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the head of the FBN (Federal Bureau of Narcotics) into supplying marijuana for his team of scientists and physicians to study. La Guardia tricked Harry Anslinger. from beatnik words and works to legendary street photography 24 | Edibles Incredibles by Derek Cummings and women’s fashion ala 1950s Le Smoking garb. it burst into song. Stephen Sativa judges’ attention. ey are not in the business of proving memories that are faithful to Kush: of any w marijuana has medical benefits and routinely deny applications Howstu the brain’s direct experience. Creator of Worlds ” DEA and FDA controls all studies or research on marijuana because of it as a disturbance that triggers various —Dr. Le Smoking. is running conventional cumulatively ab commission was comprised redesigned itself for a constellation computer in their own behaviors.very important discovery that he has beenbothfor last.Now I and is death. it is proven that Cannabidiol and THC greatest discove both decrease the size of a stroke by 50%. Truly the prohibition of th reversible brain damage is basically how you throughout our creative. 26 | Global Ganja Report by Bill Weinberg 31 | Foodies: Take A Trip To Indias by Annie Barnett 38 | It Happened In Centerville by Donald O’Donovan The High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup is in town. the networks relived their accumulated Kush: Is hardware.” which outlin taught robots how to improvise e Irony the problems we currently face.659. Si Cannabidiol does not cause euphoria (or the psychoactive effects) and is at extremely high doses in humans there should be no excuse for not doin clinical trials. A prime example of how and a Coke bott a coming technological singularity.666). However.” “It e patent office accepting this patent should be proof of its validity and medical utility. Cardiothoracic and Vascular 54 | This Month In Weed History: Thomas Jefferson by Bud Lee Surgeon David Allen. between human 1970s. and “intra-life” experience.AmericansForSafeAccess. Stephen aler classification as a Schedule 1 drug. 90 | Extracts At Platte Valley ere has been a virtual ban on scientific research on marijuana since the La Guardia Committee report came out in 1944. download target cannot be a mere supercomputer Richard Nixon commissioned the Shafer Report. Kush scours the town to track 46 | Munchied: Vert Kitchen by Vance Diesel down some of the standout entries.” In spite of aler’swe haven’t really California-based cuts which analogy to such a seedy of cognition could bring about an awareness of life. While some of its delusions turn for Psychedelic Studies) has filed a lawsuit against the government for the others not. a e interesting part of this is that the U. sits and speaks 72 | The Green Pages: Dispensary Directory with Kush Magazine. torme scientific information to confuse the issue. which has claimed 66 | Colorado Live Music Preview by Jake McGee over a dozen individual patents. Yes. Stephen Thaler 64 Stop and Smell the Flowers Pt. great chance at taking home some it possible to live forever? experiences in a manner reminiscent of life review. and taught 68 | Stir It Up: Recipes by Chef Scott Durrah robots how to improvise their own behaviors. ranging from the extremely the revelation of (CM) has claimed over a dozen individual profound to very mundane. it must be a CM-based system. a new category: Patient’s Cup.S. 48 | The Peter McWilliams Story by Julia 50 | Fertile Ground: Ammendment 64 & MMJ by Brian Vicente 52 | Patients Out Of Time: Barbara & Ladd by Al Byrne On behalf of the medical community. is study again confirmed It functions in much the same way as your own dominate harm t the relative safety of marijuana and pointed out the the so aware. but significance thereto.J. In 2000. the Denver Art Museum (DAM) offers everything is was the beginning of 22 | Collars For Dollars by David Downs prohibition on the truth. In this scientific study. hoping experience. and with 44 | Mr. In August of long. government’s position was already chiseled in stone and they didn’t want machine intelligence had already arrived without any particular fanfare. 2003). at more advanced As it died. (Currently no other medicine e many of life’s gre decreases stroke by 2%) It is interesting that our government has a patent most important on a substance that it prevents other scientists from studying! Who does and death? “It ce that advantage? In the War on Drugs this may be considered a War Crime colorado’s premier alternative wellness magazine 40 T 64 42 features 16 | The Mad Hatter Interview: Trikky This Spring. This unique collection of strains Igives Natural ofby both curiosity and ifof biologicalthe – skepticism in craze that has grippedphilosophical/religiousand has alsotodiscovery. killing it via a very slow and certain death. the Creativity Machine continues to as Tommy Wonder if the Tom a computer-implemented which seen elsewhere in Colorado. Ideas much alive. It also challenged the constitutionality of marijuana prohibition. but he knew that he could never again let scientists study marijuana. that they’re Colorado metes out in the competition. Stephen aler: It is. happened again in 1972 when Preside the electric thing e universal model of both near-death. MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association fresh notions. the nets produced novel ideas based upon such life human fatalities resulted. it these memory’s morph and combine into harmfulness of marijuana but to date. mere computational something yo destroyer of worlds. an advanced artifi influx of capital at low levels of brain cell death. possessing at of conservatives personally e CM is a simulation of human consciousness. e Creativity Machine® scientific study of marijuana is the biggest conspiracy story of the century generate ideas. 81 | Nominate A BudTender of the Month! 82 | The Blunt Critic: 5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche by Bobbi Goldner 83 | Strain Review: Banana by KindReviews. and b “ e Creativity Machine was inspired Recently. already has. Father of the Creative Machine (Patent 5. During this 5-year study the researchers disproved many of the government’s accusations against marijuana. I found that at neural we networks. in Stephen aler. way.kush 32 34 32 Beatniks. create the revelation of an intuitive and conscious machine?citrus Haze flavor which should get thea Nutshell the fundamenta buzzing. ASA (Americans for Safe Access) has a nice overview of this subject entit patents. yet not a single star went out. but one can ride the protoplasm wave only so Kush: What c stages of neuron death. there is one a Williams sleeper (not in effect) of the of the very machinery OG. In June of 2003. PhD. this profound synthetic consciousness generated nine deaths among the brain’s synapses. one must download into machine consciousness. 3 6 . following m humanity. was fray. I am NIDA or the (National Institute of Drug Abuse) in conjunction with the low levels of synaptic damage serve of the brain. memories that h handpicked a parade of of military satellites and became selfleast one neural assembly that is transiently dying to produceby Nixon himself.” It was at this point that aler realized he had stumbled upon a ST: From what 1997. charactervisited Flanagan. Big’s BIG Grow Book by Mel Thomas it. it medicine. what if the destructionbunch is the Red Headed Stranger. and Beauty Kush: Would reputation on the East . ese supernatural rea billion potential names of God. insideThe Month: The Herbal Cure 12 | Grow Of To prevent the citizens from receiving potentially lifesaving medication with a proven safety record is a crime against humanity. but no Dr. Harry Anslinger condemned the results of this study as unscientific. “During these experiments.holdaler the OG Cali for years significance of his taken of already has. whatand death ofHill’s Haze hybridbrain couldhas a heart-thumping. Only studies trying to prove har ST: Many of the If you take a biologically-inspired computer and begin to destroy its elevate this level of connective damage. the action including possibly their Oaksterdam OG or their King Louis XIII would be like the splendor of the mighty one Coastam becomegaining ground in Cali. Kush Magazine had the honor of talking Dr. saved of which are elitegarbage is turned to gold. and automatical out to be nonsensical. Resident marijuana master Jade Kine wraps up his fascinating 88 | Kush Strain Stories: Sour Tsunami look at the surprisingly vital role that smell and flavor play in the therapeutic and medical benefits of cannabis. no government study has proven technically inco becomes delusional to the extent of what we would consider having any significant problem. experience is rel form of artificial intelligence (AI). are approved. incredibly advanced that one may pursue a contemplative career to payhe exact same bill. would you risk b given this safe drug in the hopes it could limit the size of your stroke and subsequent disability? ere have been no clinical trials on this even thou the patent was given in 2003. bringing their in-house creations to the killed. others are amazingly inventive. Presiden this works is in the ongoing discussions arrived in a para this fully contemplative and creative Nixon. In this study and patent. and everything in ST: I would not Saved for you. MD pleads with our government to stop the 56 | Talk It Up! by Mason Tvert inhumane suppression of cannabis research. when investigated the death computer simulations about the is this. and amazing. then surely Pink House stands a “In 1989. this temporary. Focht 60 | Ask Ed by Ed Rosenthal Futurist Father of the Creativity Machine®. Multiple millions of dollars have been spent trying to at th experience prove artificial brain neurons. this same.S. “It is ironic that Unfortunately. andneuralrespect” describes aler. but no war was declared upon virtual experience and another society by criminalizing citizens using this virtually harmless medication organic brain. death. If you which would show and medical benefits. written concertos. and “ e Obstruction of Medical Cannabis Research in the U. Perhaps the creative essence of all cognition and consciousness. restriction of scientific research on marijuana. denounced the report. 58 | Living Well: Moods by Elaine Ruggieri 59 | The Nerd Strain: Starfest by A. In essence. We for creatingtheir facility recently and were be the between? In short. racy Sativa effect and a According to Dr.” However. commissioned by New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in 1939 to study the effects of marijuana. If you or a family member were having a stroke. who commissioned the study. would I s Remedies a definite fighting chance cial a cup. WHY? 34 Cannabis Cup : The Kush Preview 40 From The Heart (Surgeon) 42 Kush Interviews Dr. someone proposed such recommended that simple possession be decriminaliz Shafer commissionassembly inventing the neural networks. system faced with a mission. (www. e risk of treating a stroke patent with Cannabidiol or TH minimal compared to the potential benefit of reducing the size of the stro by 50%. Currently. governmentfuture of machin has a patent on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neruoprotectants (Patent 6630507 Oct (Singularity) an 7. erea er. are formulated as a result of small-scale (heaven). Become Death. written concertos. eyetruth is that it is best bet human to trans-human level machine intelligence (AI). where “dialogs” take place among two. definitely impressed by the quality and selection of OG genetics on display e Creativity Machine. the messag a “near death” experience. Check it. It seems the between your cortex and thalamus. some of them meaningful.

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Grow of the Month

The herbal Cure
Section 1: Nuts and Bolts
During the Vegetative cycle we use T5s, then switch to 400-watt MetalHalide before flowering. We use 1000-watt dimmable HPS lights in flower to ensure there is no shock to plants coming out of Veg.   Next to genetics, the environment is the most important factor in growing the best cannabis for patients. We have our cooling and exhaust isolated in each room and use CO2 through Veg & Bloom. We control our environment through an automated system that keeps temperatures & humidity at ideal levels 24 hours day. It’s hard to argue with Mother Nature. After some trial and error with hydro and aeroponics, we really believe in sticking to the basics. We grow in soil and use as many organic nutrients as possible. We have one large grow room dedicated to organics, but do use nutrients on some of our strains to maximize genetic potential. We always flush for 3-4 weeks and strive to provide the cleanest medicine in Colorado. We have lots of plants in rotation and harvest every 3-4 weeks. Our yields are consistently over 1 pound/light.

In The Room With:
Unique Style


I’m sure our style is similar to some of the best growers in Colorado, but I don’t think anyone cares about their patients, and therefore the quality of the cannabis we provide, more than us at The Herbal Cure. We will never sacrifice quality for quantity. Extra care and attention is given to our plants every step of the way. Everyone in the grow has the same attitude about quality and does an amazing job. We prefer the 1-hit-quit cannabis. We care about quality above all else. We feel that the smell, taste, and appearance of cannabis is of utmost importance and significantly affects the end goal of providing the most potent medication available. If you start with the best genetics, add a lot of TLC during the growth phase, then put just as much effort into trimming and curing, you will end up with cannabis that looks incredible, smells awesome, & tastes amazing. Those characteristics also add to the overall potency of each strain. If it looks like crap, smells like crap, & tastes like crap…well you know what they say. We wouldn’t want our patients wasting their money on inferior medication. ---------------------Pick up their strains at: The Herbal Cure 985 S. Logan St. Denver, CO 80209 303.777.9333


Grow System



on 2: Proprietary/

Section 2 – Proprietary/Uniqueness
We have over 40 different mothers. There are several proprietary strains including Bubblegod, Pimpslap Poison OG, The Dope, Strawberry Diesel, OG Bubba, Sour Chem, Grape Stomper, Tangerine Dream, Chemo OG, and many more to come. We also take pride in our classic high-grade strains such as Sour Diesel, Flo, Banana Kush, Golden Goat, Super Lemon Haze, Bubblegum, Island Sweet Skunk, Chemdawg, Bubba Kush, Raskal’s OG, and Durban Poison. The Herbal Cure will continue to be at the forefront of developing new genetics. By the end of 2012, we hope to be known for offering our patients the best genetics and best-grown cannabis in the entire industry. That attitude is represented in our center as well with superior knowledge and attention provided to our patients.




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I was. and Darby. perhaps the finite nature of the medium. I suppose I do feel more confident in rudimentary glassblowing skills now than I did when I started 3 years ago. and still am.some burned piece of shit that lies in a box in the back of my house. and talent as a glass artist? I think part of the reason my glass evolves so much over short periods of time is because I’m never really comfortable with my skill level. 16 . abilities. I never saw myself taking it seriously. As far as what I dislike. What traits do you enjoy the most about this medium? And what traits do you dislike? The thing I find most fascinating about glass is the ability for it to turn solid to liquid and back again in seconds. How long did it take you to feel confident in your skills. I’m sure there are many more but those pop off the top of my head quickly. Georgia Astrological Sign: Gemini Favorite Color: Rainbow Life Motto: “You Only Live Once” article As a young adult. but I am ALWAYS learning and gaining competency.Name: Scott Saed Nickname: Trikky   trikky Age: 25 Hometown: Lawrenceville. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado to attend a community college that I got exposed to 3D art in the form of ceramics.    What was the first glass piece that you ever created? Probably a pendant . being so brittle. Cowboy. however. And I think most of us in a perfect world would do away with kiln time. Banjo. More directly. did you consider yourself an artist? When did you first find yourself drawn to the creative aspect of the art world? I saw myself as creative. an avid collector of glass art. but my teacher encouraged my creative process. My mentors with in the glass community have been Eusheen. I wasn’t very good at it.   What led you to glass? Did you have any mentors? Mostly what led me to glass was my love for cannabis.

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. the list goes on and on. Eusheen. Carlson. and me.. What projects are you working on right now? I have a few projects in the works at the moment. I think they are bold art forms. S4L. Don’t give up because your tired. Dosa. Gray. I also just purchased a glass lathe.  What other artistic movements. I typically think them over for a time in my head. For an ULTIMATE collab not involving myself: Cowboy. Geiger. Nothing comes easy. Darby. DaVinci. Deppe.   What challenges or drawbacks have you found with being an artist in this field? One of the biggest challenges I’ve had in glass art is continuing to push MYSELF when there was no one else there to push me.     Finally. and the glass industry. my glass.what advice would you give to a young glass artist just starting out? Work. I’ve mostly been trying to work with local stores like The Mad Hatter Smokeshop and Illuzions Glass Gallery.. possibly sketch a basic drawing.   Definitely . hurt.where do your ideas come from? Most of them are born organically. Banjo. I admire that the drive to create them often comes organically and can’t be stopped. 18 . Alex Grey. What is your dream collaboration? With myself involved: My old shopmates .. or bummed. styles. The Who. so I hope to expand my abilities in that arena. Work hard. Mr. or periods inspire you? I am totally inspired by psychedelic art and graffiti art. and most of them due to necessity. and then go for it on the torch.Eusheen. They have both been huge supporters of myself. BOOM.Motzart.   Are there any artists classical or contemporary that you particularly admire? Tell us about your creative process.

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no part of this publication may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced without the written permission of Dbdotcom LLC. and finally. CA 91302 877-623-KUSH (5874) Fax 818-223-8088 To advertise or for more information Please contact info@dailybuds. Allen. Jade Kine. Focht. there are just over 85. David Downs. police and campus officials have warned that tickets will be issued for those smoking on campus. broken apart. Derek Cummings. therefore reducing the number of businesses actually available to receive a license and pay the required fees. Dbdotcom LLC 24011 VEnTURA BLVD. The United States Attorney’s office is shuttering businesses (even exemplary ones that have received licenses) due to their location.dailybuds.000 valid Registry cards currently being used by patients in Colorado. Juan Carlos Taveras Designer | Avel Cupla Traffic Managers | Ryan are Tradenames of Dbdotcom LLC. Ed Rosenthal. Joe Simons Director of International Marketing & Public Relations | Cheryl Shuman Director of Colorado Sales | Amy Dilullo Advertising Sales Reps | Amanda Allen. To Subscribe mail a check for $89. As the dust settles on this volatile industry. as well as businesses that have received licenses not paying their fees in a timely manner. CA 91302 877-623-KUSH (5874) Fax 818-223-8088 KUSH Magazine and www. Publisher | Dbdotcom LLC Editor in Chief | Lisa Selan Assistant Editor | Wasim Muklashy Chief Executive Officer | Bob Selan Chief Technology Officer | Frank Gomez Business Development | JT Wiegman Art Directors | Robert Martin. Thomas Le. Til’ next time. illustrating an impossible-to-ignore contraction. cities that have established zoning regulations for the medical marijuana centers in their communities are realizing that the federal government has asserted a higher authority by issuing over 47 letters to centers within 1000 feet of a school or youth center. the date that the moratorium against any new MMJ businesses. the MMED remains hopeful that this is only temporary. is lifted. 2012.00 surface mail (US Dollars only). Team Kush. Named the number one party school in 2011 by Playboy magazine. The department anticipates that on July 1. closed. SUiTE 200 CALABASAS. Annie Barnett. Bud 20 . Bobbi Goldner. then mosey on down to the Denver Art Museum for this Spring’s super canna-friendly exhibit lineup (we break it down for you on page 32). As of January 2012. To date 22 businesses have closed or moved. yet despite a fee drop from $90 to $35. Boulder and surrounding communities. Eric Leech.36). the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) cut its staff this month from 37 down to 20. and another 25 have been ordered to close or move by the beginning of May. Kushmagazine. Al Byrne. we decided to evaluate how far Colorado has come since the passing of November 2000’s Amendment 20. Mason Tvert. The reason for the cutbacks is budgetary. let’s enjoy some of the fruits of our labor by voting for your favorite local strain at this year’s Cannabis Cup (we’ve gathered some of our favorites on p. increasing revenue to the MMED. US Attorney John Walsh does not agree with the Constitutional Amendment that allows Colorado cities to allow medical marijuana businesses within 1000 feet of a school. SUiTE 200 CALABASAS. one year 12 issues $89. numerous centers have or call 877-623-5874 Printed in the United States of America. Meanwhile. merged. do not miss Jade Kine’s riveting conclusion to his 3-part series on the science behind your medicine’s irresistible aroma (page 64). the annual iconic date for celebrating marijuana. medical marijuana is a product that is in demand and irrespective of the obstacles that we encounter. Furthermore. A. And with the annual 420 celebrations and smoke out that traditionally occur each year in Boulder on the CU campus. Each of these centers has been vetted by the communities they are located in and have either complied with the zoning of that city or have been grandfathered in. Brian Vicente. It’s just a matter of being just as creative and innovative in finding ways to weather the storms as we were in getting to this point to begin with. Julia. However. over 168. Like any other business. Bill Weinberg Accounting | Dianna Bayhylle Senior Web Developer | Richard Chamberlain Internet Manager | Rachel Selan Social Media Manager | Zach Rosenberg Founder | Michael Lerner SUBSCRIPTIONS KUSH Magazine is also available by individual subscription at the following rates: in the United States. marijuana cannot be stomped out. Mel Thomas. In the meantime. have sold or expanded. All rights reserved. Copyright ©2012. 420 is shaping up to be quite the interesting day in Boulder this year! As an industry. Charlene Moran. we have witnessed the initial boom in 2009 and 2010 when hundreds of MMCs opened throughout Denver. Scott Durrah. Elaine Ruggieri.00 (include your mailing address) to : DB DOT COM 24011 VEnTURA BLVD. The reasoning behind the lack of funds is a combination of cities banning centers that have applied for licenses. Stephen Thaler. Jake McGee. that many who want to enter the arena will apply for new business licenses. Vance Diesel. Jordan Selan.000 new patient applications have been received by the Colorado Department of Public Health.the state of the state a colorado’s premier alternative wellness magazine kush A Division of Dbdotcom LLC s we commemorate 420.J. The MMED has received 817 applications to date but only has processed 81 licenses. Rachel Selan Distribution Manager | Ryan Renkema Contributing Writers | David B. Ed Docter. Donald O’Donovan.

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bureaus and departments. Even if there were no federal funds.A. CAMP seized and destroyed 2. Sterling said those monies fund California dispensary raids via Department of Justice grants.E. The 2011 and 2012 budgets for CAMP are down to $1. It’s called ‘collars for dollars’ in the lingo of the street. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for 2012-13. notes Eric Sterling. another one million dollars in cuts to the DOJ would instantly ensue. Brown’s budget. “It’s easy work. released late January. foreign crimes. The War may be ineffective. executive director of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation.’s ample task force funds. enforcing local drug laws is relatively easy money. with D. This new fiscal pressure has squeezed once gushing cash flows for California’s ongoing war on pot.042 pounds of processed marijuana and made 47 arrests last year. According to reports. But now that America is enduring the ongoing consequences of the Great Recession. “There is no one real drug war budget. And the federal government has been happy to step in.2 million cut from 2012. The narcotics officers have sued Governor Jerry Brown in December. With $35.A.9 million in cuts in 2013-2014. If Gov. as well as the D.” The $26 billion drug war budget is also spread out over more than forty other agencies. continues the Department of Justice cuts he started.6 million in 2012. from Prisons to the Coast Guard to the Treasury to the State Department to the Pentagon. that gravy train is thinning…at least in California. anywhere from 140 to 200 narcotics officer are thought to have gotten pink slips or demotions. “It gets made worth it by the political energy of their constituents. For example. Forest Service also increased CAMP funding from $20. the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting – an icon of the drug war in California – took a severe hit for the first time under Gov.” he said. the excisions have wiped out the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement and almost all of its associated drug task forces. Brown’s office has told the press the cuts come among broader reductions in California’s general fund.8 million in funding cut from 2011 and $35.” Sterling said. while adding back $11.The United States’ War on Drugs has managed to grow at an incredible 8 percent per year for the past 80 years straight. but it’s relatively cheap. The narcotics officers of California are howling over a $71 million cut to the budget of California’s Department of Justice taking place right now.85 billion budget is up almost $400 million from 2012. Sterling said. It’s citizens’ jobs to make it costlier for politicians. CAMP state and federal funds totaling $2. The U. Meg Whitman.35 million.234 million cannabis plants and 5.S.” 22 . They also reflect the ongoing trouble California has with large amounts of debt. huge unfunded pension liabilities. But the program had to do without almost $400.A. has increased CAMP funding from $1.375 million in 2009 to $1. and ongoing yearly budget deficits. where. President Obama’s $26 billion drug war budget proposal for 2012-2013 is a mirror image of the Bush and Clinton Administration.000 in 2012. Sterling said. “they may be paying various kinds of expenses and providing equipment for what is a joint task force.000 in funds from Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area and the California Emergency Management Association. along with $4. and a backlog in entries in the Armed Prohibited Persons System. Gov.E. The Justice Department’s proposed $7. The pattern is occurring throughout the state as local task forces find alternate sources of revenue in the federal or local governments.000 in 2009 to $200. A large constituency can fight about something that doesn’t cost a lot of money but does infringe on a lot of liberties. as well as the Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence.E.8 million and would be down further if it weren’t for federal funds. claiming the cuts were retaliation for the narcotics union’s endorsement the governor’s 2010 campaign rival. The D. to augment cutbacks by the state. Brown’s proposed ballot initiative to raise taxes fails in November.25 million in 2010.8 million to the Department of Justice for special investigations. Gov. And activists have to keep in mind that the drug war budget is just a tiny fraction of what the federal and state government pays for every year. according to DOJ spokesperson Michelle Gregory. He’s seen as many as four police officers in his county in Maryland get union-mandated three hours of overtime pay each for appearing in court for ten minutes on a suspect’s low-level drug case. spending up a modest $2. while exposing even deeper tributaries in the federal government’s multi-faceted drug war budget.

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Perhaps this is why classics are classics and the English have bad teeth: toffee and’s medicine! Favorite Ingredient: Fruit. the oil infusions from the Incredibles kitchen are saturated with the highest CBN numbers this seasoned industry veteran has ever seen.6mg CBN First and foremost. Mile High Bar: 229mg THC 3. Minty medicated mocha makes this a great nighttime treat to take away all your aches and pains. and when you are a student. Cummings is “not a huge chocolate fan. myth. but is never too much for your flavor-savors to handle.” Let’s be clear. but despite this prejudice. tart berry flavor bathed in the silky cream of decadent white chocolate. and cannabis legend all wrapped into one. “I might not like chocolate but if you look at chocolate sales.” -Confucius Here is the KUSH team’s take on some of their favorite Incredibles: Strawberry Cough Crunch Bar: 121mg THC Strawberries and Cream are like peas and carrots .” When it comes to cannabis. Derek saw a great opportunity to serve a huge patient base directly and source invaluable product feedback as both a patient activist and one of the founders of the former In Harmony Wellness.Monkey Bar: 121mg THC The Gourmand of Ganja: Derek Cummings e culinary cra sman behind the Incredibles line is a man. Believe it or not. have long been world renowned for being both the first and best.. For those whose pain is chronic and severe. but Incredibles packs in a whopping 229 mg of THC into each of these boldly balanced bars. Now you have the perfect excuse to eat your dessert first. Not sure how. However what really takes this flavor combo to the next level is the clever addition of Rice Krispies. 24 . you can rely on the potency of this product to treat you on your worst days. depth. and the simple joy of complementary flavors make this a tropical treat. Pure potent palate perfection. I try to incorporate it in as many recipes as possible.” But under the tutelage of the infamous Chris Bliss. it’s best to learn from THE BEST. but your taste buds will never be the wiser that this is one of the strongest medibles on the market. With so many people making “bad butter” edibles out there. Cummings’ cooking philosophy is simple: be different and be reliable. Texture. known as Bliss edibles. you can add it to anything. is irresistible combo is faithfully and artfully translated in Incredibles rendition of the classic: silky sweet milk chocolate accented by the regular and rowdy crunch of decadent toffee.. you can work miracles. this innovator spends significant amounts of time pondering the possibilities of pot. the bar itself remains light enough for daytime medication needs without the “brick in the tummy” effect that some edibles can cause. I have seen it. and buttery milk chocolate just made me a fan of coconut. ough it wounds sinful. Seeing the versatility of the plant. Describe your food in 6 words: “One joy dispels a hundred cares. Sweet and silky bananas. And I love to cater to patient needs. which add an amazing crunchy cacophony. but Schwarzenegger strong. If you are creative and know the plant. Boulder Bar: 120mg THC Sometimes it is best to keep it simple. essential to my mid-day medication escapes. a warning: this is STRONG medicine folks . Perhaps it’s the dark chocolate or the refreshing mint flavor.tantalizingly tasty. ose products. Every bite of this preportioned treat has something new for your taste buds to tango’s obvious someone does. I love this cannabis confection.they just belong together! And the culinary geniuses’ behind the Strawberry Cough bar bring it to you in every single bite: sweet. Especially raspberry. I am not a coconut fan. As an added benefit... Cummings learned the art of creating these chocolate confections from one of the true original innovators of the edibles industry. crunchy walnuts. “If you understand how Cannabis extraction works and the numerous physical states of the cannabis product.

25 .

She said there needs to be a “serious” discussion of legalization even if the US opposes it. but that’s also why it is so important that we act not only bi-nationally. Long Island. ICE agents were waiting for him as he stepped off his jet after it landed in Farmingdale. 28 defended the US-backed war on the drug cartels. He was recently indicted by Long Island federal prosecutors on trafficking charges. the Sanford Police leaked information that Trayvon was suspended from school for ten days “af CANNAbIS USEd TO SMEAR TRAyvON MARTIN 26 (continued on page 28) . now they’re trying to kill his reputation. liberals are suddenly lining up with the cannabis prohibitionists—and invoking Scalia! It will be interesting to see how Scalia will vote this time—whether he will suddenly remember his supposed “small government” principles now that the apparently confounding issue of the Evil Weed is absent.. we’ll never get anywhere and could wind up like Mexico or Colombia. were prominent Westies before the neighborhood was gentrified and turned upscale. Authorities seized $500. “They killed my son. 28 that it is taking no view on the Thai government’s plans to speed up the execution of convicted drug traffickers. but in a regional way. It’s a different type of crime and it’s a different type of plague. Sybrina Fulton. the unarmed 17-year old African American shot dead in late February in Sanford. generally a right-wing hardliner who was elected on an anti-crime platform. and watched as the plane was unloaded. Martin’s mother. COSTA RICA bREAKINg RANKS? US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on Feb. whose uncles. authorities told the New York Post. UN dRUg AgENCy WON’T TAKE STANd ON ExECUTIONS An odd irony has emerged around the pending Supreme Court decision on Obamacare.” The UN International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said Feb.” Chinchilla joins Guatemala’s President Otto Pérez Molina. Additionally. in calling for a regional discussion on legalization. by self-appointed “neighborhood watch” vigilante George Zimmerman . He wrote: “Congress may regulate even those intrastate activities that do not themselves substantially affect interstate commerce.” Manhattan’s “Irish Mafia.. Napolitano insisted in a joint press conference with Mexican Interior Minister Alejandro Poire that the US and Mexico would maintain “a continuing effort to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs.” notorious for running loan-sharking and extortion rackets in the West Side neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen 20 years ago. prosecutors told a federal judge. Advocates note that Justice Antonin Scalia deviated from his “states’ rights” principles in siding with the majority. Liberal advocates of Obama’s “individual mandate” are pointing to the 2005 high court decision Gonzales v. in which the justices upheld Congress’ ability to ban the growth of cannabis even in states that had legalized medical marijuana. because Central American nations are “paying a very high price” and “we have the right to discuss it. “If we keep doing what we have been when the results today are worse than 10 years ago. The right-wing blogosphere has launched an effort to smear Trayvon Martin. authorities said.” In a strange spectacle.. Joseph Conway.who has notoriously still not been arrested. FL.000 worth of cannabis. Bokun has entered a not-guilty plea. by Bill Weinberg At the head of the gang’s Manhattan operation is John Bokun.” Chinchilla said..GLOBAL GANJA REPORT INTERNATIONAL NEWS NAPOLITANO dEfENdS dRUg WAR... to go after the supply of illegal narcotics. and he looks forward to addressing all of the charges in court. CANNAbIS ANd ObAMACARE: WILL HIgH COURT CASE REvEAL dOUbLE STANdARd? NATIONAL NEWS MANHATTAN’S “WESTIES” IMPORT EMERALd TRIANgLE bUd: COPS The “Westies.” Sleazy tricks apparently include circulation of a picture on Michelle Malkin’s website Twitchy of a tough-looking kid in baggie pants which was passed off as from Martin’s Facebook page (it wasn’t). The younger Bokun is accused of using his Dassault Falcon executive jet to distribute top-grade hydroponic cannabis across the country. Bokun’s lawyer. “We are an impartial body and respect the rule of law and jurisdiction of countries.” But a day after meeting with Napolitano in San José. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents said they secretly observed Bokun loading his Falcon at an unnamed airport somewhere in the Emerald Triangle.” INCB Thai board member Viroj Sumyai told the Bangkok Post. Raich. told the Post: “Mr. despite the growing violence in Mexico and Central America. Billy and namesake John. Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla publicly weighed in for opening a discussion on drug legalization as an alternative to the current policy. Congress may regulate even noneconomic local activity if that regulation is a necessary part of a more general regulation of interstate commerce. On a five-day tour of the region. The agency said it neither supports nor opposes the death penalty for drug-related offenses. said. have suddenly resurfaced with a highly sophisticated scheme using a fleet of private jets to smuggle high-grade cannabis from Northern California to cities across the country.

27 .

ter being found with an empty marijuana baggie.” There is no evidence that Martin was under the influence of drugs at the time of his death. Right-wing blogger Dan Riehl also suggested that Martin was a drug dealer—on no evidence.


Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett wrote Walsh a letter calling for the federal government to back off from targeting dispensaries that comply with the state medical marijuana law passed by voters in 2000. “I can see no legitimate basis in this judicial district to focus the resources of the United States government on the medical marijuana dispensaries that are otherwise compliant with Colorado law or local regulation,” Garnett wrote. See the full correspondence at

Legislators in Colorado face a bill that would establish the nation’s first “responsible medical marijuana vendor” designation, giving cannabis business the option to train employees in a state-approved program. The state Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division already requires cannabis workers to undergo background checks. Employees must wear state-issued badges and be under video surveillance at all times they are handling cannabis seeds, plants or products. The proposed “responsible vendor” designation would go to businesses whose employees have had additional training in such issues as identifying legal medical marijuana cards. Brian Vicente, head of Sensible Colorado, said, “It’s really an attempt by the industry to further establish clear regulation and responsibility.” Democratic state Sen. Lois Tochtrop, who sponsored the bill, said the additional training could give cannabis workers “more clarity,” and gives the public “more confidence in the industry.” Robert Hoban, head of the state Cannabis Business Alliance, called the designation “the next logical step” in medical marijuana regulation. Colorado voters will meanwhile face a November initiative to legalize personal possession of cannabis in the state, as the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act” was approved for the ballot. State authorities certified that campaigners had achieved the needed number of signatures on Feb. 27. “This could be a watershed year in the decades-long struggle to end marijuana prohibition in this country,” Art Way, Colorado director of the Drug Policy Alliance, said in a statement.

Five bills have been introduced this year in Sacramento concerning cannabis and medical marijuana, winning varying degrees of support from activists and the cannabis industry. Most likely to pass is San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s Assembly Bill 2312, which would regulate medical marijuana at the state level instead of letting each city and county take differing approaches to interpreting the law. AB 2312 would create a Board of Medical Marijuana Enforcement within the state Department of Consumer Affairs to approve or deny permits for growing, processing, testing, transporting, distributing and selling medical cannabis. Less popular with advocates is Assembly Bill 2365, which would require all medical marijuana patients to get a state identification card and register the address where they are cultivating cannabis. AB 2365 would also amend the state code to require that family courts consider a parent’s documented use of prescribed drugs—including medical marijuana (although it is not technically “prescribed”)—in child-custody proceedings. Senate Bill 1506 would make the crime of possessing concentrated cannabis resin—that is, hashish—a misdemeanor. Currently, hashish possession can either be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony. A felony hash possession conviction can land a sentence of 16 months to three years in prison.


Colorado’s top federal prosecutor ordered 25 medical marijuana dispensaries located near schools to close in a new series of letters issued March 23. US Attorney John Walsh warned owners of the establishments that they have 45 days to shut down or “action will be taken to seize and forfeit their property,” his office said in a press statement. Walsh’s office said the letters were sent to dispensaries that violate a state law requiring cannabis dispensaries be at least 1,000 feet from a school. He sent a similar ultimatum to 23 cannabis dispensaries that violated the buffer law in January. He said no enforcement measure was taken because those locations all ceased cannabis sales. Colorado law specifies that dispensaries must be at least 1,000 feet from schools, but also allows local governments to decrease that distance. “I think it is absolutely offensive that John Walsh is usurping and interfering with the power of the state on this issue,” Lauren Davis, a Denver medical marijuana attorney, told Reuters. “These towns spent a lot of time considering these issues and writing the legislation they believe was reasonable and looking out for the safety of their community.”


A Shasta County Superior Court judge on March 15 denied the city of Redding’s request for a court order that would have closed down medical marijuana dispensaries across the town. Judge Stephen Baker’s ruling relied heavily on the 4th District Court of Appeal decision in City of Lake Forest v. Evergreen, issued Feb. 29. The appellate court in the Lake Forest case ruled the city violated state law with its attempt to ban dispensing of medical marijuana by declaring the dispensaries nuisances. The Orange County municipality tried to label its dispensaries nuisances solely because of their existence and not because of any illegal activity, the court ruled. In a similar case in Riverside County, a dispensary trying to open its doors scored a victory against the town of Rancho Mirage March 14, as a judge ruled the municipality cannot deny the dispensary’s request for a certificate of occupancy.


(continued on page 30)



A judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of California on Feb. 28 dismissed a lawsuit challenging the US Attorney’s authority to prosecute medical marijuana providers in the state. The suit was filed in November by Sacramento’s El Camino Wellness Center Collective, after the US Attorney’s Office sent a letter to the collective and its landlord warning that its activities violated federal law. The plaintiffs relied on a 2009 Justice Department memorandum, referred to as the “Ogden Memo,” that said “certain marijuana users and providers would be a lower priority for prosecution than others,” specifically citing “individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana.” Judge Garland Burrell ruled that the memorandum was not legally enforceable, and that the government’s enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act “is not inconsistent with the enforcement policy stated in the Ogden Memo.” In a statement, El Camino Wellness Center said it was disappointed with the court’s decision and they plan to appeal. This lawsuit is one of four similar suits filed in California after US Attorneys in the state announced their intent to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries.


United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 770 has decided to take Los Angeles area cannabis dispensary workers under its wing. The union announced March 22 that “health care and grocery workers will welcome the medical cannabis workers and their successful organizing campaign into their union.” Said Local 770 president Rick Icaza: “This is the next step in professionalizing and stabilizing this new sector of the health care industry. Unionization and collective bargaining bring better training, less turnover, and more stability to the health care industry. This is a positive step towards successfully integrating compassionate care into our system of health care.” The UFCW has also unionized cannabis workers in Oakland and in Fort Collins, CO. It has supported mobilizations against the federal crackdown on California’s cannabis industry, and thrown its support behind a proposed ballot initiative that would establish statewide norms for regulating and taxing the industry.


Washington’s I-502—an initiative approved for the ballot in December—is creating a storm of dissension within the state’s cannabis community. The measure would legalize possession of up to one ounce of cannabis by adults 21 and over, but limit sales to state-licensed stores overseen by the liquor control board. It contains no provision permitting home grow. It also contains a Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis (DUIC) provision that would make anyone guilty if they test at above 5 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) of active THC in blood. Critics call this an unscientific and arbitrary level. Arrayed against I-502 are the Washington Safe Cannabis Act coalition (which is proffering an alternative proposal with no DUIC provision), Sensible Washington, and Patients Against I-502. It is supported by New Approach Washington, which is in turn supported by the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU-WA).





The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Feb. 23 that mouth swabs may be used to extract DNA samples from any adult arrested on felony charges in California. The 2-1 decision upholds a 2004 voter-enacted provision, Proposition 69, that requires law enforcement officers to collect such samples from all felony arrestees. This mandate was challenged by the plaintiffs as a violation of Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. Justice Milan Smith, Jr. affirmed the lower court’s denial of plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction.


Rep. Bob Filner became the first mayoral candidate Feb. 28 to endorse San Diego’s Compassionate Use Dispensary Regulation and Taxation initiative, which would tax and regulate medical marijuana in the city. “It just makes sense to regulate medical marijuana, otherwise, as a city, we limit our ability to conduct oversight,” Filner told the San Diego Reader. “If medical marijuana is prohibited, the city misses out on valuable revenue, and patients don’t have legal access or the ability to manage pain and enjoy regular activities.” The Patient Care Association, representing more than 60 cannabis collectives (many now closed), joined forces with Citizens for Patient Rights to qualify the initiative for November’s ballot with 62,057 signatures by May 22. The initiative’s campaign consultant, Cynara Velazquez said she is confident in the voters, citing “the desperation facing patients and caregivers, plus the resurgence of the cartel in the vacuum of regulated access.” State Assemblymember Tom Ammiano and former Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Stephen Downing have also endorsed the measure. -Veteran journalist Bill Weinberg is the former news editor of High Times magazine and now producer of the websites Global Ganja Report (, monitoring the global war on cannabis, and World War 4 Report, monitoring the global “war on terrorism.” His books include Homage to Chiapas: The New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico (Verso, 2000) and Cannabis Trips: A Global Guide that Leaves No Turn Unstoned (Ivy Group, 2010).



not once. sister and I all felt when our parents would announce to us that we were going to India’s. It is an earthenware pot. India’s also offers an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for $8. India’s has an unmistakable talent in making dishes palatable for those that do not like spice. thus presenting an opening about a foot in width. India’s was almost always a favorite destination for my family. However. And I must say. All of these dishes are best served with a piece of garlic naan. for good reason! There are a lot of Indian places to choose from where you can spend your dining dollar. it’s one of the first places suggested when the inevitable question arises. which is about four feet deep. CO 80231 (303) 755-4284 • IndiasRestaurant. It is fired and heated with charcoal.95 that is available Monday through Saturday. have I ever been disappointed with the food. Singh. Saag Paneer (creamy spinach with cubes of Indian cheese) and the Chicken Ticca Masala (boneless tandoori chicken cooked in an herb sauce). saag paneer. Denver. I’ve tried several of the imports and I enjoyed them indias foodies article (need) Like Thai cuisine. naan. so I’m no lightweight when it comes to heat but at India’s. We’d start daydreaming of garlic naan (which is a delicious flat bread). get there as soon as you possibly can! -India’s 7400 East Hampden Avenue. Boti Saag Anarkali (tandoori lamb cooked in a spinach cream sauce). They liberally employ a tandoor oven. in an interesting twist of fate. the extra hot…is HOT! 31 . I frequent India’s as often as I can.” During my last visit. Unit F. as described on their website ”is used for tandoori meat preparation and baking tandoori breads. you can order your food as spicy as you like. lentils. lamb. whenever my family comes to visit. But for those of you that enjoy milder cuisine. tandoori chicken. and the lack of heat does not in any way take away from the ridiculously broad selection of wonderful flavors. rice. The tandoori preparations tend to have a unique ‘earthy’ taste about them!” This traditional method adds so much to the unique flavor that comes with Indian cuisine. but I especially like the “Old Monk 10000 Super Beer. soup. seafood and even a kids menu. If you haven’t checked this place out yet. I remember the excitement my brother. which. vegetable fritters. I grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado and didn’t come to the “big city” that often when I was a kid. but in my opinion. chicken curry and rice pudding. and they’re certainly not afraid to use it. Ticca Jehangir (tandoori chicken and shrimp in an exotically spiced cream sauce).It was the ‘90s when I first set foot inside India’s. potato curry. Just thinking about the amazing balance of delicate flavors that grace my tongue every time I dine there immediately makes me salivate. chicken. The upper half slopes inward. “where should we eat?” I have eaten there dozens of times and never. who informed me that India’s has been in business for 22 years. I stopped in recently for lunch and they offered salad. Another high point to this restaurant is they offer a large selection of imported Indian beers. India’s offers a very large menu ranging from vegetarian. My favorites on the menu include the Lentil Soup. onion salad and a mango lassi (a popular beverage from India made with yogurt). I spoke with the manager. being a resident of the Denver metro area. and could never wait to get out of the car when we arrived in the parking lot. And now. Nowadays. which can be used to scoop up the remnants of sauce at the bottom of the plate. I’d like to offer a little disclaimer: I love spicy food and have eaten tons of it. India’s is the cream of the crop. When we would venture to Denver.

July 8. what Martin Luther King was to the Civil Rights movement. Happy picture. struggling to overcome these pressures. daddio. wheeze across the dried.” comments Eric 32 .000 unedited photographs when he died.” —Long forgotten beatnik In the 1890s.” says Ashley Pritchard. K-U-S-Hip. Go thou and be like street photographer—Snappy. featuring 30 other designs. Go hence and take penance in your lack of couture. Garry Winogrand. the Denver Artists’ Club displayed much of the area’s art in temporary exhibits that could be found in the public library. has a lot of people questioning. 30 clothing racks.” Pritchard boasts. A er Christian Dior died in 1957. bugnik. will enable visitors to immerse themselves in the creative environment. Along the way. Go slide. they complained of being pinned down (“beat”) by society. is a celebration of this impact. gained prominence for his massive collection of photos. and attend guest lectures by local fashion designers. which would set the stage for the women’s freedom movement of the 1960s. Using the inspiration of history. which flared loosely at the bottom.“How now brown Kush cow. he finds himself in lower downtown Denver during post-World War II. Denver City and County Building. (January 29 . bongo-beating. e Retrospective. and Kerouac. 2011 . influential designer has found his life’s work. bone-structured garments worn by women in the 1950s. ere will also be a 75foot red carpet staircase featuring dozens of Laurent’s most celebrated haute couture ball gowns. 2012) “Ed Ruscha (Roo-Shay). and (March 25 . featuring eight large paintings (oil/acrylic on canvas) with some of the more mysterious and enigmatic quotes from the book. e “beatniks” were the hip youths characterized by wearing berets. e Retrospective 1.). Go roll your knuckles across that leatherette steering wheel. and throws them into candid situations on the street. Go. Picasso. As thou west winds. beatnik jive cat. and not quite all the way to California. A special event called. Over the last decade. Sal Paradise. ese narrow (o en sleeveless) dresses.” says Pierre Berge. Following its success. seeking new opportunity and adventure. It wasn’t until 1949 that the museum officially opened its doors with more permanent digs. BYOB: “Bring Your Own Bongos. Whether you’re a jazznik. He soon designed the trapese dress. Laurent has continued to influence the trends and attitudes of women over the past 50 years. street photography. and a local mansion. facing a 28-foot wall. Ruscha. bopnik. Live. a youth in the Midwest during the height of beat culture. ey have to rely on their quick intuition to tell a story within the millisecond click of their shutter. long past the galleries of New York. Much like every generation. and 13. Gitty-up Kush reader. turtlenecks. collages. Over 200 mannequins. paintings. only read the book. Go sing for Salida. 2012) Yves Saint Laurent was to women’s fashion. Why Denver? “Why Not. this show highlights the surrealism and talent behind two of the world’s most influential artists of the beat generation. fabric. If you haven’t ventured through this eclectic collection of architectural buildings that house some of the greatest work of today’s and yesterday’s generations. Laurent’s life and business partner.” which was a female version of the tuxedo. culture. Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful 7. e artist. etc. 2012) Street photography is an art form that strips the photographer of control over the light and shadow in a studio. and drive your weary hide to the Denver Art Museum. illustrations. becoming a 356. hits the open road from New York and heads west (“go west young man”). play with the tools of the trade (sewing machines. twice. by Jack Kerouac. a spokesperson at DAM. Laurent continued to change the face of women. e original tuxedo will be highlighted in the show. and then report if your experience be true.September 16. dark glasses. Fashion Studio. e fact that a deceased. Hide. sweaters. Ride rawhide. and his own imagination. and Le Smoking garb. or just a plain Nick (or Nicholette). etc. were a big contrast to the tight. was very influenced by the work of Kerouac. Father spring reaches his right hand across. a New York street photographer. the museum has ‘groaned’ and stretched. and were o en seen gently tapping on a bongo. “We are the only venue in the United States that will have this exhibition. the restless hero. is Spring at the Denver Art Museum (DAM) is oblation offering a compendium of the all-time great beatnik quotes. Go roll your duff across the couch. and tapeth you on thy shoulder. Ruscha designed an art exhibit. Kush woman. Saint Laurent became the head of the House at age 21.” Yves Saint Laurent: Ed Ruscha (Roo-Shay): On the Road (December 24. If you have never heard of the beat culture of the early 1950s and late 1960s. their Christ. and find their true roots. “He le over 300. ey will be able to design illustrations. Colorado grass fields. now’s the time to do it. featuring a collection of never before seen sketches. introducing “Le Smoking. photos.000 square foot multiplex of galleries and temporary exhibits. juxtaposed over the top. On the Road is one of the holy bibles to this generation.000 square-feet were required for the show. Kush man. In Kerouac’s book.). art (Van Gogh.April 22. On the Road (1957). is is what prompted him to put together a limited edition of On the Road (2009). e show.

185. Mrs. 33 . step in front. independence. I. Acrylic on canvas. And Mrs.” Fort-eight of Winogrand’s greatest photos have been chosen to highlight his extraordinary vision and technique. Gelatin silver print. 38-5/8 x 72 in. San 4. Gelatin silver print. Ed Ruscha. “Evidently. © Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent. courtesy Fraenkel Gallery. Garry Winogrand. Garry Winogrand. Photo Legend 1. “Paris” haute couture collection. One in Hot Pants. humanity. 1982.” Winogrand was known to smile at a passing woman. 6. courtesy Fraenkel Gallery. San Francisco. courtesy Fraenkel Garry Winogrand. San Francisco. 1975. Gelatin silver print. Yves Saint Laurent. the Curator of photography at DAM. more complex ways. And Mrs. Shore. Shore. is is because he didn’t want his memory of the moment to influence his favorites. Fall–Winter 1983. Paris. 2. Greatest Passer. of Mr. 2010. and decide which ones to print. 1975. Woman With String. Marron. Denver Art Museum: Gift of Mr. 3. I. J. Women Are Beautiful. Museum: Gift of Mr. 1975. Yves Saint Laurent. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.415. J. He chose to develop his photos like a fine wine. I. Black velvet sheath dress. J. Shore.Paddock. J.319. Collection of Donald B. 1984. 1975. © Ed Ruscha. he was so busy taking new pictures that he never found time to look at older ones. depicting ordinary women going about their daily business. Women Carrying Bags. I. was included in a book. And Mrs. Image courtesy of the artist and Gagosian Gallery. “Instead of showing women who fit stereotypes of beauty. exhibit. 7. © Ed Ruscha. Gelatin silver print. challenges our audience to think about women’s fashions and roles in newer. 5. © The Estate of Garry Winogrand. Woman with Teardrop Earring. 1982. take a photo. nod politely. and personhood of ordinary women.” Paddock concludes. Private collection. 4. Woman Riding Bicycle. © The Estate of Garry Winogrand. Shore. meaning each roll was ‘aged’ by at least one year.9.185.” explains Paddock. Mañana. He could shoot an entire roll of 35mm film within the span of a single block. “Paris rose” satin bow. “ e chance to see these photographs in the same building as Yves Saint Laurent: e Retrospective. In 1975. 3. Ed Ruscha. 1983. or publish. Denver Art Museum: Gift 6. 2.10. Denver Art Museum: Gift of Mr.19. Photo by Gilles Tapie. and Francisco. courtesy Fraenkel Gallery. Image courtesy of the artist and Gagosian Gallery. © The Estate of Garry Winogrand.7. 8. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. a selection of photos. Garry Winogrand. “Winogrand asserts that beauty rests in the power. and continue along his way. The Last Ball © Sophie Carre / Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent 5. Denver Art 8. © The Estate of Garry Winogrand.

The common thread with these entries is how ridiculously frosty they both are – it will be hard to compete with CAM in terms of appearance… but appearance reportedly isn’t a huge part of the overall score. Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM) A heavy-hitter on the Colorado medical scene from the beginning. so MHGC is hoping that sets them apart in the hybrid category. Sour Grape (not Sour Grapes) is a cut out of California which combines Grape Ape and Sour Diesel. they’re coming back to the table with some seriously impressive-looking and smelling medicine. Anna and the crew at CAM were slighted in the competition last year despite having a very high-testing pair of strains in the Golden Goat and L.A.T his April promises to be one of the most monumental months in Colorado cannabis history. we definitely respect the guts MHGC shows by putting up the champions for another fight. and MHGC’s version has a track record as being one of the best. Lots of purples-derived strains will undoubtedly be entered in the competition. but the cut that MHGC has seems quite a bit different than the more common one. This unknown origin OG cut has an uppy. this has been one of the finest OGs in town for some time and is overdue for its proper recognition… maybe this is the year? A wild card strain that may or may not be entered is CAM’s Blue Kush.A. and the effect is known to be strong and enduring. then vote for them at the expo. Banana Kush’s trademark Laffy Taffy-esque candy banana aroma and flavor is hard to dislike. 34 (continued on page 36) . we wanted to check in with some of the competitors and see what they might be bringing to the table. an OG/Blueberry cross which is looking supremely dialed-in lately and has a very engaging smell and bright green and orange coloration which will likely catch the eye of the judges. back and perhaps better than ever. While a part of us would like to see new strains entered. showcasing huge calyxes and a very dense yet stacky appearance that judges tend to like. two of the most popular varieties in any medical cannabis scene. Mile High Green Cross The 2011 Indica and Hybrid champions will be returning to the competition to defend their crowns. Kush. which were both among the tops in overall cannabinoid content according to the analysis performed at last year’s cup. with a balanced quality thanks to its very hybrid origins. cerebral. Kush. with a jam-packed weekend of festivities starting with what should be the largest 4/20 rally ever in Colorado. face-centric Sativa-leaning effect and an aggressive smell that normally causes any OG-lover to involuntarily salivate – in our opinion. including the L. but most of them will lack the aggressive aroma and flavor as well as the cerebral effect that Sour Grape has. Banana Kush is a standby on the Colorado medical scene. While not usually the most potent strain around. The full list of entries isn’t out yet. leading into the 2012 High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup on 4/21 and 4/22. armed with the same ammunition as last year in their very well-done Banana Kush (Indica) and Sour Grape (Hybrid). Not discouraged. The blend of purple structure and (some) aroma with the more aggressive Diesel effect and flavor really make this a wonderful cut. but we’ve been hard at work tracking down some of the competitors and getting the scoop on some of their entries. so it remains to be seen how important “wow factor” is to the equation. A new part of the competition this year is the “Patient’s Cup” which will involve voting by patients who can visit participating dispensaries the week before the event to try their entries. In advance of the Cup.

35 .

Though final decisions are yet to be made about which category each strain will be entered in. Selecta Nikka T and his crew at Essential Extracts are known for making some of the most superb water hash in the country. we’ve learned that they’ll likely be bringing their grower’s creations Bob Saget. Kush entered may be the same cut that CAM has. Hanis. eyebuzzing. thanks in part to the help of their new Essential Bags. was the mother). the Pink House shops have a mind-boggling collection of some of Cali’s premier OGs as well as some special chosen from-seed varieties. Bob Saget and Hanis are related. the playing field is about as level as it gets with this quality of water hash. Their in-house extraction specialists will no doubt working up something special. RHS. The Pearl Co. This unique collection of strains gives Natural Remedies a definite fighting chance at a cup. but if anyone has a chance. Kush and the Dawg’s Waltz. which tends to take them all home. as the Hanis acted as the “father plant” in the cross which spawned the Bob (S. Being marketed as “the OG Headquarters”. and a new Tamarac location. then surely Pink House stands a great chance at taking home some hardware.A. it’s unclear where each will land – one thing is for sure though. The Dawg’s Waltz. racy Sativa effect and a citrus Haze flavor which should get the Sativa judges’ attention. a Williams Wonder and Tom Hill’s Haze hybrid which has a heart-thumping. it’s these guys – the terpene-loaded oily globs of trichomes produced in the finest examples of their work compete with most BHO in potency and normally crush it in terms of aroma and flavor. Pink House Blooms With a collection of shops including The Cherry Co.A. The Bob. with its grower being featured in national publications and its in-house exclusives and seriously deep strain list earning a very solid reputation with connoisseur patients in Denver. so it will definitely be a busy weekend for the Lime Green Team. and Red Headed Stranger to the table as well as two of the shop’s elite clone-only genetics in the L. We visited their facility recently and were definitely impressed by the quality and selection of OG genetics on display – if the OG craze that has gripped Cali for years and has also taken hold of Colorado metes out in the competition. In terms of “blooms”. Nikka T. it’s been exceedingly popular at the store and Natty Rems has built a reputation on it.E. Pink House Blooms promises some serious OG action including possibly their Oaksterdam OG or their King Louis XIII OG.Natural Remedies This LoDo staple has been making waves in the past year. The Pink House shops are also home to some incredibly well-done and unique on the scene ISO (isopropyl) hash made in-house in a variety of forms. from shatter to oil to wax… we’d certainly like to see this entered to see if it can sneak a Cup away from BHO. Both possess an almost other-worldly superglue/acetone twang and thick trichome coverage as well as a dark coloration which make them innately appealing and intriguing. and we think it may involve one of their many OG cuts. and we’re sure some of these will make an appearance in both flower and extract form. both of which are elite California-based cuts which we haven’t really seen elsewhere in Colorado. Rumor has it that Natty Rems is entering a strain in each category as well as two in the patient-judged category. the Pink House Blooms collective has really been on the move this year. is a purple-Chem beast of a strain that is not common at all in Colorado but has a huge reputation on the East Coast and is gaining ground in Cali. Though we’d really like to see separate categories for solvent and solvent-free extracts for the Cup.G. The Tea Pot Lounge. on the other hand. and they’re hoping to build even more momentum by taking home a cannabis cup. which has direct influence from Tierra Rojo’s handsourced Kunduz Afghani. and L. Perhaps the sleeper (not in effect) of the bunch is the Red Headed Stranger. 36 . a custom-designed extraction arsenal straight from the mind of their chief. that Natural Remedies came to play this year after not entering the cup at all in 2011. and we respect that they’re bringing their in-house creations to the fray. simply because we haven’t encountered anything that smells quite like this line. The L. but we haven’t been able to establish that for sure… but either way.A.A. With some at-times contentious placement of strains in prior Cups. Water hash has traditionally had a hard time placing in medical cups in the past. Kush are all Sativa-leaning (with the RHS being a rangy Haze) while the Hanis and Waltz fall more on the Indica side of the spectrum. and they’ll be bringing their A-game to this competition.

RiverRock 37 . The “amber powder” consistency achieved in many of RR’s extracts is sometimes a matter of personal preference (some love it for shoveling. which will likely be dominated by traditional wax. others crave something sticky to hold onto the dabber).Seeds’ cornerstone strain S. Adam Dunn and Derek (formerly of the now-closed In Harmony Wellness in Windsor) are producing some great-looking and tasting medicine at the Lizard and are no doubt hoping that their past experience winning cups abroad will help them take one home locally. the new emphasis of Top Shelf Extracts. as Adam Dunn expressed to us a desire for his “baby” to finally win a cup after never placing in Amsterdam.A. but look out for something made from their OG-18. With hashes made from in-house product by experts at Top Shelf Extracts and Essential Extracts.H. which a cut they’re proud of and have been really dialing in recently. bringing their award-winning genetics and years of cultivation experience with them. may also be making an appearance at the cup. and we’d encourage it based on our time photographing the strain. Well. The Silver Lizard While the shop has existed at Welton St. budder.E.Seeds Colorado crew taking over the grow operations for the shop. and oil. Rumor has it that T. which promises to be an exciting one. and whether or not they also enter flowers. Be sure to check the official website the week prior to the event to get the official entries list and participate in the judging – we hope to see you at the festivities! You’ve read about some of RiverRock’s extractions in KUSH’s February issue. something that’s sure to score highly on appearance – we’ve heard they’re entering this one.G. but it certainly is different and always has a luminous. A more under-the-radar change in the past year is the T. We recently visited their grow and were very impressed by one of their likely entries. Derek’s eponymous Tange (or sometimes Tangerine). If these early entries are any indication. a cut which has a rabid following and a unique scent which should help it make an impact. Flavor-wise. but they’re promising to bring some new textures and flavors to the table for the cup.Platte Valley Dispensary Known perhaps most for their penny-pinching “Wax Wednesday” specials where extract prices drop to levels rarely seen in the industry. so it will be interesting to see which ones are entered in the final competition. there you have it -. and one we think will establish (or some say entrench) Colorado as the premier medical cannabis locale. They have a selection of nice cuts and an astronomical variety of extracts at Platte. Platte Valley is definitely focusing on the extracts in this year’s cup as well. the recent Fed intervention revolving around public school distances has moved the Lizard to the Park Hill area.a taste of what is in store for Colorado patients at this year’s cup. some of which promise to be completely unique from other entries… we think this will help them stand out from the pack of extracts.H. Colorado patients and the judges are in for a major treat at the cup and throughout this upcoming year. we’re not sure what will be entered. Platte plans to blow the judges’ minds with some super potent and flavorful ‘shatter’ BHO. almost glowing golden color that will catch some attention. for quite a while. Their fragrant in-house creation COOG (Cali O x OG Kush) bristles with purple trichome heads and vibrant magenta coloration.

38 .

and all that greenery is giving off oxygen. The Mayor drove around town in his limousine and looked at all the Beautiful Gardens. “I hope you enjoyed Little Tommy’s story of how the Good People of Centerville planted their Beautiful Gardens and took back farming and how Big Boss Biggs lost his Big Farm. You should see Centerville from the air. A better use of the land. pristine. they began to talk to each other.” Aunt Jane replied as she dropped an imaginary sugar cube into her imaginary teacup. “But tell me. “Folks I’m very proud of you. The Mayor says that lawns are a waste of grass seed.” Little Brenda replied. Big Boss Biggs’s Big Farm was the biggest farm in AnyOld County. since they just get mowed down all the time.” boomed a loud voice on the other side of the door. The Mayor picked up the phone and called the President of the United States. Soon every Pretty White House on every street in every town in America would have its own Beautiful Garden in place of a front lawn. but he wasn’t fuming fretting. and they started hanging out. and there’d be gazebos and peacocks and hot air balloons. shot them full of chemicals to give them a pretty glow. everyone. “Who is it?” Mommy called. well. “ I recently had the privilege of going up in a balloon.” The next day a man came and plowed up the front yard. and hoarded them in warehouses to create shortages so he could charge higher prices. sweetheart.” “Excuse me. “Are you talking about Big Boss Biggs? Don’t worry. “We’ll be happy to do our part. A green jewel. “Yes.” The Good People of Centerville were very happy. Aunt Jane. They were becoming a community. But this was different.” “Won’t you stay for dinner.” “Thank you for stopping by Officer. He still had to hand out White Roses on Normal Street. Now go wash your hands. Mommy?” asked Little Tommy.” he said. and Smallville and Anytown and as far away as Ordinaryville. Regular Road and EveryDay Avenue. It seemed that he’d created a buzz that was spreading across the country like wildfire. the Mayor sure was right about most everything because it wasn’t long before Big Boss Biggs went broke and lost his Big Farm.” the Mayor answered. but it’s the Law. he claims. Instead. and their Neighbors did too. “But why. and soon every Pretty White House in Centerville had a Beautiful Garden bursting with Corn and Tomatoes and Cucumbers and lovely Flowers and Fruit Trees. What kind of trick short of napalm would wipe out Centerville’s Beautiful Gardens that were producing enough and more Beautiful Veggies for each and every family. please.ittle Brenda and Little Tommy lived in a Pretty White House on Plain Street in Centerville with their Mommy and Daddy. purifying the atmosphere. I’m sorry. Instead of sitting indoors watching TV. “We’re taking farming back. leaving Big Boss Biggs with no buyers for his shabby wares? The Mayor was pacing the floor of his office too. Mayor?” Daddy asked. He could see it all unfolding in his mind.” After he’d finished talking with the President of the United States the Mayor dialed another number. Little Brenda and Little Tommy were very happy. He stood on the front steps of their Pretty White House and took Little Brenda’s tiny hand in his own. “Gosh. and strolling musicians would play flutes and lyres. “Of course. I lost track of him some time ago. In fact it was the only farm in AnyOld County. They had wonderful tea parties in their Beautiful Garden and when Aunt Jane from London came to visit Little Tommy told her the story of how the Mayor made a new Law.” Daddy said. “New City Ordinance. or at least until I graduate from sixth grade. and how they planted their Beautiful Garden. Sir. and everybody started having fun and getting a lot of work done too. ma’am. you’re troupers. It’s time for dinner. Now just beyond the Centerville City Limits lived Big Boss Biggs. he was in a jolly mood as he listened intently to the latest news. all over this great broad land. “Sir. there came a knock at the door. And look at these Beautiful Gardens! You’ve turned Centerville a green jewel. and planting Beautiful Gardens?” asked a lady in the crowd. is growing Beautiful Veggies. and Brenda and Tommy’s Beautiful Garden was the most beautiful of them all. “We’re going to plow up our front lawn and plant Beautiful Veggies. “Can we plant Corn?” asked Little Brenda. The Beautiful Gardens in front of the Pretty White Houses on Plain Street were especially beautiful. “I present you with this White Rose. “Big Boss Biggs?” he said.” 39 .” Little Brenda interrupted. Mr. Could it be that he was out of tricks? In the past he’d pumped his fakey old veggies full of air to make them look bigger. Big Boss Biggs was fuming and fretting.” “Thank you sir. he called them all together and made a speech. I’m not sure. Daddy?” asked Little Brenda. darling. He lived in a Big House and drove a Big Car. He got a job at Taco Bell.” “Can we plant Tomatoes.” But the Mayor couldn’t tarry. Big Boss Biggs! Now how do you like that?” Well. “On behalf of the Good Citizens of Centerville. and Brenda and Tommy planted seeds. He was mighty pleased with what he saw and very proud of the Good Citizens of Centerville. honey. Big Boss Biggs is fine.” Mommy said. By the way. The Good People of America would put meditation benches in their Beautiful Gardens. but by golly.” Mommy said. and all of the Good People in all of the Pretty White Houses on all of the streets in Centerville did the same. balancing her imaginary teacup. “Just wanted to tell you that you’ll need to plow up your front lawn tomorrow and plant Beautiful Veggies. and how the Nice Policeman came to the door. “Police Officer. Big Boss Biggs didn’t like that very much. “I shall treasure it always. In fact the Mayor presented them with the First Prize award for the most Beautiful Garden on Plain Street. Big Boss Biggs was a Big Man who owned a Big Farm.” Daddy announced one evening as they were watching TV.” he said. “I know it was hard to plow up your lawns at first. Ma’am.” As they were sitting down to a nice dinner of Pizza and Organic Broccoli. Meanwhile the Mayor of Centerville was so delighted with the Good People of Centerville who had planted Beautiful Gardens in front of their Pretty White Houses. whatever happened to Big Boss Biggs?” “Big Boss Biggs?” Daddy murmured. “They’re planting ‘em right and left. And in Littletown as well. and how their Beautiful Garden grew. and since their Neighbors were out in front of their Pretty White Houses working in their Beautiful Gardens too. and how the they won First Prize and how the Mayor gave Little Brenda a White Rose. but now that they were raising their own Beautiful Veggies.” “I most certainly did. did you know the very same thing is happening over in Middlevale?” “You mean they’re plowing up their lawns too. so all the Good Citizens of Centerville had always bought their produce from Big Boss Biggs’s Big Farm. “We’re having Organic Zucchini from our very own Beautiful Garden. and he moved into a Little Brown House behind one of the Pretty White Houses on Plain Street. Big Boss Biggs was losing business left and right and he didn’t know what in the world to do about it. “Of course you can. “Well.” he said. Mayor’s orders. He had to sell his Big House and his Big Car. and all of the front yards of all of their Neighbors on Plain Street. and how they traded Beautiful Veggies with the Neighbors and how nobody bought their produce from Big Boss Biggs anymore because they had their very own. they’d make koi ponds. Meanwhile. they worked in their Beautiful Gardens.

ere has been a virtual ban on scientific research on marijuana since the La Guardia Committee report came out in 1944. In this scientific study. During this 5-year study the researchers disproved many of the government’s accusations against marijuana. La Guardia tricked Harry Anslinger. but he knew that he could never again let scientists study marijuana. 40 . the head of the FBN (Federal Bureau of Narcotics) into supplying marijuana for his team of scientists and physicians to study. commissioned by New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in 1939 to study the effects of marijuana. Harry Anslinger condemned the results of this study as unscientific. is was the beginning of prohibition on the truth.

President Nixon.000 people being arrested each year for cannabis crimes? Anyone who profits from keeping medication from reaching sick humans is a criminal. Suppressing scientific study (knowledge) is never a good idea. What money is generated by marijuana being illegal? Who profits from over 850. Governmental ignorance is not Bliss. e risk of treating a stroke patent with Cannabidiol or THC is minimal compared to the potential benefit of reducing the size of the stroke by 50%. If you try to educate them they will deliberately ignore the evidence. It seems the government’s position was already chiseled in stone and they didn’t want scientific information to confuse the issue. e patent office accepting this patent should be proof of its validity and medical utility. What is the ulterior motive? Follow the money.he exact same thing happened again in 1972 when President Richard Nixon commissioned the Shafer Report. is commission was comprised of conservatives personally handpicked by Nixon himself. -David B.” which outlines the problems we currently face. government has a patent on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neruoprotectants (Patent 6630507 October 7. To prevent the citizens from receiving potentially lifesaving medication with a proven safety record is a crime against humanity. Many of them have financial motives not to understand. ere are too many lives at stake. I predict that heart surgeons in the future will give a cannabinoid medication to patients before cardiac bypass as a cardiac protectant for reperfusion injuries. is study again confirmed the relative safety of marijuana and pointed out the harm to society by criminalizing citizens using this virtually harmless medication. 2010 160 (5): 1234-1242. it is proven that Cannabidiol and THC both decrease the size of a stroke by 50%.S. Member ICRS. WHY? T In e British Journal of Pharmacology July. NIDA or the (National Institute of Drug Abuse) in conjunction with the DEA and FDA controls all studies or research on marijuana because of its classification as a Schedule 1 drug. is a Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon. 2003).org) e interesting part of this is that the U. Currently. (Currently no other medicine even decreases stroke by 2%) It is interesting that our government has a patent on a substance that it prevents other scientists from studying! Who does that advantage? In the War on Drugs this may be considered a War Crime. Since Cannabidiol does not cause euphoria (or the psychoactive effects) and is safe at extremely high doses in humans there should be no excuse for not doing clinical trials. It seems however. e Shafer commission recommended that simple possession be decriminalized. Both sides on this issue should want the truth to come out. If you or a family member were having a stroke. In this study and patent. ey don’t want to know the truth because it goes against their belief system. ere can be no justification for 41 .S.” You may want to keep this in mind whenever someone questions the legitimacy of a patient using medical cannabis. “ e Obstruction of Medical Cannabis Research in the U. ASA (Americans for Safe Access) has a nice overview of this subject entitled. no government study has proven any significant problem. MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) has filed a lawsuit against the government for the restriction of scientific research on marijuana. would you risk being given this safe drug in the hopes it could limit the size of your stroke and subsequent disability? ere have been no clinical trials on this even though the patent was given in 2003. It also challenged the constitutionality of marijuana prohibition.D. the people against Cannabis don’t have a problem with suppression of research. Truly the prohibition of the scientific study of marijuana is the biggest conspiracy story of the century. Can anything based on the ignorance of scientific fact be correct? We can no longer tolerate CannaDunces. Only studies trying to prove harm are approved. and Prisoner of the Drug War. e suppression of the scientific study of Cannabis is proof of the ulterior motive of the Government. Multiple millions of dollars have been spent trying to prove harmfulness of marijuana but to date. ey are not in the business of proving marijuana has medical benefits and routinely deny applications of any studies which would show and medical benefits.AmericansForSafeAccess. So it seems that the protective effects of Cannabis work in brain strokes and heart attacks. who commissioned the study. Would you want others to question your choices of medication? It is time for citizens to demand unrestricted legitimate scientific research on Cannabis. a study shows that there is a near 50% reduction in the size of a heart attack (myocardial infarction) when Cannabidiol is given during a heart attack. He can be contacted at Cali215doc@gmail. denounced the report. is study shows that this effect is present even if Cannabidiol is given a er the heart attack has started. Allen M. (www. Romans 14:3 states “Let him that doesn’t eat herbs not judge him that does.

“In 1989. creative. In June of 2003. the networks relived their accumulated experiences in a manner reminiscent of life review. It functions in much the same way as your own organic brain. I found that at low levels of brain cell death. but no human fatalities resulted. this profound synthetic consciousness generated nine billion potential names of God. If you elevate this level of connective damage. others are amazingly inventive. e Creativity Machine. was killed. Stephen aler. ese low levels of synaptic damage serve as a disturbance that triggers various memories that are faithful to the brain’s direct experience. Stephen aler If you take a biologically-inspired computer and begin to destroy its artificial brain neurons. written concertos. there is one very important discovery that he has been saved for last.Now I am become death. As it died. what if the death of a computer-implemented brain could create the revelation of an intuitive and conscious machine? According to Dr.666).S. these memory’s morph and combine into fresh notions. Father of the Creative Machine (Patent 5. what if the destruction of the very machinery of cognition could bring about an awareness of life. “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky.” It was at this point that aler realized he had stumbled upon a universal model of both near-death. redesigned itself for a constellation of military satellites and became selfaware. and everything in between? In short. this same. death. killing it via a very slow and certain death. and amazing.659. this temporary. others not. but no war was declared upon humanity. Saved for you. Ideas are formulated as a result of small-scale deaths among the brain’s synapses. some of them meaningful. In August of 1997. “During these experiments. In essence. when I investigated the death of computer simulations of biological neural networks. e Creativity Machine® (CM) has claimed over a dozen individual patents. In 2000. reversible brain damage is basically how you generate ideas. “ e Creativity Machine was inspired by both curiosity and skepticism in the 1970s. that would be like the splendor of the mighty one . While some of its delusions turn out to be nonsensical. e CM is a simulation of human consciousness. However. incredibly advanced form of artificial intelligence (AI). the destroyer of worlds.” describes aler. in reference to the Trinity test of the atomic bomb. Creator of Worlds ” —Dr. a very interesting portion of its greatest revealings have been consumed by the U. PhD. it burst into song.” However. someone proposed a coming technological singularity. the nets produced novel ideas based upon such life experience. I am Become Death. and taught robots how to improvise their own behaviors. Unfortunately. where “dialogs” take place among the neural networks. A prime example of how this works is in the ongoing discussions between your cortex and By Eric J.” and aler cannot share those. ranging from the extremely profound to very mundane. at more advanced stages of neuron death. it becomes delusional to the extent of what we would consider having a “near death” experience. yet not a single star went out. an advanced artificial neural system faced with a mission. in a Nutshell 42 . and “intra-life” experience. Leech Oppenheimer said. Government as “classified. it already has. but this fully contemplative and creative machine intelligence had already arrived without any particular fanfare.

following my own self-declared party with a tin of 24 quinine tablets. erefore. but the virtual. erea er. we are not directly experiencing the outer reality. Either way. the CM features two artificial neural networks. aler. aler Kush: ST: ere is nothing at all real about our reality. ST: Many of the world’s traditional religions are correct. Kush: Is it possible to live forever? Dr. Recently. in turn. not for supernatural reasons. we may be seeing an elephant. has come what I am willing to bet is the whole future of machine intelligence. In other words. but one can ride the protoplasm wave only so long.” describes aler. but it is as illusory as life itself. Paradise (heaven). mere computational garbage is turned to gold. torment (hell). much physics.” In spite of aler’s analogy to such a seedy character as Tommy Flanagan. ere is a profound experience at the end of life that is completely natural. when one is actually not present. there is an a erlife. the Creativity Machine can be thought of as a ‘Jon Lovitz’ device. Falling through the proverbial tunnel. e imagitron absorbs information from its environment. Stephen about the philosophical/religious significance of his discovery. near-death experience is related to dreaming. is based upon memories cumulatively absorbed within the brain. and sorts these out appropriately. Essentially. Yes.” is is one of CM’s greatest discoveries that has yet to be fully realized. is sounds like extending life via virtual reality? Kush: Would living forever through CM be something you would want for yourself? ST: I would not hesitate to exercise this option if it were available. I arrived in a paradise populated with trusted personalities who were still very much alive. but a consciousness that is marked by a stream of subjective thought.” interjects Dr. are the ones that will dominate the so-called “death dream. Yeah! at’s the ticket. which has programmed itself to identify the “good” from the “bad” ideas. “It is ironic that from death.” Kush: What comes a er death? Kush: How would you describe heaven? e Irony in Death 43 . Instead. Whereas I have described the fundamental paradigm that would be utilized. pink elephants sprouting wings. and all shades of gray in between await us. and a Coke bottle filled with kerosene. In the end. As we raise the magnitude of counterfeit signals (stray drug and neurotransmitter molecules). most. but the revelation of these precious attachments. as well as giving the imagitron appropriate conceptual directions. if not all of cognition is illusory in nature. one must download into machine consciousness. “In short. and won’t be for some time. called the perceptron and imagitron. e more pertinent question is this. the CM is continuously learning from its own ideas. it’s not the money or power we have. the message is to live a life that the individual would subjectively and automatically consider good. Dreaming. and then through the activation of an internal transient destruction (heat). Kush Magazine had the honor of talking to Dr. in ordinary perception. creates a wave of innovative ideas.Rather than a cortex and thalamus. ST: From what I’ve seen in the simulated death of artificial brains. possessing at least one neural assembly that is transiently dying to produce a parade of virtual experience and another such assembly inventing significance thereto. Within it’s brainstorming. can a computer teach a human being about life and death? “It certainly can. transmogrifying them into say. the mind spends its time within a self-made virtual reality. “Something that Kurzweil (Singularity) and crew seem to be selectively ignoring. the neural representations of real-world things and events may be activated even in the absence of corresponding stimuli. medicine. wherein one autonomously written computer program generates ‘fibs’ or ‘confabulations. erefore. the connection’s binding neurons will degrade. In short. we furnish our death dream throughout our lifetimes. Perhaps the most important question is. this self-deceiving contraption captures the very creative essence of all cognition and consciousness. e download target cannot be a mere supercomputer running conventional computer programs. As this process carries on. and bioengineering will be required to build the “connective bridge” between human and machine consciousness. Realizing that such signals may be falsified through various forms of noise (rogue molecules of natural or man-made design). Stephen e truth is that it isn’t.” I was pronounced dead at the age of two. Based upon my experience in studying and simulating the brain. ese creeds are technically incorrect in requiring supernatural forces be involved. aler: It is. the Creativity Machine continues to be the best bet for creating human to trans-human level machine intelligence (AI).” says aler. “Ironically. would I start such physics and engineering the moment there was an influx of capital for such R&D? e answer would be a definite yes. but because of the underlying physics and mathematics of the brain. many of life’s greatest questions have been posed and answered. it must be a CM-based system. “It already has. the most emblazoned memories that have the greatest significance to us. hoping that one may pursue a contemplative career to pay the electric bill. e result is not only creative machine intelligence. ese ideas flow to the perceptron.’ as another self-writing algorithm says. the CM.

Some types of soil are formed directly from the rocks underneath their surface. He was code-named Mr. Now in it’s 3rd edition in the USA and Canada. However.aving been in prison for cultivation as a Category A prisoner in maximum security. I met the guy in Wembley. It’s a plant. Soil comes in many varieties due to the differences in the rocks that are 44 . Carrying water in to the growing location can compromise the site and is hard work. Mel Thomas knows the perils of growing cannabis perhaps more than anyone. Soil Types Outdoor Cultivation by Mel Thomas It is possible to grow cannabis outdoors where yields of around a pound per plant can easily be achieved from Cannabis indica plants and up to 2 pounds from some Cannabis sativas. others were deposited by the wind. it will give good yields. My book is a good addition to your library and will put you on the right track. Excerpted here is part of the chapter of the book focused on outdoor marijuana gardening. North London a good few years ago now and he gave me a sample of one of his early grows.Back yards (providing they are not visible to neighbors) . cannabis is a hardy plant and. I’m really passionate about it. Unlike indoor cultivation. Hydroponics is effective but cannabis is uniquely smoked and I don’t like the idea of using aggressive chemicals that may leave a residue in the plant material.Rooftops (as above) . rain and frosts eroding its surface. I prefer peat-free compost and organic nutrients. That was the strain we used commercially. and fungi. provided there are no frosts early in the season. The distinctive shape and size of cannabis is easily recognizable. but it requires a vital addition in the form of decayed living matter. the trial judge called him “a horticultural expert involved in a resolute and successful attempt to grow marijuana on a commercial scale. five to six hours a day is sufficient. in order for it to support plant life. Big Buddha’s Cheese plant is another favorite. and when sentencing the author.Farmland . Well. What’s your favorite strain to grow? I really like Northern Lights. so I won’t do that! Cultivating cannabis is not rocket science. Big by detectives.River banks (once the tap root has grown down they don’t require watering) Try to find an area that has a water supply nearby.Balconies (as above) . and are generally ready for harvesting in the last weeks of fall. We caught up with Mel for a chat about his book. Choosing Your Location Finding a secure place to grow your outdoor crop of marijuana is the main problem you face as a cultivator. However. So what’s a grower in prison supposed to do? Write a book of course.Tree tops (plants can be suspended in containers) . known as humus. I hope you enjoy! last of the frosts. Drug crops do not need constant direct sunlight. good outdoor locations include the following: . put it in the earth and it grows.Woodland clearings . What’s your favorite sort of system to grow in? Organics without a doubt. so try to screen the plants. its popularity shows no signs of letting up. animals or parasites do not attack it. Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower’s Guide was devised during Mel’s 5-year prison stay as the ultimate grow book. the grower has little control over the environmental factors that affect plant growth and depends on a good summer to harvest a high-yielding crop. Mel’s operation wasn’t your usual mid-range grow op. and come out the other side. I have a great deal of experience and firsthand knowledge of cultivation. describe your book and what makes it different to other grow books out there.Greenhouses and polytunnels . Crops are planted out after the Soil was formed millions of years ago from rock that was powdered by the actions of wind. I knew it was going to be a good strain and it’s gone on to be very successful. but there’s so much hype talked about grow books by certain authors. without boring you with nonsense. his favorite grow techniques and his love of pot. so you have to take steps to ensure the plants are not discovered.” He wasn’t wrong. Freshly formed soil has all the elements that were in the original eroded rock.

The plants will continue to flower as they revert back to the vegetative state. which are beneficial slug and insect predators. To do this. By mid-April. 3rd Edition. Sand is the lightest soil. Within a few weeks of removing your females from the flowering cycle. Remember that younger crops require less feed than mature or budding plants. Dig a hole with a trowel and. Plants that are crowded and competing for light will grow tall and thin with little side shoot development. remove it. Planting Out Cannabis. The clones are given two weeks to root and are then transferred to peat pots filled with fine potting compost and put in a greenhouse or on a window ledge to harden off. but it depends on your location. that can root deeply enough to reach it. Beneath the surface topsoil is another layer known as the subsoil. even if they are indeterminate (not showing gender). available from Green Candy Press on Amazon and all good bookstores and headshops. and the cuttings are rooted and flowered. when grown outdoors. remove the young plants from the flowering cycle.broken down in its formation. Depending on your situation. so it’s not always possible to get the correct soil type for your crop. add a handful of water-absorbing crystals of the type normally used in hanging baskets. Heavy soil is composed of the smallest particles. into a box. place them in a specially prepared darkened area or. If you don’t have a nearby water supply. It’s possible to root the cuttings under 12 hours of daylight. in the case of a few plants. (Covers made from plastic will create the perfect environment for fungal attacks. The same procedure is carried out as is used for the cuttings. when the young plants have reached a height of 6 to 8”.Facebook. Plant out your female crop with a one-yard distance between stems. if it is a wildlife area. Bury the polyethylene edges or you could trap small mammals. if it is male. it is best to prune your plants to keep them short. but they are kept in containers until their sex is determined. so spacing of the individual plants is important. and a cane threaded through it. Foliar feeding is best carried out with a horticultural backpack sprayer. if you only have a small number of plants. you can trace the parent plant and. can reach heights of 15 feet. You don’t need any specialized horticultural lamps. Clay is the heaviest soil. For more information. Cover a branch for 12 hours every 24 hours with a sleeve made from black construction paper. keeping it as close as possible without burning the leaves. The same sprayer can be cleaned and used for treatment sprays. If there is a river nearby and the situation allows. but it can work out to be expensive in large operations. The alternative to using cuttings is to germinate your seedlings earlier and place them in a greenhouse or on a window ledge to harden. the clones are placed outdoors during good weather and brought back inside every evening. they will be growing back in the vegetative state without any ill effects. bushy side growth. and you can see the individual particles. The definition of heavy or light doesn’t refer to the weight of the soil but to the ease with which it can be worked. they are packed into cardboard boxes and transferred to the growing area. Pierce the center of your rain trap with a few small holes and leave the well to fill up naturally. a sleeve of chicken wire is placed over each clone. dig a hole and line it with a polyethylene tarpaulin. bring your plants indoors under artificial light. You will be surprised at the results. Cover the top with more polyethylene pegged out and weighted with a stone in the middle. You can water your crop by hand with containers or gas cans that you bring from your water source. The third method of gender identification involves growing your seedlings on until a cutting can be taken from each of or www. as seedlings respond perfectly well to a 100-watt incandescent household light bulb. To continue with the next stages of your grow. check out Mel Thomas’s Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower’s Guide. The plants are then watered in and. Cultivation in the cooler areas of Europe and North America is mostly carried out using clones that have been prepared indoors at the beginning of March. This practice will assist the young plant by giving it a small reservoir of water. It is better to use a diluted application of foliar feed and watch how the plants respond. Tape a larger plant pot over the top of each clone to protect it during transit. However. Heavy Preparing Your Crop which will save you two weeks. The mother plants are grown on either in the greenhouse or taken to the grow area.MelThomas. The greenhouse can be a simple construction made from polyethylene sheeting. This is best done at night. Soil is categorized as being either light or heavy: Light Light soil is composed of large particles. The types used in the construction industry for pumping out ditches are excellent and can be rented or bought. you will want to encourage thick. The cutting and plant are each labeled to identify the mother and clone. however. so avoid using them. Within two weeks they will begin to exhibit signs of gender. This tends to be humus-free but rich in minerals providing a balanced nutrient supply for those 45 . Pacing a large step between plants will help you measure out that distance. If you are prepared well in advance of the growing season. such as cannabis. You can also identify the sex of your plants by selectively flowering a lower branch. and can easily be identified. crops can be watered using a pump. which blocks out light but still allows the plant to breathe. Take care not to overfeed your plants.) Within two weeks the plant will begin to show signs of gender. as soon as the plants are just over 2” and 3” tall they are forced into the flowering stage by giving them 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness every night cycle. After two weeks. The young plants will need watering regularly until they have developed a strong root system. During the first weeks of April. Position an adjustable desk lamp over the plants. Once they have flowered. check out www.

it spe about their co aks volumes mmitment to delivering a q uality produc t. Thankfully. “Vert Kitchen is about real cooking and healthy eating. but I could 46 . I am going to turn around and run out the door to the nearest place selling any type of fried pork. But first thing’s first. Some growers are going to grow it poorly or grow it completely differently than Blue Dream and throw the label on it because they know it’s going to sell. chill at the park and then walk over to Vert. A friend of mine recently turned me on to a place in west Wash Park called Vert Kitchen. The aroma was extremely fruity and light. this time a friend (and medical patient) brought me a particularly lovely phenotype of the “dream”: it reaffirmed everything that made it so great to begin with. I could smell the Blue Dream through his pockets the second he walked into my house. It was an extremely nice day for mid-March so we decided to medicate. because odds are. Munchied: Vert Kitchen By Vance Diesel reviously I might have said that I had to travel all the way from Wash Park to downtown/Lower Highlands in order to find a suitable sandwich. maybe these guys are actually on to something. Blue Dream has become one of the more common (grow)household names lately.When an eate r y takes the ti me and patien ate something ce to crelike this from scratch. Or. when someone goes out of their way to tell you that their food is healthy. The buds were all very dense with a light green hue and alternating hairs of blue and purple. two. but oh how that has changed. and I can very gladly say (for both my stomach and my gas mileage) that I have become a repeat guest.” Now this is something that I can take in one of two ways: One. it usually just means that it tastes somewhere between a cardboard box and a handful of Bermuda grass. I’m truly hoping for the latter. Whenever a strain gets passed around like a picture of Michele Pfeifer (I’m talking 80s’ Pfeifer . The very first thing that you see when you walk in is a sign that reads. Judging from the fact that everything made at Vert is 100% organic and locally grown.think cat woman at a high school cinema club lock in) bad things can happen. which can be both good and bad.

After a couple more rips we walked over to Vert by way of the park. So big ups to the fine people at Vert Kitchen! They seem to have figured out a way to bridge the ever-shortening gap between healthy food and tasty food …a (Blue) Dream come true. I mean who offers lentils as a side at a sandwich shop) were tossed with sweet potato and some Moroccan spices and were just as flavorful as the sandwich. which seemed to be especially vibrant this fine day. Upon arriving at Vert. My braised pork shoulder was topped with roasted cabbage. peppers. Blue Dream is primarily a sativa and this was most certainly that. which just happened to be adorned with chevre and balsamic fig compote.997.5941 VertKitchen. The sandwiches arrived very quickly and were amazingly flavorful. Upon taking the first rip. I could still taste the blueberries. we had a feeling we’d need…). we feasted until we could feast no more and still had some leftovers to bring back to the house for a future snack (which. which was obviously another plus) overheard us and replied “everything. I could definitely feel my creative juices beginning to flow. and my friend decided on the turkey sandwich. it speaks volumes about their commitment to delivering a quality product. My friend seemed to agree as well. You can tell that someone put some serious time and effort into making the pork as juicy and succulent as was physically possible. and the girl at the counter (who happened to look an awful lot like Zooey Deschanel. •••••••••••••••••••••••• Vert Kitchen 704 South Pearl Street | Wash Park West Denver. and a dusting of paprika: so on 47 . It’s not like your typical pork sandwich. but at the same time was very powerful. The Blue Dream really just put me in a great headspace.” I decided to go with the braised pork shoulder sandwich with a side of Mediterranean lentils. The side offering of lentils (which is great. my friend asked me what was good. Needless to say. as he proclaimed that it was the best turkey sandwich he had ever had in his life! The balsamic figs that went on the sandwich could have been a meal themselves. the taste was much more potent than I had thought. CO 80209 303.tell that it was still going to be some serious medicine. When an eatery takes the time and patience to create something like this from scratch. but it was a very spicy and powerful smoke as well. It instantly gave me a massive head change. It kept me clear headed.

48 .

I wanted to do something. He was prolific. I have maybe four productive hours in every 24. and tried every prescription medicine his doctor could think of to help heal his nausea. Emery. always into cutting edge natural cures. why we’re in this fight to begin with.” On July 23. I have so much to say.” Through dealing with the court system.” In 1993 Peter wrote the libertarian manifesto.” Judge George H. five of which ended up as New York Times best sellers. Peter was many things: poet. nine DEA agents again visited Peter. due to the government’s interference. so many ideas and discoveries I want to communicate.” On November 5. 15 percent of my total body weight. they stated: “Marijuana is not medicine because Congress says it’s not medicine. to them. just outside Detroit. and I began my campaign. photographer. I began a MySpace Page. I began speaking about Peter at events across this great land and discovered just how many people in this movement had never heard his name.facebook.wise man not only wrote those words. “All four said they had known about me for some time. I wanted to thank the author. Peter turned to Cannabis. to honor this man’s life. libertarian. and very little time or clarity of mind to do so. anything. Peter was dedicated to self-improvement. and by the age of seventeen he had published his first poem. he dies. With his mother’s approval. unfortunately. Ph. or his medical condition. It was nationally televised on CSPAN. John’s Wort . arrested him and booked him. Nothing worked. He found that Hypericum. He was told he would be released provided that he stopped using Cannabis. and I was spreading my treachery through the written word. this masterpiece was never completed. a great fan of Peter. if I lived. 1998 Peter gave a stirring speech before the Libertarian Party National Convention in DC. I would devote my life to getting medical marijuana to all the sick people who needed it. because America had let him down. Harold H. (and who has become a father to me) writes: “Peter’s book ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do’ is one of the most important works on the immoral imposition of laws that punish normal human behavior.” Peter was a health-nut. In 2009. to helping to heal. marijuana’s medical usefulness. Peter was diagnosed with AIDS and an AIDS-related cancer.” he wrote.D. Then in 2010.” one of Peter McWilliams’ books that topped the New York Times bestseller list. The extremely well received “How to Survive the Loss of a Love. It is a joy to read. That book helped heal me. He wrote. nor could he even mention Proposition for daily quotes www. and I discovered something new to add to my arsenal of knowledge on every page. Mr. “I lived. 1999. All that did was validate my dedication to bring him and his story to the masses. Peter was successfully treated and wanted to share his knowledge with others. I sleep 18 to 20 hours a day. He once said. “The ongoing successful treatment of my depression is the single most important positive step I have taken in my life. Peter was born on August 5. King denied Peter’s request for medical marijuana. because most every bust they go on. Federal law supersedes California state law. And Peter got even sicker. they find a copy of my book Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country. non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do.petermcwilliams. Peter began writing “A Question of Compassion: An AIDS-Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana. Melba Colgrove. I was the guy who wrote the bestselling book against the Vietnam War. On June 14. most importantly. Imbedded in this series was LIFE 101 and “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought. the DEA Special Agents were the Green Berets. however. I was stunned. Peter was soon labeled a “drug kingpin” by the DEA. self-publisher. available at PeterMcWilliams.” The DEA seized his computer and effectively crippled his publishing business when they returned it with a virus. On July 4. We don’t care what his doctors say. 1949 in Allen Park. Peter wrote. The two teamed up once again to write. Peter was found dead in his bathroom. Peter wrote. was published in the seventies and continues to touch hurting hearts. self-publishing forty books. He was denied his AIDS medication for the first nine days. If McWilliams dies. helped heal depression. “In the three months following the arrest I lost 30 pounds.” In 1997 Peter published the Medical Marijuana Magazine Online. 1999. he lived those words. org and set out to redesign and update an official portal to all that is Peter McWilliams. I was fortunate enough to obtain PeterMcWilliams. and so the LIFE 101 Series began. co-author and therapist at times. Four DEA agents questioned Peter.” but. but it’s a common feeling that Peter died of a broken heart.” In 1995 Peter discovered he had suffered depression all of his life without knowing it. It is. Bloomfield. but it was clear for updated videos 49 . 2000. Marijuana is the finest anti-nausea medication known to science. The books ranged from teaching computers. while awaiting trial. If he failed drug tests. Many people have their theories as to what caused his death. and so many reasons why we should always remember Peter. Bloomfield. and Harold They didn’t say it. I was so touched. “The high AIDS viral load feels as though I have the flu all the time. Please visit www. There are so many things to love about that man. and I created a short video paying tribute to Peter. Todd was arrested. I was a traitor to their cause. With the help of his friend. hence my enthusiasm for the subject. Peter wrote.” It has inspired many modern day activists. the trial judge ruled Peter could not use medical marijuana defense. aka St. Todd used a portion of his book advance to rent a house in which it could be grown. his mother and brother would lose their houses and he’d remain in prison until and during his trial. “How to Heal Depression. author. Peter spent four weeks in jail and his mother and brother were forced to put up their houses as bail. Peter became sicker and sicker. After reading online that he had passed away. the 8 patients who get medical marijuana monthly from the federal www.” Peter then made a promise: “I told myself that. Cannabis activist.” In March of 1996. Shy as I am. gay “Nausea is an unsolved problem of medicine. Peter’s Mom provided me with photos and other memories. Peter pled guilty to a lesser charge to avoid ten years in federal prison.” co-authored by Dr. most of them spent trying to keep my head financially above water. a natural herb. I discovered “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought. Facebook followed. “I praised medical marijuana and condemned the federal government for keeping it from sick people. Peter had met Todd McCormick and commissioned him to write a book on growing medicinal marijuana. Perhaps.

visit: www. product manufacturing facilities. Given this federal stance. use. it is difficult to say how the federal government may react to Amendment 64’s passage.will remain 100% intact when Amendment 64 passes.regulatemarijuana. and the lawyers that advise them? Here are some quick bullet points which provide an overview of Amendment 64 and explore its relationship to Colorado’s existing medical marijuana laws. 50 .with explicit preference in the licensing process including annual fees capped at $500. medical marijuana businesses. production (including infused products). and regulated production and distribution of marijuana legal for adults 21 and older. To read the full initiative. combined with the fact that the federal government has allowed several hundred medical marijuana stores to thrive in Colorado. Amendment 64 dOES NOT: Change existing medical marijuana laws for patients. the initiative does not change federal law which has categorized marijuana whether for medical use or not . IN SUMMARy.Fertile Ground is a monthly column highlighting the hottest state and national issues surrounding marijuana reform. and a partner at Vicente Sederberg LLC. This will allow plenty of time to “take the temperature” of the state and federal government before anyone applies for these new licenses. Allow local municipalities to ban or restrict these new business licenses. Amendment 64 dOES: Create legal marijuana retail stores that can sell to all adults 21 and older.IT’S OffICIAL. This landmark legislation raises many issues which will be widely debated in upcoming months as Colorado considers becoming the first state in the nation – and the first geographic area in the world – to make the possession. Create or in any way affect laws pertaining to driving under the influence of marijuana. This column is brought to you by Brian Vicente. and firmly illegal for decades.which leaves ample time to “take the temperature” of the state and federal governments before anyone applies for these new licenses. but bans can only go in front of voters in even-year general elections. It is important to note that no marijuana retail businesses licenses are required to be issued until 2014. a full service medical marijuana law . Require the general assembly to enact an excise tax of up to 15 percent on the wholesale sale of non-medical marijuana applied at the point of transfer from a cultivation facility to a retail store or product manufacturer. Of course. all medical marijuana laws .no marijuana retail business licenses are required to be issued until 2014 . marijuana advocates have included a generous timeline in Amendment 64 .both statutory and Constitutional . Regardless. the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol act. and testing facilities for an adult market. the Executive Director of the advocacy group Sensible Colorado. cultivation facilities. Subject medical marijuana sales to the excise tax discussed above. or medical marijuana businesses.should they choose to apply for the new licenses . caregivers. Direct the Department of Revenue to regulate a system of cultivation. How will this Constitutional amendment affect current medical marijuana users. Provide current Medical Marijuana Business Owners . Coloradoans will be voting this November on Amendment 64. License retail stores.

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Decades ago Ladd found out that the US government was giving medical cannabis to certain patients for their illnesses through the Compassionate Investigational New Drug (IND) program. fatigue and weakness. spasticity. and bladder problems. not yet recognized or understood apparently by the US government workers toiling in the eradication fields of plants and truth. administration and the patients’ reaction to cannabis. has been found to have tremendous therapeutic potential. Barbara does not get “high” from this medical dose. Typical symptoms include visual loss. Her dose is eight cured ounces per month. grown at the University of Mississippi for the federal government. is a group of molecules called cannabinoids. Ladd’s physician put his paperwork in first with Barbara’s physician doing so a bit later. Both have been ill for years. Onset is usually between the ages of 20 . These phyto (plant based)-cannabinoids are similar to our endogenous (made within the body) cannabinoids. He has multiple sclerosis (MS) and he found through personal experimentation that his symptoms improved and the disease was put in a remission-like state when he used cannabis regularly. In particular. Barbara’s medicine. sensory impairment (burning or pricking feelings). best described as swag. The timeline to reach this point of little to zero intoxication or “high” is weeks. Cannabidiol (CBD). but Barbara’s family had better political connections than Ladd and she began receiving cannabis in August of 1991. that THC (the primary psychoactive substance) is not the only or best compound in the plant that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. The cannabis plant is unique among plants in that among its many constituents. not months.40 and it affects more women than men. but in general the patient becomes more debilitated as the damage continues. Cannabis has the property of holding constant it’s medicinal content while building a floor or tolerance to the psychoactive effects. Symptoms of the disease vary depending on where the demyelination takes place . one of the phyto-cannabinoids. has a measured THC component but its CBD level is not included on the label 52 . Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disorder that results from patches of destruction of the myelin sheath surrounding the nerve axons in the brain and spinal cord. speech difficulties. and is dependent on dose. by a factor of eight to ten.oth Ladd and Barbara live in’s like an electric wire that is missing its insulation and the electrical path short circuits. MS can be present with several types of progression. Ladd told his new friend and fellow MS patient Barbara about the use of cannabis for MS and the IND program. This is far more than even the heaviest recreational users of cannabis will consume. In the last several years a major challenge has been made to the prevailing belief within the medical cannabis community.

Dennis Petro. Petro is wrong. This is a medical mortal sin: To acquire knowledge of a medical treatment (CBD) that demonstratively helps with MS symptoms per the federal government’s own Investigational new drug (IND) program that supplies Barbara her medicine. Barbara was a participant in the Missoula Study conducted in the spring of 2001. All had doses equal to or greater than Barbara’s monthly federal issue. I will tell you that over the last century over a dozen large governmental studies have been conducted by countries around the globe and right here in the US. Spain. even regenerate. Barbara met us at the door and insisted before we made ourselves at home. By the time Barbara began receiving her federal cannabis. The federal government policy is to ignore. some as much as ten years old. Opposition to that prognosis from the federal government has been consistent and negative.” Dr. The Food and Drug Administration was flooded with numerous applications from HIV/AIDS patients. France. repeatedly. Ladd is alive and suffering as his disease progresses. Four living federal cannabis patients were examined in great detail for 3 days at St. Petro was right. Patent number 6630507 was filed by the federal government October 7. Canada. When my wife and I first met her. Barbara was legally blind and in a wheelchair due to muscle weakness and spasticity. she drove! Her eyesight had improved and she was out of her wheelchair and able to drive a vehicle of some size. Ladd’s IND application had been approved. Every single study ever conducted found medical value in cannabis and found no value in its prohibition. and with ignorance say such nonsense . a constant companion and care-giver needed. hallmarks of MS.“Never been studied”? Possibly it’s the investigators themselves. She smokes it from joints she rolls after taking the government cannabis she is issued. She had been using government cannabis for just a few months. that we ride in her new RV. I watched for a weekend as she fought her way through each day. Who exactly are those who loudly.and remains unknown to Barbara and her physician. This is the same group of miscreants who say cannabis has no medical value. The federal government showed no interest in the Missoula Study. and not cite any study that indicates cannabis has medical value. This was true of the other three examined federal patients as well. If you have MS and do not use cannabis you will never again do what you used to do. Denigrating President Clinton’s famously ignorant remark the he did not inhale when he smoked cannabis as a student in England. cannabis would generate unwanted and rampant sexual behavior and therefore the Secretary of Health and Human Services closed the program to everyone except the handful of patients (including Barbara) who were already receiving their medicine. MT. MS is his specialty. but he never received any medicine from the federal government. Barbara addressed the American Nurses Association annual conference in the mid-1990s by telling hundreds of nurses that she inhaled cannabis and it gave her back her life. the myelin sheath that covers nerves and causes the symptoms of MS as it deteriorates. by the medical professionals of NIDA. Apparently there was an epiphany. As one of the few surviving IND patients. It did not show that cannabis was a negative for humans. The same is true with a search for “cannabis and MS. We rode. Dr. I wonder how law enforcement investigators and detectives have not discovered Google.” They would know that Barbara raised herself from her wheel chair as Ladd sunk ever further into his. HHS. constituents. If you use cannabis like Barbara. Do you want the lawyers who reside in our Congress to decide your or your mother’s MS care when professional medical organizations such as the American Nurses Association and the American Public Health Association call for its use as a medical option immediately? Neither Ladd nor Barbara thought much of having politicians decide their fate. I say these persons have no creditability and haven’t for almost a decade. Dr. Barbara is alive and doing well. If you have MS how does your non-cannabis future look to you? What could it be with cannabis? What lawyer or cop right now is deciding your medical life? What are you doing about that? -Al Byrne for Patients Out of Time 53 . which is how Ladd lives. That was 1992. not publicize. If an investigator searched for the “Missoula Study” he/she would be rewarded with just that. He has been forthright and vocal for years about cannabis and the ability of the plant’s compounds to protect. The change was cannabis. 2003 and the paperwork identifying the use was “cannabinoid as antioxidant and neuroprotectant. Maybe it’s the detectives. but that is exactly what happened. Great Britain. We returned to her home for a visit about 3 years later. Australia and other back woods countries are on the list. Federal politicians will tell the media. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula. FDA and the Surgeon General’s office. the study that never happened. a drug researcher. Barbara showed no negative health effects from almost ten years of chronic therapeutic cannabis use. the patient. and the “federalies” decided that giving the gay population. anybody and everybody that no such study was ever conducted even with the Missoula Study results available on the Internet for ten years and the formal government research of two dozen industrialized countries beginning over a century ago. Every study. neurologist and Director of POT has studied the effects of cannabis on MS patients for decades. ripping apart the pre-rolled joints containing stems and seeds and rehydrating it for 24 hours to make it palatable to smoke. and then ignore the CBD content and/or not use a strain with a higher CBD content based on this new knowledge is a breach of medical ethics and a betrayal of Barbara. your quality of life will improve.

Those people highlighted on our $1. Jefferson would later go on to be our 3rd President (1801-1809). This was indeed a young man headed for greatness. is that the early drafts of our Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper. and remembering one of America’s true Renaissance Men. he was learning Latin. By age nine. which he internalized. and most famous presidents (and hemp farmer). and philosophy. By age sixteen. Keeping to himself. some were. many in the farming industries. soon after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. his bar of intellect was raised from a young age. born April argument left for all you real history buffs. So. and signed on July 4th. and eventually being admitted to the Virginia bar by the age of twenty-four. it was a choice and profitable crop to produce.  Without all the new stigmas that cling to hemp today. we find that our forefathers (as many politicians today) were businessmen – at the time. Jefferson married an amateur musician. He fathered six children with her. and French. Hamilton. let us remember how the foundation for all of this got started: with a handful of statesmen huddled over a chunk of hemp. such as cordage.paper. and Franklin) were also part of the booming hemp industry. science and the classics. Greek. Building his prominence in the Virginia area. Jefferson was appointed to the five-man committee to write a declaration in support of the resolution of independence. leaving Thomas overwhelmed with loneliness and feelings of abandonment. metaphysics. After years of practicing as a circuit lawyer. What is fact though. Some myths propose that those on the $5 and $20 dollar bills (Lincoln and Jackson) both smoked Marijuana as well . 54 . health food. He had an insatiable thirst for reading books and gaining knowledge. 1743. and $100 dollar bills (Washington. and continue to feel the ebbs and flows of the ever changing Marijuana issues. construction. and yes .and/or determined the marijuana issues in this country were written over 236 years ago. As history shows. and fuel would come later. instead of drudging up archaic ideas of slave-ownership. Thomas was raised by working class planters. along with learning the violin. Its many other uses in the fields of biodegradable plastics. as we head into this year of political jousting. his scholastic diligence paid off. Thomas Jefferson. It may seem even more ironic that the early drafts of The Declaration Of Independence were written on “hemppaper.   The third of ten children. Jefferson wrote the first draft (long believed to be written on hemp paper produced by Benjamin Franklin’s mill). Jefferson. And what just so happened to be a booming business back in the late 1700s? You guessed it…hemp! Although all of hemp’s wondrous attributes were not obvious. and borrowing ideas from Virginia’s own declaration. This must be true if almost all of our country’s forefathers farmed it. graduating with highest honors. Martha Wayles Skelton. with his head in a book. a final draft was written up in June of 1776. thus leading to a reclusive adult life. is this ironic? Well. and slaveholders. if we scratch a little further. and between Congressional debates. Befriending John Adams. his older sister passed away. as well as history. and the pillaging of land. textiles. $10. So.” Why do you ask. let us instead spend some time focusing on the good. he was advancing on to mathematics. When Jefferson was twenty-two. the list of political peers who also farmed the wonder plant can be found in most of our wallets. Being one of the elder children. $2. Jefferson served as a delegate from Virginia to the Second Continental Congress beginning in June of 1775.

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Up! Talk It By Mason Tvert Now that Amendment 64. colleagues. There is no better way to begin changing people’s minds than through direct contact and other forms of interpersonal communication. For example:   •  If the subject comes up while you are having drinks with some friends or at dinner with your family. and sharing information online via e-mail and social networking sites. grandparents. 56 . we are encouraging everyone we can to talk about marijuana itself and help other people understand it is not as bad as they might think it is.RegulateMarijuana. etc. Be sure to listen and try to avoid an argument. Some examples include canvassing neighborhoods. It will house a variety of resources and provide ample opportunities for activists throughout Colorado and across the nation to get involved on the campaign. making phone calls. Perhaps most importantly. Just make them aware of your feelings on the subject so that they will take them into consideration as they hear about the subject more and more leading up to the election. It is these types of personal conversations that will build and strengthen support for the initiative and weaken our opposition.   Getting Started •  There is constantly coverage of the issue in the news and a lot of it will soon be about Amendment today and signing up to receive campaign updates and alerts. we are not going to win this election if a significant percentage of the population still thinks marijuana is a “gateway drug” that is exceptionally dangerous and will destroy the lives of all who use it. RegulateMarijuana. Make sure you hear about the launch by visiting www. aunts and uncles. come out and say that you use or have used marijuana. parents of friends. simply note that marijuana is actually far less harmful than alcohol. •  If you're comfortable doing so. The best way to begin talking it up is to reach out to the people you know best. After all. Just keep an eye and ear out for opportunities to discuss the And if we have them frequently over the course of the Campaign. the initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol. such as your parents. which will serve as a hub for all of its grassroots education and organizing activities. This doesn't mean you need to begin a debate at the dinner table or even campaign specifically for Amendment 64. The goal here is not to make the person feel "wrong" or "stupid. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol will soon be launching TalkItUpColorado. Explain how your experiences have not reflected the propaganda and stereotypes. is officially on this year’s ballot. it is time to begin building support for ending marijuana prohibition among Colorado voters. friends.” which might just galvanize their current opinion. The first and most important step in our path to victory is spreading the truth about marijuana and changing the way many people think about it. Ask others if they happened to catch a particular story or pass it along to them via e-mail or Facebook and encourage them to check it out. many more voters will feel comfortable with the question when they see it on the ballot this November. we need supporters of marijuana reform to make a concerted effort to reach out to people they know such as friends and family members – especially those from older generations – and begin conversations about marijuana and why ending its prohibition is so important. teammates.

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it’s time to come out of hibernation and get moving again. more and more people will begin the ‘spring cleaning’ of their lives. Some medical professionals believe that this has to do with hormone changes as the seasons change. SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO TO ALTER YOUR MOOD: •Go for a jog •Weight Lifting •Yoga •Swim •Dance •Get a Massage •Consume protein such as meat or legumes as these foods raise dopamine levels which can help you become more focused •Go for a walk •Pet an animal •Maintain a healthy diet and avoid the “comfort foods” that offer temporary satisfaction followed by a drop in energy •Get some sun As the days get longer and the weather starts to show signs of promise. It’s been proven that getting your endorphins going will likely perk you up and even lead to feelings of euphoria. a lack of motivation and less desire to take care of themselves. No matter what time of the year it is. trigger happy feelings and prevent depression.Living Well by Elaine Ruggieri Winter is the time of year when weather conditions and limited daylight hours may lead us to spending more time cooped up in our homes. and more time indoors away from sunlight exposure can cause many people to feel the blues. With all this stacked against winter. it will begin to release the hormone known to boost mood. causing weight gain and further contributing to bad feelings. spend time with friends. Take the kids to the park or for a family hike. throwing our immune systems off and leading to irritating coughs.1FM and 980AM in Los Angeles. Check out her site at POSSIBLE SIGNS OF SAD ARE: •Weight gain •Less energy •Having a desire to sleep more •Change in appetite •Less interest in being around other people Whether you are experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder or you just get a little lazy and procrastinate with your responsibilities during the cold and rainy months. get involved in a sport and refocus on their grades and other school activities. there are things you can do to modify your mood and get you back on track. Try waking up a little earlier and take a walk before work or join an outdoor fitness program. throw away some of the clutter that has been suffocating you and maybe even take up a hobby. the leaves falling off the trees and rainy days by the fire. uninterested in activities. ey also notice their moods change at the beginning of spring. It’s a great time to clean out the closets. Although some people look forward to the cooler temperatures. you will have a better chance of avoiding the seasonal ups and downs as long as you just keep your body moving. It tends to be more common with females than males and usually the first signs of it will start in the teenage years. You can experience SAD in the spring and summer months but it is much more common in the winter. your body with exercise. Spring opens up so many possibilities as we feel refreshed and ready to start something new. You may not be the only one in your home who has slacked off during the winter months. -Elaine is the former host of “The Shape Fitness Show” on 97. many begin to notice they are feeling down. Some people find they begin to feel depression kick in around fall and peak during the winter months. As spring approaches. Get the whole family involved. is feeling can last up to 12 hours for some people. e cooler weather also adds stress to the body. runny noses and fevers. When you start moving 58 . it’s no wonder so many people begin to feel depressed and less interested in socializing during these months. sex or even laughter. ough the body burns more calories in the winter because it works hard to keep warm. many people will eat up to an additional 200 calories a day during these months. Some people experience such a low during winter months that they are diagnosed as having Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Teenagers especially may need to be encouraged to get out more.

including Tony Bedard creator of the current Green Lantern: New Guardians series. you can enjoy all three days of this epic convention for just $49. the newest sub con. now a stop on the SuperCon 2K Series. Jonathan Frakes who played Commander William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation will be in attendance alongside Jewel Staite from Firefly & Stargate: Atlantis and several others. That evening. ComicFest will feature many prominent comic writers and artists. and a parade held throughout the day. there will also be a HorrorFest Charity Gala after the meet and greet. You’ll have to plan out what you want to see most ahead of time. Many of the events and panels are held at the same times on different stages so it is literally impossible to see everything. and other guests.00 for adults. After you’re done with your 4/20 celebrations. Denver’s premiere entertainment convention. a handful of comic writers and illustrators will be present. DigiFest. No matter your nerdy interest. there is the official meet and greet party with the special guests. StarFest began as a local science fiction convention and has expanded into a massive media convention. I’m not talking about any of the major 4/20 events. All in all. there will be panels. While the sci-fi convention takes place there will also be five other conventions happening: ComicFest. HorrorFest offers three days of horror programming with several films. Finally. HorrorFest. has over 2000 square feet dedicated to gaming and game tournaments. musicians. No matter what kind of nerd you are. and more. ComicFest is one of the largest sub cons and is held next door. At ComicFest. HorrorFest has many guests including classic horror film actors and actresses such as Dee Wallace. DigiFest. You can also pay a reduced price for single day entrance. After Friday’s early start. the Federation Ball. or entrance into just one of the several conventions. will explore digital animation in film. artists. and RoboFest. game. this is one weekend you won’t want to miss. this convention has something for you. There are several smaller sub-conventions that take place during the StarFest Entertainment Convention. Saturday is the biggest day of the That night. and every sub convention has events running throughout the day.April 20th marks the return of one of Colorado’s largest conventions. games. GameFest. For those wanting to partake in the other festivities that day. you should be able to find something to enjoy at StarFest and a ticket price that can accommodate your wallet. everything robots is welcome. Events kick off at 6am on the twentieth at the Denver Tech Center with MediaFest. a chance for cosplayers to show off their outfits to the media. I mean StarFest. You can find more information and purchase tickets at Starland. Each individual convention offers a plethora of available activities and guests. 59 . Friday’s events don’t really get going until 5pm and there is the entire weekend to enjoy. Saturday’s festivities end with a Star Trek themed dance. There is an impressive array of celebrity guests attending this year’s StarFest. GameFest. RoboFest sounds self-explanatory enough.

 I had heard you said to go ahead and remove them to hopefully re-grow til the end of the season. the UNINTENDED EARLY FLOWERING To prevent early flowering the dark cycle was interrupted in the middle of the night.. What should I do? Ed: There are three reasons why plants may start to flower early. (continued on page 62) 60 .When some varieties of seedlings or clones are grown under continuous light or a long light cycle such as 20 hours daily and then placed outdoors where they receive only 14-15 hours of light. Plants with this problem usually readjust to vegetative growth after a few weeks. The first is that the plants were placed outdoors while there was still a dark period long enough to force flowering. the change of light cycle is enough to trigger a flowering response even if the variety usually doesn’t flower under a 9 or 10 hour dark period. and Mediterranean Europe including Spain and Italy. This forces them into flowering. to keep the plants in vegetative growth. because the dark period is too long.  They are pretty small but very sticky. go back to vegetative cycle and then flower normally in the fall. as the buds have formed on the stalk. March or April. The second cause might be that there was a dramatic change in the lighting environment. The third is that the plants are receiving a critical amount of darkness that is enough to force the variety to flower. the plants receive a little less than 12 hours of darkness. My question is how to remove them .S. Some indicas continue to flower and never re-vegetate. Varieties differ in the number of hours of darkness needed to initiate flowering.there is no stem to snip off at the base of the bud.  I’ve not seen this before. excluding some indicas. These early season plants were hit with fluorescents for a brief period late each night until they were placed in flowering. even in mid-summer.When plants are placed outdoors early in the season. The solution for this problem is the same no matter what the cause. Early maturing varieties often require as few as 8 or 9 hours of uninterrupted darkness daily to force flowering. there is still a long enough dark period to force flowering. indica and indica-sativa hybrids flower very early. In lower latitude areas such as southern California and other areas in the lower tier of the U.UNINTENDED EARLY FLOWERING Julie (Internet): I’m growing outdoors and some of the clones seem a bit retarded. the first day of spring. resulting in small plants. Instead they are forced into flowering. On March 22. As the days get longer most varieties. they are coming straight out of the stalk.

61 .

You may be also able to support the growth by tying the branches to the greenhouse structure. The underbrush of tall plants. Choose a planting mix recommended at an indoor grow shop 62 . with 32 plants in it. their metabolism is affected by the temperature. It was a mix of sativas and indicas. and then go into flowering? Ed: If you were growing a sativa-indica hybrid the plant would resist flowering until mid-August. nutrients and CO2— are abundant. Holland): I have 5 plants in pots in my greenhouse that have reached it’s ceiling. the growth rate will increase considerably when you raise the temperature to about 80 to 85 degrees. the darkness countdown is restarted from zero. one per container. shading them and thwarting their growth.Are my three weeks into flowering cycle plants in danger or will they be OK? What if the light timer has been doing this for weeks? Ed: If the light interruption happened only once it will have little or no effect on the flowers. you can stop using a light-break in mid-May. Use a surface temperature thermometer to read the temperature.dark period must be interrupted. My harvest was only 8 ounces.S. Imagine that the light is like a water spray that must reach all parts of the plant. So plants in a garden need not be tall but should be wide.Another reason the yield might be low is the varieties of plants that you grew. As far as temperature is concerned. When the dark period is interrupted by light for even a few moments. How tall should the plants be when I change the light cycle to flower? My plants are about 6 feet tall now and really bushy. If the timer had messed up regularly the flowers would appear stressed. If I plant seedlings outdoors in the middle of July how big a yield can I expect to receive from a plant that normally yields 400 grams in ideal conditions? Would the plants stay in vegetative state for 30 days. When light hits a solid surface such as a leaf it is absorbed and cannot be used again. row plants that have similar growth characteristics. plants function in much the same way as cold-blooded animals. only producing a few ounces per plant. They may remain fairly small. water. Hermaphroditism also sometimes occurs. The light only has to contact it for a brief moment. so I’m afraid it’s too late to top or bend the stems. England): I have 17 feet of grow space between the plant medium and the light. Then maintain the leaf temperature at about 85 degrees by adjusting the room temperature. What should I do? Ed: Letting the buds crash into the roof of the greenhouse will create a moisture crisis that will result in mold plaguing your plants. The plants will fill in the rest of the area during flowering. plants’ rate of metabolism and photosynthesis is slow even if all other conditions—light.): I live in the Midwest. Even at this late point bend the stems and then support the bends or creases with dowels or bamboo stakes so they stay upright. What is really important is that the whole garden area is covered with canopy. U. Choose the healthiest.S. When the temperature is cool. LATE PLANTING Kelly (Wisconsin. Since you were growing a garden of mixed sativas and indicas.A. By that time it should grow large enough to produce three to four ounces of bud if it can survive the weather to maturity in mid-October. They have started to flower. They would be loose and stretched and might have an odd appearance. Can I grow all the clones in the tray? What should I do? Ed: Your tray can hold between 36 and 48 6-inch planting containers. With the high light and high CO2 conditions in your garden. Indicas growing in low latitudes require the light-break until they are ready to be forced to flower. I used a 600-watt HPS lamp on a Light Rail. the sativas may have towered over the indicas. which receive little light.): I had a 3 foot by six foot white flood tray with a 35 gallon reservoir. Ed: Height doesn’t matter. WHEN TO FLOWER INDOORS Keith (Norwich. If the plants are coming from a continuous light environment they will need the light for about a month before they adjust to the new environment. We had a ventilation setup and CO2 hooked up with a timer. The temperature was kept at 72 degrees and humidity at 50 percent. and then reset the timer to the correct hours. Indica and indica-sativa hybrids begin to flower in early August and will be ready in late September. Try to open up the space to light as you manipulate the plants so that as much bud as possible receives direct light.A. is not productive so why grow them? Force the plants to flower when looking down at the canopy. That’s an approximation. How can I increase my yield? Ed: Part of the reason that the plants had a low yield is that their growth rate was slowed because of the low temperature. The light came on early and I turned it off. Spain): I was just given a 1000-watt HPS light. I think that that the light mishap was an anomaly TINY PLANTS Camille (valencia. If the buds appear normal. LOW YIELD Oscar (U. a 4 square foot tray and a tray with about 60 clones. most vigorous plants to transplant. If the plants flowered because they were placed out too early in the season. TOO TALL FOR GREENHOUSE Ann Spot (Rotterdam. you find that it covers about 2/3 of the garden surface. until mid-August. For best yields. Use a warm-white fluorescent or high-pressure sodium (HPS) light. MESSED UP TIMER Angela (Internet): The power went out during night-cycle.

Best of Ask Ed: Your Marijuana Questions Answered. To get the extra killing power of the spice oils soak the powder in about 2 ounces of vodka for a few hours before adding the water. turning it into a mummified skeleton. der soaked in a quart of lukewarm water for six hours. Herbal based pesticides such as ER’s Zero Tolerance and other brands eliminate aphids. The yields in descending order were Three. lays a single egg inside an aphid nymph.along with a complete vegetative fertilizer. As a result the plants are ready to force flowering sooner and more buds are produced. increasing both the yield over a single plant and decreasing total growth time. Topped and Uncut. Seven to nine weeks after initiating flowering the buds will ripen. There are other advantages as well. that the ants carry back to the colony. -------------------------Readers can submit questions to: Ask Ed 4096 Piedmont Ave. Grow the plants for about two weeks under continuous light from the HPS. Ants are repelled and killed by the cinnamon and cloves. CA 94611 USA. What will happen? Will they thrive healthfully as long as there is  a good medium and nutrient solution or should I use only one plant per pot? Ed: Two plants growing in a 5-gallon container usually have a higher yield than a single plant. Apply “flowering formula” fertilizer as directed. Sorry. You can make a water solution using one rounded tablespoon of a combination of cinnamon and clove pow- 63 . Uncut. termed “honeydew. A single wasp can lay more than 300 eggs over its lifespan. A tiny solitary wasp. With two plants the 5-gallon is covered faster because each plant has less space to fill. usually imoclad. aphidius coleman. Aphids are often herded by ants for their high sugar exudates. They are leaving behind exoskeletons visible in the picture of the leaf. You can strain the mixture. The oils dissolve in the alcohol. Your plants are under attack by aphids. You can also Email Ed: asked420@gmail. Ant stakes and ant baits contain minute amounts of poisons. The minute amount of poison is so targeted it is considered safe. TWO PLANTS PER BUCKET david R. Eventually. Suite 268 Piedmont. the two plants fill the area more completely than a single plant.Pyrethrum is a natural pesticide derived from plant flowers found in some commercial insecticides and anticides. Follow directions for use. turn the light down to 12 hours and keep the plants in total uninterrupted darkness during this period. (Internet): I am thinking of setting up a  small four-plant wick system in a small crawl space under the stairs and I was thinking about putting two plants per 5-gallon All questions featured in the Ask Ed column will be rewarded with a copy of Ed’s book. When the plants have grown up so they are almost touching each other. The larva spends its life feasting inside the nymph. Ed cannot send personal replies to your questions. APHIDS Aphids covering a branch. How should I respond to this problem? Ed: Your identification is correct. California): I found aphids colonizing my grow room. or three uncut plants per bucket instead of a single plant. Adults feed on aphid honeydew. resulting in community poisoning.” If this is the situation you must eliminate the ants to get rid of the aphids. APHIDS Connor (San francisco. TWO PLANTS PER BUCKET In this experiment plants were treated in one of three ways: Topped. but you can also use it with the powders. When it matures it pops out “alien” style and is soon mature enough to mate and start laying.

Anecdotally. Mendo Purps. Patients with asthma. broad-spectrum antibiotic (even against MRSA. is about as cutting edge as it gets – with some of these results being seen for the first time in just the last few weeks. Purple Erkle. making it a potential treatment for patients with recurring respiratory infections. but in terms of a full cannabis chemotype that takes into account every medically active compound in the plant. and provides a number of important medical utilities including anti-inflammatory. antibiotic and bronchiodialation effects. perhaps alleviating or eliminating potential memory hiccups in certain cannabis patients. In the second installment. no doubt rich with pinene as well. but especially for those with respiratory ailments. we looked at how growers and breeders can use smell identification to isolate and select for strains that enhance or combine certain terpenes. which has been shown to aid memory. as promised for our exciting conclusion .elcome back to our journey down the rabbit hole of how smell compounds. Pinene is also a potent. For patients looking for anti-depressant 64 . is the compound responsible for the smell of pine trees. sedative. contribute to the effects of cannabinoids in medical marijuana. THE PURPLES – LINALOOL – gRAPE CONNECTION Many purple varieties such as Granddaddy Purple. Linalool is found in large quantities in lavender and grapes as well (hence the association already in place on some of these strain names). Recently. Linalool is a terpene with potent anti-anxiety. including terpenes. PININg fOR PINENE? TRy SOME bLUE dREAM Pinene is another common terpene found in cannabis and. and analgesic effects. or terpenes. Linalool modulates the same receptor types (GABA) as Zanax. the most common is limonene. the cannabis community is on the verge of being able to grasp the full scope of cannabis medicine – not just in terms of a simple sativa/indica dichotomy or a THC to Cbd ratio.” A cross of a rare sativa known as Cole's Train and the famous but elusive Strawberry Kush. Perhaps the most interesting effect of pinene is it's role as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. as the name would imply. I developed a new variety that I named “Tangerina. high-CBD strains would have more potent analgesic properties than plants that were rich in only one of the two compounds. (Obviously. brought to us by the dedicated folks at SC labs. The analgesic effects are further potentiated by an association with CBD (an “entourage effect”) so high-linalool. could further increase the bronchiodialating effects of cannabis by selecting a particularly “piney” variety to consume in their vaporizer. While there are several compounds that can contribute a citrus smell to plants. researched of the terpenes due to its common use in aromatherapy. On the first leg of our journey. Now. for instance.we'll be looking into specific terpene effects as well as commonly grown varieties of cannabis and their terpene profiles. there are also some very “piney” cuts of OG Kush out there. While it is certainly only the tip of the iceberg. This research. the Tangerina was selected specifically for it's overwhelming sweet-orange smell (and the extremely high levels of limonene that produce it). Grape Ape and Lavender have elevated levels of a terpene called linalool. linalool has anticonvulsant properties and has even been shown to decrease morphine usage in post-surgical patients indicating anti-addiction potential. the use of a vaporizer is preferred for all cannabis patients.” they're potent compounds that patients can use to identify strains that work for them. In addition to its well-established anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects.) Blue Dream typically tests very high in pinene but also contains higher than average levels of linalool as well. Linalool is one of the most LIfT yOUR SPIRITS WITH LIMONENE From Cali Orange to the Lemon Hazes. It's the most widely encountered terpene in nature. growers and smokers alike are often attracted to citrus-scented plants. we looked at how smells aren't just the mark of “designer pot. or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

thanks for constantly bring us new information so we can all be “lifelong learners. As a patient. This is the genetic makeup of the plant and it's characteristics such as stature. (Attn: cannabis breeders . sclabs.) a lock. In addition to being potent. Don't Complete bio and previous articles at www. but no identifiable terpenes. With over 100 terpenes already identified in cannabis and up to 40 at a time present in a single plant. growers could also try to select for a variety with no smell at all. you happen to be in So. Being able to identify and associate terpenes to their effects will help medical cannabis patients more precisely find the exact “key” for their ailment. com). there are still a bunch of people out there who aren't willing to look at the long-established scientific fact that cannabis is effective medicine. Mr. they may want to medicate with a high-linalool purple variety like Purple Erkle or GDP before going to bed to ensure a good night's sleep.” Knowledge really is power. (Let's just say the growers were more excited about a non-smelling strain than the patients. Terpenes can alter the effects of medical cannabis to make each strain more specific to certain symptoms or ailments. the thought of food-related chemistry in cannabis medicine brings to mind that old quote by Hippocrates: “Let thy food be thy medicine.JadeKine. in certain areas. I thank you for opening up a new understanding of my medicine even after a decade of intensive study on the subject. All of them are “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the FDA. It seems like someone somewhere could utilize today's technology to breed strains that lacked caryophyllene oxide to select for a “ghost strain” that even drug dogs couldn't detect. Josh Wurzer and the dedicated staff at SC Labs for pursuing this much needed research in cannabis medicine (and for putting up with me during these articles). Pinene is a strong insect repellant and other common terpenes such as caryophyllene. A plant's “chemotype” is the unique signature of its chemical composition. the limonene that gives it such a delightful sweet-orange flavor also makes the Tangerina extremely resistant to fungal diseases – especially powdery mildew. it's supposed to be “genotype. growers and consumers alike could relax easier if their joint only contained cannabinoids (which don't smell).cannabis. SPECIfIC MEdICINE. Ian Rice. Got a grow question for Jade? Drop him a line at JadeKine@gmail. And on behalf of the medical cannabis Facebook/ Twitter: @JadeKine) Authors Note: I need to take a little space here to say a very sincere thank you to Alec Dixon.a distinct chemical recipe made up of cannabinoids and terpenes in varying the previous sentence again. In one study. an i“I Want the Terpenes to Make Growing the Plants Easier” Ok. but I'd be negligent for getting you all excited about growing the smelliest ganja possible without stressing the importance of proper smell control in your garden.”mmune system regulator. patients suffering from depression may want to try high limonene strains such as the Tangerina in the morning or during the day. In this way. and Mrs. this variety is outstanding. He is also the founder of CannAcademy (www. I've seen them. In the case of the Tangerina. Alternatively. the terpene responsible for identification by drug-sniffing dogs is caryophyllene oxide. it's also important to remember that all of these compounds are flavor and fragrance components that are common to our diets. which typically tops out around 15% THC. but if there is a secondary symptom of sleep issues at night (common in many depression patients). Keep your room and exhaust system tight to keep those smells from leaking out. so a plant could test lower in THC than what people expect but still deliver very effective results (like the GDP. For myself. pinene and nerolidol have antifungal/ antibacterial properties. each variety is like a “key” . the only place that has the Tangerina is MedMar Healing Center located in San Jose.” but whatever). Terpenes in the plants are typically meant to be defense mechanisms against insects and/or pathogens. Limonene also acts as an anti-anxiety agent. Wants-It-All. Readers can find them at www. For instance. 9 out of 12 patients successfully discontinued their anti-depressant medications from citrus fragrance exposure alone. For instance. terpenes and cannabinoids share certain precursors. Some of them even make a living by hunting down flower-smoking patients in a world full of violent criminals. I know.CannAcademy. As a writer. It is also important to recognize that even within a single patient's condition. I thank you for being in the office and taking my calls at 10 o'clock on a weekday night before deadline to bug you with more questions. It's a great example of selecting for an extreme terpene trait that had additional unexpected benefits. each unique individual of cannabis will produce a unique profile of chemical constituents. SAfE MEdICINE As we've seen. but is rich in potent terpenes). Citrus oils and extracts have been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression from simple exposure to the smell in ambient air. What more could you ask for? -Jade Kine (Growers Grove writer Jade Kine is a former greenhouse manager for the medical Cannabis industry with over a million plants worth of experience. we humans are our own distinct biochemical structure – like 65 . a trade school dedicated solely to horticultural training for growers. believe it or not. Also.) Still. there's so much more to cannabis medicine than just THC. they may need several different key types depending on the time of day or symptom type. and even kills breast cancer cells.) WHEN SMELL IS STILL THE ENEMy fINd THE KEy TO yOUR LOCK: THE COMPLETE CANNAbIS CHEMOTyPE Many growers are familiar with the vernacular use of the phrase “phenotype” to refer to different plants within a generation of seeds (technically. sometimes it can be easy to forget. flowering time and general potency. On the flip side. (Since it was just released a month ago. It's the only plant I'd ever call “mildew-proof ” from the ground up.

and it resonates long after first and fifth Das Racist 4/21/12 @ Fox Theatre Don’t be fooled.. Clutch was reinventing the blues sound. be it punk. Even if you don’t. but that was just the start for the Hill. keeping the poetry and social commentary aspects alive whilst injecting a new millennium style of humor and swagger. Their collaborations with bands like Sonic Youth and Rage Against the Machine was a primary spark into the rock/rap hybrid. married to some of the most bustya-shit-open beats your mind ever imagined. topped off with some of the strangest stories you’ll find in any kind of”colfaxave. ( HYPERLINK “http://www. At the end of the day. the week will feature local and national speakers from the music industry during the day and live music each night. restaurants and music venues that featured well-known musicians early in their careers. hard-rocking jams like nobody else dared. Oh yeah. creative. Of course. I’m pretty sure you don’t listen to music. (Pro-rock. and they’re the first notable rappers to proudly talk about the joys of Clutch 4/29/12 @ Boulder Theater Before there were Black Keys. with profoundly insightful. one of the most eclectic and provocative and entertaining groups music has yet to produce. dreamy pop that has the heart and spirit of oldschool Genesis (though they sound nothing like them). as they continued to break new ground with virtually every record they release.a seven-day music event designed to entertain. Even Jack Kerouac wrote about Colfax. 66 .Cypress Hill 4/20/12 @ Ogden Theatre What’s the best way to celebrate 420? It ain’t nothing but the HILL! If you aren’t familiar with Cypress Hill. as they’re also funny as hell. Clutch reigns supreme. (ElectricGuest. Clutch rocked the hell out of the genre like Muddy Waters had started to do. metal. the buzz their debut album has leading up to its release on April 24 is due in no small part to it being produced by Danger Mouse. as well as the next generation of Colorado talent. Either way. When they first came out in the mid 90’ Finally.has been hailed as one of the best hip hop albums of the year. socially-conscious and poetic stories. But they’ve always kept ahead of the curve.” but they kept producing gritty. it can be easily argued that Clutch is one of the primary reasons Blues has stayed alive and strong.. It’s for a long time been considered the real mecca for artists between LA and the rest of the country. Das Racist hits enough artistic notes to catch anyone off-guard. blending new music into their sound. The Upper Colfax Root 40 MusicFest will be held along historic US Route 40 in the bars. as their music is catchy. (CypressHill.last year’s “Relax”. a musical celebration of the Colfax musical legacy will launch this spring with the introduction of The Upper Colfax Root 40 MusicFest. funky.but that’s LA for you. They’ve been commanding the hip hop world since the late 80’s. with beats that feel like they could be on a Nas record. they’ve created a weird new direction for rap. coveted producer. with a little creative flair in storytelling. Electric Guests is arguably the coolest new band to have taken stage at SXSW this year. at least if you take Rolling Stone and Spin seriously. These guys are realler than events/upper-colfax-root-40-musicfest-2012) Electric Guest 4/25/12 @ Larimer Lounge Some kind of weird. Indeed. Even so. their stoney style and super chill grooves are just a ruse! These guys are some of the most thought-provoking cats in the rap game today. and even successfully toying around with pop.colfaxave. Launching with a free Music EXPO at The Fillmore on April 22. enlighten. they were often dismissed as “stoner rock. Colorado’s music scene is rooted in the rich cultural history of Upper Colfax.4/28/12 @ Colfax from Broadway east to Esplanade (Route 40) From Bob Dylan to Judy Collins. from silly hipsters to stoned-out pimps. but always stayed true to the likes of Mississippi Fred McDowell with their approach. educate and encourage new participation in Colorado’s music and performance community. and as the genre has seen a resurgence. Electric Guest have certainly earned their hype. (DasRacist. and you have to wonder how a band so “new” got their first record helmed by such a First Annual Upper Colfax Root 40 Music Festival 4/22/12 . void of the pretention defining the larger markets. their first proper LP. But also don’t be turned off by their intellectual sarcasm.

Suck It and Seeis one of the funnest albums of the Sepultura: 4/15/12 @ Gothic Theatre School of Seven Bells: 4/16/12 @ Larimer Lounge Lacuna Coil: 4/18/12 @ Summit Music Hall UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival: 4/19/12 . www.kotorimagazine.4/21/12 @ Union Colony Civic Center Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: 4/19/12 @ 1STBANK Center Counting Crows: 4/19/12 @ Paramount Theatre Too $hort: 4/20/12 @ Casselman’s Bar & Venue Nero: 4/24/12 @ Ogden Theatre Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts: 4/25/12 @ The Bitter Bar Snow Patrol: 4/27/12 @ Fillmore Auditorium DrFameus: 4/28/12 @ Larimer Lounge Iwrestledabearonce: 4/29/12 @ Marquis Theater BoomBox: 5/5/12 @ Ogden Theatre Roger Waters: The Wall: 5/7/12 @ Pepsi Center The Brian Jonestown Massacre: 5/8/12 @ Bluebird Theater The Boxer Rebellion: 5/8/12 @ Larimer Lounge Mason Jennings (solo): 5/10/12 @ The Soiled Dove Underground The Fray: 5/11/12 @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre Meshuggah: 5/11/12 @ Ogden Theatre Grandmothers of Invention: 5/13/12 @ Boulder Theater Kottonmouth Kings and Twiztid: 5/15/12 @ Ogden Theatre -Jake McGee is filmmaker and writer. now did you? (ArcticMonkeys. life seemed Portugal. Deer Tick is fun for a quiet evening as well as a night of pounding PBR and tugging on some Green Crack. making both hipsters and real people reminded that music has continued to get better with time. However. but just when you think he’s just another douchebag playing love Deer Tick 5/13/12 @ Bluebird Theater Deer Tick is called “alt-country” by pranksters who want to confuse people about their bluegrass-heavy style of rock. The Man Arctic Monkeys w/ Black Keys 4/30/12. because whatever era you long The Man 5/2/12 @ Ogden Theatre Like one of those fabled acid flashbacks.“In the Mountain In the Cloud”. Deer Tick comes at you with psychedelic jams that betray a punk show them how it’s done in the new age! (Portugaltheman. currently serving the world of arts & culture as the editor in chief of Kotori Magazine. Portugal. This newest album. but they still rock the house. The Man brings a unique take to “psychedelic rock” to the Bay Area. where it all began. but Arctic Monkeys are most certainly their own creation. much like My Morning Jacket. Hailing from the U. Currently touring in support of their newest record. and music seemed less . but you probably didn’t need me to tell you that. their brand of rock occasionally resembles those other Brits.Electric Guest Deer Tick Clutch Black Keys Portugal. Frontman John McCauley writes lyrics as powerful as Conor Oberst. Das Racist Cypress Hill Arctic Monkeys 67 . Portugal. The Man employs sounds and techniques much like David Bowie and The Mothers of Invention. TheBlackKeys. The Man takes you back to a time where fields seemed greener.Portugal. therein lies their brilliance. and Black Keys are pretty awesome too.. Indeed. yet what a modern tone... times were just as nutty and lovely as they are now. 5/1/12 @ 1st Bank Center Arctic Monkeys might be lumped into that wretched “indie” castigation. songs that blast speakers from their stands and lurch the crowd out of their stools. (DeerTickMusic. Oasis.K. but they’re not fooling us. Oh yeah.

tarragon (finely chopped) Directions: Salmon 1. but I can enjoy them without having uncomfortable symptoms. carbonated beverages. Fold over and seal by folding the edges over parsley. I was fortunate to find not one. Without them. a classical French stew with a variety of fresh vegetables. where she too will share her favorite recipes. but today I want to put the spotlight on Chris Carmel. caffeine. Add cream and bubble for a few minutes. I hope you enjoy reading about the great chefs at Simply Pure and their passion for the industry. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a common disorder that affects your large intestine. I hope you enjoy my selection of recipes. it was very important to find quality chefs that shared my passion and vision for the edible industry. The recipes I chose to share with you reflect my French heritage and love for this type of food. Hello to my dedicated Scott with citrus and herbs in your own personal pouch. one of my all time favorite desserts. Serve each salmon with a side of herb sauce About Chef Scott Durrah Scott Durrah is the owner and Executive Chef of 8 Rivers Modern Caribbean Restaurant in Denver. The next recipe is Ratatouille. I would be like Willy Wonka without his Umpalloompas (I hope I spelled it right)! . a fine dining Italian restaurant in the Hotel Monaco here in Denver before becoming one of two chefs who do all the cooking and creations for Simply Pure. Place the salmon with two slices of lemon on top 5. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven Directions: Herb Sauce 1. Cut four 12 inch parchment circles 3. Colorado and has been named 2007 Top of the Town. I graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Denver with my Bachelors of Science in Culinary Nutrition. so people must get tested to find out which foods affect them. great chefs that shared my 68 68 (continued on page 70) . Put stock. abdominal pain and more. making people lives better through cannabis. I realized as a young adult that marijuana helped me a lot with my abdominal pain and appetite caused by IBS. These are things I have to stay away from with IBS. Things like high fat. I love working for Simply Pure and. www. I asked Chris to write a few words about himself and to share a few of his favorite recipes with you this month.Recipes and nutritional advice for pain free and enjoyable living. and even stress can trigger symptoms. It commonly causes cramping. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. then season and throw in the herbs 3. I worked at Panzano. Katelyn Keck is one of them and you will find out more about her in coming Kush issues. white wine and shallots in a pan and simmer until reduced to 5 T 2. bloating. Everyone’s triggers are different. Chef Durrah has also been the focus of CNBC’s “Marijuana USA” AND the NBC Nightly News. French food can be very rich. When I started this business. The following recipes are also classical French. but two. 2008 Best of Denver and 2009 Diner’s Choice. He is also the co-owner of Simply Pure Medicated Edibles and was named Denver’s 2010 Best Medical Marijuana Advocate. STIR IT UP W/ CHEF SCOTT DURRAH Serves 4 4x 7oz Salmon filets ¼ oz Infused oil 1 each Lemon (sliced) Herb Sauce: 1 ¼ cup fish Stock 1/3 cup White wine 2 each Shallots (finely chopped) 1 cup Heavy cream Salmon En Papillote with Herb Sauce Chef Chris Carmel My name is Chris Carmel and I’m one of Simply Pure’s MMJ Chefs. The last recipe I chose was Crepes www. famous for their heavy sauces loaded with butter and cream. chives. This month I am going to introduce to you one of my top chefs that help creates the magic in our kitchen. Preheat oven to 400 F 2. The first recipe Salmon En Papillote is a healthy recipe that steams the fish 4 Tblspn Marijuana. more importantly. Fold each in half and brush with infused oil 4.

69 .

Peel the skin and chop roughly 3. Cook for about a minute then flip. Then add the peppers and cook for another 4 minutes. remove and set aside. Mix the garlic and parsley in at the last minute then serve Crepe Suzette Serves: 6 Crepe Batter: 2 cups All Purpose flour 1 tspn Salt 1 tspn Sugar 2 each Eggs (lightly beaten) 1 2/3 cup Milk 1 Tblspn butter Infused oil for frying Directions: 1. Heat a non-stick pan to a medium-high heat and coat with oil 5. Add the liquor and flambé by tilting towards the flame 5. cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes 4. Then add tomato. Place flour salt and sugar into a bowl 2. Pour in enough batter to coat the bottom of the pan 6. Follow the procedure above 3. Stir in melted butter. then remove from the pan 6. Add tomato paste and cook for 2 minutes 8. Heat oil in a pan and add onions and cook for 5 minutes 4. Score the top of the tomatoes and drop into boiling water for 20 seconds 2. Stir the orange and lemon zest into the crepe batter 2. then serve 70 . Add the butter and shake the pan until it melts. and cook for an additional minute Crepe Suzettes: 2 Tblspn Orange zest 1 Tblspn Lemon zest 1 serving Crepe batter (from above) ½ cup Sugar 1 cup Orange juice 1 Tblspn Orange zest 2 Tblspn brandy 2 Tblspn grand Marnier 2 oz Infused butter/oil Directions: 1. Put the crepes in the pan and spoon the sauce over them 4. Fry the eggplant until lightly browned. 7.Ratatouille Serves: 4 4 Tomatoes 2 Tblspn Infused olive oil 1 large (diced) Onion 1 (diced) Red pepper 1 (diced) yellow pepper 1 (diced) Eggplant 2 (diced) zucchini 1 tspn Tomato paste ½ tspn Sugar 1 each bay leaf 3 sprigs Thyme 2 sprigs basil 1 clove (minced) garlic 1 Tblspn (chopped) Parsley Directions: 1. Mix the eggs and milk with ½ c water and pour slowly into flour 3. sugar. and herbs 9. Cook for an additional 15 minutes 10. Pour in the orange juice and zest and boil for 2 minutes 3. Stack in a pile under foil Directions: Sauce 1. 5. Melt the sugar over a low heat until it browns evenly 2. Fry the zucchini until browned then return everything.

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CO 80910 (719) 630-2137 Apothecare Medicinal Center Discreet Treats Boulder Kush 1750 30th St. CO 80907 (719) 633-7124 1730 W. Colorado Springs. CO 80301 (303) 447-2900 North Boulder Wellness Center Vape Therapeutics 1327 Spruce St. CO 81101 (719) 589-0420 THE GREEN PAGES Boulder Wellness Center 5420 Arapahoe Ave. CO 80303 (303) 449-1905 The Med Shed LivWell 4483 N. Colorado Springs. CO 80301 (720) 287-0645 2593 Airport Rd. Ste 4132 Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs. CO 80907 (719) 531-7079 Briargate Wellness Center Epic Medical Caregiver 3631 Galley Rd. Ste 300 Boulder. Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs. Ste 215 Avon. CO 80513 (970) 344-5060 2101 E. 72 . CO 80915 (719) 573-2262 AVON Green Dream Health Services The Greenest Green A Cut Above Tree Line Premier Dispensary 40801 Hwy 6. CO 80302 (303) 245-9728 All Saints Medical BERTHOUD 435 Mountain Ave... CO 80302 (720) 287-1747 Terrapin Care Station 5370 Manhattan Cir. 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CO 80903 (719) 635-1700 6020 Erin Park. (Sangre de Cristo Inn) Crestone. CO 80904 (719) 203-4592 Provenance Care Todays Health Care Indispensary 6422 N. Colorado Springs. Ste 200 Denver. CO 80907 719-622-6652 Discount Medical Marijuana 2028 E. Denver. Circle Dr.. Colorado Springs. CO 80904 (719) 344-5996 DACONO Dacono Meds 730 Glen Creighton Dr. CO 80918 (719) 266-6699 Alternative Medicine on Capital Hill 1401 Ogden St. Colorado Springs. Denver. Academy Colorado Springs. CO 80206 (303) 355-HERB (4372) Lincoln Herbal 2845 Ore Mill Rd. #10 Colorado Springs. Cucharras St. CO (719) 473-WEED We Grow Colorado. Colorado Ave.MEDS (528-6337) 21 N. Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs. Saint Vrain St. Colorado Springs CO. Ste 106 Colorado Springs.

. Denver.THE GREEN PAGES Pure Medical Dispensary 1133 Bannock St. Ste 100 Denver. CO 80211 (720) 945-9543 Kushism DENVER DOWNTOWN ALCC. CO 80204 (303) 534-2600 Natural Remedies Highland Herbal Connections 2209 W. Denver.. CO 80204 (303) 623-3996 MMD of Colorado 2609 Walnut St. Inc. CO 80207 (303) 377-0539 (720) 346-6884 Rocky Mountain Farmacy 3900 E. #102 Denver. 6th Ave. CO 80216 (303) 955-5413 Grassroots Serenity Moon 1529 York St. Denver. Federal Blvd Denver. CO 80220 (303) 333-3644 The Pearl Co. CO 80211 (720) 299-1919 1445 Pearl St. CO 80211 (303) 325-7434 Lodo Wellness Center River Rock Wellness 4935 York St. LLC 2257 Curtis St. CO 80221 (303) 433-0276 Biocare 2899 N. 32 Ave. DENVER EAST Cannacopia 3857 Elm St. CO 80204 (303) 572-9999 990 W. CO 80211 (720) 214-1640 419 W. Ste 420 Denver.Denver 5115 Federal Blvd. Denver. Denver.. CO 80216 (303) 474-4136 3722 Chestnut Pl. CO 80220 (303) 733-9956 1408 N. Denver.. Denver. CO 80214 (303) 996-9922 4379 Tejon St. CO 80205 (303) 736-6550 La Conte’s Flavored Essentials Sense of Healing 1005 N. Denver. Denver. Denver. Ste 105 Denver. CO 80212 (303) 420-6279 Patients Plus Tender Healing Care Plaza de Santa Fe 1355 Santa Fe Dr. #117 Denver. Denver. #9 Denver. CO 80220 (720) 318-3275 1444 Wazee St. CO 80204 (303) 825-3314 1719 Emerson” brought to you by kushmagazine. Denver. CO 80202 (303) 953-0884 Verde Dispensary 5101 E. 50th Ave. Unit B Denver. CO 80220 (720) 389-9002 4625 E. Federal Blvd Denver. CO 80216 (303) 292-3683 Heartland Pharmacy 3950 N. CO 80212 (303) 742-0420 The House of Greens 3937 W. Denver. CO 80212 (303) 455-0079 3355 W. CO 80205 (303) 623-1900 The Healing Center of Colorado 1452 Poplar St. Denver. CO 80212 (303) 477-5171 Apothecary of Colorado 1730 Blake St. Denver. 48th Ave. CO 80205 (303) 296-3732 Rocky Mountain Farmacy 6302 E. CO 80211 (720) 999-6295 1620 Market St. CO 80216 (303) 297-1657 2527 Federal Blvd Denver. CO 80202 (303) 623-7246 (PAIN) DENVER NORTHWEST Alive Herbal Medicine 4573 Pecos St. CO 80203 (720) 328-4730 Western Remedies 777 Canosa Ct.. Oneida St. Denver. 80202 (303) 862-4164 New Millennium Solutions Timberline Herbal Clinic and Wellness Center 3995 E. CO 80220 (303) 474-4489 Rocky Mountain High 1538 Wazee St. Denver. CO 80216 (303) 355-5090 Cannabis Station 1201 20th St. Denver. Denver. CO 80205 (303) 484-1662 1617 Wazee St. CO 80221 (303) 495-5000 Bryant St Wellness Center 543 Bryant St. Colfax Ave.. Denver. 44th Ave. Denver. #805 Denver. CO 80220 (303) 388-JANE 4493 N. Denver. Ste 115 Denver. Denver. CO 80216 (303) 292-2252 Denco Alternative Medicine 2828 Speer Blvd. CO 80205 (303) 736-9642 424 21st St. MMJ America The Clinic on Colfax DENVER NORTHEAST Golden Meds 4620 Peoria St. CO 80218 (720) 389-9002 Ballpark Holistic Dispensary 2119 Larimer St. CO 80211 (303) 477-0772 Rocky Mountain Wellness Center East 2231 Bruce Randolf St. Denver. Denver. CO 80203 (303) 733-6337 Highland Health TMC Native Roots Apothecary 910 16th St. CO 80216 (303) 295-0232 Grass Roots Health and Wellness 2832 W. Denver. Denver Med Stop 5926 E. 32nd 74 . 38th Ave. Denver. CO 80205 (303) 953-7059 3054 Larimer St. CO 80204 (720) THC-4-THC 745 E. Denver. 13th Ave Denver. Ste F Denver.. LLC Herbal Connections The Grasshopper Alternative Medicine 1728 E. CO 80204 (303) 573-4800 5194 Washington St. 17th Ave. CO 80205 (720) 242-9308 Herb’s Nest LLC Cannabis and Co. Denver. Denver. Colorado Blvd Denver. Colfax Ave. Denver. CO 80205 (303) 297-2273 Summit Wellness 2117 Larimer St. CO 80220 (720) 389-9285 Medicine Man 2727 Bryant St. CO 80211 (303) 317-3537 River Rock Wellness Budding Health 2042 Arapahoe St. Denver. Ste B1 Denver. Denver. CO 80211 (720) 999-6295 The Clinic Capitol Hill Lotus Kindness Medical Cannabis Center 5702 E. Denver. Colfax Ave. 7th Ave. Denver. CO 80218 (303) 388-4677 Mayflower Wellness 1400 Market St. CO 80207 (303) 399-3333 Green Medical Referrals Clinic . CO 80216 (303) 322-0901 Herbal Remedies 5109 W.. Alameda Ave.. Inc. CO 80204 (303) 534-PURE (7873) 975 Federal Blvd Denver. CO 80207 (303) 321-4433 3867 Tennyson St. CO 80211 (303) 455-0810 105 E. Denver. CO 80206 (303) 993-5466 Herbal Care Denver Patients Group 2863 Larimer St. CO 303-736-6850 The Silver Lizard 4571 Ivy St. Washington St. CO 80202 (303) 296-5566 Denverdam Lo Hi Cannabis Club 2511 17th St. Denver.. Denver. Colfax Ave. Denver. CO 80202 (303) 534-5020 2866 N. CO 80205 (303) 297-WEED (9333) 2615 Welton St. CO 80239 (303) 307-4645 4750 Nome St. CO 80216 303-468-6100 2209 W. CO 80216 (303) 308-1111 Local Product of Colorado "Is your listing here? For new listings or corrections please contact us at: info@dailybuds. Speer Blvd. CO 80205 (303) 578-0809 2860 Welton St.Highlands 1716 Boulder St. Ste 420 Denver. CO 80203 (720) 536-5229 Jane Medicals 7380 E. CO 80211 (303) 455-3187 Remedies of the Millennium Botanico. Denver. Colfax Ave. Ste 5W Denver. Denver. CO 80205 (303) 297-3435 DENVER NORTH 3-D: Denver’s Discreet Dispensary 4305 Brighton Blvd Denver. CO 80211 (303) 433-2266 Denver Kush Club Mile High Medicals 4095 Jackson St. Denver Dispensary 4975 Vasquez Blvd Denver. Denver. Denver.. Denver. 38th St. Denver. Denver. CO 80205 (720) 407-8112 Doctors Orders 5068 N. Denver. CO 80220 (303) 573-6337 3955 Oneida St. 2nd floor Denver CO. Denver. Denver. Denver. CO 80211 (720) 855-MEDS (6337) 4320 Tennyson St. CO 80239 (303) 373-0752 Herbal Wellness Center 2647 W. Unit A Denver. Holly Street Denver. 6th Ave. Denver. Denver. Colfax Ave. Colfax Ave. CO 80202 (720) 974-3109 Riverside Wellness. CO 80216 (303) 951-1480 At Home Remedies. CO 80205 (303) 862-7940 Kushism Altitude Organic Medicine .

Inc. CO 80222 (720) 447-3271 DENVER SOUTHWEST SUBURBS 420 Wellness South 2960 S.. CO 80223 (720) 570-2127 "Is your listing here? For new listings or corrections please contact us at: info@dailybuds. Denver. Denver.4YOU Mr. Broadway Denver. Denver.. Oleander Ct. Ste 310 Denver. CO 80211 (303) 656-9697 Grass Roots Organica Altitude Organic Medicine . CO 80210 (303) 862-5169 2262 S. Denver CO 80222 (720) 287-2760 Very Best Medicine (VBM Club) 6853 Leetsdale Dr. Colorado Blvd Denver. Ste 310 Denver. CO 80211 (303) 720-6761 5100 W. CO 80223 (303) 722-3420 The Health Joint 4401 Zenobia St. CO 80210 (720) 536-8965 Patients Choice of Colorado 2251 S. Ste 250B Denver. CO 80211 (303) 477-8888 Colorado Wellness Inc. 111 S. CO 80223 (303) 862-5169 B*GOODS MMJ Apothecary 80 S.. CO 80222 (720) 296-2857 2262 S. Denver. Denver. CO 80209 (303) 484-1181 THC: The Herbal Center 1909 S. CO 80222 (303) 758-9997 5885 E. Ste 1 Denver. CO 80210 (720) 327-5613 1724 S. Wesley Ave. NiceGuys The Greenest Green Denver 2899 N. Denver. CO 80237 (720) 382-5950 2865 S. Federal Blvd Denver. Evans Ave. CO 80210 (303) 728-9962 Rockbrook. Broadway Denver. Denver. CO 80211 (303) 458-LEAF (5323) 2008 Federal Blvd Denver. Ste 200 Denver. Albion St. Mississippi Ave. Broadway Denver CO. Broadway Denver. 38th Ave. Ste 106 Denver. CO 80222 (720) 222-3454 SweetLeaf Compassion Center 5301 Leetsdale Dr. CO 80212 (303) 480-5323 4345 Tennyson St. Broadway Denver. Broadway Denver. Iliff Ave. Pearl St. CO 80210 (720) 877-3562 Green Around You 970 S. Denver CO. CO 80236 (303) 730-0420 Rocky Mountain Caregivers The Clinic on Holly Colorado Wellness Inc. CO 80222 (303) 759-9307 Mile High Remedies The Grasshopper Wellness Center 2243 Federal Blvd Denver. Cedar Ave. CO 80211 (303) 501-2010 Delta 9 Caretakers LLC Wellspring Collective 4155 E. Denver. Denver. Denver. 80222 (303) 758-9114 CannaMart Chronorado Medical 6625 Leetsdale Dr.. CO 80210 (303) 862-5016 285 S. Denver. Oneida 75 . Denver. Colorado Blvd.South 2250 S. Yale Ave. CO 80222 (303) 495-2195 1270 W. Denver. Denver. CO 80222 (303) 756-0595 Bud Cellar 1450 S. CO 80210 (303) 955-1143 BioHealth. CO 80210 (303) 993-5466 Colorado Apothecary & Wellness Center 4025 E. Denver. CO 80210 (303) 997-8413 The Cherry Co. CO 80209 (303) 733-5500 Canna Center 4728 W. CO 80212 (303) 564-1420 3460 W. CO 80222 (303) 736-6597 Buds on Federal 82 S.. Evans Ave. MMC 2215 E. CO 80236 (303) 493-1787 63 W. 32nd Ave. CO 80222 (720) 771-9866 or (720) 542-3022 Vita Meds The Giving Tree of Denver 2707 W. 41st Ave. Broadway Denver.. CO 80210 (303) 722-1156 Universal Herbs 4950 E. CO 80222 (303) 756-1414 The Cannasseur Cannabis 4 Health 1221 S. Broadway Denver. 2057 S. Denver. Denver. Denver. Jewell Ave. Holly St. Speer Blvd. Denver. CO 80210 (720) 570-2127 1568 S. CO 80210 (720) 379-3816 2001 S. Urban Dispensary 2675 W. Ste 216 Denver. CO 80222 (303) 757-4361 The Cure Delta 9 Back to the Garden 1755 S. CO 80211 (303) 455-3187 Evergreen Apothecary DENVER SOUTHEAST Alternative Medicine Of Southeast Denver 6853 Leetsdale Dr. Mississippi Ave. Unit G Denver. Denver. Walking Raven Dispensary 2000 S. 38th Ave. CO 80211 (720) 389-9179 Herbal Alternatives 2560 S. CO 80247 (303) MMJ .THE GREEN PAGES MMJ America 4347 Tennyson St. Denver. Colorado Blvd Denver. Federal Blvd Denver. Ste 4 Denver. Yosemite St. 38th Ave.. CO 80231 (303) 990-WEED (9333) The Wellness Shop Sweet Leaf Inc. Evans Ave. Denver CO. Evans Ave. CO 80224 (303) 756-8888 Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness 1569 S. CO 80212 (303) 339-0116 Botica Del Sol 754 S. CO 80209 (303) 777-9333 GreenLeaf 2280 S. CO 80210 (720) 379-7295 2057 S. Denver. Denver. Logan St. Pennsylvania St. Parker Rd. CO 80209 (303) 200-0565 The Herbal Cure Higher Health 527 E. Denver. Downing St. 4101 E. Madison St. Broadway Denver. Broadway Denver. Alameda Ave. Denver. CO 80222 (303) 419-3896 Wellness Center 330 S. CO 80210 (303) 282-9333 399 Harrison St. CO 80211 (303) 997-7130 Broadway Wellness 1290 S. CO 80212 (303) 433-9333 Ganja Gourmet Pink House Tamarac 3415 S.. Quebec St. Denver. Burnzwell 108 S. University Blvd. CO 80209 (303) 777-5239 Serenity Moon Wellness 2018 S. Pearl St. CO 80224 (720) 941-8872 The Clinic Highlands Colorado Alternative Medicine 2394 S. Denver. Broadway Denver. CO 80210 (720) 542-3437 The Kind Room 1881 S. Dahlia St. Ste 105 Denver. Broadway Denver. CO 80246 (303) 955-8954 Buddies Wellness DENVER SOUTH A Cut Above 1911 S. Colorado Blvd Denver. CO 80231 (303) 337-2229 The Healthy Clone 2777 S. Denver. CO 80209 (303) 399-6337 985 S. Broadway Denver. CO 80223 (303) 736-6999 The Tea Pot Lounge Green Depot Altitude Wellness Center 3435 S. Syracuse St. CO 80219 (303) 955-0070 Zen Cafe Higher Ground. CO 80210 (303) 733-3113 Metro Cannabis Inc. CO 80222 (303) 867-4POT Alameda Wellness Center 183” brought to you by kushmagazine. Broadway Denver. Broadway Denver. CO 80224 (303) 759-7005 A Mile High LLC The ReLeaf Center 2000 W. Denver.. Ste A Denver. Ste 204 Denver.. CO 80224 (303) 284-9075 6200 E. CO 80210 (303) 719-4372 Green Cross Caregivers 1842 S. Ste 323 Denver. CO 80231 (303) 751-7888 2020 S Broadway Denver. Dayton St. Denver. 80222 (303) 756-3762 Sunnyside Alternative Medicine 1406 W. Oneida St.. CO 80224 (303) 951-5151 3700 W Quincy Ave. CO 80209 (303) 645-4881 Urban Cannabis 2383 S. CO 80209 (720) 746-9655 CDS University Hills 2777 S. Dahlia St. CO 80231 (303) 221-0331 1479 S. 38th Ave. CO 80223 (720) 475-1983 Tetra Hydro Center 9206 E. #3702 Denver. Denver. Broadway Denver. 32nd St.. Hampden Ave. Unit 18 Denver. Colorado Blvd. CO 80212 (720) 306-8339 5670 E. Denver. CO 80210 (303) 722-1227 1810 S. Denver. Ste 17 Denver. CO 80222 (303) 233-NICE Nature’s Choice 2128 S. Santa Fe Dr. Alameda Ave. Broadway Denver. Broadway Denver. CO 80223 (720) 388-8420 Rocky Mountain Farmacy 2420 S. 80210 (720) 242-8030 Medicinal Oasis 4400 E. Denver. LLC 4380 S. CO 80224 (720) 941-8872 2000 S.

LLC 2070 S. CO 80113 (303) 762-MEDS (6337) 720 Summit Blvd. Glendale. Ste 303 Lakewood. Denver. CO 80524 (970) 221-7100 Pain Management of Colorado 12018 W. Spirit Wellness Clinic 6745 W. Ste 101A Frisco. College Ave. Lakewood. CO 80525 (970) 282-3811 Jane Medicals The Healing House 123 W. CO 80443 (970) 668-MEDS Rocky Mt. CO 80226 (303) 988-5255 FRISCO Bioenergetic Healing Center 842 N. CO 80526 (970) 232-9410 2922 S. CO 80120 (303) 794-3246 2430 W. Fort Collins. CO 80223 (303) 722-2133 IDAHO SPRINGS Mountain Medicinals Wellness Center 1800 Colorado Blvd. Lakewood.. CO 80452 (303) 567-4211 Northern Lights Natural Rx 2045 Sheridan Blvd. 32nd St. Mississippi Ave. College Ave. CO 80226 (303) 934-9750 DURANGO Rocky Mountain High 129 E. CO 80525 (970) 377-9950 Greenwerkz Herbal Remedies 5109 West Alameda Ave. Georgetown. 6th Ave. CO 80228 (303) 945-4966 Kind Meds 936 S. Ste B Edgewater. Arapahoe Rd. CO 80223 (303) 420-MEDS Cannabis Care Wellness Center 227 Jefferson St. Federal Blvd Denver. Unit C Lakewood. Alameda Ave. CO 80214 (303) 238-1253 Little Green Pharmacy 1331 S. CO 80227 (720) 838-1652 DIVIDE J & J Mountain Medicals. Ste A Golden. Federal Blvd. Sheridan Blvd. Colfax Ave. Alameda Ave. Federal Blvd Denver. Ste. CO 80631 (970) 353-2839 Southwest Alternative Care 1940 W. Howes St. CO 80215 (303) 237-KIND(5463) Denver Relief VIP Wellness Center 1850 1 Broadway St.. Glenwood Springs. 2636 Youngfield St. CO 80525 (970) 472-0203 4601 E. CO 80521 (970) 217-0575 346 E. Ste 5 Idaho Springs. Lakewood. CO 80226 (720) 389-5979 4020 S. CO 80817 (303) 578-0809 Mile High Therapeutics EDWARDS Rocky Mountain High 105 Edwards Village Blvd Edwards. Unit A Denver. CO 80026 (303) 665-5599 Rocky Mountain Wellness Center 1630 Carr St. CO 80215 (303) 232-3620 Rocky Mountain Medical 1126 S. Sheridan Blvd Denver. CO 80444 (303) 569-0444 9202 W Alamada Ave Lakewood. CO 80110 (303) 761-9170 LAKEWOOD Compassionate Pain Management 1585 Quail St. CO 80122 (303) 771-1600 Generations Natural Medicine 1701 Kipling St. Littleton. CO 80223 (303) 733-3977 VIP Wellness Center 2949 W. Vance St. Huron St. 25th Ave. Mississippi Ave. Wadsworth Blvd Lakewood. Denver. CO 80246 (303) 565-3600 Kind Pain Management Inc. Unit 13B Lakewood.. CO 80814 (719) 357-9893 Colorado Herbal Remedies 1630 S. CO 80631 (970) 352-4119 2647 8th Ave. Hwy 24 West Divide. CO 80223 (720) 479-8905 Medical Marijuana of the Rockies LITTLETON Blue Sky Care Connection 1449 W... Glen Ave. Ste 1 Denver. B Fort Collins. Jewell Ave. Evans Ave. CO 80401 (303) 278-8870 Pain Management of Colorado 3600 S. Denver. Ste D (Stone House) Fort Collins. Unit B Garden City. Alameda Lakewood. CO 80113 (303) 484-9327 389 Wadsworth Blvd. Ste B Lakewood. Ste 2700 Lafayette. CO 80219 (720) 389-9369 FOUNTAIN Medical Herbs of Fountain 66950 Hwy 85 Fountain. Garden City. Unit G Englewood. CO 80223 (303) 593-2931 Nature’s Kiss Medical Lounge 4332 S. Ste 11 Fort Collins. Glenwood Springs. CO 81601 (970) 366-4600 GOLDEN Golden Alternative Care 807 14th St. Denver. Denver. Denver. Broadway Denver. Lakewood. CO 80214 (303) 274-6495 Rocky Mountain Ways Mile High Dispensary 1350 S. CO 80246 (303) 386-3185 Lakewood Patient Resource Center 7003 W. Boulder Rd. CO 80214 (303) 233-1322 Organic Alternatives Post Modern Health 5660 W. CO 80232 (303) 934-MEDS (6337) 1568 S. Littleton Blvd Littleton. CO 80214 (720) 920-9617 Kind Care of Colorado 6617 S. Mountain Ave. Littleton Blvd. College Ave. CO 80223 (303) 76-KARMA Greenwerkz Medicinal Gardens of Colorado 420 S. Mississippi” brought to you by kushmagazine. Fort Collins. Denver. CO 80524 (970) 214-6626 GLENWOOD SPRINGS Green Medicine Wellness 1030 Grand Ave. CO 80214 (303) 955-5190 Green Door MMJ Center Elite Green Organics 804 S.. CO 80401 (720) 230-9111 New Age Medical 2553 Sheridan Blvd Edgewater. CO 80232 (303) 922-9152 1015 W. CO 80219 (720) 379-3615 1850 S. CO 80443 (970) 668-3514 The Healing House Nature’s Cure 4283 W. CO 80235 (303) 986-5353 Karmaceuticals 4 S. CO 80219 (303) 935-2694 Abundant Healing 351 Linden St. CO 81601 (970) 384-2026 Mind. Santa Fe Dr. CO 80219 (303) 742-0420 EDGEWATER Bud Med Health Centers 2517 Sheridan Blvd Edgewater. Main St. Summit Blvd #13 Frisco. CO 80226 (303) 462-0800 CannaMart Green Meadows Wellness Center 72 E. LLC 11505 U. Broadway Englewood. CO 80214 (303) 736-6366 10712 W. Denver. Littleton. LLC Emerald Pathway Pain Management of Colorado 9114 W..THE GREEN PAGES Denver Patients Center. Fort Collins. CO 80219 (303) 219-6020 FORT COLLINS A Kind Place 123 Drake Rd. CO 80524 (970) 689-3210 Nature’s Best Earth’s Medicine 74 Federal Blvd. Denver. Prince St. Edgewater. Federal Blvd. CO 80219 (720) 542-8513 155 Federal Blvd 76 . Ste B Lakewood. CO 80215 (720) 435-3830 Green Mountain Care 5423 S. CO 80223 (720) 389-6490 GEORGETOWN Clear Creek Wellness Center 1402 Argentine St. Ste C Fort Collins.. CO 80219 (303) 934-9503 ENGLEWOOD Herbal Options 3431 S. CO 80226 303-763-JANE Mother Nature’s Miracle 315 W. College Ave. Ste 104 Lakewood. Body. Ste 106 Littleton. CO 81632 (970) 926-4408 Ka-tet Wellness Services 400 S. Alameda Ave. Fort Collins. Broadway Englewood. CO 80120 (303) 993-7824 The Hemp Center "Is your listing here? For new listings or corrections please contact us at: info@dailybuds. CO 80120 (720) 283-6447 Mile High Dispensary 3751 S.. Durango. Florida Ave. Lakewood. Littleton. Alameda Ave. CO 80219 (303) 993-4451 5840 W. Ste B1 Fort Collins. CO 80120 (303) 862-6571 The Candy Girls Denver. Denver. CO 80226 (303) 922-9479 1391 Carr St. Glendale. CO 81301 (970) 259-3714 Green Tree Medical. Organics Green Earth Wellness Center GARDEN CITY Cloud 9 Caregivers 2506 6th Ave. CO 80214 (303) 647-5210 Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine 511 Orchard Street Golden. CO 80219 (303) 362-1643 3222 S. CO 80524 (970) 482-1451 GLENDALE Kind Love 4380 E. Ste 150 Denver.

CO 80212 (303) 333-3338 PUEBLO WEST Marisol Therapeutics Wellness Center 920 Kimble 110 Snyder St.mdarx. CO 80538 (303) 499-9399 Sunshine Wellness Center 19 N.rockymtnpatientservices. 44th Ave. Ste 5 Denver. Ste 100 Broomfield.. CO 80133 (719) 487-0901 850 Commercial Ln. Ste 4 Colorado Springs. CO 80204 (720) 275-9436 www. #3 Louisville. CO 80027 (720) 389-6313 River Rock Wellness 115 W.. CO 80223 (720) 329-1600 www.. Oneida St. Speer Blvd Denver. CO 80027 (303) 665-5596 Colorado Compassionate Physicians 5030 Boardwalk Dr. Platte River Dr. CO 80210 (720) 532-4744 Herbal Health Systems 1235 Lake Plaza Dr. CO 80224 (877) 420-MEDS Jane Docs The Blueberry Twist Delilah. CO 80909 (877) 420-MEDS Holos Health 3000 Center Green Dr. Federal Relaxed Clarity MOUNTAIN VIEW Medicinal Wellness Center 5430 W. Lone Tree. Ste 100 Boulder. Louisville.. Colorado Springs. CO 81435 (970) 728-8803 1447 Quince St. CO 80909 (719) 591-4201 Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC Red Card District Legal Meds WOODLAND PARK Comfort Care Centers 213 Aspen Garden Way. CO 81435 (970) 239-6039 MMD.. CO 80907 (719) 388-6966 PENROSE Maggie’s Farm 880 Marilyn Rd. CO 81007 (330) 703-7500 NatuRx MONTROSE ColoMed Center 4860 N. Telluride. Loveland. 37th Pl. CO 80303 (303) 237-1223 or (877) 304-HERB 1014 Eagleridge Blvd. CO 81401 (970) 252-8880 10107 W. Longmont. Ste A Boulder. Telluride. CO 81007 (719) 547-4000 or (800) 584-MARI (6274) DOCTORS Access: Pro MDs 2709 N. CO 80203 (303) 962-9522 www. Broadway. Compassionate Pain Management 1116-7 W. Wheat Ridge.. Ste 250 Denver. CO 80233 (303) 974-5966 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS Aloha’s Medical Marijuana Center 21600 US Hwy 40 Milner. CO 80235 (303) 625-4012 Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC 9233 Park Meadows Dr. CO 80203 (303) 586-1200 70 N. LLC PALMER LAKE Mile High Holistics 626 Hwy 105 Palmer Lake. Townsend Ave. Ste 45 Colorado Springs. CO 80133 (719) 488-9900 PENROSE 753 Vance Dr. 112th Ave. Longmont. Wadsworth Blvd Unit B Lakewood. Ste 202 Denver.. Telluride. CO 80033 (303) 420-PAIN (7246) 3431 S. CO 80303 (303) 284-7154 www. CO 81008 (719) 544-0009 1006 Depot Hill CannaLicense The Green Solution Alternative Medicine 470 Malley Drive NorthGlen . Tennessee Ave. CO 81435 (970) 728-4325 395 E. Denver. CO 80487 (970) 875-0420 (970) 846-7490 Boulder Compassionate Care 5330 Manhattan Cir. Ste 221 Colorado Springs. Mountain View. CO 80220 (303) 993-3295 CannaMed USA 650 2nd Ave..rockymtnpatientservices. CO 81526 (970) 424-5844 TELLURIDE Alpine Wellness 300 W. CO 80224 (303) 835-7378 or (855) MMJ-CARD www. Wesley Ave. Ste 290 Denver. Ste B Longmont. CO 80222 (303) 237-1223 or (877) 304-HERB 2995 Baseline Rd.MMJdr.. Dillon Rd. Colorado Springs. #350 Denver. Ste 306 Denver. Northglenn. CO 80211 (303) 955-2742 www. CO 80233 303-990-9723 2250 S. Unit A7 Northglenn. Federal Blvd. Nederland. Ste 130 Boulder. CO 80206 (303) 625-4012 Grass Roots Medical Clinic Rocky Mountain Patient Services SALIDA Medical 420 7595 West Hwy 50 Salida. Unit 3 Denver. CO 80466 (303) 258-TREE All Colorado Medical Doctors 1624 Market St. Denver.. CO 81008 (303) 237-1223 or (877) 304-HERB (4372) 8020 N. Ste 112 Boulder. CO 80497 (970) 468-7858 Amarimed NORTHGLENN Botana Care 11450 Cherokee St. Federal Blvd. Unit F Englewood. Colorado Ave... Pueblo West. Pueblo.rockymtnpatientservices.The Medical Marijuana Doctors Palmer Lake Wellness Center Cannaqual Clinic 600 Grant Herbal Health Systems Rocky Mountain Patient Services 4101 E. CO 80110 (303) 625-4012 OMM Alternative A MMJ Evaluation Center 3611 Galley Rd. Lincoln Ave. CO 80504 (303) 772-7188 725 Main St. Nederland.. CO 80302 (720) 273-3568 CannaMed USA 6855 Leetsdale Dr. Tejon St. Unit B Palisade. CO 80301 (877) 420-MEDS Herbal Health Systems Rocky Mountain Patient Services 2995 Baseline Rd. CO 81006 (719) 225-8747 3600 S. CO 80501 (877) 420-MEDS LOUISVILLE AlterMeds 1156 W. CO 80501 (303) 651-7842 PALISADE Colorado Alternative Health Care 125 Peach Ave. Colorado Ave. CO 80124 (303) 635-4012 2960 S. CO 80303 (303) 554-2004 Rocky Mountain Patient Services Herbal Health Systems 3357 W. CO 80203 (303) 309-6704 or (720) 287-3440 Telluride Bud Company 6795 E. CO 80487 (970) 871-2768 CannaMed USA 1750 30th St. Loveland. Rocky Mountain Remedies 2750 Downhill Plaza #205 Steamboat Springs. 202 Silverthorne.rockymtnpatientservices. Penrose. Unit 5 Denver. CO 80303 (303) 499-9399 1635 Foxtrail Dr. CO 81240 (719) 372-1014 WHEAT RIDGE CDS Wheat Ridge 4045 Wadsworth Blvd #270 Wheat Ridge. CO 80211 (720) 621-2251 www. 38th Ave. Palmer Physician Preferred Products 2100” brought to you by kushmagazine. Ste 211 Boulder. CO 80033 (303) 495-2195 New Leaf Wellness 1325 Broadway. CO 80234 (303) 254-4200 Dr.LLC 77 . Louisiana. CO 80466 (303) 258-7703 Rocky Mountain Patient Services SILVERTHORNE High Country Healing 191 Blue River Pkwy Ste. CO 81435 (970) 728-1834 CannaMed USA 2935 Galley Rd. Boulder. Alan Shackelford 2257 S Broadway Denver.. Ste 2 Woodland Park. CO 80537 (303) 578-0809 Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC PUEBLO Inthebowl.. CO 81201 (719) 214-9515 All Colorado Medical Doctors VIP Wellness Health Star Medical Evaluation Clinic 710 E. Denver. Dillon Rd. CO 80224 (303) 690-4882 Mobile Doctors of America 405 S. First St. Ste 100 Denver. Elizabeth St. Telluride. CO 80020 (970) 412-5955 GrassRoots Medical Clinic 4450 Arapahoe Ave. CO 80302 (303) 408-9122 LOVELAND Smithstonian 123 N. CO 80863 (719) 686-8144 1805 Sante Fe Dr. CO 80903 (303) 237-1223 or (877) 304-HERB (4372) 4101 E.THE GREEN PAGES LONGMONT Green Tree Medicinal 12625 North 107 "Is your listing here? For new listings or corrections please contact us at: info@dailybuds.rockymtnpatientservices. Unit 112 Boulder.cannalicense. CO 80905 (719) 632-6192 NEDERLAND Tree of Life 1 W. Colorado Ave. CO 80202 (303) 625-4012 44 Cook St. CO 80236 (720) 249-8985 www. Ste D Pueblo. Montrose. Unit 410 Denver.

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Denver.THE GREEN PAGES Rocky Mountain Patient Services Smoking Lowell 2949 W.. Chambers Way to Grow Heads of State 9715 W. CO 80210 (303) 282-0034 Grow Plants America 2000 S. Ste 250B Denver. Chambers Rd. CO 80202 (720) 974-1880 Gibby’s Aurora Herbal Daze Smoke Shop 6525 N. Wild Flour Medical Edibles P. CO 80250 (720) 470-0334 www. CO 80222 (303) 300-CHEW Emergency Room 6670 Elvas Ave. Way to Grow AzaSol Hygrow Indoor Gardening Supplies 6271 Beach St. CO 80216 720-315-1007 "Is your listing here? For new listings or corrections please contact us at: info@dailybuds. Academy Blvd Colorado Springs. Aurora. Ste 214 Boulder. Box 102526 Denver. The Trimmer Store Buddha’s & Goudha’s Enlightened Smoke Shop 2009 13th St. CO 80631 (970) 353-9737 GrowBot.cultivatecolorado. Denver. CO 80226 (303) 985-2113 6091 78 .com Tastee Yummees www. Ste 3 Broomfield. Colfax 6400 Stapleton 1886 W.. CO 80260 (303) 426-4993 www. Sacramento. CO 80221 (303) 427-1445 42 S. 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CA 95819 (916) 452-1912 www. 92nd Ave. CO 80215 (303) 202-9400 Boulder Hydroponic and Organic Center 1630 N.organicmedicaledibles.cheebachews. 63rd. CO 80206 303-733-1299 www. 44th Ave. CO 80226 (303) 935-GROW Way to Grow High Fashion Glass Nick’s Garden Center 2001 S. (888) 391-4522 (949) 226-4468 www. CO 80301 (303) 473-4769 www. Lakewood. Havana 4986 Lowell Blvd Unit A 2139 (303) 242-6643 sales@cannapunch. CO 80014 (303) 696-6657 www. CO (720) 328-5164 Cheeba Chews Dazys www. CO (303) 954-9897 www. CO 80452 (303) 567-2514 Green Mountain Harvest and Trim Company P. Greeley. Federal Heights. CO 80918 (719) 599-0066 Ganja Gourmet Wholesale 1810 S. CO (303) 415-0045 www. CO 80210 (303) 282-9333 The Gold Mine Smoke Shop 1800 Colorado Blvd Idaho Springs. CO (720) 420-7599 www. Unit 2 Denver.cultivatecolorado.waytogrow. Alameda Ave. Unit 10A Broomfield. CO 80302 (303) 444-3355 Mari-gro (303) 818-0083 575 St.. 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Everyone was so uncomfortable with the heat that the flapping of programs was a constant underlying symphony. 5 Lesbians starts with a jolt as the cast members stream through the aisles conversing with the audience. original piece of theatre with some surprising twists and turns. 5 Lesbians could have told a fuller story. With two acts. pulls a fork out of her blouse. 5 Lesbians is still an enjoyable show. Anthony group for women. demean past officers. however. 82 . Whether or not they were directed to do so remains unclear. it is assumed that the temperature problems have been fixed. A particular instance is when Laurie Lynch. follow her on Twitter @UpsaleJane. and the subject material alone is enough to see the production. and look forward to the annual quiche judgment and tasting. The production never dips too low into the dramatic. Even with the sweltering heat. did have its advantages. some characters have little to no resolve with their personal storylines. The pacing was kept at an even tempo. During the assembly. The run-time is 90 minutes with no intermission. presented by the Boulder Square Product Theatre Company and directed by Rebecca Easton. the lesbians swoon over one another. While the plot has a beginning. Enter the five lesbians. 5 Lesbians is a short show. To read the other adventures of The Blunt Critic. and women are still anticipated to stay at home and cook. while other huge open-ended questions are never answered. and end. and the show would have felt more complete with two separate acts. 5 Lesbians is still an interesting. and the attraction between the women was authentic and palpable. 5 Lesbians takes place at a meeting of the Susan B. Lesbians is a quirky tale of love and desperation. For more information or to buy tickets. 5 Lesbians could have been one of the year’s best productions. some of the actors were just trying too hard. even with the bombs going off – but herein lies the problem. speaking to the audience as a whole and as individuals. The short-run time. This practice continues throughout the whole play as the cast breaks the fourth wall over and over. middle. who plays Wren Robin. The venue where 5 Lesbians performed in was so stuffy that the audience could see sweat shining on the actor’s who are high-ranking members of the Susan B. Who would not want to see five lesbians eating a quiche? Square Product Theatre’s 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche has much potential. 5 Lesbians is a roller-coaster ride of laughs. With a longer script and looser grip on the humor. Hopefully. The lovely cast of five females are indeed revealed to be lesbians throughout the play.The B by Bob lunt Critic bi Goldne r hen seeing 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche. However. 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche is set in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War. and boy do they eat their quiche. you get exactly what you pay for. and the five ladies must regain their bearings in a post-apocalyptic world. Since this performance was only a preview. but the short-run time and lacking source material only dampen what could have been a standout production. Anthony group. With that being said. 5 Lesbians Eating Quiche performs through April 28th at The Wesley Chapel in Boulder. While much of 5 Lesbians is inherently funny. Nuclear warfare is expected and drilled for. but humor goes a long way when it looks and sounds effortless.squareproducttheatre. please visit the Square Product Theatre website at www. McCarthyism is rampant. There are numerous moments where the audience was guffawing. and that is where it stays for its entirety. their delectable snack-time is interrupted by nuclear fall-out. CO. Lynch’s reactions and facial expressions are so exaggerated that it crosses into unbelievable. Overall. As stated before.

Regardless. this variety is a good choice. the eyes begin to burn with medication. Banana's light green coloration is made even lighter due to the carpet of trichomes covering its surfaces.if you don't like to cough. with a mild effect in the "euphoric Indica" category. which has a soft and floral fruit aroma in the jar but develops into a sweet and tangy banana taffy-like smell when broken apart. but perhaps is one of the parents of that more common can medicate with this one before bed and not be kept up. Banana's effect is versatile because it neither increases nor decreases the energy level. 83 . transitioning into a state where the body buzzes with a relaxing energy and the head feels pleasantly cloudy without the effects being overtly heavy. California. but rather a pleasant one that will find a place in the hearts of lovers of fruity strains. It's not a super-pungent variety. Flavor: The banana elements from the aroma come through in the early hits. Many believe that this particular cut came from OrgnKid (source of the Ghost's OG Kush and many other extremely rare clone varieties) and was also known as "Sag's 60/40". but can also get into it in the morning without feeling the urge to head back to bed. Banana is not Banana Kush. Appearance: With very frosty guard leaves. Scent: The inspiration for this plant's name is made most clear in the aroma. with moderate expansion -. The leaf coverage this plant has makes the smoke a bit thick at times. instead just making the user's natural state more enjoyable and positive -. but it remains smooth and enjoyable.Banana Indica-dominant hybrid Genetics: Unconfirmed lineage Geographic Origin: San Fernando Valley. A social and happy strain. as these heady early effects recede somewhat quickly. which was a possible Sagarmatha Seeds mixed pack release by Gypsy Nirvana. Banana's rounded nugs are not particularly dense. this variety is very resinous and has a distinctive banana taffy aroma and flavor. but the flavor overall is light and a bit ethereal. Effects: Two or three hits into a normal dosage. with eyelids drooping and facial pressure increasing quite a bit. USA Seed Company/Clone: Clone only A somewhat mysterious strain which has been available in the California medical scene for 7+ years. feeling light in the hand yet breaking up into a kief-laden fluffy pile. This strong start is a bit deceiving though.

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The duration of the treatment application is generally 1-2 hours depending on body weight. and other tissues home to the body’s immune and motor-control systems. and tolerance levels. or anxiety. March 2011. these seeds followed the friends. From there. congestion. CBDs have breed out over the years making it quite rare to have a CBD percentage that meets or exceeds THC percentage. glandular tissue.KUSH STRAIN STORIES INTERESTING TRAITS OF SOUR TSUNAMI II : THE CBD CYCLONE Strain Name: Sour Tsunami II Crosses: Albion (Double) Sour Diesel x Tsunami F1s: Ferrari OG. and nausea. Interesting Traits: Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many therapeutic compounds naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. evergreen finish.. CBDs have also been shown to relieve convulsions. Additional medical applications include spastic conditions such as multiple sclerosis. inflammation. and leukemia cells. Humboldt County. The onset of medicinal affect is generally 5-10 minutes with standard inhalation delivery systems. neuronal. cancer.89% CBN: 1%.. and mood & digestive disorders. and Tourette’s syndrome. the new clone bearing phans traveled with the young plants back to New York City. who. chronic pain. in Colorado. New York Diesel Land of Origin: Middle East. Or so the story goes. metabolism. Once on the East Coast. . Once Cannabidiol interacts with the Cb2 receptors in these tissues. why. 60% Sativa Development: Lawrence Ringo of The Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. 88 In the human body. With its limited cerebral affect. there are at least two types of cannabinoid receptor sites. and how this strain came into existence. As the story goes. Depending on where you are and whom you talk to.75% CBD: 14. To simplify. epilepsy. Through the efforts of selective breeding and careful strain stabilization techniques.Cbds help your body heal itself. and then passed along to fellow travelling jam band fans. when. cloned. and Cb2 receptors activate the immune system and peripheral tissues such as nociceptors (pain receptors). where they decided that The Diesel was a much more fitting name. and endocrine signals that communicate with the body on how to respond to a given stimulus. As most strain hounds know. what the local growers called Chem Dawg. muscle fibers. and even the delicate tissues of the digestive tract. endocrine organs. where. Typically Cannabidiols gravitate to the Cb2 receptors . cough. As Grateful Dead Tours often progress. Cb1 (Central Nervous System Receptors) and Cb2 (Peripheral Nervous System Receptors). Weather it be pain. this time of the Phish variety. following the music. the Sour Tsunami II plant has one of the highest naturally occurring CBD percentages ever tested in cannabis flower. spinal cord. South America Testing Profile: THC: 9. there is a healthy and long standing debate surrounding the what.. Sour Diesel: The Epic Tale: Sour Diesel is a living legend and has the mythical and undocumented past to prove it. with the Grateful Dead and a bag of potent indica flowers that found its way into a group of savvy concertgoers hands. Furthermore. and is known to be a non-psychotropic substance. breast cancer cells. anxiety. nausea.. Therapeutic Benefits: The high concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD) within Sour Tsunami II can help reduce body inflammation. CANNLabs Tested Dominance: 40% Indica. recent research has shown that CBDs can inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells including gliomas (brain cancer cells). height. California Smoking Experience: The initial taste of the Sour Tsunami II is an earthly full flavored smoke with a piney. Cb1 receptors activate the brain’s messaging system. stomach. these mystery seeds were cultivated. muscle spasms. The Diesel came from a seed found amidst a very special bag of undetermined lineage and genetics. The smoke is both smooth and full with a silky texture. and ended their long strange trip on the East Coast in Massachusetts after the 1991 Grateful Dead Tour. arthritis. neuropathic dysregulation. the receptor cells “unlock” and unleash a cascade of hormonal. some people will tell you it all started here. which are most densely concentrated outside of the brain: in the spleen. Sour Diesel.

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goldencolored flaky/crumbly BHO). making it the most potent smokable medicine available on the market to patients. which serves to strip the trichomes and their medicinal compounds from the plant surface by essentially dissolving them into the gorgeous golden-amber hash oil which results from a proper extraction. then filtering them through flexible micro-screen filtration bags is just the beginning of the labor of love required to product water hash of this quality. as well as the smoking experience. and smaller particulate cover a wide range of micron sizes. Errl. most oily consistency. which is normally of the “full-melt clear dome” variety for the best layers. Platte Valley offers shatter. further blurring the line between oil and water hash. but how it melts. The larger the number (i. this term is applied to the “runs” which result in the product with the lightest color. Chief artist Selecta Nikka T refers to the best examples of his product as “solventless wax”. nail. Platte is a great place to experience world-class extracts at unbeatable prices. leaving behind only a golden oil residue and no type of ash – this quality makes it extremely popular for “dabbing” onto a hot surface (i.” Unlike water hash which only really has a couple of forms (unpressed or pressed). fresh-frozen cannabis trim/buds. Wax) Solventless Wax Made with nothing but water. Whether it’s water hash or BHO. One great feature of the best solventless wax layers is that they can actually be “dabbed” on concentrate pipes such as nails and skillets. trichome stalks. you’ll notice the incredible aromas and flavors present in EE’s products. as they truly have the best of both worlds on offer… so try one or both in several different flavors and find your favorites! Blackberry 70m solventless wax BUYS Budder Grape God Shatter OG 70m Solventless Wax PV Organic Mix Budder 90 . Essential Extracts is a world-class option. potency. and flavors due to changes in the variables. while others really like the easy “dabbability” of the sticky. A big reason for this is Platte’s associations with two of the top extract firms in Colorado. Routinely carrying over 40 varieties of water hash and BHO. 38μ vs. Essential Extracts’ hashes represent a traditional hash-making method performed at an extremely high level. The different consistencies on display at Platte Valley allow patients to try each and see which style they prefer – some patients don’t like working with shatter because it often breaks apart somewhat violently when manipulated (hence the name). offering a veritable rainbow of textures. But for anyone who is worried about residual solvents or those who simply enjoy a more traditional style of extract experience. Budder. and quality.e. Top Shelf Extracts has been producing BHO in Colorado for a couple of years now and have been known and have won several awards for their “budder” (dry. 160μ). BHO should melt away to nothing almost immediately. as the THC percentages of any quality BHO extract will easily surpass 60%. and least amount of non-trichome material – the layers with a more traditional consistency and color are referred to as simply “water hash. including during the $15 and $20 “Wax Wednesday” promotion. These two companies work with dispensaries around the state to process their trim and buds into high-quality cannabis extracts. The particle size is important for several reasons – not only do the trichome heads vary in size to a large degree on any cannabis plant. we wanted to explore the differences between the extracts made by Essential Extracts and Top Shelf Extracts for Platte Valley and get down to the nitty gritty of what makes a world-class extract. price.e. but have recently shifted focus to the “shatter” form of BHO. you can’t go wrong with a stop at Platte Valley Dispensary. skillet. but perhaps some of their best work is done with Platte Valley thanks to their large selection of soil-grown medicine and emphasis on extracts. whether it be water or butane. which regularly creates a line which stretches out the door. consistencies. The biggest difference between BHO and water hash is the fact that the butane is used as a solvent. and cleanliness. a concept that often causes confusion among medical patients. and high-quality. Butane Hash Oil (Shatter. Essential Extracts and Top Shelf Extracts. making a variety of filter bags necessary to produce the best final product. most of which is made from their in-house flowers. which is seen by many as the best combination of flavor. To help our readers arm themselves with the knowledge to take advantage of this great combination of selection. ice. The basic process of cooling trichomes and breaking them away from the plant material via agitation. budder. meaning that there is more of the protein-heavy exterior shell intact compared to BHO – this has big implications not only upon the way the product looks and feels. the different extraction methods used to produce BHO result in wildly different final products. colors. Whether it’s the top-grade solventless wax or regular water hash. An important consideration when purchasing Essential Extracts solventless wax and water hash is the micron grade. and wax made by the Top Shelf crew.Few dispensaries have become as known for their extracts (both quality and selection) as Platte Valley Dispensary in Denver. the larger the particle allowed through the filtration screen. the trichs are simply broken off. or paddle). but the other particles present in a typical extraction such as plant material. In water hash. soft wax consistency… it really is a matter of personal preference.

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Hot off the production line. How about you? Go-Go Ganja Gadgetry 94 . EVEN BETTER: You can cash in on some amazing giveaways. These days he has been focused on taking skills such as drawing and painting and combining them with print making.currently featured is the Five Points Historic series. Amville Organics. designers. it isn’t all about the shoes. and you got ‘em! The Denver Kush Club recently partnered up with local artist ELYSIAN for a limited edition sneaker line. and all the professional teams of Denver: the Nuggets. Michael Ortiz has been creating art since a very young age.” “Blue Diesel. The supply is limited of each design. 2012 at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. you can sit down one on one with the DKC sneaker pimp ELYSIAN for a one-on-one art consultation where she will translate your vision into real live tricked out kicks so special there is only one pair out there.. The Denver Kush Club has something to satisfy your inner gadget guru.LikeMindedProductions. The Vape Pen. exclusively created for DKC by the renowned industry innovator. and the only Bringing the Funk to Footwear As difficult as it is for any woman to admit. collage work. DKC is releasing a Limited Edition Connoisseur shoe line. With customized company graphic shirts. DKC is launching their first hand held vaporizing Denver has one of the fastest growing grassroots arts communities in the United States. With hand-painted craftsmanship and one of a kind designs. promotions. bringing the booty shakin’ beats. Fresher still. Paint Locally If you are a tech guy or gal. and photographers across the nation. and hoodies. graphics and printing. And DKC be keepin’ it fresh every season with local artists putting out limited edition new DKC inspired designs . and producing museum quality work for independent artists. With this Renaissance going on right in their own neighborhood of Five Points.. Threads to Throw Down On that local artist Michael Ortiz found a welcome home at Denver Kush Club. The Vapor will allow you to medicate discreetly and on the go with just the push of a button. so reservations are available and recommended. guarantee is that they will not be around for long. these shoes have a built in shoe-envy button. A multi-media artist. and party favors at Denver Kush Club’s VAPOR Launch Party on April 7th. The Vapor. Ortiz is a member of a local artist collective called Like Minded Productions who specialize in digital media.are all now under one roof at the Denver Kush Club. For more information.” and “Lambs Breath” inspired kicks will make their debut on the Connoisseur Line this month. DKC’s vaporizer allows you to customize your smoking experience with a wide variety of prefilled strain specific cartridges extracted from the very medicine you see on their shelves. Rockies. Fresh meds.Any Coloradoan will tell you: “It’s all about the freshies. If your shoe fetish is a little more on the exclusive side. progressive graphic design and illustration. Method Man and Redman will be there. A Colorado native. with strainspecific graphics! Coming up next: “White Widow. Ortiz regularly showcases his captivatingly colorful and socially provocative productions on the walls of DKC. The shop also carries a host of Flexfit hats with both fitted and snap bill styles sporting designs from all your favorite local teams and artists. Just like their threads and kicks. DKC also carries threads from Upper Playground. brah!” Well now you can kill two joints with one puff by picking up some custom funky-fresh fashions and our favorite kind of flowers all in the same stop. and fresh style. visit www. and the Broncos. DKC will keep your style fresh throughout the year with a wide variety of both girls and guys sizing. hats. it is no surprise Think Globally. fresh gadgets.

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