414450: Elective III – Software Architecture
Teaching Scheme:
Lectures: 3 Hours/Week Pract. : 2 Hours/Week

Examination Scheme:
Theory: 100 Mark Term work: 50 Mark Oral: 50 Mark

) Unit II • Understanding quality attributes. (6 Hrs. What is software architecture. documenting software architectures. architecture and quality attributes. why software architecture is important.SYLLABUS Unit I • Architecture Business cycle. achieving quality attributes.) . (6 Hrs.

) . Iterator. Façade. Adapter. Unit III • Design patterns: History. Important principles behind design patterns. Factory method. State. (6 Hrs. • Study of a commonly used representative design patterns Singleton.. Strategy.SYLLABUS…. Observer. Programming the interface and concept of delegation.

.SYLLABUS…. Introduction to Three tier architecture [Presentation. business and persistence layers]. Concept of loose coupling.) . Advantages of coupling through xml. (6 Hrs. Unit IV • Types of architectures styles and their comparison. • Introduction to XML. structure of XML. Addressing Quality attributes through multi tier architecture.

) .SYLLABUS…. use of EJBs in three tier architecture. Unit V • Introduction to Web servers and Application servers. concept of Entity beans. Introduction to Enterprise Java Beans.. Introduction to Java EE. (6 Hrs. message beans. Session bean. Introduction to Web services. Introduction to concept of Messaging.

(6 Hrs.SYLLABUS…. Interfaces. . Introduction to . IUNKNOWN. .NET web services.NET assemblies. DLL servers.NET remoting. Unit VI • Components.NET architecture.. .) .

2) James L.James P.4: From Novice to professional “(Apress Beginner Series) (Paperback). John Vlissides ”Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software “(Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)(Hadcover). Richard Helm. Ralph Johnson. 3)Erich Gamma.Reference Books 1)Dale Rogerson . .”Inside Com “Microsoft Programming Series”(Paperback).Weaver.Crume(Publisher) “Beginning J2EE 1. Kevin Mukhar.

Pual Clements.”Software Design :From Programming to Architecture” Boston Univ. .2004. ISBN 0-471-20459-5. Second Edition (Hardcover) 2. Eric J.Len Bass.Text Books 1. Braude .Rick Kazmanl “Software architecture in Practice”.

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