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Published by: Arifin Al Haque on May 05, 2012
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Rapier Weaving Machine


Sultex G6500 Rapier Weaving Machine – a synthesis of quality. mass-produced goods. the G6500 is the economically efficient way to a quality product for every type of fabric. It excels in weaving not only simple. 2004-0119 2 2006-0140_1 . but also exclusive fashion fabrics and OPW (one-piece woven) jacquard front and side airbags. This rapier weaving machine is a synthesis of proven technology and pioneering new developments. precise matching of the individual components was possible from the outset. Thanks to the use of leading-edge CAD tools. 9098-0177 The G6500 is a master of versatility in fabric production. giving today’s weaving industry an advantage in quality and performance coupled with unprecedented economy. To maximize the productivity of this new machine. Excellent fabric quality. Thus. The Sultex G6500 is based on ITEMA’s decades of experience and expertise. ITEMA sets new standards in rapier technology. performance and economy With the Sultex G6500. the machine’s functions could be simulated. tested and optimized to meet the demands of everyday weaving practice. high machine performance and low production costs are the three key features that make this rapier weaving machine the new front runner. Available in ten machine widths from 170 cm to 360cm. ITEMA engineers focused on lowload weft insertion and minimal warp loading. even during the design phase.

Thanks to the modular concept.Lean design. all sub-units are easily accessible. up to 12 weft colours give the designer a wide variety of patterning options. 2006-0061_1 In the G6500. Several functions are controlled by it. 2004-0061-1 In jacquard weaving. adjustment of machine speed. conversions can be carried out quickly. shed levelling and pick finding. strong performance The design of the Sultex G6500 is straight-forward and compact. 3 9098-0195 . Thanks to the low machine height and its uncluttered design. The maintenance-free direct drive transfers the torque directly to the main shaft. The torsionally rigid frame ensures low vibration even at high machine speeds. thus ensuring minimal maintenance costs. Thus a high degree of flexibility and speed of reaction are achieved that are crucial to success in a competitive environment. There are only a few mechanical parts. ergonomic design and user-friendliness play a key role in achieving outstanding results in production.

The compact dimensions and the small cross-section guarantee optimal running characteristics at high speeds. A minimum of deflections. coarse twists. Therefore. optimally coordinated motion sequences and low acceleration values are three of the outstanding features of the G6500. elastic yarns. the feed can be individually adjusted for the yarn to be woven. silk. 2004-0044 4 2006-0019 One of the G6500’s major strengths: the rapier head inserts any kind of weft and in freely programmable sequence reliably. and thus excellent fabric quality. with 4. . offers almost unlimited patterning options. irrespective of yarn type and material. Low weft tension: the weft run is largely free of deflections. The low weft tension thus achieved make it the most reliable rapier weaving machine available. wool and even fine cotton are reliably inserted in any given mix with top performance. 8 or 12 weft feeders. driven by a linear motor. The ability to insert two wefts simultaneously opens up a completely new dimension in patterning and productivity. manual setting of the cutting time is not necessary. Lurex. Dual benefit: the “RotoCut” electric weft cutter always cuts the weft at the best possible moment. With the electronic colour selector. Fancy yarns. The colour selector.Minimal weft loading – maximum flexibility First-class fabric quality and high productivity are achieved primarily by low yarn loading in warp and weft.

The G6500 can be equipped with various warp tensioning systems: controlled back rest roller roller. This results in minimal warp loading and optimal running characteristics for every application. The rear shed offers numerous setting options for this purpose. 2004-0040-2 5 2004-0086-2 2004-0084 . even with clinging warp ends and a small shed opening angle.Gentle warp handling – unparalleled fabric quality The quality of the fabric produced by the G6500 is essentially a result of the low loading and the run of the warp ends. 2006-0016 A wide variety of options for setting the rear shed allow topquality fabric to be woven with optimum running performance and low warp loading. such as warp ends with a tendency to cling. with both symmetrical and highly asymmetrical rear shed geometry. In addition. controlled by force sensors. With its patented supporting teeth the G6500 is reliable and superior even with yarns that are difficult to weave. Close but contactless: highprecision positioning of the rapier head close to the reed results in clean shed separation. Horizontal compensation for the shedding motion ensures that the set rear shed geometry is exactly maintained. the electronic warp let-off. ensures constant warp tension from the full to the empty warp beam.

help to keep running costs to a minimum. Weaving environment The low vibration level and standardized interfaces to the weaving accessories and production management systems mean that the G6500 can easily be installed in an existing weaving facility. Flexibility The G6500 was designed for a broad range of styles. excellent fabric quality of a consistently high standard is achieved. Economic efficiency The straightforward engineering design and a correspondingly low number of mechanical parts.Focus on customer benefit Your benefit: Performance With a machine speed of up to 700 rpm and a maximum weft insertion rate of 1520 m/m. as well as the short set-up times. Quality By minimizing stoppages and thanks to the reproducible settings. 6 . It can be set up very quickly and flexibly to meet changing market requirements. the G6500 is the top performer among rapier weaving machines.

Our solutions: Variable shed geometry Variable shed opening angles and setting options result in unprecedented precision of the shed geometry. Direct drive A minimum-maintenance direct drive transmits the power directly to the main shaft. 2004-0149 7 . Terminal Thanks to modern touch-screen technology with clear menu guidance. Weft insertion The weft path is yarnfriendly. Space requirement Extremely compact rapier weaving machine with smallest footprint and lowest overall height fits in any weaving room. Electronic Weft Cutter With the “RotoCut” electronically controlled weft cutter. the timing of weft cutting is automatically optimized. with only a few deflections. operation is simplicity itself.

The warp tensioning system. With its modular design concept and the substantial scope it offers for expansion. electronically controlled selvedge forming units ensure clean selvedge formation. 2004-0143-2 The electronically controlled selvedge forming unit can be adjusted at the terminal while the machine is running. The uncompromisingly modular design allows the G6500 to be adapted any time to meet new require-ments. Quick and easy setting for selvedge formation Separately driven. with single-sprung back rest roller can be converted to the mechanically-positive driven variant.Well equipped for tomorrow’s markets When the G6500 is equipped with an electronic jacquard machine. for example. 2004-0081-2 8 2006-0020 . The effect can thus be judged immediately. Reliable and maintenance-free: the integrated pick finder coupling on the direct drive. within just 30 minutes. or vice versa. the patterning options are virtually limitless. Fine adjustments are made on the selvedge forming unit itself. the Sultex G6500 is a rapier weaving machine geared to the future – a safe long-term investment. The timing of shed closure for the left and right selvedges is freely programmable via the terminal. Choice of shedding machines The equipment options for the G6500 include an electronic jacquard machine and a variety of positive dobbies with up to 24 shaft drives. thus guaran-teeing optimal running characteristics irrespective of the weft yarn. Fine adjustments are made on the unit itself.

the G6500 can be reset to produce a different style very quickly. It is thus an ideal rapier weaving machine for a market in which weavers face the dual challenge of rapidly changing requirements and short times to market. Opening the warp beam bearings to change the beam could hardly be simpler. the warp stop motion is just as easy to replace. which can be switched quickly. the entire shaft assembly can be fitted or removed quickly and easily. The G6500 can be equipped with a race board or supporting teeth. and the fabric quality is right from the very first metre on. 2006-0022 2004-0085 9 . No tools are needed. Style changes: fast and (almost) without tools On the G6500. Short style setting times With mechatronic solutions and reproducible settings. Thanks to the practical quick-action couplings. you can change styles or warps fast – and almost without tools.Short set-up times – the key to productivity The G6500’s short set-up and changeover times make it a leader in productivity and flexibility. When carrying out a quick style change.

SmartWeave – intelligent pattern data programming “SmartWeave” offers fabric designers intelligent support in the preparation of weave designs and pick repeats. Internet-ready touchscreen terminal. Network-ready touchscreen terminal The G6500’s control inter-face is a user-friendly. pick sequences and setting parameters can of course also be programmed and/or modified directly at the terminal. The logical structuring. remote interrogation of the machine parameters is possible.User-friendly control Besides excellent textile characteristics. The logical design is extremely use-friendly.Weaves. Once the data has been transferred the machine can be set up quickly. 2003-0006 SmartWeave is operated via graphical screen menus. guides the operator to the desired function simply and with a minimum of keying. Logically arranged push buttons facilitate the operation of the weaving machine. Thanks to the G6500’s Internet capability. The prepared pattern data are combined with the setting parameters of the style and transferred to the G6500 via data carrier or intranet. the state-of-the-art control system is a persuasive argument in favour of the G6500. with self-explanatory pictograms. This allows potential improvements to be rapidly identified and put into effect. 10 2005-0133 2004-0057 . Touch-screen control: with clear user prompting and easy-tounderstand pictograms the G6500 can be operated safely and efficiently.

to give the user complete satisfaction. and advise you on the modernization of an existing production facility or the planning of a new one. Switzerland. we offer comprehensive plant analyses. Based on the “learning on the job” principle. thus ensuring fast and comprehensive availability and supply.World-class weaving machines – worldwide after sales service tailored to your needs Based on close customer contacts. and optimize processes and operating results. our spare parts logistics are continuously adapted to customers’ and market requirements. At ITEMA. we can collaborate with you to develop training concepts to suit your organization or to meet other specific requirements. air-conditioning and cleaning in order to optimize your operation. our weaving machines can be upgraded at any time to meet changing market requirements. Project consulting If desired. Weaving trials Our Textile Centres in Italy. Upgrading Thanks to their modular design. Textile Technical Consulting In order to enhance fabric quality. the weaving process. you can test any yarn on any machine you want. Our specialists will be glad to advise you. The results are a dependable guide for rational investment decisions reflecting a genuine need. logistics. The results will guide you to the most suitable weaving system. Customer Support Service Supplying you quickly and reliably with spare parts. Our specialists analyze your plant’s organization. India. adjustments and checks. upstream and/ or down-stream production stages. 11 9099-0472 . With the “ELSPACEnet” (Electronic Spare Part Catalogue via Internet) and “EDOSnet” (Electronic Direct Ordering System via Internet). onthe-spot basic and further training. animations and illustrations. in special courses at ITEMA. our experts will draw up plans for optimal positioning of your weaving machines. With regard to both content and method the course is professionally designed and makes learning a pleasure. Japan and the USA make the large body of weaving knowledge obtained from research. We train your operating personnel either on the spot at your facility. Production economics Our broad-based knowledge of weaving processes is a safe foundation for investment and profitability analysis on any scale. easy-to-understand videos. China. via clear. Besides the basic courses we offer. ITEMA service is not limited to merely commissioning the machines. it teaches how to carry out settings. components and accessories is one of the most important services offered by ITEMA. increase productivity. ITEMA ensures that support for its partners and customers continues after they purchase their weaving machines. Computer Based Training ITEMA’s Computer Based Training is the key to independent. It also ensures that they remain fully functional and available throughout their service lives. development and processing available to you. Training Correct training is crucial for optimal utilization of our weaving systems. or at one of the training centres we operate around the world.

Promatech SpA Via Cav. Radici 4 24020 Colzate (BG). Binzackerstrasse 41 8620 Wetzikon ZH. Switzerland and China. China Phone +86 (0)21 67742618 Telefax +86 (0)21 67742608 . Dong Xing Road Song Jiang Industrial Zone Shanghai 201613.41. G. All our products are sold and serviced worldwide. Our experienced team develops and manufactures state of the art weaving machinery. SEDO-Treepoint (Dyehouse automation) and Eutron (industrial electronic products) are brand names of the ITEMA Group.. 98. R. Italy Phone +39 035 7282111 Telefax +39 035 740505 ITEMA (Switzerland) Ltd. Printed in China / 37. Switzerland Phone +41 (0)43 488 21 21 Telefax +41 (0)43 488 21 01 www. Somet and Vamatex are well known to anybody in the textile industry.com 12 Specifications subject to change without notice. P.09 Bao ITEMA Weaving Machinery (China) Co. Our brand names Sultex. BarcoVision (MES and automatic inspection systems). Loepfe (yarn clearers).ITEMA Weaving is a Business Unit of the ITEMA group with operations in Italy. Ltd. Also Savio (automatic winders).itemagroup.

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