Be Not Afraid Bob Dufford, SJ

2 pt Guitar

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80) G G sus4 G G sus4 G G sus4 1. rás. I Yo go voy be de fore lan you al ways. te siem pre. You shall wan der pro te gi do i far rás in safe ty sin rum bo. Spanish tr. Dufford.BE NOT AFRAID (No Temas Más) VERSE 1 Slow. Sosa. 1978. SJ. 1947. 2003. 1943. Bob Dufford. mas más. SJ. Be No not te a fraid. I Yo go voy be de fore lan you al ways. REFRAIN Melody el You shall see ros tro de the face of God tu Dios con tem and live. stand. Pbro. though you do not sin sa ber por know the don de an D/F G B7 Em Am C F 1. You shall cross Cru za rás the bar ren un gran de des ert. thirst. dar. All rights reserved. by Juan J. pla rás. Text and music © 1975. Luke 6:20ff. rás. b. SJ. Text: Based on Isaiah 43:2–3. way. 22054-Z2 . D You shall speak Le G your words jos de Em A in tu for eign lands tie rra mi A7 and men D all sa will un je lle D7 der va 1. sier to but you shall not die y de sed no mo of ri G D/F C C sus2 C C/B Am Am/G 1. G G sus4 G D Am7 D G6 Be No Harmony not te a fraid. mas más.. b. Robert J. andante ( = ca. Music: Bob Dufford. te siem pre. Published by OCP.

(2) C G/B Bm Em Am D G G sus4 G G sus4 Come Ven. gar. If you pass Si en los ma through rag ing tur bu res wa ters len tos in sien the sea. know es that I am ta ré a tu with you la do y through it vi vi all. me I y en Mí will give you des can sa rest. drown. sí gue me and I y en Mí will give you des can sa rest. rás. If you stand si. you shall not flames. rás. nal. 2. fol low sí gue me. If you walk si en las lla a mid mas im the burn ing pe tuo sas. . hell sien and death tes cer is at ca el your fi D G Em Am Am/G D D7 D. cont.BE NOT AFRAID. harmed. tes que you shall not te vas a aho G D/F C C sus2 C C/B Am Am/G 2. de lan be fore te de the pow’r la muer of te. fol low me. Come Ven.S. 1. side. tes que sien te que be ma D/F G B7 Em Am C F 2. 3 G C/G G Fine VERSE 2 G G sus4 G G sus4 G G sus4 2. rás. 2 Final G C/G G to Verses 2. rás.

wick co ed san tongues y in te sult o and hate dian só you lo all por be cause cre er of en me. al fine 3.BE NOT AFRAID. Bless cho C ed sos C sus2 are los C the que C/B ones llo Am who mourn. po bres los for the king dom shall que en el Rei no vi be theirs. cho so. mí. G D/F di G 3. D di 3. for one day you shall laugh. Blest cho are you sos los that weep and mourn. And if Si te a 3. bless ed. . que llo ran. D/F Am/G 3.S. di 3. bless ed. cho so.S. G Em di bless ed cho so Am e Am/G are res you! tú. vi rán. un dí a son rei rán. Di Bless ed are cho sos son your poor. vi rán. mí. di D. If Si G they te B7 hate o Em Am you dian all por C be cause cre er F of en me. di bless ed cho so e are res you! tú. (3) VERSE 3 Descant 3. al fine 3. D D7 D. Oo Uu Melody king que en el Rei G sus4 G G sus4 G dom shall no vi G sus4 be theirs. ran. cont.

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