedule 80 over schedule 40? Advantages of schedule 40 over schedule 80?What are the pressure they can handle.changing motors?Function 6 = MEP FWG vacuum not building up. .

emergency geny regulation6. nc n mnc3. emcy geny testingfunc41. how to prevent air line explosion4. safety .27/7/2011Orals ) rst attempt (at old Mmd-dutta nd sum new externalfunc31. type of coating3. reserve buoyancy. draw igg system. hw it is maintained5. if O2 not reducing wat can b d reasons?4. air bottle inspection. % elongation allowed2. explain ism2. chain inspection n tightening.

draw semi balanced rudder7. types of rudder6. alternator winding testing(mention disconect avr)3. megger working principle4. hw oil is circulated in oil cooledfunc61. camshaft timing checking9. zenner diode.5. rudder corrosion protection(including int coat of fish oil)8. marine apllications5. transfomers-types. maintainance of devices. bottom end bolts inspectionfunc51.devices fitted. cooling type. main . msb safeties(int)2.

m deeply indebted 2 dis group n its members.n 5.4.he said repeat func 6. BLACK SPOTS ON CYLINDER LINERS OF 2STROKE ENGINES .. my prep ws based only on fb.bearing survey2. can u repair it onboard? suggest a repair methodcleared 3 functions. broken tie bolt removal3. guys i mus admit... boiler shell bulged.functions 3..4. instructions 2 juniors wen putting e/r on ums.

Occasionally patches of black deposits appear on the cylinder liner wall of 2-stroke engines. The black spots typically appear in the midstroke area of the liner. some water is found. Analysis shows the deposits mainly consist of Calcium Sulphate.roughly between the oil quills and the scavenge ports.Calcium Sulphate . Calcium Sulphate iscommonly known as Gypsum. and some oxidation products from hydrocarbons.

Neutralizationof condensed Sulphuric Acid is necessary to prevent corrosion. Under normal conditions the Calcium Sulphate is carried away by the continuous refreshment of theoil film on the cylinder liner.is formed due to neutralisation of condensed Sulphuric Acid by Calcium Carbonate from the detergent additive of the cylinder oil. If for some reason the refreshment rate of the oil film is reduced in certain areas of the liner .

Calcium Sulphate is allowed todeposit. Due to soot and other combustion related products adhering to the surface the spots appear dark or black. These areas are slightlyrougher and slightly recessed compared to the surrounding surface. A possible reason for reduced oil refreshment in localised areas is the presence of areas where corrosion has previously taken place.surface. resulting in spots. Such areas are likely to retain the oil film and are slightly less .

Ideally.Influencing factors are liner wall temperature. etc. fuel sulphur content. preventing Sulphuric Acid condensation on the Liner wall by staying above the acid Dew Point would prevent corrosion and the formation of black spots.However. Dew Point temperature is a complicated parameter related to quantity and concentration of the acid . scavenge air humidity.exposed to the scraping effect of the piston rings. oil feed rate.

produced and the pressure in the cylinder.Water carry-over from the scavenging air cooler into the cylinder must be avoided. Therecommended cylinder cooling water temperatures should therefore be closely observed. Free and unrestricted draining of condensate from the cooler and the waterseparator must be assured and the scavenging air temperature should be at the recommended level.The .

depending on different operational parameters. Fieldinspections revealed normal piston ring condition and liner wear rates despite presence of the black spots as . In general the black spots do not have a negative effect on the piston running conditions.black spots described in this article are a regularly occurring phenomenon. Experience has shown that the black spots appear and disappear during engineopration.

com/scribd twitter. 27 January 2006 Leave a Comment You must be logged in to leave a comment. 39 p. Class 2 Orals Upload a Document Search Documents    Follow Us! scribd.com/scribd .Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd. Submit Characters: 400 Class 2 Orals Download or Print 263 Reads Uploaded by Dhawal Tandon Follow TIP Press Ctrl-F to quickly search anywhere in the document.described in this article.Winterthur.

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