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APO Technical Information

APO Technical Information

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APO Technical Information Table of contents Introduction of APO Technical document Useful tables Useful Function modules Useful BAPI’s Useful BADI’s Useful Reports  Useful User‐Exits   Additional Information  Common transactions  TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 2  .

contains both PDS and Transportation Lane reference Resource Header details in APO /SAPAPO/MATLOTSZ /SAPAPO/TRPROD /SAPAPO/RES_HEAD TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 3  . Function modules BAPIs. Useful Tables. Useful tables  The useful tables are listed in the table1: Table Name /SAPAPO/APPLOCS /SAPAPO/LOC /SAPAPO/LOCMAP /SAPAPO/PLANNER /SAPAPO/MATKEY SAPAPO/MATLOC Details Location Types in APO Location Details in APO Mapping Table for Location between APO and R/3 Planner Codes in APO Product Master details in APO .equivalent to MARA table in R/3 Location Product Master details in APO (use /SAPAPO/V_MATLOC) . BADIs. user-Exits and reports are placed here.equivalent to MARC table in R/3 Lot Size related details in APO Source of Supply .APO Technical Information Introduction of APO Technical document   This document is specifically meant for collecting relevant technical information for APO.

Get. 22 and 32 digits Quantity conversion based on Product master Function modules related to Selection profiles (save.Show.APO Technical Information /SAPAPO/RES_UNIT /SAPAPO/TR /SAPAPO/TRM /SAPAPO/TRPMOD /SAPAPO/CULLHDR /SAPAPO/CURTOWUL /SAPAPO/CURTOPPE /SAPAPO/CURTOSNP /SAPAPO/TS_SEL* BAL* /SAPAPO/PCMH /SAPAPO/PCM_CP Table .Delete.Rename.Descr) TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 4  .1 Resource related details in APO Transportation Lane Means of Transport for Transportation Lane Assignment of Source of Supply to Model Determine Key for Cluster Table CURTO: Usage of Components Additional Header Data for PP/DS Production Data Structures Additional Header Data for SNP Production Data Structures Tables related to selection profile variants Tables related to Application Log details Production Campaign.Change. Header Production Campaign: Changes to Orders as to Campaigns USEFUL FUNCTION MODULES  The useful Function modules are listed in the table 2: Function Module Name OWN_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_GET RFC_TRUSTED_CHECK GUID_CONVERT /SAPAPO/FOT_CONVERT_QUANTITY /SAPAPO/MCPSH_SELECTION_* Details Logical System fo current logged-on system Checking RFC connection to the partner system To convert between 16.

2 TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 5  .APO Technical Information /SAPAPO/TS_DM_LOCK /SAPAPO/TS_PLOB_CREATE /SAPAPO/TS_PLOB_DELETE /SAPAPO/DPBW_CUBE_READ /SAPAPO/DM_ACCID_GET_ORDERS /SAPAPO/EFPL_ORD_NET_GET /SAPAPO/DM_MATERIAL_GET_PEGID /SAPAPO/RRP_LC_PEGID_GET_IO /SAPAPO/OM_PEG_CAT_GET_ORDERS /SAPAPO/RRP_HEURISTIC_GET_DATA /SAPAPO/DM_RESERVATION_MAINT /SAPAPO/CIF_IRQ_REDUCT_INBOUND For pegging relationship across entire strucuture Determine PEGID for Material Fetching MRP related data from liveCache Fetch Order elements by ATP Categories Heuristic Related Data To delete the purchase orders To reverse the forecast USer Change/Display mode in Interactive Planning Create CVCs Delete CVCs Infocube Data read /SAPAPO/DM_ORDKEY_SELECT_ORDNO GUID of Order from live Cache /SAPAPO/ADV_ALERT_SET /SAPAPO/MSDP_NOTE_WRITE /SAPAPO/TS_PLOB_CREATE /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_PLOB_DELTA_SYNC Generate Alert Write notes in Creates CVC After all char combos have been created call the sync function. CVC Deletion /SAPAPO/TS_PLOB_DELETE Table .

Manufacturing Order Sales Order / Deliveries To remove the Stocks from live cahce Locations Products Resources Transportation Lane Procurement Relationship To create the stock categories in Live cache To create the sales orders in live cache To create the intra Affiliate stock transfer orders in live cache To create C0-packaging purchase orders in live cache. BAPI Name BAPI_PIRSRVAPS_GETLIST BAPI_POSRVAPS_GETLIST3 BAPI_MOSRVAPS_GETLIST2 BAPI_SLSRVAPS_GETLIST2 BAPI_STSRVAPS_GETLIST2 BAPI_LOCSRVAPS_GETLIST2 BAPI_PRDSRVAPS_GETLIST2 BAPI_RSSRVAPS_GETLIST BAPI_TRLSRVAPS_GETLIST BAPI_PROCRELATION_GETLIST2 BAPI_STSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2 BAPI_SLSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2 BAPI_POSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI3 Details Planned Independent Requirement i.APO Technical Information USEFUL BAPI’S  The useful BAPIs are listed in the table 3. To delete the co-packaging orders from the live cache.e.e. To delete the sales orders from the live cache. Forecast Procurement Order (Purchase Requisition / Stock Transfer Requisition) Planned / Production Order I. BAPI_MOSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI3 BAPI_SLSRVAPS_DELMULTI BAPI_MOSRVAPS_DELEMULTI Table – 3 TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 6  .

Interactive SDP DS Planning Board DS Planning Board Interactive S&D Planning /SAPAPO/CDPS_SIMCTRL /SAPAPO/PPT_TREE_COL /SAPAPO/RRP_SRC_EXIT /SAPAPO/CULLRTOEXPL /SAPAPO/POV_COL /SAPAPO/RRP_COVPARAM /SAPAPO/RRP_IO_COL /SAPAPO/CDPS_FT /SAPAPO/PRODU_CONVEX /SAPAPO/PROD_DEPOBJ /SAPAPO/CDPS_RC_CDAT /SAPAPO/CDPS_MC_CDAT /SAPAPO/SDP_INTERACT TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 7  . Interactive SDP Product Overview. Creating Planned Orders Enhancement for PP/DS PDS Explosion POV: BADI for Columns Time Parameters for Receipts in the Days' Supply Calculation User-Exit for Enhancement of the Order View Configuration of Interface for Error-Tolerant Scheduler Product Number Conversion Product Usages (Deletion Blocks) Change Curve Data for the Resource Utilization Chart Change to Curve Data for Product Stock Chart SDP: Interactive Planning For Transaction Product Overview. DS Planning Board Product Overview. Product View. Interactive SDP DS Planning Board. BADI /SAPAPO/DM_PO_OP_DA2 Short description BAdI: Change Opening Period and Calendar PP/DS Heuristic: Save/Merge/Delete Own Data Additional Columns in Navigation Tree BAdI for Selecting Source of Supply. Product View.APO Technical Information USEFUL BADI’S  The useful SCM BADIs are listed in the table 4. Product View Product Overview. DS Planning Board. Product View Product View DS Planning Board DS Planning Board. Product View Product Overview Product Overview Product Overview.

Reports For Remarks Need to provide Order GUID. Need to provide Model Name Need to provide Planning Book /SAPAPO/OM_DELETE_INCON_ORDERS Delete inconsistent orders /SAPAPO/VERSION_CREATE /SAPAPO/RMDP_CHANGE_SEL_ORG /SAPAPO/RSDP_CALC_SAFETY_STOCK /SAPAPO/TS_D_OBJECTS_COPY l /SAPAPO/TS_REALIGN_COPY /SAPAPO/AMON_REORG /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_PAR Create Version Maintain Selection Id's Safety Stock Calculation Activate Standard Objects (Info Objects) Performs Realignment Deletion of Alerts For copying the data from one version to other version Load Data from Excel Sheet using BAPI Source and Destination Version FUNCTION_LOADER_INLAY TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 8  . /SAPAP/CURTO_SNP Table .4 Planning Period Column Width Default User Exits for SDP Selector Data Save Operation Check Use this BADI for complex calculations in Planning book PPDS and SNP PDS Creation Interactive S&D Planning Interactive S&D Planning Interactive S&D Planning DP/SNP Macro Builder Useful Reports  The useful reports are listed in the table 5.APO Technical Information /SAPAPO/SDP_COLWIDTH /SAPAPO/SDP_SELECTOR /SAPAPO/SDP_SAVE /SAPAPO/ADVX /SAPAPO/CURTO_CREATE.

Product R/3 CIF Outbound .Material APO CIF Inbound . R/3 Report For Remarks Refer OSS Note 538111 RCIFORDER_RESERVATIONS_COMPARE Reconciliation of Order Reservations SDRQCR21 Table .Location APO CIF Inbound .6 Reconciliation of Sales Order from R/3 Useful User‐Exits   The useful user-Exits are listed in the table 7.APO Technical Information Relevant R/3 Reports are listed in the table 6.Resource R/3 CIF Outbound . Exit Name EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLCIF_LOC_001 EXIT_SAPLCLOC_004 EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLCIF_PROD_001 EXIT_SAPLCMAT_001 EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLCIF_RES_001 EXIT_SAPLCRES4_001 Table .Location R/3 CIF Outbound .Resource TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 9  .7 Details APO CIF Inbound .

Planning Version = Planning Segment in R/3 Unique ID used to identify each Master and Transaction Data element in APO.Account Assignment Object . Default Planning Version to use is 000 .8 TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 10  . 40 character alpha-numeric code automatically system generated All Transaction and many Master data in APO stored in live Cache against a planning version.Location . Terminology Planned Order Production Order Purchase Requisition / STR Purchase Order / STO Independent Requirement / Demand Sales Order Stock Pegging Area GUID Details Manufacturing Order created in APO resulting from Production Planning run for In-house Produced Product Planned Order is converted to a Production Order in R/3 which is then executed up (actual production carried out) Planned requisition resulting from Production Planning run for an Externally Procured Product Requisition is converted to a firmed Order in R/3 for subsequent execution Requirement for a finished product coming from customer. This may not be the firm demand but just a plan Firm demand from customer with a confirmed requirement date and quantity Quantity of product available at a location either after production or procurement Combination of Product .APO Technical Information Additional Information Common terminologies in APO are listed in the table 8.Active Version Planning Version Table .

Storage or Transportation Combination of Bill-of-Material and Routing in R/3 (Production Version). Have multiple tabs similar to that in R/3.APO Technical Information Common transactions used in APO   The transaction are listed in the table 9. Many field values come from R/3 while APOspecific field values are either manually populated or automatically during CIF transfer from R/3 to APO Work Center (or Capacity) in R/3 defines the machine or equipment used for Production. Customers. 1002. 1010. 1011. Vendors. 1007) Material in R/3 is mapped to Product in APO.to where products can be moved and the transportation duration Product /SAPAPO/MAT1 Resource /SAPAPO/RES01 PDS /SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU Transportation Lane /SAPAPO/SCC_TL3 TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 11  . Transaction Name Master Data Related Location Transaction Code Details /SAPAPO/LOC3 Plants (Manufacturing / DC). Used for In-house Produced Products to determine components and resource (capacity and time) requirements Purchasing Info records and Contracts in R/3 map to Transportation Lanes in APO that define from where . MRP Areas in R/3 all map to Location master in APO differentiated by Location Type (1001.

creation of Shipments User-friendly way to display LC data by type of data. Purchasing Info records and Scheduling Agreements coming from R/3 Planning Board /SAPAPO/CDPSO Order Resource Reporting Interactive SDP /SAPAPO/CDPS_REPT /SAPAPO/SDP94 Interactive Load Builder Display LC Contents /SAPAPO/SNPTLB /SAPAPO/OM16 liveCache Browser /SAPAPO/OM19 Table – 9 TATA Consultancy Services                Internal use  Page 12  .APO Technical Information Procurement Relationship Transaction Data Related Product View /SAPAPO/RRP3 Most commonly used . This is not a very user-friendly option /SAPAPO/PWBSRC1 Displays Contracts.needs Planning Version 000. Product and Location. Business System Group (BSG01) You need to select live Cache option and browse the tables. This is equivalent to MD04 txn in R/3 Detailed View of Orders/operations used by End-users for Scheduling. Need to know Order Type. Not much useful from Technical perspective Combination of multiple reports Used to display DP and SNP data through a Planning Book / Data View combination and selecting CVCs Used to carry out Transport Load Building .

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