Aum Sri Ganapathaye namaha PuneWarriors India v.s.

Delhi Dare Devils

April 24th DD v/s PWI.

Horary number in favor of DD was taken as 116 and map of the heavens is as follows:

For this Horoscope DD will be in Ascendant whereas PWI in 7th house.

Here 6th sub lord is Venus; she is in 9th house in the star of Moon and own sub. Moon is lord of the 11th house in 8th house. Therefore Venus is connected with 8-9 houses.

Further the 11th sub lord is Jupiter. He is in the star of Venus and sub of Mercury. Venus is in 9th house whereas Mercury is in 6th house. Here the stars of Jupiter as well as Mercury are unoccupied. Hence Jupiter is very strong for 8th house whereas Mercury the sub lord is in 6th house. This may be fruitful for Asc. but 6th cusp already denied success hence Mercury is incapable to do anything.

The star lord at the time of the game is Moon and sub lord is Jupiter. Moon is in 8th house in own star and sub. The sub lord Jupiter as discussed above is connected with 4-6-8-10 houses hence there may be tough fight between the teams and ultimately PWI may get success as the star and sub lords are strong Significators for 8th house!

Stars are in favor of PWI. Good luck to both the teams.