Political Environment

China-Bangladesh relations have been nurtured through frequent high level visits between the two countries, which brought the leaderships of the two countries closer to each other. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and China, all successive Heads of Government of Bangladesh visited China, some more than once, to pave the way for broad based cooperation developed through the years with added depth and dimension. So the coming of

HSBC in Bangladesh had no restrictions. HSBC could understand that the political situation wheather it is the rule of BNP or Awamiligue or anyone else doesn’t affect the diplomatic relations with China.In 1996 it was Awami leading government and the head of the govt. visited china from 12-16 september to make relationship with China. So we think that the political environment seemed favorable to HSBC to operate banking services in Bangladesh. It also be noted that an aggrement was held in 20th june,1990 named “protocol/MOU on bilateral consultant icons”