OptiX PTN 950

PTN Series Multi-Service Packet Transport Equipment


The OptiX PTN 950 is a multi-service access box located at the hub node on the access layer of the transport network. . such as any media access. The PTN 950 provides multiple unique functions. and provides two multi-function control board slot and six multi-service interface board slots. which are oriented to the all-IP evolution. such as service grooming and processing. the OptiX PTN series. integrated microwave features. the SDH transport network that is based on the rigid TDM channel and fixed granularity grooming encounters challenges in areas. To meet the trend of rapid-growing packet services in a transport network. The PTN 950 focuses on the resource. and offload function for the voice and data services. Combined with the easy and efficient network management system (NMS). any media clock transmission. The multi-function control board (control/switching/clock processing) and the service interface board use the horizontal interpolation layout in the subrack. and improve the efficiency of the deployment and operation and maintenance (O&M). high-precision frequency and time synchronization. The PTN 950 provides the customers with a leading mobile bearer solution in 2G/3G/ LTE era based on Huawei’s industry-leading mobile bearer concept “Any Media” and the LTE-oriented packet technology platform. that is.PTN Series Multi-Service Packet Transport Equipment OptiX PTN 950 Product Overview With the rapid growth of packet services. bandwidth efficiency. save the bandwidth cost. the PTN 950 provides the customers with the best solution to reduce the TCO of the network construction. Huawei presents a packet transport platform. Product Appearance OptiX PTN 950 The PTN 950 box is 2U in height. and service challenges for the carriers on the access layer during the mobile network evolution. uniform processing technology for multiple services. cost. and builds an end-to-end metropolitan packet transport network with other PTN series products. and network scalability.

and meets the requirements for the LTE-oriented evolution of bearer networks. and reduce the TCO of the network in terms of the structure. and channelized STM-1. It supports the microwave network to transmit the clock. the PTN 950 V1R1 greatly reduces the O&M cost by combining multiple maintenance-free designs. one-key service provision. The PTN 950 is based on the MPLS/MPLS-TP series standards. ● Fast service activation under any environment based on the mult-media access (such as the fiber. In this case. The all-media clock solution fully meets the clock requirements for multiple access media in various networks. and fault location in seconds. The PTN 950 V1R1 supports scattered loading and concurrent activation based on software upgrade. and reduces investment in network synchronization. adequate resources are available for fast network deployment. In addition. and copper cable) The PTN 950 provides E1 (TDM/IMA) and FE/GE (optical/electrical) and channelized STM-1 interfaces at the client side (UNI). supports abundant layer 3 protocols and L2 VPN/L3 VPN features. protecting the network investment The PTN 950 adopts an all-packet architecture to construct a platform for the uniform access and bearer of multiple services (TDM/ATM/Ethernet/IP) in the all-IP era. thus greatly improving the operation capability of packet networks Based on the high-performance transport T2000 NMS. microwave. solves the clock synchronization problem of mobile packet bearer networks. In addition. and can upgrade 400 NEs per day. ● Visual NMS. Thus. WDM equipment. . build a reliable carrier-class packet bearer network. and fast fault location within 30 seconds based on the convenient service configuration flow and the perfect OAM and fault detection mechanism. provides microwave interfaces. synchronous Ethernet clock. the PTN 950 integrates the microwave features. and achieves the optimal evolution cost and fast activation for the initial services of the network deployment. improve the network flexibility and the transmission efficiency. adaptive clock recovery (ACR) clock. and maintainability of packet bearer networks. The PTN 950 greatly improves the O&M efficiency and enhances the manageability. end-to-end one-key provision for BTS services. the NMS supports the uniform management of the PTN. such as the air filter and automatic recovery for replacement of faulty boards. operability. features with high-bandwidth and low-delay. It uses connection-oriented packet technology. Especially. E1 (ML-PPP). and xDSL interfaces at the network side (NNI). microwave. MSTP. FE/GE (optical/electrical). microwave. remote deployment or debugging through wireless modems. greatly facilitating the debugging and maintenance and saving the cost of the network construction and O&M The PTN 950 V1R1 exempts the customer from the necessity of field software debugging and enables one-time deployment by loading configurations through CF card. ● All-media clock solution solving the mobile bearer timing problem The PTN 950 provides the IEEE 1588v2 clock. ● Multiple designs. and network time reference (NTR) clock. the PTN 950 effectively avoids the delimitation dead zone between multiple NMSs and greatly improves the network operation capability.PTN Series Multi-Service Packet Transport Equipment OptiX PTN 950 Product Feature ● LTE-oriented all-IP architecture. The T2000 NMS can be smoothly upgraded to the uniform U2000 NMS of new-generation network products in the future. the PTN 950 achieves visual graphics management. compatible with multiple services.

4 to –72.78 (no board housed) Full (all slots housing boards): 8.3 (including microwaves) PTN 950 .PTN Series Multi-Service Packet Transport Equipment OptiX PTN 950 Typical Application Scenario Typical application of the PTN 950 in metropolitan packet transport network E1 N*E1 BTS PTN 910 xD SL SDH Leased Line E1 DSLAM FE/GE FE/GE FE/GE Router IP/MPLS Metro GE/10GE Router NB/eNB PTN910 FE/GE PTN950 FE/GE E1 1 M TD STM ch BSC FE/GE/ ATM STM-1 RNC FE/GE NB/eNB PTN950 PTN950 PTN Moblie Bankhaul PTN1900 FE/GE NB/eNB PTN910 PTN950 The preceding figure shows the typical application of the PTN 950 in a network.1 (H) Empty: 2.42 –38.0 90 (excluding microwaves) 203 (including microwaves) 6 (excluding microwaves) 14. Product Specifications Properties Physical Parameters Subrack dimensions (mm) Subrack weight (kg) Working voltage (V) Typical Configuration Power (W) Maximum current (A) 442 (W) x 220 (D) x 88. The PTN 950 is deployed at the hub node on the access layer of the metropolitan packet transport network and it can also be deployed at the largecapacity access site as an end device to achieve the multi-service access and build an efficient bearer network in the all-IP era.

1000 BASE-SX/1000 BASE-LX) 96 (75 ohm/120 ohm) 6 12 24 12 (*) Synchronization Specification Parameters • • • • • • Clock synchronization Two channels of synchronous external clock inputs/outputs Time (phase) synchronization IEEE 1588v2 clock Ethernet clock synchronization ACR clock NTR clock Protection Specification Parameters • • • • • • Service protection MPLS Tunnel 1+1 and 1:1 LSP (Label Switching Path) protection APS protection protocol MPLS TE (Traffic Engineering)-FRR(Fast Reroute) Offload Protection (separating voice &. 100 BASE-T) 8 SFP (optical.PTN Series Multi-Service Packet Transport Equipment OptiX PTN 950 Properties Maximum power consumption (W) 218 (excluding microwaves) 495 (including microwaves) PTN 950 System Specification Parameters Capacity Multi-function control board slot Service slot Interface type FE/subrack GE/subrack Smart E1/subrack Microwave intermediate frequency interface/subrack ADSL2+/subrack G. and microwave. forwarding performance: 12 Mpps (single-direction) 2 6 FE (optical/electrical).SHDSL. ADSL2+.date) IMA (Inverse multiplexing over ATM )group protection for E1 ML-PPP group protection for E1 G.SHDSL/subrack chSTM-1/ subrack Capacity: 8 Gbit/s (single-direction). IMA. Smart/E1 (ML-PPP. G.SHDSL line binding protection (in EFM mode) LAG (Link Aggregation Group) protection STM-N linear multiplex section protection (LMSP) Link protection • • • . Channelized STM-1 48 SFP (optical. 100 BASE-FX)/48 RJ-45 (electrical. and CES). GE (optical).

module protection Software Feature Parameters • MPLS Routing protocol • • • • • • • RSVP-TE serving as the LSP signaling LDP serving as the PW signalingI Static LSP configuration Static routing and routing protocols..R.1 q and IEEE 802. INDIRECT. 2009. LTD.1 ad private line VLAN Switch L2 VPN E-Line Routing protocols such as the MPBGP..PTN Series Multi-Service Packet Transport Equipment OptiX PTN 950 Properties Clock protection Power supply protection PTN 950 Supported 1+1 system clock &. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO. REVENUE. such as. IS-IS. Ltd. RIPv2. multi-channel clock output Supported 1+1 input &. P.huawei. DATA. Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co. AND PROVIDED “AS IS”. Trademark Notice .com .0 www. Huawei Industrial Base Bantian Longgang Shenzhen 518129. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW. Ltd. VPLS/H-VPLS. BUSINESS. RIPv2. product. EXCEPT AS REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAWS. complex traffic classification. All rights reserved. Ltd. EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.: M3-013030801-20090408-C-2. Other trademarks. OSPFv4. and VPN policy routing Q-in-Q MPLS/BGP L3 VPN QoS • • • • • Layer 2 features • • • • L2VPN/L3VPN • • • (*) chSTM-1: The board supports the1+1 protection on the port. LTD BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL. and ISIS. GOODWILL OR ANTICIPATED SAVINGS ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH ANY USE OF THIS DOCUMENT. ARE MADE IN RELATION TO CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT. NO WARRANTY THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT ARE FOR INFORMATION PURPOSE ONLY. and per hop behavior (PHB) PQ scheduling priority Flexible mappings of ATM QoS priorities Committed access rate of ATM services Weighted fair queuing (WFQ) Tail drop and weighted random early detection (WRED) Eight priority queues Shaping base on port scheduling priority IEEE 802. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co.. The LDP over TE.. NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. China Tel: +86-755-28780808 Version No. OSPFv4. OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO CASE SHALL HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. and BGPv4 DiffServ mode based on traffic classification Simple traffic classification. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. and are trademarks or registered trademarks of Huawei Technologies Co.. OR LOST PROFITS. HUAWEI. INCIDENTAL. service and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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