T.R.C,., : Q-CIE.BA-K....:HBU

310 rai 7

Sarld. :N D.




3. You haY,: la' enter yOW" ~oll Numbe~ on the Test Blltlklet in the Box proVld.ed aJongs~d DO NOT write!: anything else on the Test Booklet. 4. This 'feat Booklet eontalns 15'0 items (questionslin lwo Parts ~PART-A end P'ART,-Eli. &«.(lh itsm. in P4R'I';......B' is ,J'ilrf.rt~e4 lio fh in Ilmd:i and B!I8'lts fl. Each ;i tem comprises four respcnse~ (answers). You wlJI se]ect the response WhlCh YO'll want 00 mlfll"k on theAnII'Wl:rShr:eL In ease you feel that them: is rnore than orse ccnrect response] mark the response whicl1 you eensider the best. In any case, ChilDSI:' ONLY ONE response fOT eaeh
iT"11 ~--------------,


S. 'fou hove to mark all your responses See direcnons in the Answer Sheet_

ONl.Yan LhI: 5eparatr:

Amsw~r SheeL provided.

6. AU items carry t.:L}uaJmarks.
7'. Before you proceed to mark in the A.l.lsw~r Shf:~i the i!"cspoms LO various hems in the TCc5t Booklet, you have to fill in some particulars in the Answer Sheet as per Instructions ~etlt 'to yoU with your Adm~uitrJn CertUicate. 8., After you have oomple'led filling m all/OUT respons~s o.n the An{twer She.et and the 'examination has concluded, .yuu sheul hand 01il~T to the ImdgUato:r .only the An.swu Sfu!et. You are permitted to lake! away VJitb you the Test: Booldet.

9. Sheet~ for rnugr; work .are a.ppend~dI in the Te:s,t Booklet at the end. 10'. PelmUty
WIG. .n5WeI'B : THERE. WTLL BE PENALTY FOR WRONG ANSWERS MARKED BY A CANDIDATE IN TUE OBJEC11VE 1.YPE QUESTION 'PAPERS. liJ There an:: four alternarivea lor the answer to every question. Fer each question for which a w-rong answer has b~m givm by the ,~.dlnate, oll!Jle-t:bU-d.[O'33,~of the I m.arksassilglled l<l 'that question will b d1Mucti!d as penalty ~illIf o:JI candidate gives more: than o.ne alllswer, it 'WiU bi! treated eo a. _"Ollg ~I' even if on of the given anawera happeaa to !::Il! correct and lhere will be same penalty as abov~ to that question, (iii) U a queslion is Left blank, i.e., no an wer is gl\tl!n by the ca.ndlrlatc, there will be 'RO penaJ.ty fer i:.hal question









lll; lJCIi~1





Eat:h of the friUoWin,g i~ms







the ,vord

a. sentence followed by four wora'i;l or groups of 0,. gt'lilUp uf 'Words (occurring in the sentence in

cap~wE letters] as per itJu:~onl~. 1. The engjneer ROUGHED OUT his ideara em a pi ce of'papeT while he

S.. The students tnek COPIOUS notes during the lecture delivered 'by the:
V'isiting professor. (a)
fb) (c)

(b) (oj (d)




Rejected Drew a quic.k pLan
Described. inm;;curat -I)'


(a) Abounding
6. Very few people cri tieism ,
fa) fb) ttl)

2. He feU into an ABYSS of despaUir.
(tl) (b)


Deep Seat pH

r m penerrabl
Unaffe(;lt~ Unstoppable Unmindful



~dJ Hollow
3. He had


to inllemup'


the Govenlor of lithe Stale while ~ latter was adldressing a. gathering OJ

7. Th~ poticemen Lnlth.

kept on questioning

the criminal but faited Evoke
Wrest Oblain

EllelT the

fa} {b} (c) (d} 4.

Couragc AUthOli ty


JEi'oolishne!!lS Arrnganee



After weelim lof FRENETIC activity, the gmundwas ready for the big.

~ci} Str,enuous

B. Teachjng in uni'Versttiea, is ccl1!9idl:!~d a LUCRATIVE job. (a)







Q-OEBA-!i<-HBU 13A


IIUlI'feC'tilOM (For the 8 [te~

wh.tch follow}


Each or the fallowmg i~~ml5 conslsts 'Df a srntl!fiC_ foUowed by rour wOl"d$_ Se]C(;t the GIImng. of the word ~occWTing in 'the sentence in capital [et!iem) as per the ,oon(,cxt_

9. He js





fa,) (bJ (cJ (d) iIliG. Tbey

13. Kis bEha,vioul!' lin social piilierings is LAUDABlE.

Sensible Can:ful E-cam)mical


(e) (a)

U.np leasarrt Ri!!lpu].si'le





14. The chanLc-tl:r5in this story a.re not

all FlC'l1TTOUS_

Common Factual
ReaJ Genuin

(b) (c) (d)

(b) (cj

Careless ldle pre6mi:nar:Y ~xarn-


1.1. H.is success in tb

ination made him COMPLACENT.

15. The REWCTANCE of the officer

fQ.) (b) (c) (dJ




1'2. In this cornpetinen,
tbe Vl'Cl'OR

he has b~me

16. He is a GENEROUS man,




(b) (cJ (d)

Uru::harits.ble Selfisih


ru sappointed



I .P, T. o.



(f~ JlF1 this S.:cti~ln. a number

of sentences are give., Th~~Ii ntences are underhned in t.hrel..' separate parts and eech one is labelled (a). {bJ and (c~.Read each sentence to lind out whether there is ,0.11 ~rrur in any und dined part. NG aentence has mol" th none error. When ),011 find an en r in any om or the underlined parts (aJ. (b) Of" ic~.ndkale i yO'l..lI respcnse On the separate Answer Sheet HI ihl! aopropria e space You may reel that there is no error m a sentence .In that Lase, letter (d) will iiiignify a 'No error' response. YQLJ are UJ indicare only one response fOT each ll~lP in your Answer Shed. Iff you indicate mort: Lhan one r.espon~ .' your answer will be consldercd wrong.] Errors may be til grammar, word usage or- idioms There may be Eli word missing or tht'rl;! rnily be iii word which should be removed.
V(lU re n.ol required to carr






!lTe required

only to mdlcate your

response on th Examples

Answer Sheet,

"P' !HId 'Q' huve be~'Il soh.~ed ref" you. singc::d

p- ThL young child



No error (d)

very hard.


We worked


[J'],c S~e.SOJ1

No ·no.



Tn Hem P th


word 'singed' is wrong. The letter under this part is (tJ~, so fb) is the' correct for item Q. (dJ ib; U1lt'eerreer answer, a~ the e" renee does not con run any

1"1. IN'hl'!never

Lost a;uyLhing

the P )lJf folk arou.md

,M~ SUSPl;ctL-d.



N,o error




(aJ t~ No errOr (d.0 ge.) 21. 22.i. The pcrsl'J.ely partial (hI dear. ta) No error (dJ' ] shall do everylli.23.l "vith ravou:f. but she WaS mId ~ that her frJend 'Iefl hal. A~ far a. (c) No error (&) (d. [P.s J run concerned.l:::red the famous (a) gallery my a'tlention wa!3.T. 'ta the l. Everyday before (eL) 1 ['liar I work fOT my UveUhood j do my ])r".ayer..18. rb) (c) No error (ti) .1l:1.her frie<tncl'shou5'e at the appointed hour. No error (d) his nearest and (c) Q-OEBA-K-I-ffi U/3A...t married. (v) 24. As i etl:t. Still impressive I is that we achiev.11 i·n I he Bleat 'Of justice (a) and mit treat -s. Rekha is fa) enough old 1.ng P()~ S·l ble ttl 11 e~p (e} j'C"~lt.e iIlli'S 5e~ect~ve ii1Uention (b) (a) through our latent ability In lip-r~ad (c:) NQ erraT (d) Uil'. Pooja went to . at once tll"aWn (bl in the COme-t.! an hour earlier. .O.rr~ sculpture (cj No error (d) 2Q.t!5I.cmld be absolut.

the' proper sequenee and rnark in your Answer Sheet accordingly. R and S.R .P.1: eorreet sequence should fa) me be e:Ifect p is very bad Q 01'] children R cf due-rna 5. P.Q (b) fe) (d) Q.R .Q.S S.S.P..P- s Q. IChaosif . Some people believe that 111. Q. 'tc produce the coereet . 8xample 'Z' has been solved for you.S R..P.HEU l3A .R. You are 'required.hould be P' . some parts (I r ille sentence have been jum.. :2I!:t W e are dOling to the peo]l!'l~ p to giv~ relid Q but more flU'lds an:: needed..Q. This is Indieated by the sequence P .R S .Q.bled up.REARRANGING PARTS OF A SENTENCE I:n the foHll-wmg itema.cilicvC' that the effect of cinema Oil childeen is VC!fY bad".s·~1eJ]tCe.Q S.Plal'l!llinn . ~ClI f'i'!m-ran.R . {b} (c) (d) sequence s.Q and so rei} is me correct answer.f-R. So The correc {a. Z. The proper way of writing the sentem::r is "Some people iJ.P E'.R.'t.S .R Q-OEBA-K.GCthese parts WhH:han: lBlbdJedi P.S.Q .

R.R.} P.R. T.as P in the office last .Q.S R.S P.R.Q IQ-OEBA~K-HBU 13A 7 r P. The people decided they VI'CTI£ going hc.S Q .P R .S P . :2 II.R.P.Q.Dot finish R Q a1~ his work S The correct sequence should he fa) P.S.R.S S .eyen:ing could .w much P on the cenatruction of the sch{](}] building S Q (~) (b) Q -P .R- (el (d) Q. The mnn when he w.Rshould or d.[lJd that raise W'M' p !u:r&:1!ast menth l S The:: correct sequence {CJ.S.S. not go on ·R be s (bl re) (d) P.R.S.Q .Q fb) (c) fa) 27.P.S. The man.26.Q. .id.Q Q.P -R those wotlm:rs would be given B. O.P.Q . S.P .

S.i'lefollowing points S (Qj R- Q. lNhile it wa.1stry some lands and noOuses P ] did no'!.R.R.Q.29.S {b} P.S (b) S-Q.P.R (d) Q.P.R.Q (c) S- Q.P.S (d) P- Q. hllYf' Q R ready cash S The enrreet sequence ahculd be fa) .P (c) 1=1 - R.S.R 30.R.S Q-OEBA-K-HBU 13A 8 . I think the mEmb rs p are basica]ly in agRement Q of tht! group R • on n:.s true lttnt l had to inv'cst in mdl.Q.

O.ny ~ru~8 R held ~:r.Q (e.R.P.S ..• 31.S Q .R.Q.P. S R .R _.R (0) fe) fa) R.P. T.ot have run pos9ibh: ~ tifne Q R S in) P-'R-Q-S S. wemiPI !Jpee:rnd. But:[uf'you.S P .S . .Q.Q -R -S 32.r beJp p to finil!lln tbis work 'it would o.a. (el) Q.P . 9 [f'. Th'e hoy ~n me com]il~DliOln p who was.:L©i1H IcoUe~ S raj (b) P .P .e 5 Q won :m.Q .

ikf"!ly (oJ fb1' (c) (dJ backt!:d out (b~' 'p~Dbably (c) sC8ICely ba.Uing In ~ :mile b~. He last confidence mull -deal at the last minute. help- S7. fa) 39. Fill in the blanks [ cp.) (b) sueeeeded caught &ave them. He WB. p.k and poor person. hang logether banging up or the inherited fd) The The!ll'e was a major acctdem.HBUJ. 3. The car we (a) (b) W1e:!fe 'trave.ooiu. fa) (b) (c} en (c) (d) 36.~d doWn (d} hurriedly Q-OEBA-K-. . She suddenly -all 1 •• not see the point 'of--w.~T. on leI {ei} broke Into broke up in the kitchen (o) (d) 34. The pilot -see (he tower {a} did net 40.3A backed onto 10 .al hanging around hang ing ber unele's money fa.S quite rich.vith the appmpriatc word or grlEiUp or wmdfli..c~ed on b!lck. se 1 w~nt home. What are you cupboard? fa) looking in inDict put (OJ (c) fbJ lookifll8 an (c) (d) a9 I did fOT direct fCl'fce looking to looking (d'} Ior 3S.lime crashed.ragedhim.Ih om e.excited pain. Her uncle died in a car aceldent. Although was ~ was -of his p1ans. 1. OT grnups of words. You have no business to -a wi!B. broke off broke down ra) (b) sceptical remorseful feMfuJ . Illiel'::aua~ there no one' else who was wining to.3.Each of the folLo:wmg items is foUowed by four words.

• E. The Lrlea WhlCh represents the a. L The au thor 's main pc:dn ]5~ha.tgmatk or othcnri:ae.I:'l'1. )lOti have two short.~ (bj T'hewilU to 'Peace '9UN1VI!' of a: creab.j assumptlans fo!~owtng in :lIi on the earth {b} different levels [If exi:slence In nature are All fomuii of life have 'P:\fi~mdlnggaal smQl.rmd happmess. pae~ate and then answer the: ques:tioJ:ls based on. mute creature .spo.!rlYling the passage 1s "The will to survive of a creature rdentrifi~d wi+h a desire fot pe<lIec'\ which isr. Different ronns of at di1f~r~nl levels of existot=nce meke up the teeming diemz._Evcn the lewllest Insect strives far proteetien agains. you 'will find several GtJ~'BtiQnsbased on th~[Ja.ON' ~Il th~s section. at basic [act 'that t:opfrllnts U'S Siqu2lIlrt.e correct answer.85 it is itO' a.approa. O. And. dangers that threaten it'S.3. f'trst.ly and unmistakably 15 the de!5·irefor peace. So (c) as the eorreet answer.sages After each pBB:sage. J" '''h~ best ausumptlen UlH~. comforl. Which one of the Dr steps is essential devdopimlg the au lhor's posiliDn? (a.XW1"I. or and 'J' have been solved for you. man.c:otw~(!n and Hfe.t t fa) di::lT:t!'!i'ent flOtTTn:i of Ii fc are found J. life. 'b. Life is as dear loa. all beings pnmarily seek peace.1lJ.il.o.pic3I''l' COMPREHENS~.u are required to select your answers based on the contents the: passage and opinion o:r the author cnly.ens or this.Jir'e for into pnaslble (c) l'il! identified fC) wi th a desire divided gl"mJIPS peace' and security MC the chief geals of all living beinga even . 'i{. ijO do aU me other crea tures..ni'Ul (b}_ Sa.AU beings are hight1r and Iewer is (d) the weakee t creature strugglea to preserve h.e. security .s ILiff:: fdJ A pnralle~ hnppiness and death draWf. read . and pain I.d:l to life.thor's raain potli1~ "peace and security w-e ~he chlef is goals ofal! living beings".. {bJ is th. be it pn. . i:ll llll [ P. pi!lll. no iuei:w!" whether they bc!c:mg 'to tbL! higbc~r grnups such as human h~ings Dr to the lower group:s such as arrirnals.!I. which!s nspon:sc (c). T. PASSAG~ ~EXAMPLE} tn OUf' . earth of ours.s~~~. it.as eaeh one of us wants to Live and not to die.!IDd security. . J'U.

The man who is well-to-do spenda money rn sending his son III foreign. lands. " are the true groundwork or eharaeter.ed into a gemus so that th. the inspiring examples. we think l1U'gely in terms of schools and cc]J~gC!s. On the other hand. the lrilluen~ of the mother. is the fashion of the day in the belief tha l his d uil sen will he b'ans.e son may team. From. become Intelllgent they f ail to earn pro per living they do not earn gnud man. The proper . The lad is that the true background early education is the home.Viersilty reputa lion lL2l .who helps.PASSAGE-I When we talk of education if'll our present age. A well-to-do man send:s his son to foreign lands ra) (d) because: it. in. Y!i!tthe products oJexpens. we get an impression that the highest honnur is earned! by (aJa !they r.s&ag~. Dr 4l. anduniveralties often foil to make good.o a geruu~. According to the pi!iIclll-sage.e c:x. Th. in our cha:racter~bujJdifig? fa) (b) (c) A (c:) {d} a..pression wthe prnducta of expensive schools 8!nd universitiea often fail to make gu. 'e! those eeuntries 45. the poor mBJlJlwho bas st:nlgg)led agamet adversity .education is (0) (b) (c) a. The home. tab ptaee there tra:nsJonnillg a dun feHow ±nl. school background of early Ie) a co]lc:ge a:religiDus the borne in!ill:itutiolIl (a) in order to make his sen familiar with the per-sons and places.smonab'. a man who who haa has rece i'I'm struuJe-d 'etliucatian in a rorreign country (b) fel (d) a§ainst ad.&til tu make a mark in ute they rail to. the pa.)od"means (Q) (b) (aj 43.ive schools. the bellier that some wonderful pm(:es~ will]. tha't are held before the l::hild at an age while hr: is nnpre. man who h as seen prosperity alone the son ef a prospercus man foreign university A wen-to-do man Examples that inspire A m an who has earned honour 44.ofiten earns.oo:rm. the eustems of tncse countries (bJ 42. the highest honour.

e-assodated declines can be delayed by exen::l!ie.:e. Wbe:n stress is placed on bOfllt:!!i through exercise.ale' mf'-W1S raj breathe tn breathe au 1 breathe slowly breathe fast (c) fb} (c) {dJ the resting hEMl-m toe: becemea high the persc'fI "s ability to .alter a deep breath lessens and the chest wall sti[fens wi.exh. because ra) i3.m content the amount in 60. The word '.) (a) increases the amount of hlood pumped by the heart tncreases bOIUHi (b} cruciu. Old age h generally a depressing period becau Sf! 1 49. chest wan becomes ag.amQUnl Df blood pumped willi each beat in older people. orgml'IJ 48. The heart's ability to pump blood drops about one percent: btced Oow to arms and legs decreases by thirty lo forty pc3rc. 01. ability to pump blond to it clIrops about one percent the blood flow to various . or 46.tiff in oLd (e) increases of alr exh.1\:h age. The strength of honea can be increased by exercise because h.exhrde sufficient air lessen s (d) Q-OEBA-K--H'BU /3A 13 l P. T.!Jled by a person (d. recent srudiil!!S. Wh1Ch one of 'the statemerrts i'9 eerreet? fa. Exercise lowers the resting heart-rate and m. calcium content rises.i)f these 8. The.e.lrnown t~at most . ExJrrd Sf: mer-eases th'l'l he-artbeat whicb is dan geT''OoU:s Exe:rciae creates Sl1'"e55 which is harmful 10 banes rd. have s.) roUawing (a) old peopl e wDrry others past more than Exercise delays natural decay Dr (b) old people lend to regret their (b) old age Qld-ag.e problems to eJ1tercise increase due fa) various organ i5I of the: function Less efficiently body Ie) ~d} nl d people de very little work 147.) lessens the stiffness wall of the chest (b) the . However. persen can exhale . The amount alr a. w~th the result that resrstance to fracture is impro1veri.decreases. .cTeasea the .mt 'in old ag-l:.heart's.PASSAGE-H ibe functi'c::maldeclines or advancing !l&eare depressing.

54.y~ a Str:lterru. Slatement. Statement r: the 5'2..ually statementsan': true and n is the correct of Statemenl 1 The Matila! Nehru Committee suggest d cre-ation of Ilngulstfc provinces in T ndia. lhe wind .v.sLiiutil!J1n or Pressure grad~ents determine velodly of winds. Ul India is phenomenon.0 their right inth northern hemisphere a. etlon of "001l" 56. compared to !Sea.'dodty would 'be gcn1i~. .nd to their left m IJ\t southern hernisphere. (c) but but (a) Sta ement [] is true 51.ement II Th e Earllh 's . Statemen 1: Winde are dle:flrecled 1. Q-OEBA. Statement C()uhtlOn peat-poll I.red than the surrounding sea hence lower pressure develops c. Statement J and Statement ~:t -l'Ou are to examine these tw'o statements carefully and select the answers to these items using the cede given !below ' Code: fa) : In order to create lingulstie prcvincea in India.nation of Statement 1 Sta tement lS true Statement ll is Ialse S1Blenlel'U[ is. Rights to When isobam-s (Ljne9 of equal atmospheric pressurel ore closely spaced. winds 11 ~ 1:11" (rom sea to land.B:Jti s is inclmed.. false Both statemerus Th~ land gets mere ht:a.::n l 11 : The Umtedl Progressive Alliance was formed a fite:rthe lok Sahba El Stat. Statement U : 'Both the indh'idually Statement e:qdanation the indlvid. the COngress Party c:ollstitntcd MaHLal Nehru Ccrtunittee in 1928.-K-HBU 13A 14 .1 The fol[owinS. Starernent liberal 'Co:nstLlutlon . Statement ~ : During Statement the day. seven f71 Items eenstst of two ataternerus. StaLemoa:n 1 U • n: rt provides Fundamental ind ividua ls. lndia.. (b) ar true but Statement n is not the correct rucpl~.PART-B 53. Statemern The r: CI'lf'.er land AS. 55. nlwa.

.~ ~: ~t t~ ~ n.~ ~ ~ ~ 'q'. ... U.m' ~-'Wr lftt I ."m1..!J"E"t'1"iq <ui!"~ l«nt) Mrnl Q~EBA-K~flBU il.l ~ .:~ ~".l1 fiffift' ..'n'.:.. [I : ~ i1ijll:l. ~ ~ ~1 ~M~~t"liR~~~ip. o.. fLlm{Vl ~ fbi ?H1 '~ ~.r~ ~ ~.J ~~ ~ ~ 3i'R (a) ~ 1..1.=hrr "f! ~I"'. !ilfill!i!I:i.w:nf A'~~'~~~I raJ "iFii ~ ~ I qq~.fri4ilfi ~'n: ir<l~le ~ ~ ~ "fTlrft ii .:"~H~'1~ Jl"R'l1 t~ ~ ~ 'QIif ~lliii(QI. ~-q. ~ r'"l""lr-~r(gd 1Jrn" ~7]1~ I: ~ ~' ~ liP.. 'ifii' ~ troft ~ '~~ • ~ (C) 1 ~~. qj1 ~ ~ t lffi ~ llfQ" u.~ ~ ~ ft~ ~1wi'~l'l '~ 'WT~ ll'ifarFtA ~ ~ 2004 ~ 56. ~I ] 928 ~ 1if1-Jt:..wt ~ '~ ~ ifi1 r. n~ n'~~' t TJl\f 'ijIr "iTifI' ~ ~ t~Q'F{tlln~{..:L ~1: m '~ ~trEf::r if ~ ~ • tl 1Jtifi amt ~ ~ $ ~ rmr ~ ~ ~~I . 1'. ~~~ Gfr:f qoJ '\WRIT ~ I . iIi!lf. ~ ~ '~I ~lf!'n~'~~~i l.i~"~ ~'~4l~(I~ .5.~1...' iIiIITF-B 513. " < i~ ~ 'lfiI~ 1 ~ ~t mm it ~ ~. ~.3A 15 [ P.

C(mgrE'cS.pef"utures United 59..s the wilmer (1[ .udah oj the T'uskA?r.U !!lIld one ofutJJ gTeat amhitioFlS whHe in India is to tlssis~ lr: ~a 11'.age'n Summit 58. wit h B~OCid !2r1.u:liC'ntifv with the help of the cede giv~n below the Viceroy whD made the statement and when: 60.. from Chirman1.Iard aPid is also IndiQ. while rumouncing of Bengal Code: lord Duff~1rin.'s first Principal Prince Claus laureaJte. she is 'n. Po.Copenhagen of ccuntries like: the ar·e Chanftt.----~-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------l 57.s-pel!ch at Calcutta Lordi Minto. Nonvay.5 is tottJertng ro i1. dunng the farewell .!! of the Cop~nh.j The: Moth-Ea:~n: Hc:t.oted!or h~.hitya Award.er. while addressing till!! Muslim dele-pilon whleh met him at Shimla. (a) Summit rol!' Clim.dThe Man. fbJ unanimity of views among hie developed and BASIC bloc of eountries rise ofMMc:an countries as the Netherlands and Denmark are located en the COatE l (e) a bloc (ei) acceptance of the US as a leader to nttain the abjectLy. Statement I : Te.ges Stained.ro. In.asweta (rl) Devi ChitTa Mudgal ~EBA-K-HBU/3A 16 .lon.1 ConsIder the follDwing paragraph and identify with the' help of the cede given below the wrHer referred t (} therein : She i. literature. Statement United II .c:h lncludf.. parhcipants t among the (lverC02 eeussicn ~mnilarlatitudes during [he wint. ln a letter to the Secretary or States in 1900 of the most celehnved writers oj contemporQ'1I Indian..ate 2009 saw • Kingdom. Norway. the Jnar!plth peaceful demise Akademi AU. One Code _ 10.8ft1. The. my belief.aSM. Netherlands higher as located on and Denmark compared to plou::es anagreeml:':n. Kingdom.the Sa.) Lord C'Uic. novels whi. IComdder the rollowing statement and . in 1906 fa) (b) Ani ta Dl'sai [ndira OO:!lw~mi (d) ~c) Mah. (bJLord the partition (e) Curzen.

3lf.."it! s~ I DI'I ~.... ~..l ~ ~ ~ ~ fG ~~ tJ..r. :..n!.iRif ~ JiN-~ ~ ~ e' ~ •.• 67.ldJ ~ ~~~~~~iI ~~4WI ~ 'a. 3ilf.~~tr" ~m..t qffllijjl~ If t -wIfJ' * ~ ~ ~~~.fio:tififE1 519" 'ift1~ ~ if. :nat ~~·I (ej bit .lIl'l fi12ij.: 'n«f ~ I qf. ~~~~.. ~~~IfERl1~~ ]7 fd. it. : i ~ "ll14fWa am ~ ~. .::• •.i ~. ~ fifi ain~: 60.fiil F~ ~~~! Qf)14(11 if q~'''IIR~.:1t. Tf<'i "raJ ii ~!' ~ ~ ~ ~ .OI T. Q-OEBA~K-Imu/3A o.~ ]'ijTg ~ J.. ~.) ~ 58.. fflIflm" g fflf ~ ~ mr ff..lI.1"fQ. alirct'l..'''=-.. ~ ~fb-~ q ~ L906 !:l~11"'1i1 ~ if.I. ~ fIltr 2 DOg 'iiiT ~ (a) ~~C02 (0) ~3n? ~lCjT~~ .l 3ffl. i: Mtl ~ ~~riI"~ ~ ~~ sq... T. ~ ~ iiffl ~ ilWl .rco ~ ~R(I'~ (a) ~ ~ miT .ij. q... ~ q{ fflR ~ *t ~ qtl'ijlf...mffl iI 3q.f (a) ~'qOft'i'R fiitVli ~ MlI ~~' q' ~o ~o ~~'~~' iW ~~ ~. qJ7~~ fZI~faffil'" 313* .".. ~ q..~~ ~.·~ 1.$W$I o/t ~ f wr ~. JlIPi Ifn"fftlI mfiJR1 rtf (a) ~~. ia) (b) (c) . ~ t.~ l1Q. ~ t:R ~1" ~.f. ~R~d ~ .. .{i't.r.Ql ~Wi.~ 6(UJ.Ri' f1Cfim~ ~ ~ BASIC tID. "C1ill -.. ~.r.. 1'90 [I (b) * ~I ~.r.iF! !1f!q ~mr mfim . ~ ~.J fit:fT ~ [P.... lfi'1~~~JH ~ qfiun:r...q~irit ~ alA t['{ ~ ·1 ~ ~' ..~ 1f ~.~m. ilfiiffiji'fU ~ ~ ~.ff ~ ~.~~' I~ . fiR:1 <1FIm .Hij'liJt4l.'l!I' 0.iI. ~ ~ <fiI.V1 " . ~~. ~ 4:1 r::(~~!li'I am ~.i'.I ~ ~ ~ 1Jil if ~~ ~~-~.

/cwtural c:hwmel-DD Bharati Select the cerrec cede given below: Code: (a) (b) I only . (c) to ski. lhe public bl:'loadeaster of India? (0. Reena Kausha! Dharmshakru is lht!ftrst Indian woman (a) te reach Ant~tir:a (b.an USA .61. 18 ..) me A person ". who died in J 552.}' forces while going $or casting vote in Parliamentary Eleetien. It dvili&n was killed by the army wh~Ee undl:'!rtaking combmg operation.fUn clRu Considered as one oj the besl examples af b. Code: (a) (bJ Santa (0) ssia (o} USA and Eumpean (a) Union China. START (a) ~Slrategic Arms Reduction • code below referred to therein : given the Church Trea"LYl is a treaty betweenj among Chilul and Jap. answer uSing he Launch 'of enricl1mer:d. Francis Church Basilica of Born Je~us (b) {el' Church of the Huly Cross rdJ' (e) (d) Au:stnilia the followtng j. 'Which one among the fo1Jo'Wing is the [ate-at milestone of Doordarshan.a-roque a. paragraph and id. India. COl'lsidctr the foUowing. to the' South Pole Cd) to win gold medal m Asian BQxing CbBmp~oru. Which or in::. It houses the sacred relics of St Ji'rt.entif.r(:h~ctLue: in India. 63. Whic11 one of the following is not a member or BASIC bloc of countries? fa) Cruz Bal!!. Ms.. the patron saW. USA and Russia 65.tam:e(s) [If viDlation nf human pilet inducted Force in Indian Air rights? 1.hlp 2.rae..this Workf Harnage Monument is dedi~ed to Infant Jesus. ti6.y with the help oC the 64..i 01'1l1y ] of ?Tesar [Broadcasting India] Corporation of (e) (d) Born and 2 Neither 1 nor :2 Q-OEBA-K-HBU J3A.ihc:a South Africa China ~ndia St.detained by the securi-..vlcis Xu:ui&r.BIare 62.2 (b) Launch c)t' 2-f houre News news channel-DO (~) Laurich of sports DO Sports (dJ Formation ehannel-> Bh&ral.

f"JQ!=jG1~iI~ II ~ ~~':rtt' (a) ~~ "I'I"r~1-m ~j BAsrcm-$ 'm--"\11~ ~~~ ~ ~r. O.ft 166.-K.Q ~ (c) (d) ![o~o *1~' tto ~ ~ ttq ~ 1552 if ~t 65.• .T.~RBUJ 3A 19 . ~.iI m. ~~~w:a..n f. ~ ffl iT~!C ~ w..ctii ~ ~ Olffit41"1 if..l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~-4IQ ~ ~ ~-:fJo 31..wf('if€fil fj ~ ~ ~ i. tm..61.ttt ~ .fil ~~'~ ~ . f.fiIi'lf1JJIi ~ ~ ~ '1'fi2 ~ ~ ~ ~ fifim ~ 'lJ ~ '.J' 'tI'ro' Tfl'.r-itRR (b) ~ (dJ ~mmEhI (r:J (d) 'lmI ~II~~ (o) (b) JFdOi'iltfll 1R ~o.~ tI ~ ? ~ ~ ~. Q-OEBA.ij"'t:~f.itm ~ on W1fifrr W(~ ilffH1 W fflfi ~ I~ lMl ~ ~ !lIifi:m .r m2 I P.(1:1~ 'i{...it (dJ ':J 'iii ] ~.~ 1lR' ~ *~~ '" ll. "g/~.. ~ 1f! iiiT m 'ifrt: ~l 3lK ~-trr:! -~~ 'TmfI :'iIiCl Cfi1~ ~. i":n m ~ ~ r./t7 (c) (d) ~wfl Wi 'fi FiT iM ~ ~~.r~~. ij ~' ii ~ ~ -l'fi ".• ~11"@ ~t? (a) ~/~ "I.q~~ T(iI1 .fl"lff!ll if. {oJ (b) ~ ~2 ]. ~ 'tftl ~q (c} fd) (~~~) 'if (e) 2 ir..fti' ~: fim. ~ lim ~ I ~r~ fST'ART) ~ 3f?:jraH ~lffU fa} (pqt~Fr:n) q..frir 64.tir~~1 1 m ~~Tffim ~.~ ~~rf. ~ 1 (b) ~'uui' :qir ':'f.jj.n~~~ 1j~ilrifi ~M4~ftN ij m mr 2.i' ~ !i·riilNiltl '. ~ iOOFIffi H:"I tI ~.iI 6 a. .. ''t2 : (a) (b) (c) ~irrl~ ~ ui ~ 1{_0 ~o iI' ~ ~.:ffr. -lIT I~ ~~ q ~-~ ~ ~ ifin/i:i.

Beo r Ittt. Peae« Doves.s!!ian Army {a} (c) (dJ Nepales~ Arm.. he! she painted s~uerr:U imporl. edrrunistranen and treasury music.n.Gclden .nr series oj pain. fulmer. Army (b) p m. I 932 is noi correct? (a) fa) (bJ Dhiraj Choudhury Salis h Gujral M.1'.nese Army R u.tings like the M:aJwbharala and . CCH1. 70. The Oovernment was.y of saptClrtgo: that WtlllI in ArtncshastJ'Q includes central or seats for classes lilt legis:laLU:r~ 6[9. and monks acharyaa. Operation VajmpraJuu depressed Acceptance system Reservation depressed cJllli~ar:s In of jDint the counter-a errurism exercise between Indian A:rm. wrestUng faJ (b) the principle of Iederation and purliamentary system !the principle aceeptance India of seceS-Slon (bJ (c) dance. (c) of independence subalterns and those invohred in -esplenage fa) aristocrats. of a constnuent assembly LO draf a eensutuuce Q-OEBA-K-HBU l'3A 20 . Women udtiFi RoosteP"S and Mothe.]ni5. Th rIOMgk. ~e-resa. traders (d') acceptance of' the idea. Christ and the Lamb.y and (a) Us.'e : (b) nuclear bombing and Na.nal atroctties of Nazi-s over the Jews (d) emergence of SOvle1t Union as R Sup-e rpewer '11. Th~ flotion introduced (a) 7'2.Ramayana.vinda I legI sla.tJ. F.5 kings.of seats foor the 15B. m. tnT'€: electorate the the Chi. him/ her £he .. wht'ch WoOn.lard at the Berlin Plu-n Fe~tiva. The immediate cause of the revivaJ human rights in post-Second World War period was (a} or massive ~OS:3 of lives in the War One of the fou.dermembern oj the Progressive Artists Gruup.67. Which one of the following w-ith regard to the Poona Pact. ~hE' Eyes of rl.gasaki Americans or Hircshdma 10 y the (eJ gr{Jwingknowl~ge of bn. territory.ion Adequa te depressed of in fbI the join (c) .ntS. He/ She made a symboHc film.~ers. Consider the following paragraph about one or the preminent perennallties of India and identify him/ her using the code given below. based on Df India Act 193. Indian pruvinees 1S1. Husaain Arnrita Sbergtl ]8 rc) (d) representa' on sections govemmenl jobs Re'l'lenra l.lF'Va. dvH ragas and or tbll:! of Britisl.

~ it ~ (el fel) ~.FJl ~ iI ~ ~ JGiiIR fiwrr! 'ifiZ :' fa) fa) ~~~1:m~~_ 31"1tlr~.~.) '_I!l (bJ ~I) 31ldijiiCllit1l:rtm If. 1935 "Efi"I mu. ~ i6T ~' ~ & "..ifftc. * ~~ v®1 iR ~ ijilllAq: : + i?i (b} qr ~ {m".. (bJ lJ'1 q ~ ~mlT ~ m~ ?{ ~ ~ (c) {dJ ~ ~~ ~ GEijri~dl Cfil ~ 'l(11f ~ ~ ~ ~ (d) qri" ~ wi.'-~iji(!OlHE$1. 3J~ it ~~ (it'runt:1~~? ~ ~ -wWr ~ 'tffiOTI ~ ~ '4I. mfll{R lf1 ~1'f4\ . ttl: N ~ ~ ~ ~. fi1F.• 6'1'.Jf...1 fbI mfm~ (c) l{Ifo 'tIJEO ~ raj ~ i1 ~ ~ Wfi if\1 ~..3A 21 I~ T.I' rdj' 68.. P.. ~ f. ~ ~ mii'wI 4<. ~.sl~v:I~ ~ fifurr ~ ~ ~ ~ if.f "'_. 1/tiR ~ ¥'d "'11' Ill:( Zhrr."IT ~ ~~-lIT1{<Fi~~ '. ~ ~~ ~ 'fi1 {~} ~. f.lijij ~ tI1 69.:rr iRr ~ 'Miif.~-r$r! (b} (c) q U<i!lij'.lkfMfQld ~ ~ 1932 ."'I\I~ ~ ~ ~ lTlt.. ~? <1Iiir dh. ~.~tr'"~ (b) ~ ~"Plr.lt1 Wfi?r.IW tit I ~ ~ xJNirrllifj &Frr. ~ in Wfi ~ ~RW1~rl ~ """IIihi'Ci ~ 1:R ~ ~ '~tl iIiU '10..ft"flftlli iii l{... ~ "ij1f IPmr ~ ~ ~ ~~ :of 'fda 1~4'I liff:l'liH Q-OEBA-K-HBU I.ql JfU fW~1141 ~ ~Wlltlr4ir ''1' ~~ ~qJT~'m:J (d) liitRt4d ~ ~ CJi'I ~ Qi$ij~fflb * ~ "i it ~~tro 7].i1SI(l'I{ oql«ft"g' *-rr am.ft-. qr iP-RT.H' W~ A' ffl. mfM !ff:~ ~lI-~ '~ i~ ~ ~ t. .n' .ftlEr ~ ~-~ ~~ fi ~ ~ ~ ~ ? (c) ir-n ~ ~ fa. rftR ~..r 'q:l'ij>tJl~ 3ImffU1 i'!{ ~. ~ ~201 (a) ~f.Iq rdl iRT '72.ft-fi (d) ~ ~'PlFI ~tWi -~ ~. O.qi'fH{06R ~ t41fl~ qr:il' ~ ". ~~: ~'1u.

Prlme M. sections or IndiE!J1 (c) (d) and Beatrice Webb the British welfare meehaniara The social basis of the colonial regime was Za. answer us. CDOgre:SG :forced the British to\. The supported India.Tc::J.l1d among the upper elasaes. because {a) it declared Empbe W8J'" on the British Select llil! cancel.ic Programme of Lenin the Fabian Soeialism of Sidnr.Sabha partsrion rre~dom struggle.fVernment of India Act.indarsB. Th. 2. elopment 3.s of consent (bj acquiescence of many people.ing the code given below Code ~ (b) it anointed Jawaharl. Which of the statemerus Wli h regard Action Day' is correct? (a) to 'Direct 17.73. Th Constitutlcn AN deals with (Q) (93rd Amefldment)1 Hasan Suhrawardy preside over the! 'Dlrect Action Day' local sell government extension of reservatlon in (b) 'Direct .S ra.lY prevail in the India the or ba.. Planning in lndta drew on fa) the New ~conow. new democratic packages del. ]935 by the Cong.m.y 7'6. The Haripura a. Hindu he MiUlil2.. 2.and J 0 (e) ur 1)' fd.J (b) {e} {dJ 1 and 2 only 2 .ndita-n NlIL~QnaI Ann. Which of the correct? L following statem nts wiLh regard to freedom sttug§Le are The British rule could PO 75.sj.i\ctiun' Delhi: took 'Place in (h) educatlanal (e) in st~tu lions the (c) 'Direct Action D':.e I.-tion of the idl!l:L oC a planning commission of the acceptance of the Gc.a! Nl.Qjithdntw from Incij:L. I] 938] Indian remains of milestcne in 4.irus tel" of India the intrcdw:.} 3 and <1 only I.JlY' led to the Bilia r riol 'Dir~clAction· th!:! Congress was endorsed Party by Coasrlunien (d) 'of Endnl (dJ appolntmersr of judges in the Supreme Ca'Ul:rl of India 22 .!!hru as the fu rure . 3 and <t one fa 1lQwmS 74..

-. Q-OEBA. 2 ibJ ~ Oi[ii I Nt'! 1M ~ .{ ~ ~ ~: ip= (a) 1h: ~ ~ qijm O'I'R .r~) t1 ir~' ~am ~ ~ (~ m£t 77.lOj IIil. .} 1.) 'lffIft ~ h' ~.q • ~ ~ {11~ a.1'"!1' iITDi ~ 'ftm I "1Trn-~ ... T. :3 * ~in ~~~~~cfiT~ 4 74.-K-HBU /3J\ . O.t~fif9' ~rR' ~ ~ ma:i' <'fiT ~ Iq d%Elii ~ -. 4. ~2~3 (c) ~ 3 am 4 fe) {d. 'MGj'wrmm if it '@lid!4d1 ~~-R~ lftr~? 1. ~. qr1I ~ ~ ~ ~n~ if{ w:6i.iT ~ 'Hi~ . ~~~~ 'qT.fI'rn. 1fr-I ~ I (b} ~1lf.oq iiihimt <il~ 23 [P. ~ it ~ 3'1j~' 11. ~ ~? 'w.Wj!fPitd 75.if "I1UI' i).q PI 'lFrlfl Cfilboi~! VJm.t ~~ iti m ~ iii ~ ~1 •.i:Ua: iJfiI' ~ ~ i:I ~ it ~ 'i1".j:J]&!4tifi11 ~TEltf~ ~ "liMt ~l ~"? ~ (b) (c} iitil ~ II M' ~ <t. 2.81 ifi ~ ~ ~ (b.ir~\\1lij (93qJ ~) ~ ~ (0.~ ~ It'~ 1JlI*~1 76 q. H'l4r~P5i.1."~o:a:laCf!n ~ "qj11f it ml 3. "Ilmf ra.} it ~ ~ ~. ~~'~i~~U938J fcfm ~ fa) if ~ lfIE-~~~ ftIfm ~ ~.~ ~ ~~~ dIr? 4l14q:B 'i.1I' iI~ I\ 2.----- - 73. ~ JlQr'1~.ff "r'I''O.~ Qr{ll'l1irn ~ irii ~ ~ ~ ~d) 'lfilfl ~' 05I~~1<:~~ fa} 'WOOf' ~..::q 14hH~ if .

sm ~umelratecl in the Oon:stl tution oJ India.2 and 3 ] fbJ (e) and 2 o:nly :2. The distribution th is of p-oW'en. . Mahatma 'Ga.' : Code: (a) J and 2 2 ~f. because they were . Public Interest Lltig.ioD in the somer).'1. only 1 and 3. Union ami between Code. Socialism refers to faJ fb) State-ct'H'lH'OUed eeonomy judicial review Iiqu~d a. In Hind Swaraj. 24 .omogen~~ lJ' .!ld 1 3.t:lon of the bourgeoisie of p~asantzy fJ1O<liDI jurtieial activi s m judici.clusive pOW'W' to law wilth respect to not enumerated Concu:lTeot List or India has make any any matter :in the State List.fa} appn. and 3 only fa) 1 and 4 In.ke-5 over adm. 2.gore did Ro.inis'lTaH~n Df prO\f1 nets under 'the r:mergeney pl'(l''1i !'l.ndhi and Rabindnnath as a Ta.l'Ciative divis lvenesa opposed to h.t define fnilla 'nation'. Select the earreet answer using the ccdegieeu below: 3.BO'.given be'~oy. he linked with (a) (b) (c) fa'} 82. WhJl!:h of the following 'Statements i$/are not \1iolative of the prlnerple of federalism? .of the idea of (b) (c) (d. because' they Me :1.s: ].aJ intl!ni'entlon judicial sane ity (cJ' removal administration td) es tatbUa h. responsible rOT' creating divls.) (b) (0) auppcrtive IOf ~oncness ~ critical of hegemonic culrure rdJ 79.B' 'on WIL) rna.ment dieLaltorship Q-OEBA-K-HBU/3A. (ll) Provinces.lO!i'lJ~. The Parllamen t of ~x. The PTes1den t of Indl a to. carnle-rs of pLagulll! gerro. 1. Mahatma Gandhi was entical of railways. 3_ in'SUiJLnJe:tlts 'for frequency famines of :2.8. don e Lhrough three diffeR'n~ li.Elomdient-prone dass 4. Select the correct aaswer using the code .

I' ~: ip . ~ "if.n ~ ~ «tt 3& "W:r ~ f:ij:a'{Ul'~ ~' !fFffl ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~l1ra ~ cft. '-iit(illif11 . ~ tiT 3. ~ ~-~.. • i ~-m/-a ~ iJil ~~-qur ~ ~/~ ii.JtR 3 'mI' (rl) 'lTdl w:i OO-=MI'4 1i1n ':t ~ 1lmT ifi ~ ~ ~ tirtifif~ -:m ~.7_. . 'fi1 ~ ~iJ rc.qpli'fIfIl ~. 2 am 3 1 3tI-c 2 2 Jftt 3 4. ~lfft~~"ll~TJl{W '\fi~tR~m1mU~~ ~-. T. mii!l~~'"1 ~ ~3 (. ii'il$dl ~ ~ w:r.d~ 1 (b)e'4~t"1I -$ fiArc in fth~ ril' ~ 1{JI~ ~ (c} '~' ~-~~. " (d) 1 ~2 81.(c) (d) ll' If. (d) m 3lI!1~"I:aOfi ~ ~ 7 ~+qtatqh{ ~ fa) (b) .~~ 1.ffEf~ ~ 1."Jjiliti R'4IltlH ~WfImTI 25 ttl) ~ iff ~ ~P. \\fffif ~.tl 3. ~ ~ fa) (Il) (c) .smn' 'I I. ~Wt~!f?-~FfM~vIJ~ ~~ {b} ~ (c) ~ 1. O. ~ ftq ~ 'il -. 79. ~~~ ~TJ1tf1 ~ ~ 31If. cRr~~ ~1I1<k:HUll ifi1'~W1I' l' ~ ~ ~-~~ ~ Q'.i'i'f-~ l.- tli? ~ ~ 80. ~t~ai1 2.."'I"llit"lI \!f'I'Vl' <m ~ 3{Fq'[([ ~l ~HCfiT~~~ij~' ~~1 :2.f ~ cfil • ~~ ~ ~4. ~ 2 am 3 . (a) ~~t'~~R. (c) il ~.m mT ':iifi ~ 82. !f!tJL. ~ ii11.jtfdi4~tt:n 'Ci:m 'iji'[ ~' lI'ifffiR ~~.

terrestrial radiation (bJI (c) (d) Increase be constant Iluerua te Q-OEBA-K=ABU/3A. about. 87.B 1 B 2 B 3 C l D 3 dlrec eli.) .2 and :2 a 13:00 hours 12':30 hours 11:30 hours (b} (c) and 4- (d. as Jndia~'s Prime Minister 2.e between lHbWJ and rural areas 'Look East Po Licy' articulated during the B.ll[rpn between of pemument ua-t (LQ:ndJorm) ua-s: (Agent oj erosion! deposition) 1. Underground water 4. D.@.t would b .00 hours 85.olll. wha.3 and 4 rd. Match Llst-J with List-U and select 'the correct ans usling the code given below the Listlao. Delta D. According 'Ito Ka. 84. the dail. 18 .te C.the tirne in a 'ch.fccmmunism is possible DnJy nfter fa) (b) 16.} d1ecrease de pie len of oz-one layer iosolation. Cloudy nigbts are Wanner than d. Moraines Cade .se of as..gmi.2 Glacier Ie) {d} emergence of IDtploimtion-rree society A.A 4 B :2 .83.rgs disappe-amnce of dHferenc.)' range of temperature fa) grcenheJus£ dTect (b) (c) (d) tends to (a. L was reign of H..is of economlc eenperatlem Ml8wer 4D 2 rei) 4 Select the correct Cod~ : (a) (0) Ie} ] using the code given below . 'wwa. If it is 12 nacn in a city located on 90'" W kmgitude.eLbe.y located Iongitude? on 105" \V and 2 (a) . WInd. 26 . attalnmeut o. [ns.River . A5l we proceed from equator to poles.ian countries ie:J (b} (c) A C :2 J /It l A D' 4 D 3. 4.. ]naiR'Sl.:rds SoU'[h-East A6. Deve Gowda.:rlMal"X. CGDUDlHng terrorism C 3 C 1 3{!W 'to develop a bend among vanous eoun tries on the ·ba:s. n:sotu tio:n of tension the' leader and led cnmp letion r~".Wi ni gh ts b cu:au.) II . ~riA} 3. SWa.

. ip: (a) A 'i[df"tll@ (~~).~ 3. qw1Jf ~' m"fifi 'mf mn 'M q. 4. (a) !li"'l G tJH ~ mro ~ (bJ (c) ~ ~ fcJ 1ilR UIfI ~d. ~~ -1". D. ~ l!JTIftuI icii· q. 1.83. 3. ~ ~ ~ ~ fdfmt ~ 4 B 2. ifi\ ~n : 'H ~ ~ 1b..w.. ~41"q'f im fMrc. lf1tTlr-r . '.) ~ ~ (b) (r:) (dj ~ ~-~ ~ % ~.rn l!:I. ~~nUR C.l'T if ~ (a) (bJ !fl'm ~~ . Tft( ~ ~~I ~~nm~ 1ii1' m ~~ ilWT ~ ifi1'Rr ~ ~ ~11 iffi' ~ 1Ji. ~d) A q C 1 1R ~ D 3 2 mt ~ fh.r if "!i11rH"lCf. C 1 D 3 D rb) (C) A B 1 ~ti'ictJaw! ~ 'i.84. ~~.JfI~m.I ~l:ffl' t. ~ ~ ~ {(J. Q-O::EBA-K-HBU .fifu" '~~ ttliP ~ ~ 'lR'(f t 2. • O. It&!l r~ qn A.WI ~ '''Ij'ifthfi iftm' ~ * 'l€r~~ "d"~-~ % ~ ~ . B. 1 jfJ 10$9 \V ~ 1f{ ~ fa) :ml1l ~2 fa) E4lfil ~ m1 13. ~.OO~ 12:301iW1 11. ~~ mfJ' ~' Wf.J f 3A (d) ~~ ~-~t r P.) '1:JR :3 ~-1 (tl) 85" fdJ ~ ri ijQI~JIft:d~.' ~t llq. .30 ~ 11'00 (b) (c) 2~3 (b) 4 (r.lill *ilklql'<: ift ~ Fr. ~ gO" W ~ it trarm film 12 ~" . ~-I ~ -"IIIU1 'J'if{~.1Tif q]J 86. ~ ~ ~ ~ J A C 2 C 4 D 4 ~~Iftffl fij'inli't ~ l B 2 B 3 if.p ~ wJm ~ 'IDft '3fI1 87.1 ~ (~-lPJi'R) (~if4r~ iii "EIi""RVr) L~ 2. f<rl'«~ ~ ~r Qf.

a~pmximate'ly (0) 4 !loan.Q:on. Glaciated re~ons are aaseeia ed w]. Xerophytes {Il} th~ in Ci(lndUian 96. COJTeCl rocks? (a) 3.. 2. Which of the following !l.. to. Lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun comes directly between the Earth and the :M.ta.rLh. valley (b) (c) (a) U-!'Jbaped v&lley sand dunes :stalacLites 1. Doldrums are eharactertaed by 9'4. {bJ SibeD. fe.n-w ~ toJ (c) (d) 6 il.) Tropic zone 90. So[aJ eclipse happens when the Earth comes directly between the Sun and the MOO'D.Ig. (d) Sbale Magtlesiurn 92'.rrid r~J fc) (d) uniform nigh p ressure high wind v-elocity low humidity (bJPrwrie (c) rd.ga1on: Ennore hot and wet condition cool and arid cond ition (tl) Q-OE_BA~-llBU 13A 28 . B:iodlversi fa} ty lS bighesl in zane ZOne ra} unifonn low pressure Tundrazerre To.en bel . Select the . Basalt 4.Code. 2 and 3 l and 2 only 20my 12 hours.lem~nts is I are correct? {oV V-8hap~d. 91.th 95. Lunar ec~ipsetakes place 'When the Ea:rth eornes directly between the Sun and the Moan.} (e) (d) an:s-wcrusing the eode giv. Iron ere frorn Kudrnmukh is mast hot and and Likely 'to be exported (a) (b) (e) (d) through (b) (e) cool and wet eneditien Goa Koch~ Man. Thl! inte:rvaJI be~'ween two high tides is .OIJl'S 1. Which ene of !:hI! fonowing is generally found m sedimentary Solar edJpse happens when the MOOD comes d_]ectly r between the Sun ruull the Ea. 24 hours (fJ~ 3 and 4 913.

~~~ ~ ~ L .~~. ~ m ~6UI~'~1 io lfIit ~ (bJ fc) (d. 3F4't'1Ii!! 'Ji.tS1 ifC!1~0! Ii if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t:! mtt~IIUI ~. 3. ~ m.• . (hJ Ie) ~' ~ m~~~ij td} ~ Q-O&BA-K-HBU 13A I' IP_ T.8:9.iil ~ ~ '~ ~ it 3liI 4.r-{U"~ijjl U-3fifreqi tnt1' cnq'~ ~~.lf wr~ ~ 3Hfmf la} (b) (c) I. tn' 'alii~.? ~~ oft ~ ~tvi~·~·~ UrJI' ~ ~ ~~ ~m-a: <m'T 1. ~"*l ~2 sa.) mFt1~1 iwr ~lfIal4G tp:: 9 2.~~~ik~~ if lfT 0iffifI ~. ~~mmi1~ (ra) (b) (e) (dJ '1 ~~ (a) ~ ~-~ . r?r ~ r~!)I j$UI "imT t I ~ 1fl'l!1 ~ ii' ~~t.~ (a) (b)~e (1:) ~ mlJ.ffi'!WIJ TJq' '1 ta) (b) l0I'lN14riif ~ qH~ :HI' m i1 'iW-1 i~mit iI'l'm lfhnl ~~~ qepr ~ (d) ~ JmfuJ (eJ (d) 90. 1 7fI ~ ~ irm t1 (b) 6~ ifi If'. ~F-t.-m/it ~l'TItt/? T. R~ftmr ~ fa) ~ it ~~m ~ lWl: ~f . e.. .2 {e} {al 12~~ 24~ . (dJ 96.t I ~ iftit irtI' 2. iV'l"lmo ~ raJ {b} (c) (a) fiIlri"~ jM t? v-~mtt 95. ~~. ..2 3~"1' am 3 t ~ 3ilr. ~ iflq irevr' ~ I 91. ~ t. O.~f.

of ascenwng Uttar Pradesh elates onset of monsoon : 2.) Code: {a} A 4 B 1 B 1 C J C 0 2 D (dJ ibJ fej {ei} A 2 A 01- 3. Select the correct answer using the code given be law COde ~ fa} (b) (e) 2-. 4 100.El)!of low presaure. Which L of the [aUowing arc westflowing rivers? Krishna No. 4. 8 3 .di • ua-u (Stille) 2. D.. pressure iii surrounded by the are. West Bengal Kerala Rajas-than 3- 4. Ma:tch List-I with List-If and select the correct answer using the eooe ~lvcn below the Lists ~ Lisl-/ {Type r. 3. In anantl-eyelene. In an anti.nnflda Mahalla. 3-2-1-4 3-1-2-4" and 3 1. Sa.barmati 13. the area of low pressure is surrounded by the areas of high pressure. 91. 3.'97. ScnIb :2.a cycLone" the pressure surrounded 2.-eyCione.on the basis 1. andl4 (dJ 1-2-3-1 (d) 301 :2 and 4 Q-OEHAr. the area ef biglo.ataka./itlegemt. \Vhic!h.3-1-4.8.ion} 4\. Mangrove 99. Rajasthan 4. A_l'T3-nge the foUawing states . the areas of low preS8ur'c surround the area Qf high pressure. of the fclwwlng are ecrrec t? I. B C 1 C 1 0 2' D 4- [n. Madlbya Pradesh 4. 2 by the areas 3 high pr ssure .i(-J-tBU 13A .and :2 1. Arunachal Pradesh (bj it.DSWiU using the code gaven b [ow. at the centre of A. Kam. Select the correct answer U!5ing the code given bel'ow Code: (u) (b) {e} 1 . Code: raj 2 and '" and 3 1 and 4 2 and 3 statemenrs Mea Df 'low c. T~ Coniferou£ 3. I]f the lra. In B cyclone. 1. Sdeet the correct a.

~ 3. ~ _7 2 .jjl'iWij ~. C 1 1100.• ~ trfn ~ ~ ~.. a:iiI ~ iTEI ~ ~Vrn-iiiii!iiri"'1H11l. '{e ifa _ ~ ii. T.f mft :un: --ww.. ~ ~ .-u ('fFJiq) ~~~(I. (a) A 4 B I ~: C 3 C 3 C ] D 2 D 4 (a) (b) . ~ "fGI c. awrll*lt. ~ ~I mil' Wm ~' 3.. ~ til ~ ~. 3.q ~ ~ ~ m ..r~ffi1dif~ ~-i 1.1' d:fr -m Ttn ~: ~. ~ l'iij 2 9.8.. Wtl Wt-. ~~ 4.. ~I _ ~~ ~-n ~ «~ 1l'lt ~ itIT ~ ~ <F. GliJ ~ iliiiil1ltl m lfi'm 1ftm t I ~ f!p:.. ~ 2..nR ~ iliI ~ mw fEm iftn ~ I 'IlQ.jJ J. ~. . rafmt ~ '~-m 1.:~ (qc-"ffJ4 A. ~ B. . ip' (a) (il) ~ m. ~ if. ~ M . 4.\.~c) (dJ 2~4 1~3 (b) le! fdJ A 2 A 4 A B 1 B 1:Mn:4 2: o 2 D 4 3 B am 3 ~ ~~? ~. ~ 2.m)tnSii'l ..~ m ifil: ~ 1iR ~ip : (a) (IlJ (c) (d) . O.gqm:) 1 2.. 3V. 3 R'""1MiislrllMil ~.. 31 I'P. -qfw:r ~ ~ 'l. ~ :. l{iIt.~'7'. ~ 'J'lR ~: 'IFItr r:. fiIi!I 1"1 ~ ~ TfIit ' ifiT ~ ~ D. ~il 1mfiro~~1 ~ U. ~ ~~ L "3'w. f.. 2L3~1--4 ~2-1-4 3--1-2-4 1=2-3-4 !~2 1 ~C3 tc) 1 ~4 2atR4 (d) Q-OEBA-K-HBU /3A. . ~ ~ ~.': (flfJ1 99...

tollyst~ in organisms Me. Bil].logical (a) ca..} (b) Among the foUowing elements.g IS . Which one mT!Cnlg the IoL~owin:g.cmg the true fro] ? nor.'l depends upon it~ (cr. kala-azar. Cure (e) cerebetlum tdJ Hypotbalamus 102.8.. l. The eel I in the bCl"dy n::$~Cifllf'llb1efor the prod actio 1:1 Oof annbediea is faj (b) (e) or lead aluminium iron magnl~sium (r:) (d) granulocyte lymphocyte erythrocyte pLatelet Uving Ired blood celh 1.uy r18aio.1101. Which part movement. Administering pratection a. Which am. which one IS essential fOT the tranamisaion of impulses in the ne-rve fibre? • 0: raJ (bl Calcium J rnn Sodium 'lil:lc to spinal Cereb rum Thalamus (c) (d) 107.:sound lOS.n stem cell therapy x. fa) Foot! wrapped in IJe\vspaper to get cntaminated with (GL) (b) 10'3·.win.e:ishmania.(0 Uo.wers'? {a] Cashew nul (bJ Coffee re) {aj (a) Grcundnut Pme . or bmm controls fine 106.U14. u (b) re) vitamins steroids enzymes {a} Apple Ib) (e) Dale Grape (dJ Id} Plum of .enograft transfusinn is likely m ulUple fission sporogony 10. To which one crgsruem (a) (b) the following IYpes of do mushrooms belong? or 11 L 'Pitch' is Eli.) (bJ (c) (d) Alga. maintains balance and lequilibrium Dr the bect\' and illUiSde tone in a humfiUl being? (t1. vaccine provides by itJduc:ing synLhes]!S antibodies (proteins} spcd:l1e to tile vaeeiae. known as hOUil ones 110.~ Ferns !Fungi mh::osity frequency quality (c) (d} Lrchens None' or the above Q~OEBA-K-HBU 13A. eharaeterietfc tha. 32 . produce-s aeeds hut net Oo.09. fa) (0) (c) (d) injury is Ukely the eausatlve agent of Multiplies asexually by emerge from (u) gene therap' (bJ (c) budding bin.

trq'l CltiW. ~ ~ (a) ii.r) ~ ~ ~ (b) (t':' (d} 1....~!.f~ ~·~ir.fe) ~~ (d) ~ (~) rdJ ~ 33. Q-OEBA.r41~-w.) ~ ~ 110..£IItRO fr. ~ ~. ~ ~ faJ ~ (b) (c) (d) lD3" . ~ ~ 'ffiiit ~ it ~-m. ":m:.~ .~ '* ~ t ~w{K (a) (b) m~ wr!ll[dt~ (i'tit.:.ni'Iq.i'~r. ~-~ m.r ~ (a) ~ it ~ llUIii:("l1 ital ~7 iT~l.. T. "i!IcI ~ ~ -'-'-311"'-'1i11.~-m ~. tiiifi:IT-~ IR1 Slcl M'fl mti"':1 ~n ~ t? I'm ~ ~ fa) (b) (c) (el) ift:r -'F_fiI.'lI~ ~fRtGh anrm ifi1 (lilifilWi 1107.l:'(1 i ~3i1i~ atlln f'1'J I iiifiiiF«1 wru ~. ~ ~ (~) UJS. w{R if.~ mmq. iIifi ~Mt4\1rih .fRi.-:r..r'""'i~f(dt1 :q it ifi'Ff-~.m Wifi ~sor (a) ~tf{ (b~ ~.nRiJtf1 ~ {h} (c) (d) 'FaalflOl"l ~ ~. ~ fa) (b) te) ~ (~)~~~? ~ ~ ~ Praorrf0rmrt ~ If 1i ~ II J.101. ~ 4)ltli:tf. ~ fum. (bi re} (d) ~ (c)tlii%. it i ~ :nfi [P. fi 3ijiitjlRR <mm ~ ~'1~~~7 (a) (c) ~ ~ te) ~~~lrf. m CfIF 31ffiR .~ ~~~ 108.:-~ ~-.. 3fliiHqlf! t? ~ 11 (a} (b) ~ (d) ~ ~fR1{j'" . lI1IfR ~ ~ f:p.2.1 'J..('l1l ~ (b} ~ fa} ~ 110'4..1 ~-d't!1 <tiRlI(h''''J ~-q.K-HBU /3A .f iPI!1Frwlr ~ ~ ~:fil ~ ~'> f.l.'"""ftI""'l~r (~) '~I .. ''''ITW&fI ifi1 ~-m 0fWIT i lfP! tl6ill' ~ 106. ~ fa} iI ~iiRi ~ ~~ ~? (d. f4~fGln ~~? fa) (b) (c) (d) ~ *t.rr <iFitm 10.r~~~ti' g·l'Iikf&f. O. ~Rq1i ~ ·~!:I"'ir.~ ..09.

TDSCOPl: B 116. A [s_TI produces B reeling of comfort during hot weather.112. and gamma Cathode ro) (r. Tbe effective resistance of three equal resistancea. of croassection of the wire nor on the material or the wire Q-OEBA-K-HBU 1'8A . :rli:!ithe r on the len~lh the wirenolf" on the area of 'sid!! inside 'the nucleus of an atom Both electrons and protons ne!!!.te. The specific r-esistance of conducting wire depends upon fa) 1. eaeh or resi stance is (a) fe} 3/r 3r (".at ne'lltT.8..5.l rd. m p terial Dr the wir-e length or the wire and area of croSSHiI!Cr:l.) (b) a mic.1. Mea. Which one of the staternenta Is correct? (a) (Il) Only electrons r {ou'owing (b) len gth o f the wire.) OUT raj (b) {c} intersect magn~t inside the body of the hOldy radlatee ware heat j n in..Ill 119. because fa) (b) (c. The ratio fa) {1J} (e) Itl) 11:1 velocity of X-rays to th~l of Igamma rays or <1 ls » 1 is 1 telescop e micruscope nor 117" Ie} rd) beth rntcrosccpe and telescope neither telescope depends upon the ratio of their frequencies one of the [oUowing pairs Which fa) or ray's is electromagnene 113. 0 r ere es-eeetien of the wire and. The ratio 'Of [he road length of UlE objective \0 the focal length of th Eyepi~ is greater than one rOT (a. The magnetic lines of force due to a bar magnet 114.a1pointsoflly intersect SlOUU'l ruT ran eur supplies cool air perspiratlon cnly poles In at north and conducijvit~ of air increasee .nect . wire but not on the matersal of the WIre (c) material or the wire only Ilu. evaporates rapidly (d) cannot ersecr at all .ide inside the nueleus of an atom or Ie} (d)' Only neutrons res_idHillsldc nucleus of an atom the (d) eross-secticn length or of th~ wire only but lhl:!: wire Both protons and neutrons can reside inside Lh. CDnn ec ted i_1:1 paralle I r {b1 rIJ 1'3 rn filature? raj'S Beta r-ays.e nucleus of an atom neither OJ] the S!I'e.OD or the.eys Alpha rays and beta rays X-rays and gamillU'l (d) rays fdj 118.J rays and X-r.

-~.~.8.fb) (c) -' ~ if ~~ n.~. ~ '0} iJI'll' (c) 'til (II{ ~ ~ fiSltll:OlH iit ~ rd..-~ ~~-.!}~ ~~ ~~ (b~ . !OIfd. jfA~~ ~ liIlfifiii?ii: ~'1l1fIl ~~~~ ~ iI -W!If.) 4'ZI. ~ ~ l(tfiU1U"I r m'Q r iii.1. ~ ~ ]'14..~ ~ ~ 71flff-~ 1. ~.... .. ~1ft if i.-Jj ~ fa) (b.!f qit.~~~~~t ~ fa} ~ mu ~ (a) ~-~ (0) ~'~ ih ~ ~3ft ~ ~I:'I'I If<ii"'<lqlY'I'I..j"1 $ ~ ~~ it (d) .ii littJ'III"I m m ~ ~ ".JfJ' 1J fa) te) . ~qij~~'CfiT~~~ til 1lfTit~~~~ir~mm (a) 116" ~-~ ~~~'7 ~' ~ TJl'I'III'-~ ~ i. ~ .~~~~~~ iii ~#Iii}R 'tter iimm. O.0::: 1 J.t q. ~ :r tl QTl itT it~tK Q-OBBA-K-HBU /3A [Po T.~fi:h "ij ~t ~ R"'1irlfWrl ~~~"1 mur-~ tlld1~? it fl EFif:t-m.~.6hnfs-'mni SI'RtI...j~~ii~~-lM~"~"Q"? faJ Lzyfi ~ fi4[JJOi H <it ~ ~t "'im" ~ 3111ll~ ql \lft~(t 'ffl'{ ~ W ~ "itiI' ~ ~ it ~ ~jj~~T-:t (0) "iff{ ~' .1 -._ 'fU I:Jl: ~ (b) lfurr ~ ~ (el) ~H~!.. 1 1 ~ ~ .3. 1711111 fa) ~-~ 3/r (b) 13 (c) ~'-fct. ~ ~~ ~ rc} ~ ~ ~ ~~~ 'ffi'I: i.....d~9mfI ' tit (d) ~-~~' 11. tm t~ % 'ro'd Of ~"ffi'( lR (b) ~~ ])if:! tRT . (el) 3'l'11r.u--<..nJl Lifm-~ rnm-~ ~. ~ 'i'frW6 ii'IR ifiT ~ 'TIn'~ ~'l'r raj «R ~ rrs. sn ~ l1R ~ 3t?1S1~' ~ '1R.• 112. f.~ 1fl" ~ '''R.~. (fR ~I !JRli'1~ tiIiI v-oq.t. TJtf~i.tl 'fit ~ ~ ~ ~ lIT ~ 'c) ~ (dJ <fI :qh~1ijii'i1~ ~'~f.. w..fi1 ~ ~''tf{.) ~ ~d1 ~ ~ ~ ~ mf'llfi ij if..:n Ffm it ~' 119.. ~ tT( '.:.~. ~!"1! 117..o.'llT-r(i ~ tm ~' ~ § (c:) ~~.

the 125.lloo. conI::aVemi:rra:f.priru::lpBl ff}clU!i and the centre af curvature at the centre of eurvature cold (d._ A mBlIlL with a. d:arik skin.ot correct? ra} A verti cal p13.of medium (a) Tile' rela tive [:IeImJ~abm ty is not a rumensm..ical plane pasS-lng. A ray of ligb:t falls on a tranripa:J'ient ~.Wb~:n X-rays are produced ~CJ_) heal is ee.:i. This phencmeaen OCCH.} beeause of thepropeny of fir (a! (ho) {e} ref1.2113..c 1" on the Fahrenheit seale zero (ej {dJ fa) 1" O':ril the !R. beyond me centre ef ~aruT.mlywtu::n: between and infiWty None of U:a. A part of it IS r"eJlec1ted and a part iis refracted The .ht refraction of . in 1122. 'Will experience ~rJj .eaumur scale (J-OEBA-K-RBU I:lA.ru:tb :is cal]ed ge.e rutis of rotation of theE. the tMg~t thetarget tlii. of euzvature J. Wmch one of the statements given fd.ght is: seen target at the total Internal 12 I. scale is Inf1Ility can be ..!Ispendedlma. (b~ be-at ls absorbed {r.) (b) (c) .z-em orny one angle of ineuience mere than ineidenee Mg.'Ogrophica.age i~ focus he.iess heat and! ]e~Si cold (h) (c) po:sitio:t!.rue!.:ne pas ill ing wQ'ugb.be prin.>:5 qtlml trl:zy :126. ~rH1I objeclt l curvature or a.n. the axie of a :D:r-eely ~:!.)i the temperature {d.hth.j S :lero cue among the fOUowrn..) mere heat and molf'!e cold (dj 123.[\e'f1f:ctedand refracted rays can be (b) perpendicular (a) te each other fo.. 'the magnetle meridian A ven.e ora p]_a:n~ The! ramus. more (:old 'mor-e' heat and Iess the: .) interfe renee of Ught belo:w~an.cipal between i~~s heat and.iiYtt reflectien or ligh.gneL is ca.f' throug.maU~'S ltemp~flturlCl!? t 1~ 011 the Cdi\!:ill~.a mendia:n angle of incidc'nce: aqua I to 90" . 2"1'. of the (a) (b) (c) at t.g denotes tht: s.em'l:ed a'l 8'1.LfS . placed at the eenlre or tliIe coraparise 11 with a matn Vlfith ~ white skin.le (d)' .Lass plate. Wh]ci1 (a) (b) mirror (a.eabo\!1.t remains constant brilliant I. 1" !!l'n the Kelvin sCociJ. . iro.oction er! lig.1.e target I1Pp~M!l raised.fa) (bl (c) angle degree tCl' which Un: magll'~tic fide ean p enerrate a rnedrum is known as the rela tive pC:mileabiJity of I:h~ The or b:lcide:nl!:l~ equal en e to .

r~~ (QJ (b) L iiAl'm-~~r~f mffffl iIi«IT t? oj ii u ~-1fI' ~. qi~TR(fl t£iti ililll{Wfi uftl fd.ff ~i~~~mi' ~rilOllh1(~ i . o. ~-. ~-~ ill) aNI~'" ~ ~jJ 124.1dl i$ijl:ildl ~.) i1' 'it ~~m '1f"Ii 'fir <dt f~'i1Mfl' ~ "iji ~ . or.U. 12S.mIJ(R. {d. ~~'m~ Ifa} ~ 'r.:fli~~ ~ t· 'iIm1 ' ~t7 (aJ (b) ~ tjfti£h!41 fcfm' 'T'I ~' CiiROT 'i!'i~ q.~~'~~ ~ Cffl ~I ~ QWIP..q iii ~ ~ ...120. ~ (c) (dJ ~ ~rpff ~ ~ ~ ~ ~."iQ! ~ ~~~~~~ 90!!.lt:I~f@d ~ 514'141 'ifil ~ ~?. ~-~itq1: 1IL27'. ~ ~ . :JOI. ti\ (h) (e) ~ ~ il ~ 1"'~~'q{ I" ij.1li ~ ~ ~~~q raj 'SIlffIF4W1~ (aJ (c) (d} ~~q{ m1 ~ lR ifilf ~ lllifi iN! ~. ~ ~.(I~tFJ ifij ~ a:{TP(l1t6 ~ 'i1iIiI (ej 121.'iT1fi: ~1i.. ~. (a.it~~~~h~~ Rf:t"Q"m~~'~ u1ffiiT 'I fb} (Cj (d) ~ 'tR..I~'~ "'1'\qcI~ ~..f.} 126" ~ ~ (d) ~ ~1r~~ 122.MH ~ ~*~ qit wm~ J('I.I1 ifiJ! ~ ~tfCI' ~ iIiPn ~ (OJ '~~ Ciififfi ~~ ~-~ if. ~ ~-~ tB\iI fifiiI1 w.:fit (b) (c} tfi1vr ~ ~ ~~~·~t1mt ~i1'~. ~.:nff {d} l·~'~trt 37 r p.~· SlCfiI!l1 'iiffl ~ili{QI ~: ~' ~ ~ ~ ~ 1'l"m1 rqlz 1ff '~ ~~ (bJI '~~ "ffi:'r ~ ''Skjiflq <lrumm frn. ~ ~ ~'f'l ifitm (b) ntn ~. f.-r mq '~ ~~ "i'1. ']. . '06].JT. ~ ~ (e) ~ a"Fl ~ ~ ~ if 'iJkl4rr..m' t I ~ ~ Q 1(lifmd 3ft:r ~ ~ raj ~ftm it iffiTr 'I ~~ q~Lii4.} ]lJ5. ~ ~ iff (c) ~' {d} ~ -if -a ~ .q~e1[ mrt ~ ~ '~':P}i'(' q.

If k is the force cr. ~4 hat has an aSs. 'Nhlcb one of not have the same dimension? (ti) me following pairs. U$ potential energy is maximum ~aJ QrI the ground ~ ~ } "r:::I (cJ during the return journey (dj fa) both Ion the gI"Dund and at the tL.~ (a} ~ m 11.ally upward&and then falls back on the ground.---_ ~ ((1) (0) 0" 90" 180" 270~ (c) (a) 1:30. When a body moves with sunp]c harm onie motion then the phas e difference between the veloelty and the' accelera non is I .l.um pOSItion 13.s represents uniferm motion? 129.ex 132. "'x(x) = -kx 2 (cJ ra) (b) (c) Fx{xl--k:c: U(x) ~ t . whtch one of the following relations i. doe s • subject to a fOJ'ce F. Ul"hich one ef the ro:l.lDwmg gJraph.---~~~ maximum height Q-OEBA-K-lffiU I:lA 38 .Qciatf.:mstant.d petential I!nf:rgy U(l1..12-1. kmetic (b) DensHy and specific gravity Focal length and height GI"avitaoonaJ frictienal farce force. A particle osciUates in one dimension about the equilibri.1. A bmiy is tbrnwn v~rtic.s 'tnmil fa) Potential a:::nergy energy and.

'itT . T_OI. .l:) ~ 11 ~ ~-1fI'I·~~~1 (b) Fg{x) ~ -kx (r.~ h.. [-1't ~ IR ~ tl ----+WN ~.ffi=I1 ][29. 't'ii 1iPn it l{QFi ~ ~ .0" 90''' ~ (a) t -4i>~.d.) {d} !kx U!x) "" !.).lx).J (el) ~"fRIT 31 j t -+lfJP1 3tf~ ~ iiNiiil q 'SMT 1Fn q{ Q--OERA-K-HBU /S·A 39 I P.128.Jut t 1l30.t:1~t(gI1' ~ t iiB F:.!hj ~'F&d .qq.~ ~ ~~ 'q: ~ lf~m.ql? it ~ ~ . ~~~q.fI(1l'"d( ~iPn? 3lffff 1lfa ·iiilfiuff'n:.k2x U.:: Qffi ~ l. ~ ifi i:I1i'f 131. ~ m~ ~ ~ (a) 11 i. ifil F. ~ 1l(IlhfI'ftFtl ~ ~ Pi"lt1iiji k ~ I in U~xl I ~ f.~~ te} I i ~~ (d. (b) (c) lS01J fbJ . -mQ~ ~ t ~ ~ {f2l1 ~.

4 sodiwn INal {bJ te} 8 12 16 (ej (eI) calcium (Ca.} t3 Q-OIEBA-K-HBU (3A . The kinetic ~nerID" is. For a simple pendulum in sirnple harmonic motion.133. superphosphate (a) wbd!eh iEO I pres~t.e:r SilVer J.7. (d.re correct? 1. A vessel contetns oil Iden~ity !PI) ov@:r 11 liqUld of density of p '2 . at (d.ecl the correct answer uelng the code given below : Code: (flJ (0) {e} 139.s mean the (b) te) Co'pp. a humo. The best .35. energy i. which mf lh following statements is!a.in is.) Tin POSl S.and the pccrest conductors of heat are respectively (fi4) (Il) (c) ailver (All and lead ~Pb) copp 'r (Cu) and alumlnlum (All sllver {Ax) and goJd (Au) copper sphere is.) m gneaium (MgJ fdJ 134. How many 8'00y watt (60 "\V) bulbs may be safely used in a 240-V supply wIth 4-ampere fuse? (tl) 136. {d} 2 and J.. Pl! (dj (eu) and gold ItAu)1 ~dJ VIp:il + PI) 1. lh~ number of neullrDns in 13 All '7 is 2 (aJ (b) (c) 40 21 14 ] Dnly . Acce) ration the mean is mrucflnum ticn. Which one metals is hydrog~n? (a} among m ore following reactive than ~ Mercury 2.geneous Ilcats with imm~rs'edin a thll'1!' 1'U11lf in of volume V lts 'volume 'the: Uquid and the oil The we.1/2 VI!P2 VP'l 1- Plig 1'2 /2' 138. Tn meta] atom.~I.igh t Df the sphere half 13. fa) (oj (c) VI(P2 -p'3.2 only ] andl 3. maximum at the mean position. The potential maximillm at pQsirtion.

fi ~ ~ (~PI) \IlT ~I ~~ ~ 3TImR ~ « ij. . .1 ~~ijll lK) (Dl) rd.j ~ ii rrfffir'~ tI (a) 1:fm 2.~ ~ a'fI4l ~ v. ~fiflft!ld tIl? 1. (Ag) ~ (Cu) ~ m (Au) ~ (cJ (d') VV~2 + p]l Vfp2 IAu) +PI)/2 ~ ~ V% "««1 ~ ij 135. '4".m ~ ~ ~1 13'"'.T.1bI IfItl ~ 1. (a) (b) Ie) :I. ~ ~ 16 (d) ihftij:Hill'i r' g) ~ if ~ P2 iti ~ it ~ ifF! ~ 'f.JJ I) /2 12 'ii'!J (CuI ~ V{n l + p tlg 'ilitJ (I"Hl. ff~ i1 ~ ~~ (b) rrm (c} ~ a11fir~'lt'lf1 111 :fN ~ ~.3 .tfT ~ u:ti.3'6. Ttq.N'FI"' ~? EJt. ~~ qJtt ~~ ~-m li'~ ~~ If ~I tMtlil. o. ~ ~ t ~. ~l=IfHlW1 ~ ~ iI'l~ ~~ . 240-V R1ll ~ 1.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -.133.:t-ur t7 W~llC'l'llifi [Nal fa. if? 1ffi wiJrr' flit mfI am ~dJ Wn (m) ~ . (a) 40 ~2 1 .2 (b) 21 14 3fR:3 Jlk 3 (c) (d) (el) 13 41 I P. ~. ~IZ[ ~ ~-~/it 3!if~ ~~ oF.) 134.lf'a q'k (60 W) ~ f. \!ttrtikBiil if aq~ fa} (b) {e} ~~'IlI. ~ 138. "3iUfT itr ~ anm iii ~ ~'l? faJ ~ (b) (c) (d} (As) ~ R'l'-e-(M ~ W Wbl ~Ftr~ (All ~: im1 1~~~~t7 (a) (b) V(fJ 2 ..) fb) re} 4 8 12 q[~~liQ 1.

List-N (Propertyl ComposioiIJn) i Non-conductor heat of rProperty/ Compos. (~J L£st-I G H G uo-n 8. Carbon fib:re F.5 Ie} vm VW (a) n tv ta} 42 H 1 ".--QE8A-K-fU3lJJ3A . H11I. Chlorine repLacl!s """ G.j fb) (c)' (."1( VUI 4 r [V 5 v vi (b) s .-I (Elemem) k Diamond ue-« (Propfj~) ] _ Thermo~ertilng polymer L [I.en below.e rjv. tel) rorrmddehyde LLsl-I A B A 13 Lm~-(l List-Ill 9 [ List-N 142. . or nent D Ny1o'[l 4.~)II atom fibr!! VI n. Teryleue VII. Graphjl~ C Sheet-likr: structure Cellulose Soft on heatmg RaYOll J.i(J'fl vi SP&eeCf'afi .3 ]V V] Ix vi v fe) (d) v V] 141. (Q. iiI. MeltE: instead bu.romg 8. tv ---. High strength V.[-W' lx iii 1. s'-I ( C D CD [-Jist-!l ua-m n \I1l V LUr-W ]43. 9. s:u. Unreaetlve vr. Conm.tst-J Eo ue-» 6 Ltsr-m [ uc-t» vi (b~ s 9 3 rv 1 II iv LI (b) fe} (d) r E F 1 15 . Q. Seft pfOO~SS m. on. vi it Cools-Hoked lx.l'l.it'tonj Rigid structure B.1es natural t lX Tcreph thalie acid. 'the Tabl.bsmnce 140. Li:st-m rDltt 14) i:te:m:s are • based.. and select Ule correct answer us~ng the cad.e gtven b~low Lisr.The mUowmg List-II. You are to match Usil-~w:ij'th t~f'_lFJ and )j.'d-rV. 4 B List-J11 LiS. Ethylene glycol Phenol and.or vii. ~'OI (l$~~r y atom hydinJg. (a..Syntlu~tic fibre 6. folyvin~ ~hL(uid~ 5. Conductor iv. Viscose Ether Silk-like thread E.) l..

iiM"It'li.i. 'eJlIlI F'. ..41)! • (a)' B List-I' 3 List-Il 4 n Lwh!B' (d.l list. Q1.Il (cJ ttl) G H 8 1 vm VI l(dJ 5 I~.. .. (Q.. I"~~I .Ul~ IllltiftM.. ~ ~ VI.tl v Lis:t--lV ]. fb) (c) 3 9 'W I tv (b} (r:) '1 16 IV VI VI Ust'-lB ~i v W..~ 9. "I~lifill~~ ifIffl(ij~g G.P. ~ '(l ~ m iffi.) r.. ~nJ ~ ~N i ~] ~)I iii.ft~ 3 Ust~ .)! (b}1 C u VT1 V [[ G H " (13) {c} 0 C D 5 IE! 4 IV ill iIx viiil vi ~.~'*~' fiN €"Icl I .~. iv.(tl) Lmt...~d '~ ~ • 'f.1. O. C. A B .. ~ E. (dJ :1. ~ 7.X w!-JV 1 V . m-~ VD.. :1142. ~ ~iqlint ~~ ~: ~I ~ ~.\lSOI~M-~ ~'4i~ '''ilI1 ~ 'gq~' ~ ~ ~' 1ft1fJf ~ ''q{ fi:q..OC ~Qila(r~~I~ ~'WiIl 140. .·Jll List-IV m 1. l .431.fJ WLJ. .A 9 Eo F E W ilx. ~' llii-n (~) ~m (~ttiQ~'liCOil. '~'-~~ B.'~~ 3.Lw(-H 6 Lis~--m LiSt-li' ~. ~ n. (OJ List-. ~ D. T .) F l.a W.

144.l-S a 14~L Which one amoug the fol[owing is the correct order Df reactivity of the (r:tJ fb} ALumiinium . Which of the following represent chemical change? 1.Manganese tAL) (M n] elements? (a) (b) (e) (dJ leu >Mg ::. (cJ fd.g of iran ScleC1 the correct answer code given below Code: (0) 1 and 2 2 and J 3 and 4 1 and 4 A I B 4 C 5 C D J D 1 D 2 D 1 A 2 J\ 1 B 3 5 (c) (d) fbJ Ie) B 4B 5 C 3 A C 3 fa) 2 Q-OEBA-K. V~~~bleradietlen 5. Whtch one of the foHmving gasu. Z.N~ Ie) (d) Mogt'1esium tMg) Calcium 1Ca) Na >Zn. Infrared r. Vlhich one of II transitIon m tal? joUU'WIng.-HBU f3A .g elemen 5 will replace hydrogen from .J meahaneic add hu'tanoic MC!Lh.n :. 2 COn"! fa} (b) (c) Sulphur S]licon ~S) (S~) bl n res wi th aaemoglobin R Nitrous OXIde Ultraviolet Zinc (Znl Phcsphcrus fa) (Pl SI radialIo'll C. present in Lilt! air near the surface nf the Earth.a. Matclii Llst-l wlth 1!5t~n and select the CIJ<l"TCCt answer IlIsing the code 146. Condensation of liquid Burning of fuel Code: using the (a) (b) 4.. eu Cu:> Zn > Mg> Na Na)<.~ fN2) . Mag.uan LiE)' 4. has maximum eoncen era lion? (a) 149.ne'tizaticn of D ron l. J.ellis to fonn !S:9!Us? given below the Lists : ua-s A. OZone gas 'J. Carbon dioxide D. Component of air in sma1~ q. Carbon rnonoaide 147. Which CIne of the ollowin. Mg "> Zn :> Cu 1451.:.ane ICH~).. RusUn. Vinegar Is produced Irom (a) . thanoic acid 'IJ Oxygen 1[0 2J Nitrogen (hj alene acid acid fbj fc} (a) Hydrogen fH.> Mg::. 150.adi:uion 2.

ff-fi. ~ nnl~!I. WiR1 3~ 2. 0. cil ~~ ~-U ~ ~ 'il~il~I(II orI( ~ ~ <tI2 q}I wftn ~ mfI ~.Na itmr~ tel. (a) Cfi{ ~~. ~iFiI~ ~'rfi!I'~ m {ffiI4~ ~ B. iffiil ~ ~1 tC~m'fl!'" (1\11 ~{Mnl IMgj {Cal «it ~ ra.tSI fb} (e! IfID~i:I JSH "Jrml' ~-I A. (dj NOi1I Mg > Zn >Cu "frrll ~ ~~%~~~it~~iflrl ~ ~ i'nfi ·'1 ftwm' ~ (r.I.. ~fum it it F-rk~ ~rm ?? 1. ~ iI 150.t.r .wr ~ ~ 'G ~ mt ~ ~: ftl:t ~ 'ill ~)-rr ~ 7dt 'iiZ : '3lP" raj A 1 A B 4 B 3 B B 5 C D 5 C 3 D ¥= {fA) (b) 1~2 2 5 C 3 C 1 D {b} :2 affl 3 (c) te) fa} 3 am 4: A 1 A 2 10 [ (el) I ~' 4 2 3 Q-OEBA-K-HBU 13A.j'l i4f. JI~iHHq""l"* ~0Rm~ 31f:atUttfji 2.affH~rl it it ~-m ra) (h) l{ifi. ~~ {el} . ~-[ ~ "'lnf~.." ~Znl r. R~r{1~jj"1tr.jj"i j1'~2J (b) (e) fbJ (c) ~'~ "f'lfilJlTl (N OJ J ~ ~CH'll (d) ~i~~ (d) 146.) (lJ) (c} 'eu:> Mg Na » Zn > Na Mg >. ~ '~~ 3_ ~ iiil q:m.4'llll!Ill lfI"fl ~ ~ c. R""lRrff1t11 r:wii ij il ~-m 61~41~ !JfdAINt'I . f~~(oJ ~~(iUl ~q.. :it 14'9.:1. ~i'f WI - 147.l) ~ ~f t(\n'iifi{4":i ~ ~3{~ fa} ~(021 51$:§1. I fl. ' •• 144: f. . M~Mf(jrl ~ ~ ~-t:n -l'Ifi1f"otIl:tnMdl ~ Wii. 'h1%P'H . .fl > Zn'> M~ > ell Zn :> cu» iI ~ ~ ~-ln ~ ~. ~ ~ ~1 1. 4.48. T. ~~ it) 145. ~ 5. 3...


.1 . ' SPAC I FOR ROUGH WORE ••• QwOEBA-K-miBU 13A 47 .

Rit~' tir. ~~ q. ~ I~ • 3~ ilMi ~-fl<S ~ ~'~ -I _ "m'fr-A ~ ~ 'lllJi'T-B I !ilI11-. it ~ ~ <m ~ ~.~ ~i) ~ ~~ lr« ~ 1'I'l!.41t "ifr ~ 'lift: ~ ~ (t) A..N1lT -ij ~ ~~ C ~ D~ 'm.t. ~ 8... lJN ~ m~ ~ ~ mwril '~ ~ t~ ~ ~ '~ ~-~ q~ ~ "f'J f~ m:n:~~ i1r ~ J I <il 3m -q'flj ii ~ :.. ~~' I ~ 11" ~ t.Ill!tlJl'~ firo v: ~ p~ wei 1WI1 ~ ~ ~ 'i:fR ~ Tft( I L... TJtJ. ~U1317 tRt&TfJf Si+d €Ii. ~ Ml'tillll ~ <i!Jqai=firiJll ~ i'rm .- liIm 'tii(q' if ~~ ~ -d ~ ~= tRI~ ~ iI 150 l (W!A. ~ 6.. b (~) ~ .ii ~ -mrr ~~"[m it! ~ il ~ Wr. ~ 1lZ'I -' ~ '~tfIlI ~ ~ ~ ~ "Illi1 .. ~' ~ iif. ~ W ~ VI 11. ~ ~'~ ~I tl '.. ~-~ ~ ~PI' ~ ~ ~ ~ mR ~I ii ~ ~ JR. ~ 101.. -tt 1tft Wtr <t. ~ ~ 'SPf[1Ij~~ 7..Jlf.TN.. E1fi ~'. ffTM'iI' m $_ ~ ~ ~ limI ~ I ~ ~ ~' : itJ""''"Ktatlt "i'ffi a:l"!1f4s 1CFI.'.n ri ~&nQ$MCh1 "i ~ ~ J1'(]jf'l '~" - UtI'I'. ~ ~ i5~. ~ ~ q:ft~m !fijd!!M ~ l1t!. . ~ ~ f.'I 'ffl{ ~" "fi "3"R rill rit ~ '~ m:rI'~.:q 41n:ntl ~efDT 31 '3. wan~"~ 1:1'[ it "p~. iNr qfr"1f[ iJre' tR itNR ~cm q-fi~ ~ %i ~ rill :JItR ltm ij'il1f tRr@'! ~~ -~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~m -ij *~ ~ MR -'~ .B it ~'~ it TJ1fI Wtl ~ ~ 'I -~ ~ itm ~1 ft l!flii 1) 3If"mti ~ (at«) ~ ~ ~ I ~ ~ 1I ~ ~ q.lufiffliF.lfq' ~ I '9.i.ir<fj m ~I Ja:m4i1U 1m .n. (O":!:I)' OJ''l~ffiI1~m ~I JT-I.ftl-~ fil q ~ ~ "~ ~ ~ ~. ~ -~ HI f.. {Q' '~' ~ 34jii411fi if ~' ~ tl tr6J.~ ~.mft -. ~ 4. II'JQ ~~ ~' J"ff( iI Wro: w:1' tzyij ~ ~ ~I ~ ~ ~ I lJU.. 1IIffiriI ~ a.rfll 9fii. ill "Mif m i5 ~ No!c : English verston IOf lht: ins u--uct:[an is printed on ttl' rront (:Q!ler or this Bo-oklcL . ~' ~~ '!lffft lii~lt auhiN\'( vfi! {rei ~' Wn~1 -:nfl M ~ t ~ ro ~ rhil ~ t. ttl q.l ~ ~ S. 1l=iZT I 2" ~-~ 3. m -~ ii ~ iP"T .

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