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BW Interview Questions

BW Interview Questions

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Published by: Suhas Gogikar on May 03, 2012
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Details of the current project which module and how the implementation was done Explain a scenario where you have increased the query performance Details on aggregates(how will you define the suitability of a char for aggregate). How to handle the Data loading of huge amount of data. Performance considerations while creating the custom extractors. Question about the Exception aggregation. How will you increase load performance between dso to cube and source to dso How will you define Keys of dso Tables in is. Different types of routines in transformation Creating the Function modules for custom extractors and design considerations.0 without using the DTP (Data Transfer Process ) Few question on performance related questions in reporting What issues have you came across while creating Universe from Bex reports? How did you handle the performance issues in BW system? (Client is struggling in BW system performance as millions of records are being transferred to BW on daily basis) Explain your previous project experience. explain me briefly how it works? Is it possible to load the data in BI 7. accelerator.What is the use of web item Button Group? Is it possible to create Input ready made queries through integrated Planning? If you says yes. what all reports have you created ? what all modules you worked with? Have you created any generic datasource? Explain the scenario. dunning.Visual composer – How to create iview and how to publish the report through VC . and domain values for text data sources Difference between direct and queued delta How it works delta mechanism (from R/3 to BW) For custom extractors. what will be your approach if this FM is going to process 7 million records on daily basis ? In above case is it possible use internal table ? What is size of Internal Table ? Why ‘OPEN CORSUR WITH HOLD’ statement ? How will you model the same in order to improve the loading performance in BW side ? Any Challenging Production support issues ? Basic questions on Aggregates. reversals and write –offs. Generic data sources table . where can you enable the Delta? BI Accelerators – How to prove the while using the BIA Indexes Reporting.Centrica Interview Questions In Generic DS based on FM. dunning locks. Question related to the Dtp filters Functionality of Write optimized DSO.utilities for FI-CA extraction procedure (They asked me because I worked on utilities before) Areas worked in utilities like FI-ca. What is your strogest area in BI and ABAP? . WAD. olap cache memory. Compression & partitioning .view FM. What was the delta specific field in your generic datasource? How does delta load work in BW system? From where the system brings delta records when you trigger delta infopackage? How does repeat delta work? What happends in back end when you initiate repeat delta in BW system? Brief your project expriece.

End Routine. what actions would u take. Types of variables & it processing types.If there is one aggregate on the cube and if you execute a query created on the same cube. in R/3. Generic Extraction types. Explain About customer exit? ABAP on Start Routine. and Multiprovider. Delta loads fails. Usages & differences. Explain Function Module? Authorization. Advantage of write optimize DSO. Expert Routine. Info set. from where will it pick the data ( From aggregate or from cube)? (Expecting the answer which explains the fundamental of aggregates) How many miximam number of records can be stored in internal table? Have you used open curser and closed curser in abap coding ? Have you worked on generic datasource created on function module? which DSO are u using in ur project.(Repeat delta) steps of LO Extraction. and its creation steps? Can u retract the data from Multiprovider to flat file ? (Yes) How? What is RSKC? Limitation of RSKC ? What usage of RSD2 ? What is virtual Key Figure? .

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