Party's use Claim P D NP Ct Qualifiers Claim 18(a) 13(a) 13(b) 13(g) 18 13(a),(b),(g) --21 21 20(b); 42(a), (b) Party 20(a); 19 19; 14

None TR = T/O = (log related) None T/O or property

Party 19(a) 20(a) 14(a) 24 – [24(a) or (b) + 24(c)] 24(a) 24(b) 24(c) Third Party Rights and Defenses 3pD may: 13(b); 13(g) against 3pP; Downslope P may: upslope

3 step analysis / D(12(b)(7) T/O + CQ NP + liability to D for (all/part) or OA § or I+P+A(min showing) § or c/d that shares a CQ + ~UD delay or prej M + G + T (LPEP)

3pD must: 12(b) defenses answer 13(a)

23(e) . Sleeping Beauty – 23(c) C: WREK -23(g) S: ASH --.23(b) Notice: Saul.S b: ILID[p(cq) s:(CA)] .Class Actions CNC TAb Notice – C --.AS(optout)H .

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