A2 Media Studies Section 1B: Genre

Below are two quotes, from theorists that you know, that attempt to distinguish what makes music video distinctive from other forms and genres in media.

Pop songs are repetitive in their resemblance to other pop songs, drawing on almost identical rhythms, styles of performance and lyrics. This ‘intertextuality’ means that we become familiar with the genre, and therefore have certain expectations. Andrew Goodwin, 1992. And - Usual rules of ‘continuity’ editing are broken - Edits may be really obvious to draw attention to themselves - Jump cuts are often used - A master shot (base track) is frequently used to give the video a structure - Camera may move in time with the music Carol Vernallis, 2004
Task 1 Select 3 genres from the list we have created on the board. In your small group, outline the visual style that you would expect from each genre, using the quote above to help you. Make sure that you use media language when noting the visual style. You can also think back to any videos that you found inspirational when planning your music video. Be prepared to feedback to class. Task 2 In your music video group, using your findings from Task 1:  Outline how your music video uses elements of genre - do this by referring to the ‘4 areas’ (mise-en-scene, camera, editing, sound) - think of both the quotes at the top of the page and also your

expectations of conventions from the videos of the music genre  Outline how your music video deviates from genre expectations. - again make reference to the 4 areas