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Monster Mash

Monster Mash

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Published by: Joshua Cameron on May 04, 2012
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Monster Mash

Concept: Players choose from a list of monsters and compete against each other to scare and abduct the citizens of and cause massive mayhem in the small town of Crystal Grove. In addition, each player controls a nemesis to one of the other players’ monster.

Main Game Components
Monster Cards, Monster Tokens, Monster Victory Point Tokens, Nemesis Cards, Nemesis Tokens, Map Boards, Citizen Tokens, Monster Dice (D12), Citizen Dice (D6), Conditions Deck, Event Deck, Ability Decks (Brute, Speed, Fright, Cunning, and one Unique Deck per Monster), Bonus Victory Point Cards

The Monster Card
Name: The name of the monster Main Attributes: The make up the dice pools the monster rolls in three categories (P) Power – The general strength and physical ability of the monster (S) Speed – How fast and agile the monster is (F) Fright – The overall ability to scare and terrify citizens Secondary Attributes: These attributes make up the remainder of the monster’s statistics Movement – These are the 4 types of movement the monster can use while playing the game (G) Ground – This is basic movement by foot (or tentacle) on the ground (F) Flight – Some monsters have a mode of flight to help avoid obstacles (S) Swim – Some monsters have the ability to traverse water squares on the map (Sp) Special – Occasionally, a monster will have a unique form of movement Special Rules – Each monster has one or more special rules unique to that monster Health – How much damage the monster can take before being repelled. Abilities – Each monster also starts play with a certain number of random ability cards Initiative Order – This number represents when during each round the monster may take its turn. The lower the better

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P4 Brute 3 G2 FS1 F2 Speed 0 SSp Health 12 Cunning 0 Initiative 8 Fright 0 Werewolf After being bitten by a wolf while hunting. Attributes: Starting Skills: Movement: P3 Brute 0 G4 FS4 F3 Speed 2 S2 Sp * Health 9 Cunning 1 Initiative 2 Fright 1 Werewolf may ignore one square of intervening obstacles or terrain when moving each turn. Player’s should take into consideration the entire monster card before committing to a method to victory. Special Abilities: Once per turn when an adjacent Citizen moves. Flesh Golem must accept the result of the second roll. at the end of that Citizen’s movement. Page 2 of 7 . When drawing Brute Abilities. Attributes: Starting Skills: Movement: Special Abilities: Once a Turn Flesh Golem may reroll any single Power Check. Werewolf is on the prowl and favors speed and his unique abilities to catch his prey. Flesh Golem may draw 2. Flesh Golem is a hulking mass of flesh and muscle and favors power over speed.The Monsters Each monster has a unique style of play and abilities. Flesh Golem Constructed by a mad scientist bent on creating life. choose one to keep. Herbert Muntz is now half-man and half-wolf sowing terror across Crystal Grove. the Flesh Golem has broken loose from his musty castle prison and in now running amok in Crystal Grove. Werewolf may choose to place the Werewolf token in any legal square adjacent to that Citizen. and place the other on the bottom of the deck.

you may place Fishman’s token on any water square of the board. taking revenge on all the teenagers that picked on him as a child. roll a Monster Die. Maniac favors a resilient attack and is overall very well rounded. Spectre appears out of nowhere and terrifies the living. P3 Brute 1 G2 FS2 F3 Speed 0 S4 Sp Health 10 Cunning 1 Initiative 5 Fright 1 Spectre A restless spirit haunts Crystal Grove. P3 Brute 2 S2 F2 Speed 1 Health 11 Cunning 0 Initiative 3 Fright 0 Fishman Suddenly. At the end of Maniac’s turn. Attributes: Starting Skills: Special Abilities: Once per turn. Spectre uses his Fright to Terrify the Citizens of the town. Attributes: Starting Skills: Movement: P1 Brute 0 GF3 S2 F4 Speed 1 SSp * Health 8 Cunning 0 Initiative 4 Fright 2 Spectre may move through obstacles and borders. Page 3 of 7 . Maniac recovers 1 Health. On a success. Maniac has been on the loose mainly rampaging through Crystal Grove Summer Camp. you may remove Fishman’s token from the board. Spectre’s movement may however be interrupted. Fishman arose. out of the depths of Macinack Lake. Spectre starts with 1 random Unique Ability. Fishman strikes at the unwary. Maniac may ignore all damage from one source. Fishman is a master of the water and should use water features on the map to his advantage. Attributes: Starting Skills: Movement: Special Abilities: At the end of Fishman’s turn. Lurking under the waterline.Maniac Born to an inbred back-woods family in Crystal Grove. Special Abilities: Spectre is immune to all abilities and effects that hinder or reduce movement. At the beginning of the next round.

Page 4 of 7 . Revenant is not repelled and immediately recovers 1 Health. Revenant focuses on maintaining Health and relentless pursuit.Revenant Shambling forth from the Crystal Grove Memorial Cemetery. With favors her unique abilities and special movement to claim victory. Attributes: Starting Skills: Movement: Special Abilities: Any time Revenant is reduced to 0 Health. Witch may attempt to teleport. If either are a success. Revenant has unfinished business he did not attend to during life. He seeks the individual responsible for his death and will stop at nothing to place them in an early grave. Witch has unleashed her fury on the citizens of Crystal Grove. Special Abilities: Witch starts the game with 2 unique abilities. Roll 2 Monster Die. P3 Brute 2 G3 FS1 F3 Speed 0 S1 Sp – Health 10 Cunning 1 Initiative 7 Fright 1 Witch Dabbling in infernal magic. If the roll fails. roll two Monster Dice. If either is a success. Attributes: Starting Skills: Movement: P1 Brute 0 G3 F2 S2 F3 Speed 0 S1 Sp * Health 8 Cunning 1 Initiative 6 Fright 1 Instead of normal movement during Witch’s turn. Witch may place her token on any legal square up to 5 squares away. Witch’s movement ends.

In these cases.Citizens Citizens are the main victims of the monsters and one way the monsters achieve Victory Points during play. the ones who look after the well being of the Citizens of Crystal Grove. Flesh Golem must choose either the Police Officer or the Civilian to terrify. The Maniac is particularly fond of seeking revenge on these individuals. businessmen. It is how many successes on a Fright Check a monster needs to achieve to terrify the Citizen. plumbers. These Citizens are considered terrified. Camp Counselors – These Citizens are similar to civilians. which is 2 successes. They vary by map and some are randomized. 5. but are not hindered by terrain. EMTs – Emergency Medical Technicians. 2. Their main goal is to avoid being KOed by the monsters. The Citizen may not move through impassible terrain. multiple successes equal to the Resolve of the Citizen must be allocated to terrify that Citizen. housewives. These Citizen tokens have Blue Borders. Citizen Types Civilians – These Citizens are the most numerous and represent the everyday people in Crystal Grove. 4. Since it would require 3 total successes to terrify both. Monsters with a high Fright attribute will be best at this role. except that they are the teenagers that oversee the local summer camp. This square must be a legal square. the Police Officer and the Civilian (due to the Resolve of 2 and 1). delivery persons. They are the most highly trained Citizens and also the only other Citizen besides Police Officers that may attack monsters. These Citizen tokens have Yellow Borders. teenagers. These chosen Citizen token are flipped over to their terrified side. Police Officers – These Citizens represent the law enforcement of Crystal Grove. Resolve – This is how brave the Citizen is. They can be grocers. These Citizen tokens have Red Borders. managers. They have the ability to make it harder for the monsters to KO the Citizens. Add up the total number of successes. These citizens each simultaneously move one square directly away from the monster (as best able). * Some Citizens have a Resolve higher than 1. They are one of the two Citizen types that can attack the monsters on the board. Citizen Tokens There are multiple types of citizens in play. Player chooses a number of Citizens within 2 squares of the monster equal to the number of successes achieved. 3. These Citizen tokens have Black Borders. Terrifying Citizens One method of monsters gaining Victory Points is terrifying Citizens on the board. Soldiers – The National Guard unit of Crystal Grove has mobilized to fight the monsters. Grit – This attribute shows how tough a Citizen is. and more. Citizen Attributes Citizens only have two attributes listed on their tokens. Page 5 of 7 . There is a Police Officer (Resolve 2) and a Civilian (Resolve 1) near. Example: Flesh Golem wants to frighten surrounding Citizens. This is how many power dice are removed from a monster’s dice pool when making a Basic Attack or using an ability requiring a Power Check against the Citizen (to a minimum of 1). Flesh Golem rolls his Fright pool and gets a 7 and a 10. Any let over successes not used are discarded. Player rolls his monster’s Fright pool. 1.

Terrifying Citizens who are already flipped to their Terrified side are worth 0VP. 3. If the player rolls at least one success. Player gathers (but does not roll yet) their monster’s Power pool. If the monster has successfully terrified the most Citizens on one Fright Check thus far in the game. but they cannot however move over obstacles or enter impassible terrain. If a player fails to KO the Citizen. Attacking Monsters with a Citizen At the end of a Police Officer or Soldier’s movement. the monster’s owning player gets the opportunity to move a number of Citizens. Player chooses a Citizen adjacent to their monster. If the total Grit of all the player’s Citizen tokens in their play area exceeds all other players’ tokens. The player takes the Citizen token and keeps in by his or her play area and claims 1VP plus one VP equal to the Citizen’s Grit. the moving player may attack a monster within range: 2 squares for a Police Officer 3 squares for a Soldier Page 6 of 7 . Moving Citizens After each monster’s turn has ended. the monster takes 1 point of damage equal to the Citizen’s Grit. If another player has the card. The player removes a number of dice from the pool (to a minimum of 1) equal to the Citizen’s Grit attribute. The player rolls a Citizen Die. 4. The Citizens must end movement in a legal square. All of a Citizen’s movement must be complete before another Citizen is moved. Player rolls the pool remaining. Players with a high Power attribute will have an advantage here. they must relinquish it. the Citizen is KO’ed. count the target’s Grit as 1 higher. Each EMT adjacent to the Citizen attacked.6. Some abilities modify this or offer more ways to KO Citizens. This does not count towards VP for KO’ing the Citizen. If another player has the card. Refer to their individual cards). 1. Terrified Citizens automatically flip back to the normal side at the end of the round. Knocking Out Citizens Another way a player can gain VP is by knocking out (KO’ing) Citizens. 5. the player immediately takes the Grim Reaper Bonus VP card. This is done by making a Basic Attack (steps listed below) against the Citizen. they must relinquish it. Terrain does not hinder citizens. A few rules and restrictions are in place however: A citizen may move only up to 2 squares. The result is how many Citizens on the board they must move. 2. The monster’s player immediately receives 1VP for each Citizen terrified. 6. the player immediately takes the Terrifying Bonus VP card. but still count towards receiving the Terrifying Bonus VP card. Police Officers and Soldiers are the only Citizens that may voluntarily move within 2 squares of a monster.

Page 7 of 7 .Moving Player rolls a Citizen Die. Monsters who wish to enter a square containing an Obstacle must make a Speed Check. On a success. Each Citizen may only attack once per turn. These range from park benches to large trucks and sheds. the monster may enter the square. Obstacles are strewn about each map that a monster can bash and destroy. Obstacles The third way of earning VP on the board is causing destruction and mayhem. the monster takes 1 point of damage. These obstacles also get in the way and hinder movement of units on the board. otherwise they may not choose to move there. Citizens may not move into a square with an Obstacle. On a result of a 5 or 6.

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