Arianne’s 8th Birthday Party Saturday 24th April

Treasure Hunt...*
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Name Arianne’s Dog ? Count the number of steps going up to the garden Find and name the item up around the slide Bring back 3 blades of grass Name any nursery rhyme Who sings “love story” ? Find the toilet roll and lipstick hidden together around the garden and tear a piece off and write the first letter of your name on it....* 8. Bring back 1 long black hair... 9. find these famous faces hidden outside and write down where they can be found: miley cyrus,justin bieber,cast of high school musical,selena Gomez,demi lovato and taylor swift......... 10. count the number of stepping stones near the big swing. 11. Find a stick and stick 3 stones on it. 12. Find the item with the star on it up-stairs in ariannes tree house. 13. What’s in the box under the trampoline. 14. Find the wishingwell and take back 1 coin from it. 15. Bring back 2 different leaves. 16. Find and write down the number of the big black or green bin. 17. What is the name of the teacher in your school who is very small and wears glasses? 18. Whats ariannes mammys name? 19. Name any jonas brother. Now bring your answers and items to either: Hannah,Kellia or Laura..**if all your answers and items

are correct you will then be put in a draw 2 win a prize xxxxxxxxxxxxx .

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