Without the Utilization of the Oracle Project Module

it offers a simplified way to submit.DEFINITION • Oracle Time & Labor is an intuitive web-enabled timecard solution that allows you to reduce costs associated with time and attendance record keeping by completely automating time record keeping. . • For your employees. track and approve timecards. review.

BENEFIT • Automated time recording and timekeeping solution • Self-service capabilities • Configurable Validations and Approval • Direct relationship with Oracle HRMS and PA .

THINGS TO CONSIDER • Build a functional team of HR. Payroll. and did I mention testing? . test. Payroll deadlines. test…oh.e.) • Technical team • DBA’s • Test. etc. double – payroll. Timekeeping experts • Consider business events like (i. yearend.

SETUPS • HR – Elements  Hours Type on a timecard – Accrual Plans • OTL – – – – – Preferences Eligibility criteria (s) Workflow approval style Time Entry Rules Alternate Names .

CUSTOM PIECES • The Minimal Number of Steps to Configure a Timecard Layout – – – – Use one of the seeded timecard layouts as a basis You must rename the timecard layout You configure the components of the timecard Upload the timecard layout to the database using FNDLOAD .

exception layout) • To avoid overwriting the delivered OTL layouts you must give your new timecard layouts new names. .CUSTOM TIMECARD • Find one of the delivered layouts which is closest to your requirements (example .


SEEDED EXCEPTION TIMECARD • Oracle Seeded Exception Layout Timecard Entry Page .

SEEDED EXCEPTION TIMECARD • Oracle Custom Layout Timecard Entry Page .


CONFIGURATION STEPS • • Create OTL custom view HXC_CUI_CUSTOMn_V OTL currently delivers ten of these configurable view objects: The views must have at least two columns and they must be called: ’DISPLAY VALUE’ and ’VALUE’ .

.STORING DATA In order to store data from our choice list we have to create Context and segment in “OTL Information Types” DFF.

a DBA will have to execute the following command: FNDLOAD username/password@dbname 0 Y UPLOAD $HXC TOP/patch/115/import/ hxclaytlayoutsld.UPLOADING TIMECARD LAYOUTS In order for modified layout to be available in the OTL Application Preferences. .ldt Note: Every time you customized a layout.lct ./layout. a DBA will have to reload your new layout.

PROCESS FLOW Process Flow Diagram to Illustrate Interaction Between HR and Finance NO OTL OTL User Time Reporting Input Manager Approval YES Oracle HRMS Oracle HRMS Payroll Process Check Writer Transfer Time from OTL to BEE (Concurrent Request) Batch Element Entry Transfer (Concurrent Request) Bee Batch Process Validation (Concurrent Request) Bee Batch Process Transfer (Concurrent Request) Oracle Payroll Prepayment Process NACH Payroll Archive Costing rd rd Party Payroll 33 Party Payroll Payroll Connection Application 3rd Party Payroll Finance Finance Manual Entry to Oracle GL Oracle GL .

COMMON ISSUES • • • • • Customizations Fast Formulas for OTL Timecards Reporting Allocate time for Technical and DBA’s teams Ensure business policies are articulated at the time requirements are gathered • Volume testing earlier in the project .

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