Showing and Hiding Views

Macintosh Toggle Full Screen Mode Toggle Session/Arrangement View Toggle Track/Clip View Hide/Show Detail View Hide/Show Info View Hide/Show Browser Hide/Show Overview Hide/Show In/Out Hide/Show Sends Hide/Show Mixer Open the Preferences Close Window/Dialog

Loop Brace and Start/End Markers
Macintosh Move Start Marker to Position Nudge Loop Left/Right Click

or or

Move Loop By Loop Length Halve/Double Loop Length Shorten/Lengthen Loop Select Material in Loop Click Loop Brace or

Session View Commands
Macintosh Launch Selected Clip/Slot Select Neighbouring Clip/Slot Select all Clips/Slots Copy Clips Add/Remove Stop Button Drag or Double-Click Slot Insert Scene Insert Captured Scene Move Nonadjacent Scenes without Collapsing Drop Browser Clips as a Scene Arrow Keys

Adjusting Values
Macintosh Decrement/Increment Finer Resolution for Dragging Return to Default Type in Value Go to Next Field (Bar.beat.16th) Abort Value Entry Confirm Value Entry

Insert MIDI clip

Arrangement View Commands
Macintosh Split Clip at Selection Macintosh Consolidate Selection into Clip Create Fade/Crossfade Loop Selection Insert Silence or Double Click Pan Left/Right of Selection Unfold all Tracks Scroll Display to Follow Playback Unfold button

Scroll Down/Up Close/Open Folders Set Selected Folder as Browser Root Load Selected Item from Browser Preview Selected File Activate Browser Search Mode Jump to Search Results

Commands for Tracks Transport
Macintosh Play from Start Marker/Stop Continue Play from Stop Point Play Arrangement View Selection Record Back to Arrangement Activate/Deactivate Track 1..8
See also editing commands


Insert Audio Track Insert MIDI Track Insert Return Track Rename Selected Track While Renaming, Go to next Track Group Selected Tracks Ungroup Tracks Show Grouped Tracks Hide Grouped Tracks Move Nonadjacent Tracks Without Collapsing Arm/Solo Multiple Tracks Add Device from Browser + Click Double-Click + arrow keys

By holding down an additional modifier key, some of the

Macintosh Cut Copy Paste Duplicate Delete Undo Redo Rename Select All

commands across can also be applied to: Macintosh Clips and Slots Across all Tracks Time Across all Tracks The Selected Part of the Envelope can be used to move from one track or scene to another while renaming.

Original manual @

. Move Selected Warp Marker Select Warp Marker Scroll Display to Follow Playback Move Clip Region with Start Marker Working with Sets and the Program 17 New Live Set Open Live Set Close Live Set Save Live Set Save Live Set As.. Display and Selections Macintosh Zoom In Zoom Out Drag/Click to Append to a Selection Click to Add Adjacent Clips/Tracks/Scenes to Multi-Selection Click to Add Nonadjacent Clips/Tracks/Scenes to a Multi-Selection Follow (Auto-Scroll) Pan Left/Right of Selection Global Quantization Macintosh Sixteenth-Note Quantization Eighth-Note Quantization Quarter-Note Quantization 1-Bar Quantization Quantization Off Clip View Sample Display The shortcuts for zooming and loop/region settings also work in the Sample Display.ableton. Macintosh Quantize Quantize .. Macintosh Quantize Quantize Settings. snapping/drawing and loop/region settings also work in the MIDI Editor. Scroll Editor Vertically Scroll Editor Horizontally Copy Note Change Velocity From Note Editor Add/Delete Note in Edit Mode Move Insert Mark to Beginning Move Insert Mark to End Scroll Display to Follow Playback Move Clip Region with Start Marker home end Drag Drag Double-Click Working with Plug-Ins and Devices Macintosh Show/Hide Plug-In Windows Open Second/Multiple Windows with Plug-In Edit Button Open Mac Keystroke Plug-In Window with Plug-In Edit Button Group/Ungroup Devices Activate/Deactivate All Devices in Group Click to Append Devices to a Selected Device Load Selected Device From Browser or Double-Click Device Activator Original manual @ http://www. Quit Live Hide Live Export Audio/Video Export MIDI file Macintosh Clip View MIDI Editor The shortcuts for zooming....Commands for Breakpoint Envelopes Macintosh Finer Resolution for Dragging Enable Dragging Over Breakpoints Grid Snapping and Drawing Macintosh Toggle Draw Mode Narrow Grid Widen Grid Triplet Grid Snap to Grid Fixed/Zoom-Adaptive Grid Bypass Snapping While Dragging Key/MIDI Map Mode and the Computer MIDI Keyboard Macintosh Toggle MIDI Map Mode Toggle Key Map Mode Computer MIDI Keyboard Zooming.

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