An early morning breakfast reception followed by case-study presentations and a roundtable discussion. Presented by HOLCIM

Contact: Nathalia Morales-Evanks, AIA|LA Communications Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA - April 26, 2012 – What are the criteria upon which to plan, design, and build schools for the future? How do we create net-zero energy facilities that will contribute to more sustainable and healthier communities? With Los Angeles as a model, AIA Los Angeles (AIA|LA) invites you to participate in a leadership roundtable discussion about furthering the opportunities to finance, design and build highperformance schools in the Los Angeles region. AIA|LA is inviting 25 to 30 policymakers, civic leaders, architects, engineers and facility managers to optimize our collective expertise.

Schools of the Future:
Across the country, we are experiencing an unprecedented state of crisis in public education. In California, the Board of Education recently declared a state of urgency, in which over 18 billion dollars have been cut out of the K-12 education system and 75% of the current stock of classrooms is over 25 years old, in desperate need of modernization or replacement. There is an exigent call for innovative classroom design solutions that can meet the challenges of the future: Solutions that can be built on many campuses quickly and efficiently. As a call to action, AIA|LA will facilitate a roundtable discussion with facility directors and managers, policy makers, business and industry experts, to share their challenges and needs as well as innovative ideas and opportunities for planning and building highperformance school buildings of the future. There will also be several presentations on innovative design strategies focused on flexibility, performance, and net-zero energy, shifting construction paradigms, and the potential for revitalizing LA's manufacturing industry.


Join us: Tuesday, June 5 (8am - 11am)
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 700 N. Alameda Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

PLEASE RSVP to Will Wright at


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