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Destiny Broadcast

Destiny Broadcast

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Published by Kieran James Hole
This is my new story, no h8 pls
This is my new story, no h8 pls

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Published by: Kieran James Hole on May 03, 2012
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Destiny Broadcast Arthur I

The busy streets of London were as normal as ever, and cars road on as merrily as ever. The birds kept clear of the skies around, because the noise frightened them. People walked through the streets, bumping into each other and forgetting instantly. In Chelsea things were a bit cleaner looking. The business men and women lived here, and the so called 'posh' people did too. Close to the edge of Chelsea was a private school, nearing the end of a day. Inside one of the rooms was a group of desks, all old wooden ones with names and dates carved into them from years before. Around the edge on the walls were pictures of post graduate who had now successful jobs in the business world. There was a window pointing to one of the small inner gardens the greenery students used. In the reflection of the window, was a teenage boy sitting at one of the desks. He had long, spiked yet pitch black hair, which was quite greasy. His complexion was perfect, and he had a roundish shaped oval head. He had bright yellow eyes, unique to him. The boy was resting his head on his hand, and looked boringly out the window. He let out a deep sigh, as he sat alone in silence. After releasing a second sigh, the boy got up and stretched his arms far above him. His chest thrust forward, and letting out a huge yawn. His school shirt was un-tucked, and his trousers were too big and baggy for him. An older man entered the room, wearing a long white coat with a name badge which read: Arnold Bristol. His hair was long and gray, and had been combed back all the way over his head. He wore thin rimmed gold glasses, which, as old as they looked, were spotless. He looked directly at the boy with a disapproving look upon his face. “What do you think you're doing young man?” Arnold asked. His voice was sharp and brittle. “Nothing sir, I just wanted to stretch my legs a little, y' know?” The boy replied. “No I don't know. Now sit back down, and endure your punishment.” Arnold demanded. The boy remained standing, and tried to gain sympathy for himself by pulling a discomforted face. “Down, now!” The boy sighed, and tried again. “Honestly Arthur, why do you have to go against everything one asks! It is almost like you feel you are better than everyone else, and thus can get away with whatever you may please.” The boy let out a frustrated sigh, and fell back into his seat. “Hey man, I don't think I'm better than everyone else-” He explained. “No, no that's not it at all, is it? You think you can fly through life all willy nilly because your father is an MP, don't you?” The old man scowled. “What? You got it all wrong old man, I just-” He tried to let himself free, but his calm patronizing voice did not sit well with the well spoken teachers at his school. “Just get out now Arthur. Your parents shall be hearing about this difficulty. If it were up to me, you wouldn't be at this institute any longer!” Arnold exclaimed. “Whatever.” Arthur said as he took his bag and left. The streets seemed emptier now, as the day was nearing it's end. Arthur had decided to take a detour before his return home, and was wandering London via it's many train systems. The sky had gone a darker orange, and most workers had gone home. The clouds were going

pink, and the birds had finally decided it safe enough to fly over, as they returned to their nests in the parks. Arthur sat in the cold train, and looked out the window. The birds reacted to the train by flying away from it. He smiled, yawned, and began to lie down on the seat. He was alone in the carriage, so no one would bother him other than the intercom. The tracks rattled loudly as the sun slowly began to disappear behind the buildings of London. Arthur was fast asleep now, and the train had gone into one of the tunnels. The lights were dim, but Arthur didn't notice. The carriage door opened, and in came a boy with shiny slick pitch black hair, pulled right back behind his head and all crossed together into a pony tail. He wore a huge brown overcoat, which was incredibly dirty. It was not buttoned up, and inside was a dirty white vest, underneath lay several bandages wrapping round his body. His trousers were baggy but thick, wrapped round his legs. He wore huge, and also dirty, brown boots. He wore blue fingerless gloves, and had a holster with an odd looking gun in it. On his face was a dirty gas mask, but the eyes were glowing a brilliant lime green colour. He walked in cautiously, and noticed a sleeping Arthur on the seats at the side. He approached Arthur and turned his head to study the sleeping boy. Arthur retaliated by throwing a kick into the boy, obviously without realising due to his sleep. The boy was shocked, grunted and fell to the ground in pain. The noise awoke Arthur, and he sat up slowly. Upon seeing the other oddly dressed boy, he grew confused. The other got up, and turned to face Arthur. He was put off by the gas mask. “Your eyes...” The boy said. Through the conversion of his voice through the gas mask, his voice had an American accent to it, but mixed with Victorian child of the street. “Buddy, that's not the weird thing around here.” Arthur replied. The two starred at each other in an awkward silence. “Oh right, are your eyes modified at all?” The boy asked. Arthur raised his eye brows, and lent away. “You mean, like contact lenses?” “What the hell are contact lenses?” The silence filled the room again, as the train on the monorail bumped. Natural light suddenly filled the carriage, as the monorail had left the tunnel. “Did you modify them at all? Are they naturally yellow?” He asked. “What difference does it make to you?” Arthur scowled. “A lot. Trust me. Now have you?” He asked again. Arthur sighed. “If you must know, I haven't. I was born with these eyes, and no one knows why. Happy now?” Arthur replied. The boy removed the gas mask only to reveal his face to Arthur. He too had bright yellow eyes. He smiled, showing his teeth. They were sharp and pointed like knives. “I'm Devrik Ghistine.” He smiled. He threw his hand out to shake Arthur's. Arthur slowly lent his hand out to shake Devrik's. “I'm Arthur Remy.” He said. “You and I have a long way to go, are you ready?” Devrik asked. Arthur pulled his hand back, and faced his palm at Devrik. “Yeah, I'm uh, I'm not going with you.” Arthur said. Devrik sighed. “She said you would say that. Stranger danger and all that.” Devrik explained. “Oh well! Guess I'll just have to, move on!” Devrik said. He turned around and folded his arms. Arthur raised his eye brow and looked towards him. “I'll just have to, keep traveling!” Devrik stated, rather loudly. He kept his back towards Arthur. Arthur raised his hand, and opened his mouth. “Sure is going to suck being all alone of there.” Devrik sighed.

“Yo Devrik, I gave it a lot of thought and...” Arthur muttered. Devrik turned round and had his palms on his hips. He was pulling a huge smile, and his eyes were closed. “I knew you'd come around!” He laughed. Arthur smiled, embarrassingly. Arthur picked up his rucksack and put it over his shoulder. Devrik walked towards the next carriage door, and put four small dirty metallic boxes, with antennae on them on the four corners of the door frame. Each box had a red flashing light on it, but as they all alined each light went from red, to blue. As they all did, a bright blue rectangular shape formed from the antennae of each of the boxes. Small blue sparks shot off, as they field of light flickered. “After you.” Devrik urged. “What? I'll get burnt to death if I go in there!” Arthur shouted. The train started slowing down as it pulled into it's station. “There's not much time, go!” Devrik said. Arthur stayed still, looking panicked. “Alright, watch!” Devrik said, as he ran into the gateway. His body vanished as it passed through the field of blue. Arthur starred at it, and noticed the metallic boxes were beeping, and getting faster. Thinking on his feet, Arthur shot into the gateway and vanished alongside Devrik did moments before. Arthur fell down to the ground, holding himself up on only his knees and hands. He was panting. He looked up to see an empty doorway leading to a brick wall. Like on the carriage, the corners of the doorway had four dirty boxes with antennae on them. However, this boxes all had buttons on them. The rest of the room was rounded with a dirty, old red brick wall. There was a wooden stair case at the end of the room, and at the sides were a few crates. Devrik was no where to be seen. Arthur dropped his bag, and stood up. He slowly walked towards the stairs in the dark, windowless room, cautious of his surroundings. When he reached half way through the room, the stairs began to shake as if they were going to break. Devrik walked down the stairs, and smiled at Arthur. “Madoka is waiting for you.” He smiled, and then left Arthur alone again. Arthur followed suit, and went up into the room. It was a lot more friendly looking. There was a big pink carpet, with a soft leather couch on the right side of the room. On the left was a huge open porch, leading to a beach which surrounded the house. It was clear Arthur was just in the basement. There was a set of stairs leading upstairs, and the pink carpet ran up the stairs onto the top floor. There were two closed doors at the back. Devrik was again no where to be seen. From up the stairs came a tall woman with long, curly ginger hair. She wore a towel round her, and was clearly much older than Arthur. Her eyes, like Arthur and Devrik, were bright yellow. She had bright red lips which were slightly parted. “I, whoa, ah, sorry!” Arthur shouted. He diverted his eyes, and fell to the floor. “No worries, wait here.” She said. She was well spoken, but had no specific accent. Arthur nervously sat on the couch, as the woman walked out onto the beach, where a clothes line sat. She walked back in wearing a tight white uniform, with four gun holsters at her hips, and a huge rifle holster on her back. Her legs were still very clear, as were her arms. “My name is Madoka Omari. I am the ambassador for Veyisro. You are Arthur Remy, correct?” She asked. Arthur sat in silence, not knowing how to respond. “Has Devrik made a mistake? Will I have to end your life?” She asked. Arthur's eyes widened, and he shook his head. “So you are Arthur Remy, of Earth?” She asked again. “Uh, yes, yeah, correct.” He muttered.

“Alright, good. Has Devrik explained anything to you?” She asked. “No ma'am, Devrik hasn't explain a thing.” Arthur stated. “Don't act formal. It's annoying.” She scowled. Arthur dropped his head. “Okay Remy, let me explain. First of all, you, Devrik and I are all ambassadors of our universes. If someone is an ambassador, they have bright yellow eyes.” Arthur lent forward with his arms between his legs. “I don't support any political parties though.” He explained. “No no, you misunderstand boy. An ambassador in these terms, is someone that carries their universes existence inside them. An ambassador is born, when the previous ambassador dies. So the moment you were born, the previous ambassador of Earth died.” She explained. “In my universe, on my planet, Veyisro, the dictators know of all this. They are developing a machine that will allow them to take the souls of the five ambassadors, and have the machine run each universe. This will give them the ability to run each universe as they please, and being able to wipe one out very simply.” She explained. Arthur sat up, feeling more comfortable and realising the intensity of the situation. “I think I get it.” Arthur smiled. Madoka ignored Arthur's comment. “These same dictators were after me, because they knew who I was. At the same time, Devrik was in a similar situation, and being the inventor he is, he managed to escape into my universe and help me out. We took out the troops pursuing me, and fled to this remote island. His device only works by allowing him into an area close to the ambassador of that world. Meaning when he came to Veyisro, he was close to me straight away, and when he went to Earth, he was close to you.” Devrik walked down the stairs wearing a big red fluffy dressing gown. He was holding it against his face, smiling and purring. He stopped, and turned towards Arthur and Madoka, who had ignored his presence. “Miss Omari, is he the right one then?” Devrik asked. Madoka nodded. “There are two other universes left, where you and I shall travel to. Devrik will stay here and keep the place guarded.” She explained. “You got it Miss Omari.” Arthur smiled. “Please, call me Madoka. We're all equals here.” She stated. She turned round and headed back up the stairs. Devrik watched her go, then proceeded to join Arthur on the couch. The two sat alone in silence, awkwardly awaiting the other to initiate conversation. “So Madoka is hot right?” Arthur asked suddenly. “Whoa, what?” Devrik turned to Arthur shocked, and fell off the couch. “You're telling me you don't think so?” He asked. Devrik crawled backwards onto the couch, further away from Arthur. He sat awkwardly starring at Arthur. “I've never thought about it. All I have time to think about is the war, and, well now this.” Devrik replied. Arthur turned his head in confusion, oblivious to the change in subject. “War?” “Yeah. Where I come from, Shyke, there's a huge civil war. There was peace on the planet, until the West attacked the East, claiming the East attacked first. The war has been raging for over five hundred years. No territory gain or loss.” “Are there any wars on Earth?” He asked. “Yeah, loads. There's always some kind of war going on in the Middle East, and Ireland is still at England's neck.” Arthur explained.

“Ireland? England? Who are these people?” Devrik asked. “People?” Arthur laughed. “They're countries. Each country has a different government, which is ran in a different way. You know, politics? Aren't there any countries in Shyke?” Arthur asked out of curiosity. “Well, the Kings decided that if they worked together, there would be no reason for them to go to war, because they would decide on everything together. I mean, they weren't going to just give up, and let the other one be in control alone, so they went in together. But, apparently that wasn't good enough for the West.” Devrik explained. He was more at ease now, no longer talking about Madoka. However, the ease was not kept as they returned to silence. Arthur stood up, and walked out onto the porch. He walked onto the sand, where he saw the bright blue skies. He thought it was odd that a different world could look so similar to his own. He sat on the sand in his school uniform and looked out to the waters. The sea glistened with the sun's rays, but they didn't hurt his eyes. Devrik walked out and lent against the wooden post holding the porch up. “Why were you so keen to come with me? You didn't even say buy to your friends or family.” Devrik asked. Arthur didn't reply for a while. “I didn't like my family, and I don't have any friends.” He replied. Madoka walked out onto the beach too. She was holding a rapier. “I found this in your rucksack Arthur, you might need to use it.” She said. Arthur and Devrik walked back into the house, after Arthur took the rapier from Madoka. They all walked back into the basement and looked at the empty doorway. Devrik walked towards it, and pressed the button on each of the boxes, so the lights all turned blue. Soon enough, the electric doorway was back. Devrik handed Arthur four boxes of his own, and the same to Madoka. Madoka nodded to Devrik, then to Arthur, and walked into the field, then disappeared. Arthur waited, and looked at the field for a while. “You ready Arthur?” Devrik asked. “If this machine takes us to the other world's ambassadors... how will I get home?” Arthur asked. Devrik did not reply. “Right. Gotcha.” Arthur said. He then proceeded into the field himself.

Devrik I

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