The 2nd portion (5' long) of small intestine that means to empty is the: jejunum

2. The organ that produces bile is the: liver

3. The lining of the structures in the abdominal and pelvic cavities is the: peritoneum "that which holds the lower organs"

4. The ring of muscles found in opening between stomach and duodenum is the: pyloric sphincter "gate keeper: that which binds together"

5. The tube that extends from the pharynx (throat) to the stomach and means gullet is the: eso/phagus "toward/eater"

6. The combining forms os-, or/o-, and stomato- all mean: mouth

7. "The combining form that means "small intestines” is: " enter/o- "usually refers to small intestine: Colo- big intestine"

8. The combining form that means "rectum (straight) and anus (ring)" is: proct/o-

9. The combining form for small growth is:

The diagnostic term that means prolapse of the rectum is: procto/ptosis 15. 16. is: Crohn's Disease 17. The diagnostic term that means inflammation of the stomach. and colon is: gastroenterocolitis 11. Also. The diagnostic term for chronic inflammation of the small and/or large intestines. characterized by cobblestone ulcerations along the intestinal wall and the formation of scar tissue."footed growth" 10. The diagnostic term that means abnormal condition of having diverticula (out-pouchings) in the colon is: diverticul/o/sis 12. the surgical opening is referred to as an iliostomy.polyp/o. intestines. and the incision is referred to as an iliotomy. The diagnostic term chole/lith/iasis means: condition of gallstones 14. The diagnostic term gingivitis means: inflammation of the gums 13. The diagnostic term for the abnormal growing together of two surfaces normally separated is: . The diagnostic term gastro/enter/itis means: inflammation of the stomach and intestinal track.

The diagnostic term for a psychoneurotic disorder characterized by prolonged refusal to eat is: anorexia nervosa 20.adhesion 18. The diagnostic term for a chronic disease of the liver characterized by the gradual destruction of liver cells is: cirrhosis "yellow orange color produced" . The diagnostic term ulcerative colitis means: inflammation of the colon with sores 19.

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