Logistics Manager Job Description

Logistics manager job description
This post include contents of logistics manager such as: logistics manager job purpose/roles, key tasks and related documents etc.

Job purposes of logistics manager
Logistics manager provide logistical support to field teams and the implementation of logistical systems and SOPs that are being rolled out by the government countrywide.

Key tasks of logistics manager:
1. Maintain daily follow-up of Export & Import files , interfacing for issues with forwarding agent, shipping agents, customs brokers, packers, carriers, suppliers and internal clients to ensure efficient, cost effective, timely collections and delivery of material to the final destination. 2. Responsible for overseeing and monitoring asset management within the Country Program; an asset list to be updated monthly as required. 3. Follow-up customs “deposit” for temporary admission and under bonds equipment in term of validity and renewal. 4. Prepare the logistics budget for internal customers and be responsible for marketing for large, out of gauge shipments, special projects, and / or new country of operations. 5. Maintain familiarity with logistics related donor/Merlin compliance issues to ensure compliance. 6. Ensure appropriate systems for vehicles’ fleet and generators management, including fuel consumption monitoring, spare parts consumption and replenishment and service scheduling. 7. Ensure suppliers issue appropriate customs (EXA) and / or shipping documents are in compliance with European rules and regulations depending on terms of sales (Incoterms 2000). 8. Follow-up on temporary exportation and importations, nationalizations, under bond storage status and ensure equipment returned to the EU is in accordance with Taxation and Customs Union rules and regulations. 9. Implement and enhance procedures for importing rigs and equipment in a new country of operations. 10. Execute rig mobilization and demobilization between countries / special purpose surveys in terms of customs and logistics. 11. Ensure correct documents (invoices, packing lists, Certificates of Origin (COO), etc) required for importation and exportation in various countries are issued under appropriate entity names.

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