Aum Sri Ganapathaye namaha Mumbai Indians v.s.

Kings XI Punjab

April 22nd MI v/s KXIP.

Horary number in favor of MI was taken as 212 and map of the heavens is as follows:

For this Horoscope MI will be in Ascendant whereas KXIP in 7th house.

Here 6th sub lord is Venus, she is in the star of Moon and sub own sub. Moon is in 5th house being lord of the 8th house. Therefore 6th sub lord is strongly connected with 5-8 houses.

Further the 11th sub lord is Saturn; he is in the star of Mars in 9th house and sub of Mercury. Mars is in 9th house whereas Mercury is in 3rd house. Here Mercury stars are unoccupied. Therefore he is strongest significator for 3-7 houses. Mercury was aspected by Mars from the 9th house.

With I little doubt in mind I verified asc. sub lord Mars. He is in the sub of Saturn in Mars star. Therefore Mars is connected with 9th house at sub level. Further 7th sub lord is also Venus as discussed earlier very powerful for 5-8 houses. Therefore 7th house is stronger than Asc. hence opponents has a better chance.

The star lord at the time of the game is Venus and sub lords are Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are in sub of Mercury, therefore the entire signification depends upon Mercury. I guess as star lord connected with 5-8 houses Mercury can offer only result of 5-9-12 results. But match may be two sided but ultimately KXIP may come back. Stars are in favor of KXIP. Good luck to both the teams.

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