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Consider the above circuit. Let Ib1, Ib2 be base currents at Q1 & Q3 respectively.

The drop across each diode is 0.7V. Assume matched transistors (their VBE is same). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What type of amplifier is the above circuit? What is the purpose of connecting two pair transistors in this amplifier? How? What is the purpose of the diodes? Calculate the VBE of Q3? Why we use opposite polarity transistors (Q3 & Q4) in the above circuit? Determine the polarity of this pair? 6. Drive expressions for Ic in terms of Ib1, B1 & B2 and for Ie in terms of Ib2, B3 & B4 7. What are the advantages of this amplifier over other types of amplifiers?