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Published by José Hamra Sassón

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Published by: José Hamra Sassón on May 04, 2012
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Exilés – José Hamra Sassón Spanish is my mother’s tongue I speak, read and write English A little Hebrew I can

swear in these three languages And also in Arabic French? Just for asking coffee I’m an Arab I’m a Jew I was born in Mexico I was born in Israel I was born in Argentina I was born in the two main cities of the Syrian province of the Ottoman Empire I was found dead fighting in the Warsaw Ghetto I was found dead tortured in Garage Olimpo I was found dead crossing the Arizona desert I was found dead fighting in the streets of Jenin I’m a mestizo that lived his childhood in Rosario de Santa Fe Ya’waldani polani I’m at the Yiddishe Kulturecamp I’m a Palestinian intellectual I’m a Mexican artist I’m an Argentinian rock-star I’m the oppressed and the oppressor The entrepreneur that marches reading El País I eat meat tacos with tahine and chimichurri All together Best recipe I am Sam, Sam I am1 I’m your man2

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Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham Leonard Cohen

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