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This edition supersedes th~ 'WIRING REGULATIONS FOIR ELECTRICAL ~NSTAlLATION AND APPROVED CODE. OF PRACTICE IN DUBArr issued in tine y,ear t 985 by the then DUBAI ELECTRICITY COMPANY, The obiecr qf the HeglJlatlons' is to provide Consultants, Contractors; Wiremen and Consumers with a general .guide 'for compliance with DEW A's requirements for el'ectric lnstallations in order to sa.feguard persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. The Reglulations, however, are not inten:ded to substitute detailed specifications nor to serve as an instruction manual for untrained persons, lit is essential that all Consultants, Contractors' and W'jremen stu G1y and abide by th sse Reg u~ations.Tbis, of co urse, does not abso Ive the 'concerned parties from obtaining, other necessary approvals from

Some of the practices followed generaHy In the AGee Countries have been adapted as appropriate, Re.ferenoes are- generaUy made' to the sixteenth edition of the IEE Wiring !Regulations; British Standards (B8) and lnternatlonal Electr-otechnical Commission (lEG) decurnants .. Oonsideratlcn has been given to the prevention of fire and shock hazards a.s well as proper operation and maintenance of wir-

ing installations and equipment




$ECTION '1,1 1.2. 1,3 1 .4



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~'Iectricity Supply Ambient Conditions Approved Contractors

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W.ork mans hlp . Sta nda rds for eq u i pme nt and rnate ri:a~s
Submission of Drawings Power Factor (P, F.) Correction Under VoltBige {U,V.) Relays Witl1 AutQ·Res~l Timer H arrnorses an d tap id voll~ge I;: halilges . lnspectlon and testing 01 insjallanons Mai,nte nail ce, pe riio.d inspecno n and 1oe5til1 Ie 9 Ex:lens,lqn.g and alteratlons

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SECTION -3 : 3.1 3..2 3.3 General Palm 01 qUpply Tariff Metering


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Cables and Conductors
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Minimum Sil'S of ccnouctors Current ralin'g. size f,l,ndVoltag,e drop
Colou r Identihc.ation

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4.3. 1

Wir]ng lnstallatlons EXPQ"Sed High Temperatures to Wiring· Installations in Hazareous areas Load B:alancing Wiring Accessories and FiUings. Cond uits and F itt i So .



Trunking Cable Trays &. supports Law Voltag.e Switchgeanl.nd Contrel G€lar Asse.mblies Main & Sub-Main lJisttibuti0lr1 Boards Final Distribution a·oardS

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Qrles Segrega.ratus .h~sett~mer .H'. fRAYS&' ACCESSORIES . Maxim"J In derna n~ SECTION 5 : 5_1 EARiHING AND.2 5. 1 II ghtfn g &: s mall power c ltcu its.tionof circuits..ff(1d Acces:s.sways) W~rin 9 systems .iNT~ rN ACCES8pHIES A. 7.o/t_' 1 4.2 5.8.bdtiOIl 80ard 8 6Llsbar trLlnkingsystems (Bu.3 7A 7AJ 7. Ea rth· ContinJJ ity G.2. sta ndby G€i nerators Mo:tJors a nd .ri. EAHTH LEAKAGE PROTECTION 2.7.6 Ap~a. EQU IPME.'2. ~ 2. POWER FACTOH CORR:E:.otildyctor (ECO) Ea rtll U~aka:g€!: PmtedrForIl E~ uip9tentfa. Disch arg@ UgJ1ti ng E:quipment· ·Sa.. UNDEII1 VOLTAGE ·RELAY.~ Ac·cess{)6es Switches Plugs and SOcket~Outle:t$ Coo ke r Cont reI Units..5 COnStH11elr'slE.·CnON CAPACITORS AND. Householc .. 7.4 4.6. 29 -30 8 .l: H .fety allcj Emergency Light FiUingiii Elettric 4.starters As:~e:ssme~(ofoo nnected lo~d arid max .6.J BCln~ing SECTiON 6~: INSTALLATION OF CJ)N'DUJTS.1.2 .7 4._' ArmoU'red Cabl€Js ·.25. lRUNKING.~.3 Dist.3 5A . ~ STALILATION OF CAIE! LES.4.s:· .iii - .6_3 4:6.8 4$9 4. Phases and wil'ing s.ystems Mou!f1ti"ng· heightS:Qf Accessones ' Idel1titiea~ion· Labe~sMd NQtkes SECTION S.6-'019 4..ano similar elec1nicaLappliances' Control: of Wa tsr Heat€! rs Oontrol: of A if ConditiorJ it'lg U r] iti@qulpment Extra Low Voltage Safety Appatah.1 4 .V.7 4.1 4j:i·_2 4.0_5 4.4.10 4.arthing System Consumer's Main Eflrth Electrode.7.5.r~DWIRING SYS'TEMS. 704.. 23 ··25 6-1 K2 TrL!ll~drJg and Condu:lts Cabl'e Trays SECT ION 7 :.:2' Power Factof (P F) Corr~ctl 0 n Unae r \/olla:ge ('LJV.) R elay-s with A uto.6.·28 7.

~iigle·"GorePVC .nd Uexi ble cabl e cores and btlrE! ill'l'lductQf'S.Insufate"d . 46 47 48 4<9.all services room witt! " No. {A} fB) (O} {C0 44 4. 42.t) Typ~cal arm. .) . Delm.-.symems and D~stfib utlon E'lo'aros E~"rnlLEh<*?ge P rotsctlon Appendix 1. 5.. Spacin 9 cif Supports for Tl'il.40 44 &.ngement.s.d/Max.G1iOri. 14..nQn-a.2. 3.' GO NSTHUC'fION 31 9. of Metering Gi3!binet an Compound Wan Typk:al arrangement of kWil me1ersin Electrical S:el\"tCe' Room Typ~eaIE~ec.trica!lservices worn with 1 No_ CLJ1biole'type l. Table 3 > Multi Gore armoured "XL.s) and Eq Ijijpot.5. a rmou red a.sti. 4. Col au r IIdreritifioatio n of uaarmou red.iTlllQU. ·'SWitchbp.!lec1i n of Oabl~s o Tablle1 :~ . APPENDlCES 33 34 35 30 37 88: . ('ECG.LI(ito~" Tabla 2 ~~ Miuiti"COTe-armoured PVc: insulateo. 9.trk. H.V.:t) loapi Di:striOllrli:on SCnedlJle " $ phase ~fQrmact) load! Dfstrtbtl'tf:o:nBehed !lIe • 1 phase (Jormaf) ElectriC4QiI .42 43 DJ~ta:ils.r~d. 9. 51 ~ 8:3 54.PEinsliilafed. Copper Cona udo res: C~pper COria uctors .of MDBgjSMDBs (forl'rllat) 50 . 'Earth CQllitin uity Conductors. 13. ·Tv· . Sp..lind~d Copper Con(j.oJ CQnm.~. (3. MOB TYPlcaJ IEilec. '0. 2'.am/ Panel S!. Data Sche:du Ie for LV Electricity Meters and Current Tran sfo rm e rs. 16.sp~cification5 of: nBs (fo rmat.ificatiom. Rete rIMce" Standards 7.mKitlgl.e-c.'lJfld'(forma. COM uifs and Cables. 1S. Number of Cables that may be linstall·edJ Tmnkin9r in Con duits and Tra y!L.56 57 5B 59 60·mooIs Contracto r's ~ nspecf 0 n Ce·rtifioafes {fop I'ma.Clau:se Page SI"IIE IN ST A LLA 1'10 NS SECT~ 0 N9: 9. 3 Gen~ral Wi ri ng .emi"al ~QnQing Conduclo rs.oteSlLoa. Ei&rtti Leakagl~Pwte.

d.DUBAI ELECTRICITY & WA'TER AUTHO'RITY REGU LATIONS IFOR: ELE"CTRJCA. 1. Wh'sre a dlfticult' or special sliuatlon arises whijctJ is. not covered or ellowed for in ttle R'egulations. in addition to overload.e-. Regul1:ltiofls are.cOIPE TIle Haqulations apply to th€ requirements of all electrical installations in Or about bLlildings and any additions. The design fa. A.exl. 50 Hz. shall be ri.e cabFe supplyilng the instaJh::!tiorJsJ. {I EC .lOV system. not intended to take. - ~- . in The nominal voltage O'f .20VI3f. 3.lferred to DEWA ~t the preliminary design stage. materials and accessories used in Ill€! electrical installations shall be design~d and rated for operation on this electric supply.L I'NSTALLAT10NS SECTIQN -1 G·ENI'fRAL.substation/s is' required. All soutpment.1 Sec}.s and any unto reseen interru pttons shall be p rov'ide. The. except for d fuse protecte·d equipment/circuit.aJult uranon.the year 2005. TtJ~ n'f:l!u~raiis sQHdly earih~d at D!EWA's' su bstanon sand s halll not riprmally be ea rihed el sewhem t~lelB lectrica I lnsta IIa:tlo ns.ult level within the substation is 40 kA (f.~tlng 2.deerr)ed essential.s0V±·10%. ] nsrallatlona. short-circuit and earth leakage protective devices.PlIR9~.1 S. for incorporating any specific requirements.s:hallevalve towards the lEe recommended val1ueof 230}400V ± 10%.3El} all consum er insrallatloons as .2 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY The nominal electric supply VOltage from DEWA is 220J3. alterations and axtsnslons to the exIsting buildings and lnstanauons therein.rmonic$o. transients & n8. apparatus. 16'8$Cif one 0 r more phase.EQUlIREM ENTS 1.tne place ota detailed specificationor to instruct untrained persons or to prQvide 'for' every' ctrcumstance. the DEWA mBy be sought toobtaln specific advice. Appropriate protective devices against Q:ver·voltages~ filliGtuati6ns. wherein constructton of Higt:l Vol'lag. in the Emirate 01 Dubai. 4· wire with separate neutral and prCl'ie~tlve conductor ·(generally metallic coverlng of Hi.

DEWA's Regulations shall pr.rJg with satisfactory pertormance In the climatic conditions of the Emirate of Dubai which areas foHows ~ Altitude M~x. to time. Year Relative humf:dity Thunder storms p·er year Ea.sch n ieaf Sp'eciti:batior\$! liatest Edition of til ill iEE wtrrn g Regu lat ions. carr u nd e rstarJd an d .9~ c 100 % (Max.5 WORKMANSHIP All eleotrlcal installations 5Ilal'l M.Gli'n/w 1 .:2 - .1.JIt·iI the requ irements 's(i!t.) '2.gineer/electriciall who holds a valid Compefency Licence issued by DIEWA and is.07g 45 m/s at" 10 m h·eigm 3S C . average ove r .SC! C 26. for correct installation 'and shall supervise and test the' entire electric~ I works. rer€lvantDEWA. Careful atleMiQrl shall be paid to the mechanical executlon of the work ill. (shade) M i 1'11. 'and !9. connection with any elec:tl!11cal installation. A II eq u ip me nt! apparatus mate rial So and accessories com p IVing with the CU rrent Standards quoted in ApPEmdbc·1 .rthq uake Load ing Wind speed Ground Temperature Soil thermal r0sistivjty Sea' Level (Coastal) 4Et C 2. Q ~atdep1h of 0. The Oompetency Licences wHI be issued by DEWA on Iy to those i ndividua Is whoft. apparatu s.s T..:ttions.9' Mlr.::.cart1ed out in a neat.) Oceasiona I 0. I' . Ambient Air Teimperature Ma>.nY otlle~r RegulaUons issued by DEWA from time. A rTibie I1t Ah' Ternperalu re Max.~vail. ·.:. 1.A.Pp!ROVEI) CO NTIRACTO RS Each contractor who undertakes electrical ir~stalilations is required to have at' least one electrical en.unlesa otherwise specified.4- .3 AMIB:IENT CONDITIONS A II eq uipme nt. MaX'.average over 24 Hrs.forlh by DEW A .SQ C 48(' C 37. outdooramclent tEimperatur13·.and/or conforrnling: 'to r-elevant: lEO (lnternational Electrotechrdcal commlssiorn and ~SO(Jnternationai Standards Organization) rscomrnendatlons shall be deemed to satlsty the requirements OJ the ReigLJI. 'In case of contradict jon. mate rl aIs an d· accessor] es used in the electrica I i nstalla Hans shall be sultable for the purpose intended arid capable of operati.apply DEWA's Regulations.r8spot1siblle. orderly workman I~kemanner.0. 1J3 STANDAR'DS FOR EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS A II ·elect riic:aJ i nstallatio f1S sha II co mp Iy with the re'qI1i rernents ot the: Reg ula tions.

etc·. . f~tlor:e'sceflt shall lriccrporate oapaolters tp obtain a power taetor of 0.) R~LAYS WITH AUTO-FU.erir'istalhUion shaJ~ big.x.HD1 .. . 4.".1"7 SUBMISS~ON OF DRAWINGS BefQhllth>® commencement 'Qf "any 1ll1(ilctrilcal ir.9 la gg ing 'thrQug hout ·tll el r norma I work i ng nmglE!_ wittl discharge lamps.. to' l)CQnnect@d . as appl iC.=SETTIMI::f! A.l.oad D lst fibut ion S6hedul e/£.! la.tppr9v?l. g.H drawings ·of substauons whi.. an d malnta ina power facto rnot less t ham O.1.) CORRECnON c. for symbols) The des_igJ~ Md.rldt'pr' Site $ehing-out plan/key plan w'ith details' of alii external e~e.nts!eq!jipmeFlit ~nst:alled withilf'l the c-Ol1sum. egulations. I. or UV relays 'Sir~ a15.lneral arrangement arid dimension.sCidiurifl'iM Appendix·3 S.l1 'air"Gor:'iditioners or air·-c:ondi~ion~tng ulnits!p~a. men~luy vaQP'ur/. The ove ral I Paw!'!r F ifl'Ctor of all "Cons urrrar insta II.cause deyi. of non ~irle~r loads A eonsemsr's load jC!i.a hans' $ h?iH be-.rgi or .9 (laggiTlg) 2. riot . l. lNov.Genetra.H:l94.l.App@ndi:x~2• 5i ng Ie Line mag ram.ddilirrriql.O DE WA ~f6r re:Aew 'and app rova I th. type a!N:ondi~tloriing units/equipment shall lncorporate integral msans for power factor correction to ac h ieve. 5.$ hal I ~15d be' pHanee WiUl [) E WA 's R e'gIJllaliorts ror sul}$. .ggfng. and s!)bmntt~d in advan!Cefor 1. Any sxoess d e-viali 0 ns sna II be cGmp@nsated by thee onsu mer i:'l. pres. 'Gwidelines on TequJre:rn~nt of PF ImprQve:rneJnts i~ also giver! iti Section' J3. The guideline-'S on requirBme.arf:3. Wiring layouts of the installations. F.rrn~.~uibrrritte.t of el~drital eno lesu reiS with KVJh mete rcj faci littles. lo1yOl. . window & ·split.H@~e to Appen di.ations qf the vo~t~ge chatacteristlcs other than tho.Sysm m.ioF!$.S.chare 'sped'fied ror indlvldua: ins iauau ens. r 1.V Di st r-~buti0fl and tarl H (kWh) mete ring {.nt. . AND RA!P~D VOLTAGE CHANGES Harmcnics the sup'ply voltage are caused matnjy by consumer's . 11 air th e Re.s UNDER VOLT AGIl:::(U.lly all central ~~ir·corlditron~flg plants. t. fQhowing ions .QtriGf. new or a..smaU.8 POWER FACrOR (P.). (Re'fer to Appel!!dix.8.ytH.hClWi ng th e L. rrg swIt9h (Qom/s 8. o~ fi nEll C! ist rlbution 'boa rd[/'s~s per prese rlbed fo. r · l.d· in c. mairHEl'i ned with irl allowed in European Standard EN somo.irnLITn DelTliillld in tile.!.il~ ~n9 .n-dunity.ctib®d form given In.mi~S'l. provided with U.'a. reLelYs with 8:uto·tv!lset timer..Jst$Uat.@.t h is·cost .gu~~tl~) r:1S..con nect!?d to the su PPIy. for' symDo I@} and Ire levant tech n leal speci f ical ions.0 given in Section 8.ii) Load!Max. iii:) iv) v) VI) Ge.9 or :abolf.10 HARMONICS. V.!J services.dr~wlJ"jgs -ofth-e proposed installation~ $haH b~ .2 Q'~·the.l~Qwed to. All liQihlNtting:~ n.

by an ilrld e pen d. large or small.:H~to The Co nsu nant/Conlractm 0 r pe I'$OrJ r. given Irl Appendix-6t Qi"I completion of UH3 electrical iflstall. All installations and equlpment ~nsh:lll..Jre-testlnp may bechfjJg@d for each subsequent inspe. The fraquency of perloclc inspection and testing of an installation shal1 be determined by the type qr in~tall.Ciri:ed in Regulat. IP'ERIODIC INSPECTION AND TESTING Maintenance periodic inspection and testing 01 every installation stml.shoJI be required to submit their "lnspection CetrifiGates~ in ttle prescribed form.o.3. connected load.NGOF INSTAL:l. upply lines and s equipment.ny defects ' 'form shall be submitted for €Ivery project/installation whatsoever.1. The first rnspe.pre$c. The' consumer shaf arrange rectlfication of !. etc.112 MAINTENANCE. UlE"1 ~h~queflcy'.based on the type of consumer installation.ijfl t Con S u to DEWA:s ins. 1. All instaHa.ioll 3.11.edule of test results.rid lt1e !9xtema~ Influences to whk:h it ls subjecl. subject to terms and oondWons issued by DEWA from time tOlime. and as :gpe.atiOIlS. notifled by DEWA.pectioll. 'at his ·Qwn cost 1 .1 oj S€!-Ctio:n-3. for provision of D\EWA's .its use and operation. in writirlg"'a.n.ontractors. ~4- .ribe. if MY.onslble· for tht! maintenance. lndustrial and cornmerctal installations shall at least b·a inspe'Cte.lectric supply. elsctrlcal installation without 'obfaini~g prior approval from DEWA.1 be carried.. rootihca· lion" togeiher-vl"ith·a scn.ct1. Every tnstallatlon shall also be subject fa perodlc.qf mainteMlnce<.edtherein.13 EXTENSIONS ANID ALTERATIONS The consumer shall not r1'1ak. out to ensure 'safety and sahsfaclory performance.ctioll and testing' by IDEWA may be free ol charpe.e any €xtensiorrs or alteratlons to his..he defects.tions which r~q!jire" re-i'rl~peGtion <.ed.etion and te-sling shall report to' DEWA.'irn.und in r€)lated partsol the exIsting Installations and their.d every 2 yea rs. resp. sMJ~ be subje. random illspection by DEWA.iQn. inspe. new or addinons. t~sting and 'final approval before con'nectillg til€! e.ATIONS c.1 1 INSPECTION AND TESTI. Appllcatlon in DEWA's.

cleat. allowing them to be drawni nand/or repl aoed. but not in sertsd late r2)lIy. A deVice capable 0" rnakl ng.The temperature olthe air or olh~r rnectum where the equipment is. An assembly containing s.ent-using equipment. under pre-determined col"ldiHons. A com pori ent of a support system. Cilrc uil·breaker. to An item of cur. or trunkingl Of. Cable trunking.SECTION -z DE F. Appliance. A cablS! tray is considered to be non-pertorated. suitable for frequent operation. The maxim urn ourrent w~. Barrier.ttl csn be. carrierj by a i condlJ etor under specif~ed condition s withQut its sts ady state temperature exceed ing a SJ:H3C ffFjed Curt. Bonding conductor. of whic. extending from any point on-a.ective devices (e_g. .l eqllipment other than ill be used. A protective conductor providing 'E.surtace wher@ psrusually.5<. Means of isolation may be included in the board or may bs pfOvid~d s~paratefy. ibm's SOl'lS luminaire Of an Independent motor. heat or motive power. It may also lnelude signaning and otl1ercontrbl devices.1LJla. other than current-uslnq equipment with the wirinQ of an installation. normally of rectangular is rsmovable or hillg'ed. current car(yin 9 capacity Of'il conductor. wh ic h con slsts oie-Ile ments spaced at intervals' alon 9 the len gth of t he cable O~ condo it and Wh9Ch mech anically r€!tains th@ cablle Or GO ndvi't board.t'I one side A manutacrurec enclosure tor the protection of cables.defined degree of protection against contact with live paris from any usual direction of access. It is uSlJaHyrequired to operate !intrequ€nUy although some types. together with terrrunatstor the neunaland protective circuit conductors. . A part of closed wi'ring .systern for cables iin electri~al installations.. Cable. Cables are said to be bunched when two or moraare contained withfn a single conduit duct. Distrii. reaetr. A part providing a. Equipment which converts electrical @nergy into another form of el1ergy. such as light.Juti{.)quipotentlar botlding. cross section.ti ens. are' not separated from each ether by a specifiedd ism nee.of the R e[.lkiilQ. stand 'or move about to 'the limits whiCh a person can reach wjth 'a hand inany d irscti on wltnou l ass lstan ce. A device. valae. fUSe-5) circuit-breakers.IN IITI 0 NS Followi Ilg def niflon s . ". A cable support consisting of a continuous base with raised edges and no coverirlQ'. ducting. residual current 9petated devices) asscclated with one or more outgoing circuits fed from one or more incoming circuits.shall app Iy for the!.witching: or prot. carryln g arid b rea king normal load cu rIB nt and also making and autornatcany bre{. if not enclosed. eire uit AI1 assembly of eieclrjca~ sq uipmenl su ppfled from t hw same on 9 i F1and protected against ovsrcurrsnt by the same protective devioe(s). Access. abnormal currents' such as short-circuit currents. are Conduit. Ambienl associated with such squlprnent or tempera~ure. whme less than 30% of the materialis removec frcm tt1e base. Bunched. A zone of accessloilltyf» tOUGh. Tray.cry.

I nsulati Duct. A. ESlI'U).anded path. formed underground or ina structure and int@nded to receive. or more cables which may be drawn In. Earth leakage whrch 1 Enc~losure. Earth. . ltl .exposed-conductlve and extraneous cond uctlve. effect res ulting rrom the passing of an of an electric EllectlriGal installation. The conductive mass ot the Earth.afi:o n. accessories. The rsslstanca of an earth electrode to Eartl"l.. Earth eh:~ctrode resistance.d-conductive part. circuit condition in which current (lows through an abnormal or urr. in a circuit whioh is electrically sound.inatres.l'Ppli. Any influence external to an slectrlcal lnstallalion which aU~cts the design and safe-.l'ly the earns pOle ntial.par1s at the fault posltlcn is considered n~gligible. A pair! prpviding protection of equcpm. pa rts ExposG. current which flows to Earth.opsrat ion of that instaltat ion. This current may have a. tappall'. bond ing.€qttical eonnecuon to. Connection of the exposed-conductive-parts termi nal of 'that lnsta lIation.ed from a common ortgilri to furWa speci'Jic purpose and havinQ certain . appli~nces and lum. may 11ave occurred unexpectedly. wnoseetectrlc take n as zero .IDQlIble insu I.a human body or livestock. Fault. An opsranon intended to remove.t3lectriO. Equi pment.. such as maehlnes. Anyitern for Sueh pu rpcses as generation ~conve rsion tra nsmi s810n. wirir"lQsystems.SQt rloaI conneonon mai ntain ing various ..1 a bridg ing of lns IJlation. distrlb utlon 0 r uWisatioll of electrical <energy. A dan ge reus physiological current thrm:Jf!h. of artlnstajlaflon to the main ea. potentia] at any point is conventionally Earth eI1ectrod. . . r Equ i. conductor or grQup Of coMticlOrs in i6tlimate contact with. as ql.p:a rts ~t subSlantia.aj equipment sl. -6- . External i·nnueru::e.suppl ementa ryi f1S ulanon.e.ssib!e. A closed passageway on oompri si ng both basic ins U ladon an d .ent ag~t'lS:t certain external lnlluencss and in . and providing alii €d. E I.any· dir-ection protection agttinst . E leetri c shock. A protective conductor connecl:ing tile main earthing terminal contact. or to exbaneous-conouctlve-parts.can 'be touchso and which is not a enaraeterlsucs. . This may rssu It fro rn an nns·ulanon fa i 11.capacmve component iflci:lUding that r15-SU n gf rom the deilibera te use ·of capac ltors. A fault. A current which nows to Earth. Conve IlUonQilly the lm padlanoe rem between llvs conductors air between Jive conductor and eXPQsed-Qrexlra_neous-CChduttuve-. Il!:mergency switching. A conoucnve part of eqUipment wtiit'h .lation to an earth elactroce or to ofhar means of earthing. A.part but Which may Mcome love under fault cone itions. protective deV'ices.. Anassernbly cfassociatsd . transtorrners.atus.•.one. Earth fault current.qarr1rg.JicJdyas po. Earthing.rt·hing IEaJrthing conductor. measurinq lnstrumerrts.

and which Includes any parts necessary for supporting.c.and protecting the lamps. however s upported. with the Isolation. speGiific locatlon. Tt1. but not the lamps 't'hemse IV8-S . Low. complet. is deemed to be a Iurninal re. A l'liexible cable in wrlich the cross-seotlonal 9xceeclAmm2• 'jn.earthi"ng: Neutral®rg'oing combustion and satisfies the performance requirements complying with BS 476~PelJt4 &. whethe r betweell conductors or Earth.ett"'le. Suitable non-conductlve fnaterial €lnC'iosIflQ•. ('I. between conductors and 'Ea rth. e. socket-outlets A CLHr61lil resulting from a taull. il My. Live part A conductor or conductive part intended to be energised in normal use.r itlHl. The assembly may be either type-testeo er partially type--teste. or or other outlet points for the connection of such €qu. .lixfng .'o. Po. For the purposes of tt)E! HegiJlaUons a lampholder. Main 'ea'rt.ent to a socket-outlet QJ Fixed equipment. Normally exceeding extra-low voltage but not exceeding 1000 V a. in the open pcsifion. or 1~"OV rtpple tree d.e components of the assetllb1y may be electromechanical or electronlc. and materials make "it suitable to be flexed Wl1IIe ill area of each conductor doss not Flexible cord. A cable. including a neutral eonductor.500 V cone uetors. The neutral conductor of a 3-phase 4-wnr8: system or the conductor of a single phase instaUatuor'l whict1 is earthed at the source of the supply. to the means of . Lumlnalre. or 6-00 V 8. LV switchgear . etc. e.surrOU!ldtng or supportirl!9 a conouctor. Final circuit. Part 5. or. Extra low. Voltage by 'which an imtal1ation Jor part of an gnstallat'ion) is designated..C" or 900 V d.lpm. rneasurlnq.Fault current.hingl terminal TI18 lermfnal or bar provided for l~le connection of protective conductors.. Non-combus:U'ble.e.t i.. whosestructure service. wherce necessary. The 10Ilow i ng ranges of nom i nal vo Itage (r. regulating w equipment. including equlpctsntlal bonding 00 nducters . complies requirements spaclfled for lso:latlon. s:igna. A mschameal swTtcll1ng device which. values for a. An iscletor is otherwise known as a disconnecter. fi'itel's Or transforms the 'light from one' or more lamps.c.lling. Equipment which dlstrlbutes. Equipment de'signed to be tastened to a support or otherwise SSCL. A circuit connected directly to currant-usinq equipment.y.. combination of one or more low-voltage switching devices tog.e'ly assembled under the responsibility of the manufacturer with ·an the illt€lmal electrical and rnechanlcal in:terconnectio!land structural parts.m.ssociated control.) are defined .Ired in a F~exib!e cable. protective. and.d '(see BS 5486 Part 1). and conductors for lunctlonal earlhlnQ. NormaHy not E)xceed'ilFlg5{1 V a. clreult auxiliaries together with the means ier connecting them to the supply.sula'tion.and controlg:ear assembl. Nominall vo"ltage .o. betW@B'Fi The actual voltage of the unstaUaHon may diller from the nominal value by a quantity wltt"lln rtorrnal tolerancas . A non-combustible material is one which is not capable o.

staijatl 0 hi.oJsinsulation of cable). Cross linked p'QlyethylerH3 complYing with 8S. Switchgear.but nOI bretlking~ short-olrcutt currents. ShQrt.arth Continuity C-onductor (EGC).ic shock and intended for OOnllElcting together any of the f611lowing parts. An.current e)(ceecHng. when the residual current attains a giVfm value under s:pecified Co ndition s. :circuil condiUons. and intellqeq to receive 61.) on which a signfficant VClt~·g~gr-adiefli may exist.surface are-a el~cUode.ea-rlheClp 0 int current. "th e . .a:1 devic€ capable d making. The vector sum 01the instantaneous valussotcurrem Residual Gurrent device. Spa. It may also be capable of maJ<irtg. Switchboard. Overload current. overcurrent resulting from atauu of negligible impedance be. tn.ough all live Residual oorouotors of a clrcult at 'a point in tJ~~. For conductors cu rrent -carry i n.a:nying current for a ~p~crhed a~no.cefaotor.e. Fling c"lrcuit.p.ll i n.o value.5467_ Switch. A conductor used for some measures 01 protection . A elroun arrange-a -or ·ground a (~rot!nd an eanh in thEdorm of a rit1g and connected to sihgle pOint. An assembly of mam and auxiliary switcl1ing apparatus for operatlcn.n!(inQ or channslIn whlch they are installed. PJfOt@qlion 6 r at her co ntro I of an eh. A lumlnaire track system is not regarded as a. A device" provided with femal~ contacts. Protective Ii) iii) iv) V) ext raneous-eenductive- parts. a bunch to the iFltEmH~1 cross-sectional area Of tile the r~led value is the An evercurrent occurring in a circuif which is slactrically SOW1{l o.rmal circuit coridltionssuch a'S those of short-clrcult. pipe.:l. PVC (as insulation BS 6746. 'A .ag·ainst e!ectr.xed wiring. the rate.r :ttl.differ-a. Socket-outlet.twElen liv~econductors t\frving a .but the' term does· net a.pply to groups' of local swltches in Iinal circults.' or shaath of' cable).lug. . The. The rauo (expressed as a percentage) of the sum of the ~ffGctive overall cross-sectional area of cables forming.or a n art ifictall ns ut nil I·.llce ill potsntlal under normal operatill9 ccnditions. 0 ~ t h. 'the main eartl1fng 'tefmir1aL earth erectrcdets). A rnechamcal switching devicenrasscciatlorrof devices inlBndep to cause the openk19 of the contacts. &oCk@t-oL. P. ..e fixed wIring ijnt'E!rlded for the connection of eurrent-uslnq comply] I1g with Point (in wir.l io mer'll. fl9willg thr. XLP.OverCl. and also or c.carryingQil1d breaking current under normal wruch m~y intlude speofffied opel€'lting QV@r~o'ad CQndiHon~. dud.circuiit current.lJit.E (.. ou s rca. regulation. Resistane'e area (for an earth electrode only).of supply. A terrnlnenon eql.ctrieli. -8 - .Qlyvi'nyl C hlcrice comp'ound C-onouctor/E. An assembly 01 switchqear wHh or without instflH'fl€H1'ts. which Is intended to be installed with the 'fi.g:capacity. A mecha nk:.e'lectric'al installatlcn.lIJ~l system.Irrent.

end .upiPlysha~1 be made availla.d dfreI.2.d ana rated to -Sll.7..WiH:lS 4. Ily 3..1 The po~nt of supply whilCFI de.l~lpa.!t b rea.lOonstru.are sp~6ified . whell'El tine total con necte d Ilo~d exceeds 400 -kW provrsion s hall b~· mad e within the· building or pl:otfoF DEWA'ssubs.Jlar app..nbe rl'rark~d as such andlden1i'i ab1€! from othe r ·breakers. l~yWvottagtl·· si.etwork' $naU oe ~HJ!bi€ct to corrditi.s~ctj..'ity ~s made a.taHofl.taJrati:O!l it-controls .1 3.YAND 3. dii~t'ribution pa rle I is cofrne¢te. In some circumstances a subst-aUon may be req ui red for conneetad ~o'adless than 4QO kW. a 3 .Udaled. ~ TAlRlFF MI!T~RING GENERAL P'ower sUPflly from DEWA r1.. De.UE!d by DE WAtrom ti me.2 The circuit tie ker/.or equipment. .k~Q tonndiaate whiCh -il1st!lli'.. fees.tly to th(il..1 A In ge neral. talriffs on~ ~88. at the..NCOMiNG SUPPl. pane! is: recommended to be totany withd rawatHe type ai r oi wGui!br:eaker.5 The consurners han tq_Keall steps neces sa iy to protect and .s a ndVor main d~stdbliMn bM rWS ptQv·ider.'ifaila'tile te the consumer shai~ t:i@ tJ:ecided by DEWA" POint :of s.Hon. 3. 3. a ndl i r] stmetl 3..1:2 Th~ details of nominal electric (:'9 mpl..9.. withina.Sh@~'1 be co nfinfledi in the hi\"sue or DE WA'5 Nq Obje-cli on Geftifica~e whk:. Where GIlmain L.OTl 6f incern in 9 supp~y :is ava itab~e. to tl me. designe.and eq~iprTl~rit and sha'lllm['(l~.' q~ ~he transtormrl?fi tM" main inC:QrfIE:. The'.2A.V. Whe·re consumer's Main Low Vorrtage distrfbuHon board/panel is Gonnecte-d to DEWNs· two· or mOF"€ distribuUon &. keep s af~ DEW A ':8 ~ ~fply Hines .dial¢ly report any defect in or d:amage to any Qf DEWA's I1nes. j 3.. 3.'bnly at one locatlon. bElfor@commencement or 'buillldin't.lor in Section. 25 .~. ..tat the lncom fng .SECTION -.3 C6rifsume.. appl"QV~d /'speclfiedby Q"EWA . ~ pf the Reg ulatbtil$.fr c:i rctJ.3.i~nc€.1 .. supply from DEWA ·and 9'en~r~J ~tiqlii~~m-ents.~Ytan i:Je.b'le . . proMprotect.rt~ct.~. unless othel'W'fS@.licatiQIil. ~ ~.. t"b operate easi Iy in an emergency _ Wher-e mote than 3.d" ' . in any pr:emFses" eac:1:'I'Main SwiMh! shall be the:: ifl~.of eve ry si¥ mOrlth perio.atfrQ.(. oDt~in cQrlfiJmgt~Qn from DEWA on avaUability ofpewer supply.5e requ iremEfnts .!i nes the be LJ nda ry of D EWA -equipment and where e:~ec· tMk:.3 The main Circuit breaker/s at the point <lif s~pply (main sWitctt) ~ha.ker p n)poS$d in til e LV.WA I. :Q ne m.h sha II be lrE!va.pO:i'rJ'tOf ' supply . spsc if iad inc Ia..ons. separate bus-sections wHh mechanically and e~ectriGi3J j !lterkmked bus-seotl 0 n breake rs/tsolato fS·"fih~11be provi ded..s and complying with reQlu latio ns..2.2 .2.1.

Pane-ls.xes.'S .-3. such as' spec:ifi~d it1 Cla~se 1. the metelJ'ing cabinet. ardens. . Prior approval . 1 ·3.7 of Ssction 1 for every sucn premises. . The general arrangement and dimensional layout of the metering cabinets and array of rnsts rs installe. wi..All lncoml tlg cab.rang@meFilo:fkWh rneterlnq ~binetlkWh metef$ i~ given. 3. iln the compound waiL In mLilltiple .ibution Bqardls shall he totally st. schools. and final dis. . The minimum space required 'lor installation 0:1.9 Incoming svpply cahlefs to the consumer's main Dislr. 'farm~. Termiflat.IS bars in any !Qw i. All exposed Live terminal COImec:tipns and Ql.binet/Main Distribution BQard (MDB) shall be carriep out by consumer's contractor. large utility comple.u.ker and metening shall be lir1~lalhildoutside.stallecl in separate electrical switch moms. in accordancs 3 .d and ·iderrti'~:ied lrorn the consumer's cables.l. 3.2·. in Appendix 7_ 3. A minimum space of 1500 rnrn shall be provided in the front and 750 rnm on the sides.ive con neotio tis-in met eFin9 cabinets.. AJI tariff metering Willi normally be provided ~y DEWA and riiistripted to one for .'9.8... The mounting height (to the top of the board/e) shall normally be·2 metres from the ground/I'loQr level.2.1.10 2 with R~g. etc. etc: 1tie.tribubon boards flnaU be installed in ~ocatijons to wnlch access ls available at aU times.2·..ictl access is available at all times for operattcn.consurner premises such as resid. rnein and sub-main distrlbutlon boards.:".lat.3 TARIFF METEAINiG 3.3.ion of incoming supply Cab'l€! at the Consumer's Metering Ca..thasso'ciat1.e. Thetyp i~al ar.!ltilated and provuded Wlt!l necessary heavy duty exhaust fan/s and fire resistant/rnetajlc louvered door/s... as applicable .d l nelecfrleal switch roomrs and encl os l-I re alonf. unless otherwlse approved/specified by DEWA.ential/commercial buildings.8 Adequate level of illumination shan be-provided to faCilitate· safe operation at all times. recessed. Alii electrical switch rooms shall b~ adequately Vf.ld wi rin9 sha II p..3.7 Oonsumer's main & sub-main IPanels!Distribution Board/.. testing and rnalntenance.. 7 .rqlitage dlstrlbutlon board shall· be shrouded and/or ins.wlth rear sceess d60rS s·hall have.le term inati 0 ns/l. maintenance and repair. accommcdatlon g blocks. and oth 8 r mal n and SUJ b-mai n distri butuon boa rds s hall be adeq:1l2ltel'yshrouded and in s u latad.1 For [ripividual consumer prernlses.dnspectlon.l.shall b€ In. a rnin~m~JrhSP9JC-~ 75·0 ci. in adqthon. i:rllocaUans close 10 the entrancs boundary line and to wl. 3. subjem to DEW A \'5 approval. to permit safe operatlon.2. tor cubicle type panels/sWitch boards. testing~ lnspscuon.kWll m~tet shan be 300 mrn wide and 400 rnrn high.etering .lJlated to DEWA's approval.lg[eg~te. 21.snaU be Obtained from DEWA . with· main iriGo:rner circuit brs.f rnrn ill the rear. for guidance.jons. lndustries.6. with assoerated m..8 and 7.each censumer lnstallatlon.3..4 -10- .

tS!rtment i n all M DB!s and SM08/s it and when Incorporated wlthi n.t~e.3. All metering -cabintats and enclosures shall be constructed 3.g} 1600/5 tl} 2400/5 .eake'r'5!i~. 'fi fee resistant/rum-eo rnou sUb Ie r base pH:tt€!s Shall tFe prov~ded. r®mGvabJ~ lid .quEtr1oyand primary maximum voHage. 11 - .:at the po:jnt at $U pply is 200 Amps and above _DEW A wi I~ provide tfle kW~l rneter/s -and as--soda:ted en tor al'l ta riff rne~errng.(?d type .) b) c) d) e) f) Man uf(il._. Accqracy Class..3.rB:tin 9..4 :2 The metering sectiQllieomF.2} winding. bus b~h~-.>cHa.5 d} :e) 6DO/5 800/5~} ~200/5 .)..3-.~uate lellgtil shall be provid~.@d wl~h padlocking ~np WfrtHH3<i1Jing facilitie~ on fherr exte-rnr~1 d6Q~!oove:r which shall normaUy lye of hlng.~tu rer's name andJQ r-tra~e rna rl.s to be mete red -at Removab Ie Unks. ~ SQIl".LOe..Hfi1::ationsand.. 33"9 Transparent viewing window shall De p'ffiVfded 1mitlil.tlce and rep~EtOe.S 600-4 shaU be used for.. €i) b) c) 3. $ingltecore PVC XLP'E insulated & PVC sheathed ca_b~es: 9.i. rmFaciilitating mete r reading. o The current transtonner offollowi!1Q Rated frarJ&fonl1ati'Qn Ratio snail .d in tile bus barol each pnass to enable ea:sy maintena. n .beused . kWh meter and CTs! Gomp1Y'in.11 All metering cabiri€!t(ilc:Qmpaltm@nts shail be provid.{~16> The above mete rand CTs shall be te:sted and cal itJn'sted by DEW A _ 0r to i ristallati Q n at -S-ile.g wi. shall camp lete-Iy be -s@'grega:ted (rom other -s@d~~ s/co rnpart ments. S~. -.:.ndr:l. whil rs the CrJ'_mpleteirMl:tall ation.of ·any' [DI'EWA's metering i Shan have prov lslon f~.) shall be installed where the circuit -bmake r.10 from fife-resistanYnon" comb[js1~ble ma terial.i rlsrall e'd i 1'1 e~ecti:cal ~wit!Jh room/s.7 2oois-300/5 a standard requFh3truent .s ha II bs ~qiCatedon -tfl·e bus bars i mmedia:te1ly ~Her the oi [¢uit b rea ker!i ~bJa'tor. e)(ce~t when ~r:'s~-alred/ to. cir'CLi~t br.tors-.meri1t f CTs" Three -Glf> shan be. Terminal (~ecQndary gj PoW€)r flow ~Iir~cfion (P1! P.. --Generally aill8ipp~ratLts. 3. e~c.tll DEWA Technical Sper. prQv[tled fqr each m·et€!rlng. of ade. -5eg reg-ate~ within s~patate -meteri r1igcabinet~. metelrirlg cabinets and doom 01 enclosures houslnq the meters with asseclated r.listrlbutlon switchgear. or :3-3. " .c_onn~ction to kWh meters.:3."3.r s-ealirl 9 'by 0 EW A.) ~ndentlfication (81.6 Metering by means of Current Transformers (CTs..ns:taUed '011 the supp~y $.dule given in AppE!.)e 'cirQIU mstarces co nsun mer may be permH-ted to provide.The! pri CT$. Rated' output {VA).Mcfkm o'f bus bar •< Datf-l~he. R_aMd_primfilrycurrent aM s'9cbndary GUrrent Rafted F:re. WRen trI@cten!i are .3.

recommended as a rnmlmorn. size an d Voltage drop sized to carry continuously the· no rma I current of the individuaJ circuits based on various laying conditione. c. Every item ·of eqlJiprnent used in Ihe tnstaltation shall' 'be d!esigiled and rated for operation on the nominalel:. for general purpose appl:icati ons.1.2_3 Current rati ng. standard copper conductor cables complyin:g wittl BS.:2. and cords. lin inf!.12 - .()04_ Cables Ior connscuon between ct9iling rose and ramp holder for pendant type lig~·lt fittings and for enclosed lumlnalrs snau be heat resistant silicone: rubber insulated with stranded copper conductor complying with 8S 614' _ For lifts and similar applicatlons: rubber insulated or PVCinsula:ted flexible cables cqmplying with BS am7sha·1I be used..ammableil?.1 All equipment and materials used In electrlcal installations s!la:11 be of goo:d quality.2 &3. in the E rnirate of Du bal.ulatiQrJ3.5 rnrrf and 4 mm2.xplosiv€ sheathed sttuations. given in Appendi:::.]{jF uti! ity socket outlets.TEMS 4. and the maximum ambient temperature.cable. MATERIALS &: WIRING SYS. circuits.lex~ble ca bles an d cords for use in slactricallnstallatlen Sf! aII be PVC insu lated! and sheathed.7 shall be usee for all fi. All cables shall be adequately Typical selection of thecables. . CQmplY~lng with the relevant 5.07.xed wiring installation of butl·dings. T:G!J:l1 1. as appl. ss .i.®ctrac supply vOltage declared by DEWA_ 4. and sheathed cornplyi·ng with kWh meter tails shall normally be single core PVGinsulated as 6004.S~ECTION.EU~CTION OF' CABLES" EQUIPMENT. copper conductcrs complying wHh as 6500/BS 6.4 S.. the. 4.:uitshall be 1. stranded.cbans/clauses ·of til!? Regulatio~ns is ~ minimum requirement .c. is. sh aII be 1 mm2. 6004 & BS 684S!BS 54f.2 Minimum Size of Conductors Tile minimum siz~ of conductor used for lighteng cin:.1 Seledion For 'gelleral purposes ana in normal Situations PVCJXLPE insulated.e. 4..a:bl~ssl)all be mineral insulated copper F.:: -8.3. Minim IJ m sizQ of cone ueto r to r freX] ble cables.1:2 4. as specifled in Fleg.. cables Single core cables armcursd with steel wi:re or tape shall not be used for a. co mplying wit h B·S 62.2.

4 CQ~. 4_3 .:. r . single' phase air-{.is:tribut'6d .ed.lshall not soften or suffer strucniral de gradation at a Ie rnpefalu re of 70~ G and shall be nort-h yg roscoplc ~fire rata rda nt.$ of con nede q load suchas nghting.The rn a::.8S 6053.Hrfi n-gs u~eo. bOth ins+d.ntif ication The .>.207 Load Balahciirtg In.anized. hOI dip galv. Installation of the tn. co:nneded In tile w~fing Installiatio.. 686053 s BS 6099 ParfZ secUlbn 2.Fle. ot..hall bt@-rQ.13 - . a tm(i. etc. All light Jittin:gs & Wiring ~:c(.2 ..d1n bUild in gi t1stafi atio n s. . with remo¥abil..Iters.@ a~ ambi:ent tempela~me. e:rre. r 4.2..l Trunk.ri'orma.ab~e.4007'.ing VVnf9reo app I1Mble. at femperahm~s lik-.vUons in 88 4568.9.9Jequipment for lJ~e ill p-otentfally haza rdous.dble-st9@! condJJiits and fillings shall c.e. un I@SS otn~rNis:E! sp~cif it:(]. 4. suitablerQr Ujl.eoifk. band or dlscel bare conductors shall be'asglveFl ircJ Appendlx-s. sleeves and cabl e s .m tnree p hase sur.sphe res sh~H bfil ~~€ct€:d as IJ. The heat resistant. B'B 31 and shall be-hot dip 9alvanized to class 4 protection.d Ior their 'satisfi:lctory pe. hall 90m p. srrncurae and Hexi[J~e cables and of S!eeve. l.5345. 4.s.cifiedin 8S. cate-gorie.ra resnot tu less. by providillg heat resisiant slereve-s1be€d.!e. than --e5~C..h as the indivi"duiaJ :circuit c.sha II pe rated tor ope r-alin 9 ~e.onditi:Qtling units.ojt.ouflle:r.3 WII"IING ACCESSORIES AND FUTINGS pvc Llits and.anc con.h shall Hot eXG9BD 4% of the nominal v.H'lKif')9 shall! be carried out strictly as per the: manulaeturers' g lJ idel ines.@eIJ!l'Gtricsupp IV. socket outlets. shaU be suitabJv rale.esoories:anct·6tner ~Hectri(.. w?te.' ma~~rug.mpe. particu 13ry for en\.-fO_e·.m hrgh im p~Ct riQlid f pvc Corrrp:lyirlg with 8$.cables.Qur Id. tofl-a Q Steel cond ults and fittings shalil comply wIth r:elevBIflI sp.~fg€I of U. B-3 6099 Part 1. Yellow and 8tu e phases as eve t:'Ily as po $slb!le..e and 6vts.mum voltage d rap from the poirn.2. apparatus. covers.Mctedl on Red. Trunk:ing and fitti!lgs shaH be eorrstructed of stee~.::.t" inSfUlat~dccable cores otunermoured.5 Wiring' i~nstaliaHans Exposed to High Temperatures Any part of the wiring lnstaltatlons SLJc.! connsctlen s to IUmill artes whhilflca ndescent aMi rralQgefl lamps and HX8'Q heating appliances.lyto be. both inside and outside: or non-ccmbusfible insulating materiall.r he. ·equipment..colourideflfilieation (j.ppliances i and app:ttJ$tuf..con'l8 trnd{pr Mat mSistant . su rtaceand unde rtloc (d uet) trun King an d their fitl'l ngs .ip~y is ~M3Jled the va rlou $ with BS 467B.~fqr ·indivi~j:u~l.. a II cases wne.~ the guideJ lnes sp{il.nde.Qmpty with BS 731 P'art t. to ensu re lead ·bal anee between the phases a tall r dist rihuHo n leve Is". 4:2_6 Wiring InstaUations in Hazardous pply n:n'fr'iy pojrrt/equ iiRment a. 4·. shall be d.fihJal corYnections to: ~qulpment app~iallce$ anrlliQ~tfitlings.Jp to 4e C:· f~e.

conditions. . An integrallsolatQr-shall be provided for isolation of the incoming supply.. maintained during the normal and relevant S9 rvice.'1 LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHG·EAR A!ND CONTROL GEA.~er {wilh R-Y·S iOFF' selector swiltch).4. Tees Elbows.-:2 All Rlti ngs. either of the pe rtorated type or ladder.. Cab~es shan be fastened securely by pur-apse made clips. P .R ASSEMBLIES. indicating lamps and associated protective dsvtces sliaU be provLded in alii MDB/s 0'!200 Amps rating and above. - Or The cable trays shall have adequate strength and rlgjdity to support the· cables Installed. 111 g·errer~I. Demand Indicatbr/record.2 Final Distribution Boards Tt:. 4. Oou plers.5. etc. equlpment and accessories shaUge-neraHy comply with the standards spec ii led i n Appsn d Ix .1. Ammeter (with CTs as. etc. The switchgear. I:ngener$il a Voltm~.~9.J::-.atiQns at th Fa ..S Bars.4. ihstalliad for connection of 'the final Crrcuits within the elaotrlcal lnstallations shall be factory twill complying with as EN 60439. SIla~11be of subS:lan'l~alsect lens and of the same quality as the trays. The d. Main & SUb-Main Di'stribuHon Boards Tile Main &: SlUb-Maprl Distributiqn Board/s (MDSis &.4. may be appropriately selected and specified as per the typic'al guid€!!lines giv. The trays shall be provided with upstands on bOoth side-so 4.. meter.1 Steel cab~e tray·s.appli~able)" Max.1e Distruibutiot1 :Board/s {OBis}.5 4.e(. Apparatus forming part of the assembly shall have clearances. Provision of these in SMDB. The assemblies shaU be consnuctec only of materials napsble af w. accessories alld supports shall normally be hot dip galvanized PVC coated -and sha II be.en ill Appendix lO.elaI lsa nd paremsters of U'ie indivJduaJ etluipmerit' . $MDB/s) which are lnstalled with i ri til E1l corns UrI'! er Ins-tal11ationshat! be factor. Th (5' Circ:~it Breal\e rs. ill Appe ndi.5 lte condmens. ' Ttl e ph aSH busbar. ereepaqa distances ana isolating d:lstancesGomplying with BS EN 60439-1. j 4.:ybu.iltassem b'ly come Iytng with re~evallt s 68 EN 60439. l3€mds.& tOtnPOI'l~tlts ~n MDBslSMDl3s. Bu. p rovidsd in th e M D Bs and 8M D8s shall be des~gned and rated to.ithstandlng the meen anlical.4 CABLE TRAYS & SUPPORtS ils not precluded. eIectribal an d therrnal stress as well as the effects of hum nd Ity wh ioh are nke Iy to be encounts red in norm al servlce. S1IJ It indivkfual ap plic. rJ eutral bar and earth bar colou r [identified 'as given The neutral bar 8MII be of tile 'Same cross section as the phase bUS bar. cleats or saddles. .14 - .

We-_ather prQcilTswitches.. T1I:Ierati"ngl ·and type.$i~.oampIy wi~h the standards Rewirable typ~·ftJses sha·~11 he permitted ~nany type·of wking rnsta'llafi:on. Plugs . not: The det::?li!ls parameters of Ijf the ill d iviot! a I :e.e rati·tlIg of" the ~witQh~g~mall he seleaed based on in~Wi d UiaJappUca~iot1s . integrally built ln or sttechsd to it.tiQn ary (>oo~in9 appl i~FiOO rn dom.6.11.·Outlets Th~ single phase plugs :and so. I distri bulia n board.J~.2 pole for I-phase and 4' ~e pole f'Of g phase .. .and! o'r bi rol. r inauctive' loads _Th e ni i nfm"im e c um»ht rati n9lshaU be 5 A. Cooker Control Un i·~s 4.RATUS. of sQcke't"oIJUets wilh plugs p ro:v'ided sha'll be selected to SlIt1 lilld ividu~ I .and Socket.-6.ustrfaJ uss th~ ~witch~s shail D~ metal clad.<apf'lance and connected to a s€'l.quipm ent' ~ ecmponentsand tl1 e PBs.e co ntro lied by a COoker comrc' switdl complying with 'B.u~l(!lt ClmlJlits: in ~@P'9rat@ 30mA RCD/ElCB seotion" 8VO:i(je-ql.ra~.. Use of coo ke~GgntrQ I unit inc{lrpo.pe6Uied as ~. shan b-e usea 'for all outdoor installations. shall generally . from the appl~ance and installed With i n :2 meters of the appliance. Tile -soqket..llts.p'prqpriately be. For irrd. ACCESSORIES The sWitcnes provideq for 10001 ~solatlon ·ot e IMt~icsu ppl y toindividt. SwitChes insta lied Jar .es..sha.U oomp Iy w~th 88 2eT6. specified ill Appemiix. .. $el:~ct€fd anti :.i. 3 Every .)a:rale firml sub -cl rcu it from the..witQh_ The industrial plugs and socket-outlets shall comply Wiilr:l iSS"4243 and shalJ be with swilch!.mhng ··21 genera.The oi rcult breaks r do u bLe po' used in dome-sttcand cernrnercial !nstallatioll.S shall .app:i.control of disoharge Ughtirl gshall h ave a aurrent raii ng: nat less than twice the steady state conti rllU 0 LIS 'current of the cirGu:its" 4.2.olUtlets.rer-thetypi~a~gukjelfne1i 'gfven in Appen~ix~l1. e:tc.) pu[pose s:oc~el '0 U1Uetshall be tcallow gmur:iing of $6c~eH!. 4B APPA.t1v~.separate. stlall bf! !Sh~itte:red type.B 4'177. 8 pin flaHYJpe with ::. The Gookin 9 ap ptlance: 'shall ilncorpo rate an int€gral eat1hingterminaL The cooker control -switCh si1a~1 . in geyne.i:cations and sha II not be in~e rehan geab I.U91J as for re$i:t.1 apparatus:.tiG prem i~e'S stlaU b.. Th.comply wi\il 8S ~3t)3. may 2!.efa r ·diffarent eu rfe111~ ratlll'i}s .

)r roornalr-ccnuiticners to connect un its. shaver ~pkit housed in s u~t'able rec. Wh~r~ th lee or more umtsare i rislalled they shall be balanc€tl a.tsfQ.t8rshall be conneGte.~ A 15 Amp swItched socket outlet shaU be prol. shan h9t be ~nstal~!.eJeqtriQ:buzzers &.alily eotTfply wiU.r integridly built"in Qr mounted sepa~at@ly.d to a il3:p.:! secondary (. with Heex: outlet mounted adjacent to the. with cartriqge fuse or MGB hl th E. Thgfirral connecncn to tile heater shall be made from a flex n outlet plate n10lJ nted adJacent tQ Iheheatec Th e con~rot 'Switoh far wate r . of appropriate itllt€gJ~..$. BUJIhO!JL Double pole·.. . E.gor a:hy Nher purposes. WQu:lild 5ak~ty isol·~tlng 'tra:ns.tle.. heate r $:it. hot p~~tfl. Or'll:y with cooling capa9it'y l.roval fr-Qm n'EWA.. The heater shall incorporate .lptotO.~rate f~na~SUQ·-fkQuiHrQmthe distributloFl board.! Safety Appa1r.ild@q h.. 4 EveryH~Qh Voltage Discharge lighting eq1Jipmenl & irli$Mtlldtions shall be ratsdjor voltag~s not ex.ach morn 8.uatedl!n$talledln~: bathroom or toil~t sh@1Ibe ~nstt'lH€hjimm0d~atGly oiJt8:i. etc'.releGlri6a~ a.Jlble poleswitches (with neon lndieato oiapprnp date r:a:ting shal:11 be prQvide-d fo r control o.$~ s upp !y..4)3.f water heaters.r iristallationin oflithroom.~lg:e·Hghting eqlJipm:ent.s with a sp lash proof removablecover. sqall incQrp. ne:Of1s:igns for advertl.. pi' double.ll be iIiLaccordance.shall comp~y with BS 353"5~ S®'1l fitling.~Mtl. -H3 - .a sing fEl phase ~U!!at~r i in~talla~ion$.s 'for un. Ttl!'il' sa:f€lty isolation transforms r .d whith 0 u~ prio r app.1. unit shan be piXl\f~ded [or control of'other room aTr·condltioning units. sw' the ba~h room [toi hilt.1earthing terrniMi ardjac. 4. Water hI~a.0-5 Centrol ·efWater Heaters DOII. 1m irrors :ligtits' &. Every heater circuit shall be r.with RegLilation 7 .Ul'qu. AI I term inals st. e~G.ent tp the phase an d ns utrai term~lool~.4 Houset1old and sirnna.ceeding .ltage Cir. 'I.:oondHibn Hlg unit ~shaII be con fleoted to a separate 'the distr~butiQn board" IirIlal sob-ci rcu lt.atcrs lhee):tra lowvQ.5 !kV.1 Extra Low Vonagl. 1MOO.' wllicn are used ~nconsumer ~nst:anatton shaH gerlel'..pp.mJti3c.Qu:itsst~a. B83456 4.itige ~af*t~ apparaw~sucha'S.former ei~ne."5 water heater:s cookers. HV d!sQh..lfI:lJ1lces t The ele(!tr~cal ~ppli~nces such .crrate:apiProprja~ely rat-ec.!.1. from A rttax~mum o~ twa air-·conditioni!lQ urnit'S are permitted to COil ne-ot Oil ·.. measured Oil open circuit-and 0haU cQmpl:y witn B'$~59.s nearly: as pQ'SS:ible ovsr a th'Qttlion of low vOltage andextra low vo. bells.ted by SO rnA RCc:B1ELC8. RMS to earlh.

. 1. etc.s.6. F~tungs Safe'ty lighting to meet cpsranonel requirements shall be provided to suit particular il ppllcat loris S'U ch as i ndu st rls s t prod uct ion lirl HS. Ail electri'c motors shall be' ade:ql..ctJ 11'8 nt Less than 15 HP 15 HP to <: 50 HP 50 HP and above. the advice of DEWA shall be sough t on availin gab uIlk s uppry .tyand arnerqeney light fittings lnstalled shall comply with 88 5266 ahd shall be rated for a period not lsss than 3 hours.'!lEl The.adkJms.rti. eartl1 leakag.5 applicable to illdividLlal locations. motors above 1 HP shall be provided with current limiting 'EXIT' and directional arrows.ided with overl.~g.iately protected . 4. &. permissible Start. The source Cif supply for safety ligtltiflg shall beeither maintained' or non-maintained type as appropriate 'to suit Indi\ applications.· Rating of Mot.such .ng equipment to effectively keep the starting current wi. The safet.ergency Light.ors uoto <1lrldincludirlg 141kW (1.nd 0p!3rational areas number of emergency lig'tlt liUirtgs.e and 'additlonally. short circuit. .4.or Max.aUdIINfums.conunuous operailon. 'Starters shall be prov. All three phase motors ·Qver 3 HP' and single phase. aga.'7 kW {51~P'Jand 3-p~ase motors uptQ 110 kW >(150 HIP) only sha1~normally be permitted unless otheMise ~pproved by DEWA. $.5 times full load current Mat.i n91cu rrent Single Phase Three Ph ase 1 HP • 5 HP 5 tirri es [u II load C urrent 5 times full load current 2 Umesfull load .hall be pl"ovid~cI with a..9 Safety and Em.inst loss 01 one-or more phases.ys 9f the th~rm~1 type wH~aL. st. shopping'c@l'1tfes.Ja~appllcatlons.U~in the fallowing limifs. All electrical sWitch-r9ctms deemed es~erntial [·0suit jndj\lidl.y light fiUings shall also incorporate appropriate slOt] in Arabic and Englisa .dequ<. tor starting with ove r cu rrent prctectlon.insloverload.oad rela. Where' atarge number of motors above 15()oHP are propessd. ut iIity com p'lexe 8.h.10 Electric Motors and Starters idl~tallation of t-phase motors rated upto 3.8 C and 48 G. tJ os prtals.'s·ale.6".ltomatiq compensations for varlancn ~nambpent temperature between 2.5 HP) may be GCII1r1ecb~d direct cm-~ijne. voltage fluctuations. etc .

-e.oi. oJ the €lquiprnent.5 mm2 clrcult conductors).e. ·AII starters. shall be S:librnflte~ to DEWA torapproval before. I The change-over circuit breaker or isolator shall have 4 .18 ~ . f. worio'.be used. FILlOroocent ramp may be assessed as 1. or 1200 W & clrGuil breaker rating 10 A (2. hut shall be in close proximity to the motor.7 4. 4.. following type or other approved by DEWA.J . 4_6.ot' matftltail1jFlgpower supply under mains failure conditions shall be permitted on Iy with prl 0 r app . shall be provided.. will be.lor tM purposa.g losses. for :. to limit tile current r'nay consist of any -of the.Phase suppiy and 2 .. of both generator and DEW.installation ~ho.Pllas~ supply to ensure that the phases and neutral ol the two systems remain separate and: distinct The.I11 ensure that there.erlock betweM the incorner Circuit breakers or isolators. Motors alld their contrel gear shall be located inw'e~~veritil'€t!ed.Poles for 1 . Wf1erl motor starting gear ls energiseEllrom an a.itt~ngs·may M suitably selected based em actual load.eonnectlon of stanldby generators in the consumer's lnstallation.. To ~ Vd i. W hereve-r ti u i ngs.tfO! and lhei r f uncNo!J. Adequate' mechanical and ele-c.7. etc. An emergency stop pushbutton shall be incorporated in the control gear. no possiblmy to parsuel gener(3tOIf supply with DEWA supply under any ClrCL!Ir'nstarices or conditions..11 Stand-by Generators Installation and. d~tails of esssntial loads.e . w itll dis charge lig hit.!int.The starting equipment. Inclu.of 'OPEN' and 'CLOSED' shall . installed with rnaxlrnorn load per circuit wrthin BOOW & circuit breaker mUng 6 A (1. circuii.wd' wiring' diagriilms.Res istaj rice Auto • T ran sforrner All motorsshall be provided with an isolator. Such means or Isolation shafl' effectively interrupt the supply onaJ.I phases. inspection and rnalntenance.enaflc8.dirl. applkation.tainedfor ev~ry installation. 'compact nu 0 re sC€'rfl !A.tric£l. commencement of the.rnps er low vo It 18mp s are installed.I'"lewords 'START' and 'STOP' irlS'h':lHd .rpecffic.'8 x lamp W.uxillaty circLiit the circuit shallalso be lsolated during maintenance.A supplies. tl. a) b} c) Star· Delta Prl mary . isolators and' push buttons shall be clearly rnark. for Isolating the motor rrom the supply durirl9 periods of inspection or maint. ctrcult conductor sizes and number of. Ths 'ull details.5 rnm2 l1.d il" Ar$..1 ASSESSMENT'Of CONNECTED LOAD AND MAXIMUM DEMAND U9th~ing an d s rna iii power ci rc u its All lighting and fan clrcults shall gel[)erally be. Thslsolator may be ~ntBgral with tM€icontrol g'ear or separate.5 rnrri2 circuitconductors). A minimum Df 100 W shall be conslderso for aach normal iI1g11tingand fan points..bic and English stan n 9 which mach i ne they CCHi.sftuations with adequate space for oparation. POles for ."oval fWIT"! DEW A. .~allbe . .d cont uslen t. the Circuit breaker rating. Prj0r approval from DEWA sr.

For rnulf consumer installation which includes commsrclat type· of premises. noted below for. .A radiall f ina! s'ub-crc uit '11'1 ay b. kW 400 kW . suitaply qualified electrical engine~r. All twin. .0 kW 1500 1000.ll area may Jl I.'s approval.A shall be assumed for each. in t119 format g~vernin Appendix 2.submltted for DEWA's approval. However. atthe main or sub-main distribl.e·13 . '.3 &. For stationary appllance and e..distributicn schedulesshall The limit of 'Max:imum Demand' in kW.$hall be oetsrm ined as r~com mended in Regularlon 4. and 500 W per socketoutleti n res ldsntlal pre mise 8 maybe ps rrn !tted.d by a 20 A Gircluit breaker in the distribution board.2 Mia.JaI pounts/ap pliaJ'u.~irciU its .qu ~prnent at d ra:Ung riot greate r Ula. switch ed socket-outlets In room other than kitchen and controlle. be submiHed for DEWA. which ever ls hig:hoe . 'such as Shops Sihowroo rns. etc.itypU(PQ~e. 13 A switched socket Qutle.s. permitted at Main Distribution Board (MPB) eonnected to DEWA's supply feeder/ti-ansformer is.quipment including alr-condmoners. pf point such as electric cloe I~ Elf) olhe r eu trent usi:nge.l. A kitche. C Urrant demand. The dsmand 'Io'ad o"f sach finall sub-circuit is ·deter·mtt)~d by adding the' actual or assu rned load of indh1idl!.indiorued ill the load drstrlbutiOIl schedules . E.t clrcuit. other than in kitchen. Wo rks hops.e :rated tor total connected loads before-a Qiversily laetorls applied.a lncommercial and industrial premises.All r_ allowance for diversity may be permittGd Where apprcprlate. '. 1.connected load of indiv"du~1 distribution llev~ elsj. where· provision to r connection of ['Idditi anal load may be rsq !J1red. A minimum of 2:00 Watts per point may be considered for each 13 A switched socket-outlet. for gen~ral purpose utility socket-outlets an assumed load of 1000 W per sockst-outlet in-slalle.ltl9n level. The total!.equ i pment.the assu med (:on nected load of sach spa re/soace/ circuit sha~1also be ..4. A current demand of 15 A shall'! be assumed for eacrr15 Aswitohed socket-outlet circuit. sookstoutlets shall be oonsldered as two separate socket-outlet points. controlled by a '80 A circuit breaker. shall b~ permitted to d~termine the maxlrnurn demand. A maximum of ten socket-outlets in room other Ulan kitchen may be connected to a ring circuit.e install ed 'to serve a maxi mum of fiv.i.:ef.rpplllancAand equipment Shall be considerec' as connected load.xilJl1Um Oemand All distribution boards sMlilJ. worked out byi. 4:7. A current demand of 13 .A.An appropriate 'diversity factor. 400 A Feeder kVA T ran sform er kVA Trans:fonner 500 kVATransf9rmer c) ~) b) d) 200 kW 12GO 80. the actual load of €lacl.7. Garage.9uidanae.n 5 VA rna y be neg pa rate circu its. The detajls of load .19 - . installed forge-lleral uti.ed.

etc.oeJincomer circuit breaker ill the M D8 shall be su itably set at the correspondir. other 'method .0 - . commercial. $ched_J. used by arnillsta. SinGe maximum demand can vary on each type of project such as resid:el'ltial. is permitted.ltkmdesjgf1f:~r with' sultable deglree of knowledge and experienoe of the diversity applicable tQa parficular installation. However tt1~ des.g design current.U.2.The ove noac protective devf.igl1 method and the proposeddiversity shall be clearly intHcated in the design drawinqs arid load.Jle~submltted for IDEWA's approval.c. lnduatnal. .

.1 In ·gE.settionaf 5.@XCG€lQ 1 oh rn. Th e earth electrode sna II be installed insh:J.5.2"2' Tne 'Earth eledrod!e.:s·e.l'Ii'6n bb. 5.. 5"1. 'Witl-lin tire CO!lSU meT P reJnis~s.. The maJ n earth G lectrode reSistance 5J:!:. suc-msln & tinal dls.upplyfN1DB.2.5 ohm.goilllg pi'fGilit from the n:1QJn.1 CONSUMER'S EA!RTHING SYSiI"E. ~he s S!.si$.Mafrl and f1:naJ istribution boards ghall se provfded with d ·a separate.'Ea~h eJectrode/s' ..:2 A s.' shan normany Domprise of 2Qmrn / 16mm diamflB'ter copperlstee~ core bond ed earth rod set with driving pi nand head dri.81111 be in'i"taned.ta!nIce anTI continuity of EGCs .m~nimurn one Main Earth e]eQtrode_ E. 5.shanbe p'erioi.edasspet:n~ed in Appendix-4'2. irls.arlh~ngsystem (~ncornl rig su pp:ly cabl e arrnou t'JiEart11 co nUn u ityconouotof.more· tITan' Me fEart'h electrode' fs ~Flstal'red.e~rthelect!Ude re.of the Earth Cantin u Ity Cond uetor 'to the: Mai r1I Earth :Electrode s~98dlnor exceed 0.taUeq Eaoh consumer's earthing system st1aU comprise oj: 'Earth elet'trodeJs' matn c~nnf§cte. ~ha II be spaced at rnlnlmurn 6 metres apart. pVC il1sulated CQPp€l~ 'ECC'.looiral.21 - .ard as possible.hCi:U be prov~d~d fD:reach in60milng pQ~m oisupplyJC6rrsumer"s Main Di3trfDLlltiQn Eloard' (M08)~ w~tl1if1the consumer's$ecl co nducli\le partsan d @nc~QlsWI res r etc. Sub.1. eiqurp6t~ntia~ bOndtng ot al. shan not.. 1 area.jically c::h:ack~dand mainfa~ne. '~o"erisur~consuf'T}er _safety.ElGtcrthin.1 5.g . 01 ECCs shalll be'select.M LEAKAGE PROTECll0N 5. The minimum cross.3 ~.d b~tweerJ th~.any pOint.s~fiibl. 5:3 E04R1H CONTINUITY CONDUCliOR (E!CC) Every circuit in the Main.' .\(erJtoa milni:mum dept h of 3 metres. Tor each mcorm ng D EWA The rsslstanca from . Wh@r'@V!Bf.triVution boar:ds. Th:e cpnsiJr"ne'rs ~Main Earth el'ectro:de' $11'.e.arid the' censumer's triain ~arthing :f~rmtn~JI~ ~arttl laM Qr bar. as close ro the rnam di. Earth (Jontir(uity cond'IJctor~ CECes) of 'every ou. The connection to the earth electrod.(jas above.1mefal! wdrk& e:XpO..system shall be connected to DE:WA.a.1.3 The censumer's earUiing .5 ElAFITIHING AND EARJti . .e a 300m m x 300 m~n x 300m rn earth p~t withunspectron CW8. green and yeilow (GJY).as approved by DEWA).SECTI:ON . rt Every co nsums r insta~~ation :shall be provided antj mai ntai ned by the coQns~ er" m with separat@.2 CONSUMER'S MAIN EARTH ELEf!TRC'UlE 5'. witnlin the i nspecson piLsnal1 be so uiTdIy marle by a corroston resistant termi rial clamp. The eonsumsr's ..

5. metal water pipes.4..5.01 tile ELCBs/ACCBs. 'in each ano 5. 5.~ 5.lbc.dodiCaIlY ctl€!cke'o and lested to' ensure consumer safGi'ty • etc. metal eondults.esidlJal Curren! Circuit Breakers (RCCBs) snau genera. cur" rent..:-12.22· . etc. metalaccesscry boxes.lilbe suitably designed endtncorporatsd every consumer installation.5. exposed metal works Qf consumer's applia. Operation .5.2 5. applicable. machines.mking sections.3' TIi@ eqUlipote.1 EAiRTH LEAKAGE PR:OTIECTION Th€! earth le~kfllge protecuon sYw. earth I¢akage deteCtion system. building structures and the like with metallic enclosure and parts.3.5. shall be providedl with eqtJlpo~entia..2 The Earth Leakage CircL1t Breakers fELCSs}lI4. with tinned copper lugs.5 EQUIPOT1ENTIAL BONDING .3 A II bus ba r ri sers i nsta lied tor ~Iectrical 'd istri buti on in' Igh rise b ulkiin gs and OHler consumer instaltaflcns shall incorporate an adeqiuately sized 'EGG' either rntegmlly n witt1ir1or run separ~tely ai. at both ends or.mding conductors. other than current carryiFl~' pans.3. 5.5 . metal cable 'lr~y & tn.3. sh:an be 5.ntial bonding conductors shall be ccnnscted to the main earthing terminal within the consumer's m aintain ed wfring lnstallatlons by the con slime the riser. including c-able armour.5..lly comply wHtl as 429. purpose made earth terminals.4. ate. equipment.11 All metalwork of the consumer's instaUat. mounting boxes of switches & socket-outlets.lof1. apparatus.ol ELCBs/RCCBs are $P€lGified III Appendix·13.r1ce. as. TIT@ cross" s·ectional area of eq Ulipcite rit lal bond Ing cone uctors sh ill! be' se Iected as speC!fi.3 . ReCDrl'lmended vaJIJ$ of operatLflg. P~.2 The ECCs shall be terminated at electrlcal equiprne-ntt apparatus and dlstrlbunen swilchgeart light 'fittings.4. and the oontlnuity shall be 'teste-d and .ed ill Appendu.

S reccmmended by-the manutaclurer.s 'that ma-y be Iinstalled in trunkillg :Shall suital.3 boxes for pulling the· wiring cables..1 TRUNKtNG AND CONDUITS 6.2 b~nds.. and 'the number of table.1.6. orderly workmanlike manner with purpose .4 (}. Suitable grommets and bushes shatl be provided at the lermlnal outlets. TRAYS & ACCESSORIES 6. 6.le core IPVG cab Iss at s. Thee trunking and: conduit wiring tnstallations shall be earried out :il1· a neat.-14"8.!1darmoured cables sh~11 be.JS rns t~11 no n of co nd u its is' d iff leult due to spaC(3 Iirmtat ion s. etc.lrorn sharp. mad~ accessories such El·sinspection bendslt~e$t lermlnal/draw .egular interva.1. a Tnml<mg and wil'ing conduit Installations which are surface exposed shall.12· AU the lerminaJ. 1 The type and mat~ ria! of til e t runki I1Q.3. OI.1 .1a t ru n k i 1"'19 may be used to r 11 inqsi ng.1.pecia I s ltua ti.lly be selected as recommended in Appel1dLx.h Regulations specified 1"11 Clause 4.a nd cond LJilSsha II be sel oct ed app ropriacte1y to suit indiViduaJ site lecatlons and cOfTlplying wit.provided ln all stralqht conduit runs exceedlnq 15 makes. 6.5 wh ere 6. in~l~"ed in cable tra. 15. Draw-in boxes shall be..7 6..anq intermediate ends of the PVC ccnoults ShallI be firmly secured with suitable adhes·iveS·.ls. The trunkir'lg ·aM conduit runs ~hall be supported at r.9· Draw-wires Shall be provided in aU concsaled conduits (and fjucts) with (he ef'lds left fr€!-€at the outl.switch room/s to the individual consumer DB/s shall he routed only within common eleclric9i1 service routes & ftSer ducts .'1a 6. ed gesand bu rs throug hout their lengths.11 A~I th e t run kl n 9 and cond uit run So . As far as possible. Long trunkingand conduit runs h'Orr'i tns electrical switch roorn/s located on boxes. TRUNKING.ground floor to consumer DBis loc9:ied on upper floor/s shall be .SECTION .1. 1.OrJ:$. the IrUllking and conduit runs from the electrioal .1. .shalll be fin:le. INSTALLATION OF CONDUITS. t . at ri·ght. 9 Conduit runs havifl~ '90 bends' shan bG provided with draw-in boxes for every' .1.Section 4.~ 6.1. as far as possible.avoided 8.6 Cab. 1 .angle only.3 of . 6". 6.23· . have straigtlt runs wlith branches.

t4 Th e stan dard ~Qnduir boxes. wall.8~draw-in boxes.1.mkln 9 and cond uit wns at (he expansion joints in the buUdlng structure and at regular intervals in all runs exceeding 7 metres' in length or as recommended by tt1€ manufacturer.etc. floor-outlet boxes . i ndu. th e bu i Idling ~tructu re. ' 6. c-olumn etc.2.e they shaH be fijnnly f~xed at reglilar lntervals witll purpose-made: crimpets and/or saddles. shall be p ['0\1 Jded in all t n. 6.24 G alvan lsed steel conou its sha II not be usee IlJ nde r floor til8S of b iJi Idings in qonoe.specifi'ed ijn clause 4.1. cemng' roses etc. ora w-i n b:o}(es and mounHn g boxes of li. $h~1I be installed \Iii ith its cDV$ r/lid flLJsn w it~ the out0r fjni. . etc.2 6.1.t$riori"ltion due. bunched and im5'la~lled 'ina'l:l vertical1runking n.23 lnsurtace mounted industrial installatkms and where situations.Jf1S shall be clamped! secured within the trunking at regular lntervats. PVC conduits sfiailibe Llsed for' all such applieations. shall be provided with a minimum screed cover of 10 mm. 6. shafts in buildings. only ga. .and at the terminal sncs.19 The conduit runs wl'1ith ars concealed wlthln the. cable trenches. All exposed threads. SElS.2~1 CABLE TRAYS T rays. roof. 6.aled wiring systems embedded in waHs or floors. ·24 - .strial plant 6. 5hal~ be provided at al'l individual . '~U.and aocessottss shall be used! for concealed wiring. rich paint immediately after installation.17 Suitable purpose-made boxes witt' adapters.4.22 Q'rrlyflush type switches. Thestandard conduit bo){e.1.1 :20 When the trLlnking and conduit runs Sire installed with chases lnjhe t).catiotls. not exceeding 2 metres .. 9.21 of 6.1.2 Tile' type and matetial! of the C8Jb~etrays shaU be selected appropriately to suit indivld uall sHe and CQ(idults 6h~11 be coated with Zin\. socket outlets .' .COU p lars.1. building structuresuch as in lloor.tive finish of the steel trunk.egregated and supportec from 'the PVC oQnduit andtsrmlnal pe.lliklhg S'ti'lUctLlr.18 be s. to associatsd hi·ghtemperature' steel coneults shall be used. 6. for su ppotii!l 9 eabl es am rscom mendsd for use in warehou and squlpmsnt room.1:3 The Olrcuit wires.1. ' light' fittings used with tungsten filament and halogen lamp stlall suitably outlet boxes 'to' pn3\fent ?1.4 (If SepHofJ. tool-marks or visible damfl!ge to the prolec.. subject 'to fire risk.1 S Stlitab le ex pans ion 6. PVC conduits sha~~not be used for' suen ap plieatfo ns. and 00 m p Iyili)g wi~h Regu ~atlens .6.eutlatpolnts of the wirklQ ~nstanatlons.ght 'Mttin an 0 gs appliances shall be fi){ed to tnre buildingl structure ilndependently af the V!iiring ooncults.

3 The·oa!b!e.l physical d~mage.2. EL2. c as. Cable ·trays ~nstaned in·ou'tdoor lecatlons. Cab~e..r in~Brva)13wirh purpose made.(i st r~gula. qabh~l hes:..t.6.rays shall not be.IFays .dix·f4.7 S ufficieFitspace shall be p roviided all d maih1'ained .qu. seiBCt~d as' rscommsnoso in App@ndix-l4 6.icafiy. used in Jocations where they will be $ubje:~!ed to SE.d 6.shall be s! the manLlfaot!Jr~rs. rBtlQmme'r:ide.traysritted v~l1. shall not i:le' LJS~~.hall·'Suitab.2.arOU!ld cable tray to pe rm il adiequate.. . 15.25 .(jfa $UPPOtl trmHicQl!tl cables insta.dft. .:!iuppbrts ~'r'iJ\'j Ule number of cabL~8 instal. Cab les shall be fastened s.Hlen. 6.e~. aeoessfo r in$tall ~ng and maintain 1Il'9 ttl e cab les. wher-eilf1the eaeles areexposed to ·the sun shall be f:lrQvided with sun-shade covers.e9u rEfly by p urpose-made clips.iyOe.2.4 &.led in the trays :. cleats 0r $adQJe~ atspacl ng Jn App'. with a.lled--oFi ~bl@·.8!te ventilation andas r3£o:mm€!nded .25- . secured to t'he trays.

wall.ze - . Where cables Or wiring system passes tM". for L1lldergmLmd installation shall normally be laid aLga om be low the gro und level a I1d·provk:led with a ~aye·r of" S.ltJidelines specified in clause 3:2 (section-B) and 4. rmeu red cables shan bel of brass compression type. The L"'(}verS shall be of adequate.1 All distr~but~onboards either main.7 1 7.11 7.s.utiQn boards shall be selec. signed based OJl e the g.tion". com p Iyi ng with BS 6121"..t Ieast 15 em imperv i6 Lis soil around. bedrooms.1 7. above the cable. laidin concrete trsnehes . uptc 30 em below the grQvnd level.3 .1.SECTION -1 INSTALL. Where protective. .2 of the Regulations. high a mbiellt -rooms .1.over the .maintenance. 7. store rooms.~M open i ngs rerna i ning afta r pas sage of the win ng Syste rns shaH be sealed to the d6g!Uile aftire resistance required.5 7. toilet damp Qr wet lccations. .2.ha~11 Installed in locatlens be to which access is available at ·all times for operatlcn. shall be made by means ota terminal or cornpressron type SOCket! lug..n. with minimum overlap on each sirde of 50 mm ColQur~d PVC" warning tapes shall balald -after·fi'liing.1...)dof tM cabl speGifLedlin SectiQn-5 of the IRegl!lations. to the approval of DEWA..H.5 (Section-4) 01 th~ Regjjl~tions . 7:1..8 Cables may be installed on cable trays atspacille clause 6. l€sting.1 runs ln Consumer's fnxe·d wirillg installation. The route markers shall normally indicate the vOltag·e level ln Arabic and English .cleated to wall.. . abovs .sInk.efling. in M. sub-main and fill3!l-distrib.ctrica·lIy sound. Width ttl proteet tM cables.i clearly marked by cabl e route markers. 0 All main. Separate E:a-rth ContiruJily Conductors (EGC:. at regu lar intervals not eKceedi n·g 1Q metres along straig ht ru M and 2 metres at d eV1iatio in the ns route. 7.d a nge r6~JS r haza rd OlIS locanons or peiOw .9 7. sub-main or final Distributiot1 Board/s shall not be irlstalled within bathrooms.lgh floor.2 ACCESSOHIES AND WIRING SYSTEMS A.. than 6 times the overall diameter of lh€l cable. locatlons and as recorrmsndec . 7.nry after appl!ying s'u~table correction factors based 0 n the lnstalla tio n mrethi. ir.1:4 Only armoured cables ..covers are ret:Juimd.ATION OF CABLES. wit hsa rth tag and PVC. .3 7. I\itchs.) shall be lnstalled and terminated for sach feeder/cireuit..2.any staircase. EQUIPMENT. The armoured cables.or final D:8s s. Every terrnlnetior. 7. and repair.RMOURED CABLE S Armoured cables may be·lnstalled either directly buned iii ground. they shall be carefully ~entered . The current carrying capacity or 'the cable/s shan be d~termined o. drawn througtJ ducts.1.2 2 Main."Qf mounted (1) cable trays. DISTRIBUTION BOARDS 7.1. i.inimllm internal radius ot bend tor cable ln 'fixed wiring IllstaliaHon shall not be less No joints shall be permitted on any c.1.shall be used tor underground Installations.:ted and d'. and shall not Impose any mechanlcat strai:n "011 the· termin al or socketllu g. Huqughout thEl·irleng'H'fi.8 hroud . All terrrsnatlons of cable conductors sihall bi3 mechanically and ele. Cable 91ands IIsed for a.10 7.1.2 7. par1Ltions or G.l-spec. sub-main . a Th(3.6 7. ro Lite-s of all cab las sh aII b·f.cables.

'2:' EactJ busbar ri~er! prqpnse:d ror ~n$ta~~ahon in high rise' building~.. phases and wi rl I1. 7.c r' area.2.'.iglllthe wan·or floor.nd .2. FI. m oj earth contiF!uity conductor (EGO) and equipoterlLt~al bonding Sedi en-s oj' the R'egiu lai 10m.J!alions. SYSTEMS (BUSWAVS) BLlsways s. .. .. malntsn ance and ·fepl.. Shops. .i ghti IlQ! 1n h~gh ris~ bJ. labelllM .MHf ca rnoun~ed at'.l.~ D isHibuli on BO.5 The requirement t)@: as sps olIi so .c. All wi rinl g and accessorles shall be.a~ing to the-dGqree .1 The tap off unit ln~t~liIe~ at eaohftoor lev~1 ina busbar rts~rS:ha. .11 be at a height b€i!w'e € n 'SD em 8.n. 7.4 7.g systems to II-owi n'g rEi-qui feme i:ln. The crrCl_:jit Wires of different voltage grades sM.~. ~£ sp@ci'fifld i'rJ el:allS€ 1-7 (S·~(. same W.5.IistribuHon bOfl:rdl gnall be identified lCindica:t. . to 7. lnadd ilion to the lrunidng.. oulgoing IIneorm n 9 ca'['jl~ !n $ta Hed .cQmme. sup poft$d . S!!!g reg:ated 7' .l-pparatlis o:r ckcuit it CiOllltrols" and Each 'f i rral d is:t:rip'uHqn boa rd s hall On Iy supp Iy the c i reBUs tn t.y dislrrb Ultion bo.r the' b.ard· ~S . such as comms rcia lor re'side r'ltral bu i." .Lisway p::. ~$re. ·7_.:9 AI.e@'qi. !:it:! itabler.4 EaC~l .fled in R@:guJaUbn 3. to r cpsra tion.4 The (fHlJ::~O~RI ofbusWay& shan be Mcu.72.6.rQ$"sl1 all be.lfrom the.'. ..2.tlqn . .l'dngs.uibuNQirl ooafds $ ha~~not be l nsta ILed .3i l1ei911t not a eXc.c'8ipieslw'i ri rig .. ina cornirton coria ult o:r .7 1!1 multi .00' 180 em f ro rri~irii§he'd tlqor Ieve~a. ...8 and id~' 7. ~1I8taJIe-d ~:I us'h: or . of th·e Re.4.3:. 'staircase & eo rnrn 0 11 . the i consumer's d!strib!Jtionboardt's sM11 be installed within tile respective consumers premises (e. .X.or fire.3. wh(ir·e th€" (jjstribwtiot! bo.r)epJt for ~peti~icapp~ication~ such as.a rns!x1m~m of 6.t"H'IU Mve adequate aCQ€-ss.t! rrriej:de '21.G SYSTEMS AND ACC.IIallbe provided wHh fire barriorlse.tions ~pedfied ill S~c~~on-4.. r T 2.-g.·2 1r'T'l~tre..wridQ I.I1 be scegrega. WIRIN.gul ~. C~lr<::UI lts Hom dJffere!lllt d i :.lil(J:irJ gs.r lovei.. .al'li ·be dbta~fl ed ("" frern DEWA for 'eve'tyappllc:at1QfI. HOOfS only.upply.13s ped.consu mer i I! stailla non.ded 5.ion bo~rd shaU incorporate means for tselatlcn of mains supply form of eilther G~fCLJit breaker orinccrner lsclator as applical2lle.loc.2.rrva~s !I1Qt ex6e~edi t1g 1 . BUSBAR TRUNKING.. Prior approva: sih.rrovisLo nfo r Mali rigby D~EWA S halll b.S.c.6 Wh·efEve.he.its.3: 3 7.acement . ete.e the <..ated.ald 6 ha] be totaUy circult .S_$eslhr~)ol.s to the top of the dtstribptiGi:1 board from the finishedflb~..1· . .tion of 0'1 rculit$.ESSOFlIE.10. se lected and installed to :suit II! d ivid ual Icoat iOIlS: a nd camp Iyi ng \IV it h re IeY<.availatll@ror T~? 7 :3. 7.g L.1 Ilnspeotion and reps i f th roughout fh el r entl re I€ngth..quirexl r:~. shall inlE. In the Every ctroult breaker or 'tuse wHtrid ths <.._3.hall be· permitted for lnstallatlcn only 'Where adequate access ·is. 3 -'::3.llf R e. .distribu!.ted wlth barriers In trunkin 9 runs or i nsta Ue'din sspara te cerro are installed on tt1Ie supply side of" any DEWA~s kWh meterln g.8 res meJres_ Wht3n!lver busbar trunk'rlg. etc ) ISIJppl y. it S. rEl.

egr.G.enerally USJ3d in colour sl~all be rn.cookeTsand ather single p~1aSGl app. Whe rave r mo reo ttl an one phase ca nnor . 3A switc.mountedin readily accessible posltlons.rothe:r. S~aller Socket outlets.tie avojde d a: m ini mum d 181a ca at '2. for group swit. g.sto.o 11 iabels to c4ear. water he~te.11'1 be nat'hlfoom.c. indicatB tt1~ locmibtJ ~nd purpose of-each ile:rn or :tIrClJit l!ls~r!Jctio!1S Oil' C<1utiop notices All.flbeHed to i nd i eate that 3'f30 Volt') eXist a'~the ' likely to ans B from tll:e pre.itcn€ifl and m sltuancns.:J.ailn@{d 'b@twe@TI .ew il!lslfi~llatiQ Wfwre a w~rir')g3yst~m i. shall be mounted'. wash bas. flO switch shall be ITIQunte-d withm 2. mettes of any water tap.ittoiiing url~ts & WElter he:atels~ Ceilin·S! I Fan RegJ!.aratu-silll$laJiMi within any room :shall not bE! cOr'Illec:ted to more thain :dllB phase. C1rc~ its i protedi on '.o.g Sy~le m -8 haJI bG acteq LtaJ®jy 5. must b'~ in boU.slocated tn cl"os~ proximity to non-e. s rrali be' segregated with berrierstn trUllking runs-or. . phase supp~YiaB 'far as torsate and adequ.a:ll 1 tifJge ner. lab.ate access to all parts :ot the wir~ng '$yst~m whfctJ may nElqulrlEJ ihspediqn. . ere.era r an sections of the COM um. ceiii"ing mounted lnsutated cord operated 8wilchessball be usee. the w~' or sink A.The elrc uit wl res of individuEilI ca tegorras S UGh as Iig hUn g.alQrs.€lssory qr appliance 'connected different phases of the. 81"1'1111 Installed .z(g'.Md socket Qutl~t provided in the Ritc:t1en sh. No socket-outlet ina ~i tcne'll..€ds f'or correct operati'Q 11 sh a II a. P _ switchie:s pI Air' c'ond.. at a h!erght of 25 ern tro mthe work top.28 - . acceSSOries shan be suitably .'(f·eJheJiriiG·hed noor Ilev\31.ted~nd prOitecteq . ' AIJ. In electricaJinslallaUon sha II be·mounted at 425 em from '!he:~ih'k~hedneo r I~vel All switches shall tH$. ifls~s:Jledin seperete conduits..11[ght~ngswi(Qbe:s.ed wherev~r th e r~ is a poss iQiHtyqf coh~usjon. All clrcuh w'ires: shall .lso be<jlny QUti@t aCG. anti instari@d as reqomm'ende. specified in Regulation.devices' in the dis trib u ti on b Qards etc 'shan b@ prov ided with su itable i drelltiflt-.d in SGcti0t1-4 Ingen.sel@cted of th~ Re.where water is regularly used. ma i ilter! a nee or leplacfe. ems rg@nCY. wasil basin ors~nk. 4.o. 13 A switch ad SOC ket ou~1 L18~lJjfOT 9~n€lrflll PIJ rpose sl1all i)@ in sta IIed at ~45 am ets a.€g.\fid.hing" apprQved switch boxes with p hase barrie r$ shall be IJ sedandl.ety~Geifl'nonual u~e" Provi.2 metres of any water tap.a'imxt ha7..~etlcJ_e.of thE. I 19 Where swnch bq:< . PCW@f.q. Wl:len~ a rMi:dential premises is supplied w.lecrricalservic@. more thall one a three.etc. 0 metres n shaH b\1! marrit.nt NO 'swi~'Ches controlling H'ght fittfng or waler heater'. socket outlets. 'the light f'ittirJg:s. ~f this 'is not poss'ible. English aM Arabic and 01 lewer sizes' te sulr lrrdivldual apphcatiOt'l.

1 II be. shall be provided. sealed Capacitqr·s shall be enclosed or guarded 'to prevent accidental contact of oonductinq metal parts wlthro::pClsed enefg. with capacitors.5 times thE3..1.3 (secnon-j ) and selection details r'!?Gommended in Section 4 o:f the R e·gulatiQns.1..9 The eapacitors shan be suitable rOF apemtiiJn under harmonic current conditions. 1.J. it to th.ugh9u:tUieir normal working 00 nductors shall not be less than one th lrd of ths clJlrrent carrying ·capacJty ot the motor cii"cuit conductors and 'ln no case less than 1.ieve and mainta. Man!Jal means of switching or connecting ths discharge circuit shall not be permitted' capacitor circuit shall.ate 'Of Cubai. 8.e tarmlnals of the capacitor bank on removal ot voltage from the line.ed in clause 1.8 The current car.d current of the capacitor.1 parts.shall be within the range 01 0.F.2 & 1. or provide C'l wit h a utomatrc meal'l s of connecfin Q. ~.1 The power tactcr ·oi every consumer.lying cap8clly of the conduc:t6rs used . control SWUCh9·~~ etc. correction shall be provided with means for its prompt automatic dist:~large immediately when the capacitor is disconnected from the source of supply. light fittin'9S WHhdischarge lafnpsimercury vapour/sodium vapountlucrescent tubes.ijtlstallatdon . specifl. The capacitor lnstalled for P.5 The IP. 'stc.uipment. An over current device shall be provided lneach circuit-for each eapacltor bank.indio~ting lntsfruments. corrsotlon capacitorsh type . 8. The rating or .4 8.F. machines. where individual load compensation cannot M achieved.seCTION .1.·for use in the Emi .9 lagging or above.or other . 8. For large Installations. within the 'consumer's rn~tallation. rated current of the (l·8Ipa. rnoters. not be less than 1 5 times of tM rate.1. th~o.9 I~ggillclg.1.Of dry or 0 i I filler.etting of the over c urrs nt dev ice·shall baas ~ow as practicab Ie. A separate over current device sJ1a111 be required for a capacltor connected on the not load side of a.i. The current carrying capaoity of conductors that connect a capacitor to the terminals .approved means to ach. The discharge circuit ·shall be either permanently connected to the terminals of the capac ltor 0 r ca pacitor ban k. shall be des~gr1ed and rated for operation on the electric supply eU1d ambient.nd"l a power factor of 0.1. ·overaU compensation at· main or sub-main dlstribljt~on levels by ihcprporating capacitor banks with automaticregul~ted steps.'citor. terminals or buses assoclated with t'hem.8 POWERFACTOFI CORRECTfON CAPACITORS AND U:NDER VOL T.s..1.ol a motor or to Motor circlJ. In general all Aill"Conditioning units/plantsleq.AG1E RELAYS 8. condmons. -2·9· .3 8:. contactors: {of capacitor switching duty). motor overload protective device. eitller .2 8. shall be permitted..7 The capacitors and associated compcnents vsuoh as PF regurator. ElridaiJ&ulatsd.

shalt be permitl:ed for inljivi.etting at 75:%. Means -i3hall be ins.g.s.3 The !J.uit i ndivid u:al 1nstall ation.2. 'kVar. The controls and protection de. N ecessarv p rovi s. app roved by D EWA .taHecl to isolate ea~h capacitor.12 8.2. number of phases.'V.dlation shall be provid€!d with Under Voltage {U.ftfonef50r 8. metal parts of capacitO'rs shall be sarmed as spedfiedil'l a.E (U.shall be set at values.e. of liquid fllled (if any).cLU 0 The contactore used in the capacitor bank shall be able-to withstand switching surges .ause s. capacitor and ma.intained regularly.4 -30· .1.lcat i ["Ig rated voltage.1 seconds.2 8. relays with auto-reset timer within the consumer's distll'ibut~O!l board.f any DEWA's kWh metering" adequate sealing p'rovisio~ shall b~ made' as specified' ln Reg_LJlatkm3.ailr~coFidWoning uni'tslplantslequipmenit installed· within the consumer's insW.. from DEWA on every such application. wit'hin 0. bank shsu be checked of 8. 1.' The U.2.11 t Section 3:.) RELAYS WiIlH AUTO-1RESEt TIMER . !he auto-reset timer of the U.vice pmviid:ed in the. relays with auto-reset timer shall normally be 'incorporated Within the respective ·air~c(Jnditidning unit/equipment or in their centro] panels.of the nom~rla'i supply voHa. For small air-conditioners. - UNDER VOLTA.5. discharge device and name the manufacture r.2 8.G.2.14 'Df 8.) relays with fixed vo~tag:EI cut off .i0 n for seta llng may be incorporated in the relay to restrict access for adjustments otthe setting.11 AU non-current carrying Gl.JjLlal or group of Uh~tS. prior approval shall be obtained.1 Wherever capacitor ban klpane I is installed on the supply side o.V. relays with associated controls shall be checked an'd matntalned re9ularly. Section 5. or capacitor instaUationlrom all sources otvonage and to remove from s@tvice as unit B.ide d with a namep~ate i hd. All alr·eond. provision Qf U.V.specMied in the schedules.13 Each capacitor shall be p rov.1. relays. details.V.V. 8. and auto-reset timer with ~djlJstable time s~Wng b'etween 5 and 10 mi:nutes.f req u:ency. capacltcr bank.1.

·' provided on the supply tc aM equipment 9. The metering cabrnet. f'ixed equipmellt. Every assembly for the distribuH.ARTH LEAKAGE PROlECTION In ad.3. of conductors uniless .3.shall check and test the eacrthing systems. 9.1 9. sp@ci'fied.2 Temporary power supply shall be permltte¢ for con iiiiruc1io n purposes subject to terms.suoh terrnmatlons are designed for this purpose. tariffs. power s. clrcuit protscnon.2. 9.mA ELCB/R eGa sM11 be.22 WIRING SYSTEMS.. Means pf ~me:rgellcy swrtching snail . DEWA at least Qhe 9.31: - .pment !lhan b~ protected wttll ELCB/RCCB of rated operating current 80 mAo 100 . provided for protection of other Iig hting circuits.1. aII shall be efrectivery earthed and contlnuous. The consumer shal'l comply with the safety requirements specified for permanent installation.IUTION'BOARDS Every wilring system shall be so arranged that no straln is placed on the tenniinations. f~es..3J2: AU final sub-circuit'S oennectso tQ1SA switched socket outlets.3 .. operation of ELCBsIRCCBs·. . w~rillg installation" etc.1 E.9.upply shall be submuted to.. unless otherwise. porteble tools or equi..1. FI. in addition to the spscltle requirements on lnstallatlon at construction sit-es recornmendsd in this section of the Regulatiol!':ls. distribution bQard/s or any wiring installations. and lnstrucuonslssuso by DEWA from time to time.5 hom which it may be necessary fa disconnect all live conductors in order to remove a hazard. ·9"2. ANO' D'ISTRIB. Shall be ·of weather proof type. 9.3 9. 811 have a met'al sh(30athand/or arrnou r which.2.9 CONSTRUCTION 9. AU cables us eel On construction sites.1.. regularly to ensure safety ot the lrstanstion. every drcuit· sh-anbe 9. No cable Si'H~1'11 across a site road or a walkway unless adequate protection of the run cable against mechanical damage is provided. lnstalled outdoor.2..on of erectricity on construction sites sl'lall comply with the requirements of 8S 4363 and BoSENi 60439~4. Consumer . etc.3 9.eXible cords for use: at the site shall comply with 88 6·14~.2 9. conditions.4.1 Gene ral SITE INStAllATIONS mont h in advance Application lor temporary oftne power req Uil~ rnent.diti'on to the over currantendshort protected for ~ai1h leakage.SECTION .3 .1.4 9".

.S:MDBs. V. MDB Typical Ele--dtrilcal Setl/~c:e. swltc hboa rd/panei Typical (B) {C) (DJ 8. CQlqu r ~ dentif·i c.b~es that may GORdiuilts and Trays. 7. cub~d@ tYp€l L. Ea. 14.sSpeoil1calions 50 01 MD6s/.and Cables.of 12.a3- .St. 6.elOle cdre.?'tse (format) Electhca~ Symbpl. Copper Oonductors. > fable·3 :.oad D. Earth Go nti n ul ty C.ondJJo.qe$ Room with 4 $Eltv1. in E Iec:t:rlca I SeFvi oe Roo III Typ'icq_I'Electr-i.(torma:t) DBs (format) 11..s Room whth 1 No. a rrnou ~ed an d at fi~Xiblec. Transformers he InstaUed in Trunking.ngement oir Metering Cabinet on Compound Wall arranqementot ·kWh meters. Num~er a· P rotectlon. 1'3. M uilt~Gore arm 6u red pvc i nsu Iated.s and I:t~lit'r:. Spacing 5S' of Supports fm Trunking~ Conduits.ka.ipot:e-ntfa I Band iing-Conduc-tors. 3.36 2.uctors. ' Data Schedule for lV Electr1dty Meters and Current . len 'of una rmou re'd:.rra.tors (EGGs) a no Eq u.5 . Single Gore PVC Insulated n:an"armour:euj.onduqtor. MuUi Com armoured XL..s Contractor's lnspeciion Certificate {format} 37 38-4Q 41-42 43 Typ"icele.rstF~bution Scheduile-"3 phase (format) 4L 5. 59 60 61 DBtails"c'lf tArmected load/Max_ Demisirid (form~~)~ 1- 34 3.rth Lea.APPENDICIES Appendix Page Rete renee . 5e Iectlo n of Cab Ies Table-l :Table~2. l.l:c. Co pp e r Cond ucla rs. (A) LQaQ Distr'ibuUon Schedule· 1 Ph. Shand~O. . SpecificaUons.PE: insulated. 47 49 9. Copper Cond.

.. BS136~.J syste m Neon Signs . releva:rH reccmmsncatlens Jn the folk. satTsfy thE: j'e_quirtt.B8 6004.e>t:t otsc nr.081 BS 6500~ as 6.l Busha: r tru nkil'i1.. 88. 4343 .uments thall be deemed to.5261:( BS 5345..227 '. 36. BS pO$3. Section 1). as EN 60947.68 i H 0 us ehold ap pi iances Iso~atin 9 Tran sfo:rmer asseml. mnal claaslfieatlon of ele. B-3 6n53.731 Deg rees of Protection DistldbuHon Earthing E lectrica'~ Accesse rtes BS EN 60529 assemblies for CQlillstruction sHe S-84363 88 7430. materials and aocesscriss complying wHt. 'BS '6DD4 . 68. 886977 886121 .23'1 502 227 702 i BS 5461.>ments of.14i.3:SH &3 Me's s MCCB RGCBiELGEl FU6ef. BS 62:3.on'(forpower &: IigQting) PVC insu~atiorJ (for switchg:ear&..d (.6:.a rand Control ge. Ducti ng and' Flttrnngs TI1. B'$ 3871 BS 42~13 138088.8tJ9 755 NOll combustibility test li'unKi ng.&. 8:S&0 99 423.5-54 as' 8S'1 G-enera~ Ceeilirig ros e COOl<li'f control units Plug S . BS 136~ BS EN 60439·2 e'8559 B-S 4!1ij .i I nierna tion a I Er.use1.ulations.5 BS3535 BS EN6Q439. BS 6346. as 6. ElSEN 60947·1 947 4.ctrical insiulatiCin 1882757 1084 85 BS lEG BrifiSh· Sland81_n:.24:5 Co nd Ylits an d Con du it fitUng s Sh~er PVC as 4:568.rwirig -slanda-rds!doc. control viirrng) Ttl ermo-s att ing iril sula tion Millef'~1Insulation Ftexibt~6aples & eords ...'3 Haza rdou s areas BS .APPENDfX ·1 REFERENCE STANDARDS All €qlJipmerih apparatus.31' B S ssot BS 3456 BS EN £033. 8S 6:. BS 5099 . 8"81. Cable PVC '! ill! S General Low Vo.96. lmle~s Glherv'f':se spe{:ifie.C~a. BS 721 1 BS 6207.ltage Swito hge..4-7-704 364-. Socket -QUi'l rs s Swiltcll@S BS 5733 BS 67 BS4177 BS 546. theBe Reg. BS BS 1676! BS EN 00947-.4. BS· EN 60m~8.rpa I r Go mm lssicn ·34· .

.i2 ~9 "TE ._ w lJJ G t- N Z IJJ c. b e: ~ u.... _J ::. Ii> ~ 8. l. tt W Il. :> .. 0 >- ':3.>_J ffi ~ W" ?. f 15 OJ !f._ ~ ~ ..2 .~. 3.J t:l '0 i"- I.. ~ ~ ~ <:{ u.lEJ ~> (/)0.l n.w ~~ ~ 0@~ '~wn u u.( G :2": *~ Q~ :!= (0 . :::t-"! «d-'<. w b z z 0 a:l 0 s.[[ :. 0 o· ~ ~ z ~~ (5 ::ii: D 1- d :) I I ·z ::?.)$ _J 1-:-.:: =s . . ':'-I-.. Il... . ~ 0 ~Iil W'UjI D. [Q ....M. . ~ LL 0 :.>< :. : '.-. " n.J Q 0 lill >- . ~ u. OJ .. :.( ti T"" . 0 o N ~ ~ Q_ w I- 8 ..J ~ w .0 ::i..:s .0- g C) 0 o· w. :S a._J .. "t).:: Q .z: 0 0 a z: 1+ t1i OC' -c 1U..... 0. ~I B :l! I?L (J:l :0. ! a... .:.13 t§ ~ :. f!..c 0. I.¢. :. Q_ 3. ...J::.~ ~ .. 9 @ ~ Z UI ~ ~ ~ z 0 0 :r .q.1: a. « I .:( I .::. ~ :. [j_ Q.: -'<.!..""" 0 .:. .~ -1 d!l Q ..!oo iii Ll) .~ :0 Z ·~I~ 01-'- ~ CI > .3"5- ...l.. lLO 1-)0 i I- : ~ ~ u:J 1.0[ ID 0 8 lW l- E .== _9 c (]J m II <i[ ~ ~ W . lJJ o· I-' I- D l ONoE Woo-~ w w oLit ~ .( S ! l ~ ~ ~ u. -=I (6 'SP flI ll'iI '- ~.'i! s g 2. ~ e..i:l Q. :.D Q ~ ~ ® ~ II) (lJ dt 0."C :i: Q. n...0.. l ~ if) Q .....J (£ ~ ~ J:J ~ @ ~ « o Yil. aI· Ijj ('I] -e . ~ .. X ~.~ g] ~ ::1!!1- o oro ~Cl 2 0 II): « z :2 I- '0 0 w:iE ~ ~ 0 Q . :::.. .. ~ .~ -c -' 0 :z: :- 0 IlJJ ifi CI 0 ~ f '.1 ita.• ~ -l I1- 0 'Jf -: Q) u:: :> I ~ .. ~.~ ~ t= . .. 0 .. OJ ~E ~"'E x:':'~ oti.:: r:t.. Ii- is! . (J m 0 ~~ ~ ='.. f:: a:: .> (l3 Q. F ...-(. I- :0- . . " :z .:> I I- .j W iO n rzc a. 9 p :f ~ o <:( (I_ -c .. ...: Q.:[ -I 8 . C\! T" « N e (0 0 LL.. j ~ :> 0 J .

f! (1l ('tl ~ >< · _'u..iJ .... Q iii fJ} -J a» :i ''0 '~. (Il o u.<':" d ::i 0 '1G E ~ w 0 . ~ rn M [l.. IQ lb.. . Q .. :Et: C <I C' -I t== C-'= :._ .. Il..J "" 0 ':I~ -"'- 'c.q.J 0 Z l. :x.~ a: J- Iii ~ ~ ~ '0 .. 0 -<.. o ::i ..:F ~.) --C m.) ...q.:. m ..I:: I. l- L.n I >.LJ Z < t.U ~ 0 Id: -~ ~ Z m. ~ '0 v UI 0.. !:?' >- '" f£ a: o "<i" >- m c:: .:l a: T""" . f!)"~ II Z . II u: ·X 'W <:I~ :t: 0 .:. "0 ::0 () U) ID a.. Z ''ll u 9 UJ I- (j ~ 2:S a o z @. g. .J .IJj o· :> ~.0 IT . ..:.. ... I ... t..j x 0 :.~ [Q -a::: I >- to 0] in '"s .to') <tJ I I. o 0 <1(0 (...( W LL ~ z 0' 0 z <l( LL ('E 8 E 0 0 ur 0::n. ".. -' ::a: ..j (/) UJ ..... @. ~ :::J ~ U) c 11I ::I: '('i) 0 (. 0 ~..~ . ~ ~ 'l' l!J .t:.I ..c {j) II ~ g sn ~ ~ Qi ~a Ql ~~ a.0 "D e- ~~ ...~ s: II "E ~ 1: 00 ...~ .0 e II -c b. l.. ::i e 2 ..<t' ~..ll c! I ~'.. UJ Z 0 c. LL .._.i) I a... 0· ~ (5 ~.i '0 "'" Z .) <J £L ::cQ wr.5 Z i.~ E (j .. 0 0 LC LL W o ~ ~ < x ~ =1 COl ci n. .e. !!..m . ~ ~ s .) < o'ffi g. w tL d x o :> ..o:i <. rJ).... E. . '::l.~ i o... V) :iii .-. :I: . o...J S> ~ o L.. ..... N ('. Il.I.

.t..:i ..L : 0 if: Z d £ t.-.. a. ~::?.~ z W II D L!J G :r: Q w[f) .~ N . l! I: 0 CI 0w Q~ 0 0 a. I- ..I. Z III ~ 0 0 d rr lJJ !... er: .§ 'iii (...~ to :s: 0 1:! c· !.!..W d' ~.. f!' 0.<)< 3 . ~.0 2] . m ~ 3 ~ ~ .11) ~ W ~ u..j- o.. (. OJ ij) . u....)' 01 ..:.i: II "" ! ~ . ~ . '5 ~ ~~ I~ ..~ (0 Z uJ J 3: ~ 0 ... :i u. OJ . a:.' 0 0 0 . 1::. 1----~----~--------------~--------~--__1!1 .-..: . (f) II r:..J l . t:: :p:i a Q 'Q ~ rr: «.!i lLJ G: ffi~ => "~"#j LlL~ 2Z «l . o C 5 .I.l> . .J " ~...) N =i E E g !.u .) o. o z 5 -I :::.- ~ N s <.. .:1= i.::..... 0 W 'g .. g ~ ::....! S:"1l: ~ o " q:' Il:.: I- '~ 0 I- 'II J:: _'" II "" ~ s<s g . ~. ~ ~ _..t ~6 l II 8. w r' ~ :. ~ .) 0 I'- 1'-- ffi 0 ® 0 Gl' m ~ cO > :i 0 ~co 11 I ::> u .:.. X (3 -I ~ x ~ 0 . II ... I'J G w ""'l ~ .:2: X~ WI. II w I- I :..:. Q ..I' ~ i<) W.. ~~ ···0 ~ :::c' (ij ~ ~~ ~ U if ~ <0 .J Sf . ~ :: ::e fJ:I :. 3:: i:!l n.~ D <:{ -I :z <t. II . Q +. a. 0( -! -! 0 to ..37- ses m OJ zs 5 .".::: :~ . r. e..<."....I 6 ~ K V.J!! r.

dollble pole 'Switcn with neon iridiGa:tq.iiI ~~- Air.r 30 A double pole swlten .5 ELEOTIRICAL SYMBOLS S¥MBOL DEseRI PTIQN Main Distribution Board (MDB) Su b Ma i n Distributio n Board ($M DEi) Distdbution Board (DB) ~ [:. socket outl et 15-A Sw~tched socket 0 LJ llet 20 A .1 operated typ~) Switch Line (to conned up all outlets controtted by one switch) Circuit line (to connect up a.APPENDIX .~~utlets on the sarne.OF Trunking .A Swftctled. 0--r []-- 13 ..) 1) l.clrculf] o Skirting Tnmklng Undertlo.Circuit Breaker (AClB} Mould@d Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) Miniatur!=! Circuul9r~aksr (MeB) Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker {ElCI3.38· .lnk kWil M.ete F {D irect readi n g type) kWh Meter '(<.

li<i€9in 1L1l!J9tld.give ~6aCl r.2 W'A Y /.tter ShClI~be shtlwn ctrcle.$hown. to ~oad rating pi us th~ nl.l~ b.and deta. o .aiing .. rt!.il1g refere'~loe ~e!tersha.!I~d in it1!gend. to give IM![.y operated .52 '.Jth oJ flUingand load rating plus the number of IltK)rescerd ~~be$~- Fluorescent tube li:ghit fitting-wal. Shave. tc)' (fitl.lUb€$l in Llghti"ng Switch.r Socket 8S 30.lmb~r O"~ tlwi:lF~s()erll . .00 mbi ned minor light with inlegH:I.~ltid d¢.1 WAY Lighting SWHch. Li s hting Switch - i=l Lj~~cord0 perated: UghtingSwilch ~ f< eirde.tfrn-~' li911t fimng a~d nurnberof 6r lamp\SJJ_ .MIUM ~~ lagend. (lifting 'Fef8<h:in~e le. rlfl cirde ana d~tail~"dln IElgeml. deto.ghit filti ngand nUmb!IJ_f f lamp:S).1 give len 9~h of fitl.t'ice ltil. (r'ittirlr. ..ofli.! r€fere.sliioWf'I! if! r::kble .I.0 llUet to o ~~veload (fittil1lg reterEil1Ce lett<lrshiail be.te~ shall be . to .11'rgMd mouotee.

Lighting swHch .Swutch Photo Electric G.ell ~ Bell Push dq_ Bell {not associated with Fire Alarms) -40 - . Clock outlet point (j) Ceil! ng MOl.We'ather proof type (3 ~.Jrite-d. Fan Ceiling Fan Regulator Earth Conn~1i 0 n Time .

iIi I s '...uipm'ent I"... . . ily 10f Hng Gtr-c\Jt cond uctors is." '"" __ __ __ __ __ crrcuuts "" ." . sati~fac1ory lnohrns ."" .eire uris nn8M DB I s circuits MCB / Fuse Me 0:8 I Fus@ ! Me CB....__ "". Powtii·r Faotor {P.. . circuits .". ".i p. Win1 " .. Powedactor :of the witill9 installation Earth ~ault loop' lmpedaneets Ma..: D ntinu." . 4. COlltinuity of Elmeh earth {:.. ..'". . 5.. _ rnA ELCB j __ . . Ye$'! No 2. . " A Ie No.i:irtih:elec.PhaS(3ai1ld I 3..' . ....•' ' :""..s ' .' '.. . : A. insp€!-. Consumer ~ App~ioation No. satislacttlt'Y' i Yes I No 6 Pol®..cco!Jl"lt No.... .h'i 'f'lc:cord4nce (IElte~t i'::ioitio!l) and that th.. .aled tH~19W : If EMS INSPECTED OR TESTED: thE!: DEWA I lEE Wiring R~guJa"tions- 1 .tr0d~r~sis{?nc~ Oapa..uUet &: WEiter r1:!'late..Sub .r I ." " . Max'. .. .e resunsare as indi9.APPENDIX'~ CONTRACTOR'S I f We certify t11at the Electrloal I. .'"" Equ. c. yes! No Yes! No 7.. .... ~"lMin. !Fuse! MCB -30/ ...: has been compl€!... ..1l arid switching are il'l tbe phase conduotQf ordy.'" " .. 8... " .2.30 1100/ --... "". ". __.. . .... "" rnA ELCI8 tot lighting! .. "' . : Drawing AppifovalFi " e·feren De : HCS t kW Dated ...nstallatfon at: Project : Vi lla I Bu iId~ng I ® INSPECTilON GERTIFICATE . _. .......of the fixed wiring installation with~500V meg ga r ill meg a-oh ms. --.".' rnA E:lC81 for 1:3 A socket·o.~Phase 2. '" i~ satisfa:ctory...) Cerrectlcn mstalled.". 1 or Over ~ Main circuits "Final CUI rre nl proWeli on is provided by : In MOB J s in DB!... IS... F.' ".MJifl. "" .oitots I Pafll.rity t ttrOti_g I..'.t:ed. .1 300 / . : .." ""' "" .". out tfl>El . . ---'.... Demand: . Yes I No Yes I No 3......< ... for -100. Yes f No ..' . i nsta IIali on is correct and a II s~ngIe pole devices for protectiQ.1 8.uity conductor lnsulatlon resistance.. .lryg.....' ..3 Ea·rth leakage deteet len is provided by: t:!OJ1GO rnA ELSiE L R wit!rr Au d io j Visu a I aia~m to r Ess:sntial servic® e'q... rnent t P urhps I Ma:c:hiMS I' Afe . . . kW t:onn~Gled Load . Yes! NO." ....cted and t€1Sted..41 - ..

.. [ .. We .---. .{iollscarried out by us.) : Yes l No .. ."" _~'" h "42 ~ .•• -. "" .•.I~ •••• ~I I ..llLJ~dt'3s I 0 does....~~~~rrl~~~- . .~---~.• ". the Owner/DEWA Oornmants and devimt~ons....•• . -- ..[lnd redHyany d"efe-cfs 'if found and/or wt1en reported . T) 13..~"..f this cerHfi<iat:iolll we/ und efta ke to /{.__ ~" ~ ..' . M 0..EH.-~-~. tSpec. Di!lc.. fino heene{:gised (LV M08s co nnec~tedd i redly to -theT ranstorrner). 'from the wlrring Reg.. '""-".fuses.~r{s~ 11. . Allfl@xlble cords...." •• "" ..-.~i:t bTe.'---.. 4. Name: Conlp..d j .""~ .~.. __" ~".!-~~..l.""-~'" '"" .• &... .." . ... . .tamp [ [..... .k.. ..· ..y~'withalJto~r:e·set IJFlits fitted Auto" ~s~~ t irner set at The operation time:f for Alr Conrditionersl YBS !No 10. of conduclQrs· or accssserles exc~pt~s :5tat~d bel ow. I·." .... ....-dls (MDBs.. . Pqsiti.-.o·l1 :: ..-~..ify uindBIFp. !.- •.Jpply ~s rel€:ased.. plugs EH'ld socket outlets are itll" good s·~u'viceabJe c-ondit'ion except as r'lQted below. F$x : ...--..: .tive eart~l leakag~ cjj'(. •.. _ . [.'i~---·.• .) as noted below are..) : Yes I No (SIS sa ) : MDB ..also oonti. under para'.i~----·~!~ ~~I~·~_..tJl'iC s!.• -" ......-"" --.•(SIS Yes I No '1'6... " .--- -.I' '-~~.. "" .a·I1I.....~ary tests in~h®.st(3l..~ .•.u1ations IJI". " •. . (Signatulfe) . -_ .•.I~ •••• ' I I.--~~.""~~ [ .•. .lrl~~~rl'i.-..--~. ••• ""·i ._I. B~ pu rSklaFlc~e"9. ) : Yes l No MDB MDB (SIS ...'"~". wi!'1ng in.. ""..---..: -..." of CLirrentopEl!rate:d ls en ilroke"d an d eHec. O..•...~.."".. DE'WA Wfr€l..II$I...'------ Eleotrica I wi rit'ilginstallations supe rvl sed and tested' by : ...8 (SIS . I I~~~r.9- Under VoHage rela.~r. .Y ~ -----.rl' .. .._-- .... aftsr lhe e~..-17 ).~rry out..••. against. P. -. . Tel. .rl l"I-~~~I'I'I~~r..appliances..i. Box.. .. ...·. "..·l1et€s. 15. Barriers' and enclosures-tor protection normal service are. notinchrde IS no 's-igri of ov~rloaaht1g..--~.. . (specify Yes / No Yes No The.'~'rn that the Main D[striP'uticm Boar. .... 1.. [ [ [ [" ...a. •••• '" I i 7.electric shock in Yes"! No Competency Licence N·Q..--- . satlsfactory.. Apparatus testE."iF any. s."c' .

.~_ II It . NOTE : A:lil dimenSions note{j are in centi metres. Conduitls fer .ather pw..' ~ " '~ .'.'. ..~... "I 'I I . 9'· 115/10 em PVC pipe sle~ve for service cable..eferenoe IRating ot l ncomer breaker in metering cabinet 4:0 A ..l A .. •• ' ~ -t· rthing conductors (ECG). I -..p I ..I'~!d ~. "r ! •• ~.APPENDIX ~. DESCR~prION : Ccimp9_und wan..20 40 60 .::' ~ 'Ii "'------ 2 f I. ill - ~F=A 'i! I 1 II .'. = on oil . ~ • I It ':(. .. ~ I ! . and not tcs<caJe .: i.-~~J: II 9 I~ 'I I I I ~ ~.. Posit ion of i ncorner bmake r.". 400A 7:~ 8.' l~ I..". pad llooki ng... H 1'1 11 II II! ~I ~! I 1 7---Mf 13' F--~-~ '" I ~~ 1 iii"''' _..~'. • .I. OOA {1i ..'~_ •• -r'l ••• :. CABINET ON .'. t 5 /1 0 em PVC sleev.!I'~ ~_...:'~~: ' .COMPOUND WAL. MINIMUM [)IME:NSIONS: kWh Meteri'ng Type FJ.. • _ • .fDA... Cable (Gland) box.. ~. ill 1 ~ •. : ..!. ." Dlrnensl ens in em ABC D 4060 20 .I ~ '_ I II 'I i.j.. -_.':~. .1 I··~.. ~ ! I·~ i II! 1 ! • ~ 'I 1 J \ ..~~~ .~ -... J ':'rt'''..i ':". ~ II . rII ill '!ir .~.t~~"·. 1 to. ! • I . aOOA. ...' '" . :.. PHASE) 2 4 ..'~I' I'.". I .<.. I.~ OJ _.9 'for load cable.".. . .~' ~ ~ ~.25 30 ao CabeL' .. • I I '" : •~ 1. 0."...! Ii. 1:25A..\20 20 60 20 25 80 100 .7 A~TYPliCAL ARRANGEMENT 'OF (I P 55) metering HL door wit.hprovision for wire g &.!. We. Transparent viewing w~ndow..:~::'. 'I I '.: ".-:: . ~6GA 2:00A. 6:QA~ 1 GiOA. -Il..II! 'I ~. .

GS trunking . 2 30 30 :3 1 ---til______' A.s/S o eee Y 8· R V..• NroJl-combustible type board I plate for fixing kWh meters.2. PVC f. etc. maximum number ot-rows and arranqemsnt.__ .ed.ECTRIC SE.. Supply Ca.Q__~_J I I i 1:2:3: 4:. ~r ·44·· .s/S I 0 I- FLOOR LEVEL I I I i I Iii I •~ ~ I 'i i II i~ L_.3 &. d) 'Refer to clause 3.All. rj i mansion s nqte·d are In' csntlmet res and not to scale.. outgoing c:ircuits & conduit terminations. 6. of kWh meters. :3. 0) Earthing detahs. 5.- OESCR~pnON:Main I Sub~main Dllstribution B6alO.5 for rS'gulationsi. etc.. AFI:RANG&MENT OF I(Wh METERS IN E1.EJ~TYPIICAL. b) Layout indlcates qnly ths minimum space.. kWh Meter. are ![1otindi.bles.RVICES ROOM .

ALELJECTRICAL SERVICES ROOM WITH 1 NO•.400 AMPS RATING) C-TYFI'CAL .ELECTRICAL SERVICE' ROOM WITH "1 . Prior approval shall beo.·. r etc..latiGl'I'11!.btaiined for const ruction. kWh Meters.1oom shall be des ignsd to accommodate ·the MDBs / SM [)B8~ kWh r'r'lete rs. s€l~f..5 fD:r . 3.).a are iooentimeires and not to scale. 9. Norlt-comblUstible wpe board! plate for fixing kWh meters. c} Heifer to olause 3-2.4. PVC !~S·trunking.MD.d fm electrical room lis shown in. MDB (MAX.C~TYPIC.Nbn~c'bmtiuslio~6 door (lolLlliered tYP. NOTES .Ughtfittihg. .Eldraw" pit NQrl-maJntain@Q. a} All d!fmension s .. minimum S 1'1"13.v.~l'lIcy Ught . Exhaust fan (fornor:l"a:ir conditioned IrOOm.3 &. Cabl.llL Each e:le8trrc-a.NO...efor non-air 'condlitloned room).8':. 1:· 2:" 3:7 4:· 5:6> 7:- DES'CH!PTIQN:- MaJi1Di5~ributio"nBoard.regu. b) Only rnln i m urn dimension perm·ilte. 400 AMPS RATING) 240 '--- ) Ii.theiaYOI.B (MAli(. . rated.cbntalned em~r~.note.






~z 114



l' :~ LV Switchb'Oar:d J P:aneJ; ~> Exhaust" fan (for non -alr cono itioned IrOOm). 3," Non·maint:.Il.ined, minimum 3 Hi's. r.ate"d,self oontaJned emergency Uglht
4:· Ug ht fimng.

5; - Non -oombustible door

(Louvgred'type for non~air

con~~N()ned room),

NOTES :a~AH dimensions noted .are in Qelf'ltim~tr€!s,and not to s,¢:ale;, b) Onjy the mih'imum .c'lreii\r9inc'eI spate rEKljuiredordront. rsar and $idtil;fOf LV panatls sh own ~n th·e,la}fout :~8;ch efecxrica I room s h:aUbe df;l~HJoed with a~eq L:late dlmen slons to. aGcQmOdat(lrthe M D Bs I SMOBs, kWh M etel's .etc,. Prior approval 8MII bE;!. obta,in ed 'far construction. c) The minimum clear slPac.e,shown at the sides and rear of the panel ~sfor swi~chboa~ds w~th rear aecesssequ irem ents 0 nly. d) ReFer to clause. 3.2 & 4.5 for regulation~t





Recommended size of cables for use. infixed wirinqmstallation, for geneTal purposes, and in normal situations, in tli@ Emirate of" Dubat.

Single ~ Gore PVC insulated,

non-armoured, Stranded copper Conductors

(BS 600"4

s 88


'2·t! 1


Of 1 I:!ltrase


c, 3 Phase"

M'•• filti!'lg 01' "iO&l~CCB:
(.0.1 10


MaK. Load

(:lq .... 10

(rflrn )


4 6

20 25 30

25 30 40

6 10 116



25 35




70 95 120

1~5 150


CommOf! notes for.Tables 1. 2 & 3


Assess initia I dema.nd with sate divers ity and anticipated derna nd iirl future, it ii! ny I"lS ~pplicabl s ind9viduall Cfl'cuHs, tor setscnon 6f cabla size, breakers- r.ating,ete"



Assess individual fault levels aridselect MCBs.tMGCB:s accordingly.
Refer:to manufacturers catalogues and select IMCBsJMCCBs, cable sizes, etc, tor specrnc applications. considering inductive/capacil:i,ve loads, laying conditions, voltag@ drop, correction factors, etc,



Refer roSactlon 4 for Regulations,

-47 -

MuUi Core arrneured PVC insulated, (S,g 6346)

copper COi'i,ductors


rfQ.~3~4¢ PVQlSW4'PVC
il'lli-1ormal Situations

PIlla')!,r'ii1lt~hg,of MCB1MCCB (l\)



1.5 2.5

15 2:0

6 10





100 1125 160

f,HJ 100

50 70


120 150
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(l 35 50 100 125 160 70 95 120 150 200 225 250 225 300 240 300 350 "3.gJtwatfon'!a· tmm:2r 10 M6EWM'(sOI!l.. L!!lAd qu 'I't!.MiJlli Core armoured XLPE lnsutated.00 350 400 400 Refelr to Table] fOor ge.ntld_.0 16 80 -60 80 100 1125 160 .meralll'lote-s . Ga'bfe ·Installif:a in M~. copper Conductors {IBS 5467) Siiilie.49- .oo.20. i i'attt'lg 0:( M~. lif 1 ~CI._. .· (~ 50 tA) 5.alfld rliQ'l'ma'~.

Yel:row .1) s 1.phaSe€! B .X • 9 COLOUR ID.4 4.exible cab'IElis and Cores: Liv@ NeutraJ Earth Brown Blue G reeF! • and.E.APPENDI.or Red (R) I Yellow (Y) I Blue (13:)as applicable R .Yellow Black ductor in t-p nasa cl rcults Red . FI.phase Bed Yell.Ow Y .2.phase Blue 2.50- . Non flexible oables and bare condu eters : s Ea rth Conti'l1U ity Co nducto r (ECG) Neutral Conductcr il11 and 3·phase circuits (N) Phase COil Gre-en • and .NTIFICATION OF UNARMOURED. ARMOURED AND FLEXIBLE CAB'LE CORES AND BARE CONDUCTORS (Regul~HQns 4.5.

REAKERJISOlATOR+ III. .: r.·bars. tap~orf connec.datiQn '3.e working cle<'l.~rlh Bus·bf. No of.APPENDIX -10 SPECI'FICATIONS OF MDBsJSMDBs (Ref~t teclauss 4.3 P ai nti ng!Fit'li$h (Intern al/iEx!emal) Indoor"j P41 !42: Outdoo r~IP54l55 Stove enams lied P·olye5~er [1 [1 [1 [1 [] Epoxy [ jGalvanllzed [] [] .4 .1() IIV..IEC 439-' &::3 AATINGOF (+On-load) INCOMING . terrnlnals (.sUPPLY'S IJ & TermiMfs Separat¢ly meuntad with adequat.naIIQck r] r] [l [1 .5.ngem¢!"It of bus-bar and tap-ott connections 'to :oufgOing clreu]t br~alcers R ig.'&.[ ]' II 1 Contd .5 kWh Meter 'read ing provIsion [] Gas. III.rrs. Separately mQU FlGniovable by tool [] nted & [1 [1 [1 . 81 AN DAR DS BS EN 60439 8S 88. and as short as possible Acleq uately s i~ed Min.ld. ·51 - . Sepa rata-and 'n depende nt of each other) Barrier FI rmly S~ClU red ~ S~p~rat~ly'mouf1ted Removable by tool Neutral &..& terminals (at max !Sa°c ambient) Rated' toO r max.ions 8. 'linn Iy secmed" supported..'nc. 521-.& Busbar.ra. 70 ~C ijnt~rnal ambient ..1) MDB/SMDB No.eslspacing from incom ing supply 'terril inalsllugs ' [ ] _2 A.1 . R E FE R ENC:E..3 AaNrigl$ize of phase 8.kelled Bo'!tom .1 [] Fi rrrrly secured .Gonsisteill witl'l the rated incoming supp~y breaker/isolalor Ti rmed electrolytic Gi)pper . INTERNAL LAYOUT/ARRANGEMENT FAULT RATING Segregation of live parts . BS EN B0439'1.FronLCover ("Neoprene} Hinged [1 Gi)sketted+ G lass. bolted join:ls i eli rset [] [] [J .2 CON STR U'CTION Mounlil19 2QOA SOCIA BREAKER [] [] 1BODA [] 300 [] [] ISOLATOR 400A ] [] Wall [] Floor r] [] Pedestal ( 1 Deg 1'8. S·arriar [] . n~lJtrall bus.0 _7 Qat-Ie Tray VentilCltio n ll ~J [1 [J [] Campi lance with Regl. Wi n dow Top Top&' BoUom Louvres Bolted [ ]Fia.9 of peotection Ell' the ertC~oEmr~ for linstall<'lticH"I.3 ..

_ ._. C.8 Operational aceess/convenlence 'lor 5wilch'Q(!!1'lr..gna.atUng oJ 0I..v"loii H. I. •• [1 ~] •J..2'O"OA lncorners S\ .. Min_ Iault rating I . :2QM.TtON Ratfng oflncqming supply & OUl9-Ol1l9Circuit breakera} (Itls-a-v fa the ralijng_specified..lo'lite' 'Or Board Designation Oi rcu it Desl.••• . I I I I I I. ~ ••••• ~ I •••• ". lWJ8 [1 IJ 85 r J.) l] V..Refe r' to app roved Diagr8rn No. I'ncorn~ng.. __ "" .1 IDENTIFIC.'-. .fion 1 Controls ]1nclicaliol1s [J W~ rr"Mlg r-.. .. II... .lt90·in9 biwuijl breakers .. . I....4 A aHng of Ma illl Inco mer and Bus ba rs D. w1.4.2 Colour codes lor inleln al. .ow I1 [J .10 Provision lor h'lrmmation of C u '/XL P'ElAWA(S.3 ror control/auxiliary oth. I ". Oulgolng . $. ".cle'lranc€ispac~ ri .Phase Neutnill E~l'1h Terminal ferrules MeCS ACB [] [J MCCB F/S ! [J F{S Jell MeGa [J [J R¢'d l Yellow I Blue Black . ..) .r switc.4 Permanent similar kWh.. ..upportsffacilify ror Channels d r(.: . Th~rmal [)ii~c rninatton ri Fault [1 [1 [l Sing:kl tlne .t breaker/isolator cJ.. Incom~ng supply cab.d Cover Restrided/lockabi e [1 [1 [1 [1 plate CTs Gland p'late _9 M a.l€ termina'tion. I I.' I II i [1 4{i kA r1 I . 5~~ ~52- ... Max . h1in. r1 [] l~bels. {1lngr.:'d arTlpung outgoi n g cl rcu it cables [] rJ tJ [] From Outside'or Hinned Door! . I. maln circuits wlr~ng ." TypEl"of (::'ircy~tbre-akers. ..i Min.5 2S 45 [j [] Wilh/withQul Adequate qabl e box Provision of'$.EWNs : ".[ ]! [] . _ .. 'tra..otice!s [1 Gonta .6 ~~- Ptovisio n 01 min.s . Meter 'Indk:atirlg Iflstrl!. _-_ . I 4 I. supply oiicui. G reenand circuits Yell.i nteilJanc€! access/replace men! C"mv:e:olence h.. ...r....lmenffi ...A..rcuit breaker B{llt'f'l. hg e<3F eompenerus Breaker kWh Meter Non·Fcrrou$·glan9s (l [ "] .aved... .]S5!11g.-" . .:Incoming Outgoing . fault raling 35kA [1 [l ...800/1 600A tncomer ems Outgoing chcu it (Jab lea em 7.

4 and IV.!! i •• i u.fiG&le lor ['ev~ew/r·efererlice [l [l [ [ J J ...!)rlllcy Class '0.. .q... ...i! .. ..~...wr lMet~r ."! iii. _.'" r "'" " "..'I !! ~'i.. . _ [1 Adequate..._._. ••••• ~-. -: _. ' ~ I ~ I ~. . -.. .. ..'..tiol'l' . -........ C hecks : Vksuat' c:11e-tks SCf:BW~'d/B:o Ited CQf1If10GUtH'(!.._...".-.':'. ~ : :-.tecl ir:~ D EW.. Max. -~_.._.$ Compliar'ic~ with sp'eciht<diOI'l$' .. . 11 ~ I...11i'.~.r Fac. 53· .. LI'.. _." ••• .•.. _.. II I_~ I II I 111.h ith Powe. . •• [J [] ... i': -.. .. '" LI''''' ~"".-" ~.{CTs_ . ~.~ilf'lg h·eig 11t from FFL [J [1 [1 [1 [1 [1 V'II~. METE A INO GOrripFi.~ T 9stec.®cifh>.ltiwil Tests' s.i\.'2 KWH Meters. .-_. "'" 'W ~ . Hing:ed do. _.' ~.r. ._.. oonsis:te. g." -.mTnre~er: Current 1 ra. r~' ~. _L .~~._:"_".. _.all 25-00/2125V(85'Ya) [1 11 II II II I ••• II ~ I.[ . -".-.._..-'."... iI! ~~ . [1 Enclosure Hinged D'oqr G. {(._.VII._. ~. _.. _ . .. . .~"" """ .-.. ' _ _ ~~...r.2' s Mate h. .CT meter wlriflg ~':Allqw B spare fuse oar'1:ridges ~rllthe tMDB) Current Co il Voltage: .. .. -....'~i i ~ ~. -~ _...'~.-~~:. _.. -:: .-)'~~.. B I ~.'. . "-.~. ~ ....Js'fQrme [5 [1 [j [] [] Indica:tlog I.. ...II .l .. ~! ••• ".~ -~ ~....'_. _... •••••••• :..ll a:tiOh S'~0~Cin• t> ""...'"-.iJ1lg R<'ltio {l [1 l1 i 5 M olJn.... .~'I.. .._. ". r· _ r.~....1 S"t~~d1'llFd in dicat InQ 1n·st ru Inen:t~ VoltMe~er .~.~ •• . ~ . II • ~ I ~ II II 11.& CaJil:lr~.. ~.._._ _.rli! WiUl tt._...A [J 'Lose' 'sid~ of Int..-.~ .II .. _ •• 1 •••• . _......-.. "'i . -.-... _. ~ "r 'A' r" '''' "'... EARTI-IING CO!TI.. M~'chani>cal/E'lectri...a. ~~.• 'i _. -'" ~ '''. ~.. ... _ -~ _ .._-._~ ••••• . :.. No.'~. .~I ~ I ~ II.._...anoe wiU~ Regul@rtion :Sec. . .l:bfe Gjands VII..or mounted Ex:Ntmive Ac('.'.. . •••. f~ult :rating ~f1~t::Hredunder IV. ps .." ~. Ad{'lqtJa~~ to lermina!e Main & eire n i1s EC C~'5. ..'at~onal checks Die lecttlic test AS sp...r..._.-.. " . -: ..' ~._.3 O~. •••• ~'i". _.4 P rQotect~or1 of. ~' Mtm.l)mirig sutyply or~ak:...~ ' .~IUan~ewith Regt."... •••• . .1 Type -res! R ol.! .i'-._...._.- -~ •••• ~- ••• j _...size.11..~ ..2: l'ightne$.t: F11JsfstanlJ Hi9h voltage grade: . selectof'~witc.._..con 'Sealecf type fuse'· Hd."I..r '" "-.i'_~ ~ ..!® min. _!' _ ••••• _... .: .. r. i.. ~ . i.. ~I '...dl by ths: CDnsu ltantS/OWrler Certi. .. TIE STSIC ER'TI FICATIIO ~' .....<.

. protection ~nst~!lation Surt~~El [] -.AJ\ER -Wall 6(1A [l ISOLJ\.supply ~.rately mounted & R~mi9vabJEl by tQoil Shroud [1 L1 r S~pari!te·aTld B L!sba:r. of looped COI1l.(."~. (j [] .l).o.1 ppcrtec.IBS 4293..m~II~dJ Polyeste r . ~r _. fi rmly seeu roo. IEC439r. I.]I{'OkeUl'ld+ [l . Remov.yb:r6ak~.omk~9 i st:!ppl.-5 Ctl. 70 0(:. REFER8NCE.tal Recess:~d [] [~ [] [] [] .f bus-bar and ti'lp""Qff connections to outgo~tlig oi:rcuit bt'e~ke r-$/Neutral bus-bars [1 [1 I[ ]1 t] M~n. of.l.uate woriking olearnncesJspa(l"ing.NiQ..+-~_'. .tingis!ze o-f' pha~~_& neutral b_!!l~·b~rs& [] [1 lerminails-. BS-E~ £)0947.Jg$. ~-. INTERNAL LAYOUT/ARRANGEMENT-S:.A [J r25A r: BHE.TO 10UA R- [J [1 I1 [l Mc:ltmting D9.Y B REA KERlISO lATO R+ (*On-loqd) III.1 S~g'r6'ga1~onof Ii\1!9 p~rt9 :" BaHier. ferm~l1a!$ independent of each oUlar) Barrler Fi rmly seou red ~ Sepa mtely mounted &..froth i!'learni ng. STANDARDS B-2 EN "60439-.lted Epoxy G~I\I<1in~z€d f] [ ]1 [1 [1 [1 [1 [1 Hihg€l.~ possi'bl~ AdeCjua:tdy sjZed M!ifi'l_ N.lljjsdlator Ti:no-ed e:lectmlytic Gop pe r [ JI [] ·54- .iJ.oh :Group of MGBS:IfP ways ReB 8ec{iorl Rigid._.88 13·61 & BS 8a B.g by 1:001 Seiparal:fJ1y [] [] [] mount>ed with adeq.ect~nns -3 Ra.& OL. A ATINGO F INCOM INO SU PP L.2 [] PeGies.2.-2:) DB No.mrnals .5... $1.of MO:8s/FS' Se~rngated for ea.tap-aff 00 nnectiMs &._ 5{} °C amtlienlO - Ra:t~d tor max.I$/ll.0r the ·enolQsure for IndOior·IP41i42 Outdloo~-I PM/55 S:!QV'~-en . rAUL T RATING .Ij'o.elmin.1 CtJf:IISTI'iUCTION 4Q. [] Fi rmty oocl:!:red ~ Sep.f bQlt8d JJinW .hJe Tray/Conduitentry Top T9P <1 60ttmn [1 [1 IV.a.· Arrangement o.APPENDIX .internall ambient.Jtgoingte r. dir~t and ~s $noJt . oori$i$~ent with Ih~ratW_Q'n(.(at max.~11 SPECIFICAnONSOF DBs (Rete r to clause 4.d _G. ~".

..V..". engraved simila..l eKA [_ ] 9KA ti r l 7 Operational 8!oeessiconvetlJiEince for sWitchgear ItbCOrrl.._.. .~'G.. main -circuits wiiriilg :Ph8S@ Rrad i H!lIQW !Bll!e Blaok Neutral Earth [1 [] [] .Lay Saetiot) ll [l ~55· .." . Provision clamping of' supports!facil ily fm dressitlg o._.switchgear co:mponeni!s oOrlv--et.'.' •.".ion for~er.Jays· lJ [] [] .• .tha r~tir)g specified... Iy breakers:(visca-vis.. fype '"2'!'G'J..l!r:reAllimil) lsclatcr [l Mea B Jell MCCB.$0 /lJ.9 PrOlli:......ndow' NO [J Ligihting [ .' _._ .rn~na:tklll Of PVC1SW AlPVctXLP E!8W NPVC Cables C~Dra gliancl _10 ELCBsJRCC B~ WI.._.".· Otner .'... .GB{lJ.0We[ [1 [] [] SplilAlG [l V..u:~!joil1lg circuit cables.r 'trafQI itEl' or Boam D€'signC!tion [] Cmllro!s C~rcuil Destgna:tfol"l. Il [J [] JSQ'lalors U"V.1 III ENTIFICAllON Rali!:'lg CI~ Incoming SLI"PlP &. Type 'l'I'L' F6r Motor Ibad. _ [] [l [l [ 'I .'".. .Refer to approved Sil'lgls liM Diagnl. SplitNG SmaU P. " WindowA/C [] Oth"@r"$' . ."__ .£.beliS. [] .•.:. Itld1c-a. I tlIGorvfing Outg(lin~ (Ojl. 3KA [ 4Q·MA 100"200 A . ..dules) Thermel Dr. . !=Ie.dmu~t brnViI·mrs :._.Ifor/ Bolted CGv'eJ Restaicted'Ii'lOdkable Breakeris ElGB.tioF'ls ._. MCCB[ ~ FIS l GIL Fm general !Md5.Scnlmi'1'1111tiorli' I] Typ~ of.". A )~ Min_ lault rating of Circuit breakers.mtclishibution Sohe. [l [l [l Warnin~ Noticels EL.[] Green and YeHow tnd1ca...] Oth~rs .2 Colour codes tor internal.i ng supply cimu it breakerf1solator OUlgo ing v Ci rct:lil B reakera r:rom outside of Hhlg_ed [](.1ier1Joe./s . Re. DLitgoi ng Circuit ..".ting Itl!slrumemh..'"' . GiL._..4 Permanenll<l.8 Mai:ntetlat:"lGe aocessJrepiaoemreht for ...• ' •.

~..•. ._..3." r.. •• ' •• • _. o __ ·. P. [] [] Min... . _..".. ~ •••••• . _. . _. i.._ .._.. ~ '~. _'. . -! -: .. Max. I •• In I n ~••• mil 'fr'.. _ . .~ . .. T... _ "._. . ~ ~.. ~.~.VI. -.. _'." ~ ~~.. conststent with the min." ... ~ • __ • _ •• _.. I ~ I. ~....rflWBdl8o Ited Cennscticns Operational checks D ielectric test [1 [1 [] [1 IX.. instruments At?'..~ . _.. ~. _"...CQnst~It..11' = "~ •• "" ~. _.. . ~ '"'' ~ r.: _~.. _ t' _.. _.. ~ ..-.g.... 0..~ . _..' ' r. _..1 Sta.icate:: for ff!V'i$wjref~renCt!i [1 [J Visual oh ecks Co mpl lanes with spee:ifieallons Tightness Meehan lea.... _ i ..• nts/ r l1"wner ". _.~. _. I. .~' _.1 ••••. I.. . EARTH ING complia.'.'.. 11'..d Door I1 [I [1 C. REMARKS II.. TESTSJCERTIFIICATION ._ [] ..111 ••• " ••••• .''''_......._. '''''_. . . •.o\. &'5.• p •• ._.'_.' •••••• .'. 11 I U..-:--. under IVA Adequate NQ..13 Mtr. _ . .. _.. . ~'r' r""" ~.s .___...5 •. _. -. -.~I. _._... ~. . _ ...~"" ~. _. ~-. . .i2e to termlnara [J [] Main & Cir. = o •• ~. _~.'..• ~. _ .dequat®. . fault ra:tirl~' s:pecifh~-d. r" r '" r 1 VII...ndard indk:atin._ . •• .' "..n~ wi~h A eguJatio n Sa.'..~ . I] [] Hi nged door mount@'d VUli. __ .' ~ ". I •• ' _. __ .. "'. _. 2.. .iI I _ I ~~ ~ =_ i _. . I.111.. . __ " _.". .'.. ~4 _...lElecfrical "2500/2125V (85%) SC.of .I.cuits ECCs .._~ _! ~.''~~.. _. '" I I I '''.. spedfied" by th e..~ I ~ 0.. _... -: ~.s( Ow ner _... _.•_...". _. Mtr.... _.. _. "11 I ••• I •• I • I. ~..'. ~ _.. ...-. ~. • 56 ~ .~.. _ ~ . _ _ _ _ _.. ~! ....~ . "... ..... _ . I '" I '" I ...••• ! _. .. Certll.._ .1 Type Test As specified by fhe Oonsuitalll....... .' ~. -I _.••• ....... ~~.·... _. ~ ......'1... _.._...2 EarthinQ_of conductive parts: Endqsljre Hinge.. _. _ I.._."'" I __ ....". .II.·.~.. _. n"'". ....i ~ i.. ".. i _ .. -.1 ~ __ • _....... I..••••• ~........ ~ i ~ "F' i'~. ~. . i i.". I. ._.~.... ••••• _. .._._.. __ _.... •• _...)f1If1inals ll...._.~. p.r_ 'd!~ r..ab:leGlan cis Copper Iu. -. ._. _. =i -..ctiol1..~.'~~ ~~~.-.. I u~ I.... _....... _.. METERING comp llance with Reguilations Section .._. . _.. ~.! ..e of Earth bus-bar &h... _ .. "... _. I~.~.'.. . .~.. __ ".. . __ [ "]' _1 Rjjltinglsil. _... •• 51 . _. ". I n I...._.. i ~ ~5 ~... . _ i ~ '... .... .._. . _.)I.__ .. _..._. ..111"11 ._.. .

'" .RT'HCONTINUITY E. epnd'u<Ct()~" s~ 1"6 s S 2 (not less than 6) 10 S >.5 fer Reg. .2·· ·EA. ~ sec:tron3il ara3i of tf'lOlui:pi€llertiUal .seuljonB I area of' ptraseV neutral COl'lcil. ) Minimum ~rass. bll nd ins.:lCKlf (~:) Min!mum ·crDSS.35 S 2· S 4(Med not exceed 25) Note :.Refer tQ·sectJQrI.~ectiona'i area 01 ·Eel'€: (GN PVC ililsulated 'CQP~e r oO'f>1ductor.oss.RS Cr.ulf'ltiQns..57- .APPENDIX· 1.QUIPOTENTiAL CONDUCTORS (ECCs) & 'BONDING CONDUCTo.

general purpose s w itc heel soc ket outlets.lrrortr_tmA) .'" i'. 30 30 30 4. .58 9 . 2". 3. Wherev.Rale'¢! cpl.4 for Regulations. E I eva to rsIE sea I ators Neon sign 300 Notes :~ i." . 10 General lighting Flood lighting' 'Wi1ndOw/Splittype Air Gondilione'r Far] Goil/Ai( Handllng-ul"litSNAV Package ~ype AiC. . 14'. 4. III SU()h eases rnaximurn nurnbe r of clrcults proposed under each group sha. si ng le pha se eq u i pme ntlappiiancB . Cornrnerciai.Ube suitably seleGl~d considering the type..-O 13 A ·sWitched socket ol. Reter.q .ild wi[h co .@'al<age protection shall be suitably selected ccnstdarinq the safety and operational requrrements.r. 1$Aswitcheci so cket out lets (gen eraJ pi~.. tt.'<i'~ . 8. Qf pmject such as Resir.· 1. drairtag:e. NiQ_.mdinaied operatlcnalsystern or plants and machines. 13. H:). 100 1001300 300/500 Industriall machine.l'ttets Water heaterslCool®t'$. to clause 5. us· ·r -z: i" . . etc. 12. Chiller Irrtgatiorl pump E Ieotr le Cooke r 1-00 15.efc.'upply is required for @QuipmenlJcirctl~ts 'of fire protection.ientlal. I" ' . the earth I. For mdustrial installations which are desigrH.etection system with indication 8'flrl!"'-'r alarm 'is permnted. suitable earth leakage·d.. .hrpQSJ:in 8. 2.APPENDIX· 13 EAI:rJH LEAiKAGE PROTECTION 1""0:.~ .f§r un-interrupteu power' s.lmil 30/l00 ]00/300 1'00 100 100/300 11 . S. 3. etc: and the pos~iblelnterrupnons. Grouping of circuits under ons ELCB/RCCB is permitted for lighting circuits. Domestic water pumps 30 10 6.Irati ng Gli. Industrial.

c. TIRUNKiNG: H..ex. ports 11.rn 35 O:vera II dira" ..orizontal Vertical 150 1i3'O 100 120 2.~U~ia. seotion.~tsj or sup (Refer to._ift.egw la tions).lI1odili!l~ tM. CI. ARMOURED CABLES: .5~- . Horlzo ntal VerUoaJ 60 80 eG . CONDUITS AND CABLES Reco:rrnnended maxi mllJm spaci rig of CI ips. CONDUITS: HID rizorftal Verrical 100 1'20 3.APPENDIX ~14 ~PACU\IG OF SUPPORTS FOR TRUNKING.m .Ov. )2 'C.:6i IQ r R.

0 3 The size of conduits selected shall allow drawing the cables frteel.APPEND1X -15 NUMBER OF CABLES THAT MA V 8. CONDUIiT : Nomnnillll(lI!a. ml)ltncore cables are instal"led 'in v€lntna:tedl cat)le trays-the sum of thE! di'ameter. . 3.ll be'. 7 5.ABLE TRAY: Where single cors ·inslJllated &. based on the numbei of circuits installed witlli"n the trunklnq.ent c~nyirrQ capacity based en the nomber of cables a.rl""esporiding ClJiFf.nd the metboo of if1st.E I!NSTAllED' IN TRUNKING.0 25.applisd to the correspo nding ell rrsnt carrying capacity.e~tiOJ1a. to.l1d the' cables sha. the space Iactor . '3 1~2 9. the sum of tile combined cross .s of ~II cables installed shall not excesd 60%· of th:e cable . COINiDUITS AND TRA VS (Refel"to sectlon-s for R.larea of all cables installed in the h:ay Silall not exceeq 50':'~ of th€) interior cross sectional area of the cable tray. 1. TRUNKING= Where·Single core insulated cables are installed in surface mounted metal or PVC trunl<:ing. C. l'E!yer. without dani'laging tile insulation.0 12 9 8 B 4 3 16. ll'IIm2" 1. ~n:staHed in a single. Where 2.5. sheathed cables are itlSlalled in ventilated cable. 6 5 2.s~ s tiana:1 ~re'a.alliatton (touching or spaced).tray widtha.'ot Con:d\_letcU~f>.8.0 6-0 10.60 - . Suitable c"{Jrreqtiq:n factqr sM11 b~ applied to the cprrespor'lding current carrying capac~ty based all number ofdrcuUs:and method'pf installation (tOU'CI1itl'gor spaced). Sultabrr®' corrector factor shall be applled the' ~o. trays.egulations) 1..5 4. 1.y a II no rrna Ily n at exceed 40 percent Su itable CD rraction factor shan be .

Qmet~r (0 rum ty pe regjste~r) 6 (mirliri1um) is rnm (minimum) B.1 Type of n~gjstl!)r No. 0. 3. Reference vdl'lag~s & frequeflGY Accuracy Class... u racy Class cr mete rin..: Sf·NQ. 2.tion-3.t~wF)dQrmers : S.or =160 A ::. Meter Applic. 400A.tiQn __$:ts_te91 Bat."Qr .". 300A 40QA 9. of digits. Type of Meters 2. [ Rated :Secondary Current SA 600V Ma. 7. 2 24o.2 Nos.s 50 Hz 200A.2 4. 300A.80 rrirn x 10 rnm " 61' - . lnducnon type WatthOlJr r·Aeter RE."2:00A. 5. ~.tS. 1200A.2400A 5VA 1 System Rat i ng ::.o·f Phase. x 60 mm x 1. Cl.:KimlJm primary voltage Rated.filiml Acr. BDOA'.!fer to ciause 1. {drums) lHeigihr of rill mera Is 4.. SOOA. 1. Sectioll 1 . Fr·e(]uency Ratlll:d primary Current (only one Is applicable] Rated bu rden NO ..ter 4.APPENDI-X- f6 DATA SCHE.2 s Air Medium of inSltlJllation Size of Busbars (Primary) 8al§lQ prima~ Current a} b} . 800A 20 mmx 10 rnrn JO mm x 10 mm . x 30rnmxl0mm Of 50· rnmx '10 rnm dJ e) 1: nOA-. 3.w:an. Electricity M~!f!. I.2.1 4.160 A 3. 9.:.lo.0 mm ·2 Nos.2 Direct Metering on LV system CT Meteri n 9 on LV ~y stern Reg i_:. ..DU LE FOR ILV ELECTIR~CnY METERS AND CURRENT TRANSFORM'ERS (Refer to sec. rr.3 Roller·cycI.. . 160A 4. for Regulations) .2 Nos. x . 3. Busbar Size c) eOOA..:i.0A 1600A .g0 n l V system 8.

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