The object of the project is handling an entire Automobile Store Management with systematical way with software.

In an Automobile Store, huge information about spares records to be maintained manually with high cost .It is very hard to keep safe the records and get the inventory details regularly. To over come such strategy this software gives the solutions.

This project is entitled as” AUTOMOBILE STORE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”, has been developed for any Type of Spares & Sales Process Business.

This Automobile Store Management System can be dealt with any Stores or Dealers to admin their all tasks such as company wise categorization, spares item wise categorization and etc… This project work aims at computerizing the all type of transactions and systems which are now manually followed. This make easy to maintain a stores or dealer with low manpower and stationeries.

The Software used for the development of this project is VB 6.0 as Front end and the backend for database used for the development of this project is ACCESS 2000. Its platform is windows XP.

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