 Merchandise

presentation refers to the most basic ways of presenting merchandise in an orderly , understandable , ‘easy to shop’ & ‘find the product’ format.  A neat merchandise presentation helps customers find products easily

 Grouping

items makes it easy to buy  Place items in such a way that selecting & decision – making is faster(e.g Belt with trousers)  Use Vertical space but not too high nor too low

 Know

the ‘right’ fixture for merchandise  Place merchandise in a way such that the range of style is visible.



Fresh Arrivals- 2Ways,4 Ways & Nesting Table with appropriate signage – ‘New Arrivals’ Oddments/Cut Size – Displayed at the back of the department on a round rack-with special offer sign(4 Way can also be used for cotton wear skirts , top etc).

 Fixtures

in a department should be aligned in neat rows from front to back.  Aisle Fixtures must have a spacing of not less then 3 feet between them.  Cross merchandise wherever possible the more merchandise you cross , the more sales will happen.

 Nesting

tables must never be placed on the

aisle.  Aisles are- strictly- customer areas, to browse through the merchandise.  Nesting tables must always be neatly stacked.

 Color
 Coordinates  Brand  Price


 Colors:-

People see colors buy colours  Coordinates :- Fashion Clothing dominance by coordinates  Brand Name:- Cosmetics Dominance by Brand : Mabellion , Chambor ,Revlon ,lakme…  Price :- Value driven store like Bigbazaar


ii. iii.


Books Kids Fiction Classics School Books Cooking

ii. iii.

Special Section Best Sellers Famous Classics New Arrivals/Launches


3. 4. 5.

Continental – A to Z Thai – A to Z Indian – A to Z Chinese – A to Z

Sea Food – A to Z

 It

has to be placed Category wise , sub categorized according to color i.e gift pens , gel pens etc.  Gel pens color wise – all black gel pens together  All red gel pens together


Small items like sharpeners ,erasers , etc. go into cane baskets.

b)Folders need to be divided into sections (with tread with clip etc.)

 Then

with in a section , arrange folders size-wise.

c) Note books have to be kept in a single line, 4 line etc.(Size Wise)

a) b)

Gift items must have a signage. Size of the signage must be at least 3’’*3’’



Details about price, product & brand can be mentioned Photo frames must be kept according to type-

Similar one goes together e.g wooden, metal, glass etc. With in a group , they must be kept size- wise.


CDs – be it music or movies – have to be displayed category – wise. For example music can be arranged in the order of Classical , instrumental , rock etc.

b) Arrange the CD titles in alphabetical order in their sections. Like, with in the Hindi movies section , arrange the ‘New Arrivals’ alphabetically.

(c) Special sections at entrances or focal points make the display more interesting for e.g – Harry Potter Hits.



Arrange category wise – scented candles, floating candles etc. Fragrance wise – Lavender,rose


Once the merchandise for ladies ,kids & men have been separated , divide the items into categories like formal ,casual ,sports , etc.

b) Display shoes in clusters/group – not in a straight line.



Kept either brand wise or price wise , as per the store format – value store ,life style store & luxury store. In a value driven store – The best way to sell is through pricepoint e.g Big

 In

a value driven store – The best way to sell is through pricepoint e.g Big Bazaar

c)In a lifestyle store , display brandwise e.g Nokia , Motorola & Samsung.

d)In a luxury driven store , keep the merchandise category – wise e.g – basic models , music phones , business phones etc.

 Always

try to define sections e.g infants , girls , boys etc. not mix the good brands with the not- so- good brands e.g Indian toys & Chinese toys.

 Do

 Keep

toys category – wise with in a brand ‘Barbie dolls’ ‘Stuffed toys’

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