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Heinemann Guided Readers - Lorna Doone (Beginner Level)

Heinemann Guided Readers - Lorna Doone (Beginner Level)

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Lorna Doone
Retold by John Escott


Contents A Note About the Author A Note About This Story The People in This Story 4 5 6 1 My Story Begins 2 The 3 Lorna 4 The Sign 5 The Message 6 Snow on the Moor 7 The Fight at the Farm 8 The Truth About Lorna 9 'Lorna Has Forgotten Me!' 10 After the Battle 11 At Lord Brandir's House 12 We Attack the Doones 13 Lorna Comes Home Doones 7 11 14 20 26 30 34 39 42 46 50 57 60 .

(Richard Dodderidge) Blackmore was born in Berkshire. In 1857. B l a c k m o r e ' s uncle died and his money came to Richard. Some of these stories (1866). (1872) Craddock and Newell Christowell ( 1 8 8 2 . Blackmore became a lawyer in London. on 7th June. he studied at Oxford University. in the south-west of England. After that. After that. He lived there until 1843. R. He became a teacher. are: The Clara Maid Vaughan of Sker (1864). 1 8 2 5 . and he wrote poems and novels. Richard did not teach any more. He studied at a school in Tiverton.D. Blackmore was not strong and he did not work as a lawyer for very long. He lived with his wife in a large house near London. D .A Note About the Author R . In 1 8 3 2 . 4 . and Richard died on 20th January. Lucy Blackmore died in 1888. There are many films of this story. his father took R i c h a r d to the county of Devon. Blackmore wrote fifteen novels. and the next year he married Lucy Macguire. England. His mother died a few months later. It has become one of the most popular stories in English. The Blackmores had no children. In 1 8 5 2 . 1900. His most famous story was Lorna Doone (1869).

to the south-west of England. Towns and cities were small. Judge Jeffreys was a clever and powerful man. John Ridd is for King James. in the south-west of England. The king sent a judge . They caught the Duke of Monmouth and they killed him. Most people in the country liked King Charles II. There was a lot of trouble in Britain in the 1680s. Travellers had to ride in coaches. His friends fought several battles with the soldiers of King James. most people in Britain lived in small villages. But he died in 1685 and his brother. King James II was not popular. The roads between them were bad. Place: Exmoor. Duke of Monmouth. He killed all of Monmouth's friends. These battles are now called the Monmouth Rebellion. 5 . Journeys from the south-west of E n g l a n d to L o n d o n were long and difficult. became the new king. In the seventeenth century. In the story. Tom Faggus. but John's cousin. James. James Scott. Many powerful people in Britain wanted a different king. or ride on horses. for several days. Some of this story happens at the time of the Monmouth Rebellion. The King's soldiers beat Monmouth's men. tried to become king.A Note About This Story Time: 1673 to 1686.George Jeffreys . is against the King.

The People in This Story



My Story Begins
My name is John Ridd and I am a farmer. I live in the village of Oare, in the county of Somerset. Oare is on Exmoor - a wild part of Somerset. The Ridds have been farmers here for hundreds of years. My story b e g i n s in the town of Tiverton, in November, 1673. I was twelve years old then, and I was living at my school. I lived at the school for most of the year, but I went home for the holidays. It was five o'clock on the afternoon of the 29th November. There were no more lessons that day. I was standing by the school door. Suddenly, I saw Jan Fry. Jan worked on our farm at Oare. But that afternoon, he was waiting outside the school gates. He was sitting on his horse. And my horse was standing beside his horse.

'Why are you here today, Jan?' I asked him. T h e school holiday will begin in two weeks' time.' 'Yes, I know that, Master John,' he said quietly. 'But you must come home tomorrow. I will stay here tonight. We will start our journey in the morning.' 'But why have you come for me, Jan?' I asked him. 'My father always takes me home from school at the beginning of the holiday. Why isn't father here?' Jan did not look at me. 'He's - He's very busy today,' he replied. But I did not believe him. The journey from Tiverton to Oare was difficult and long. At noon, we stopped at the town of Dulverton. We had a meal there and our horses rested for an hour. Then we continued our journey. Outside Dulverton, we saw a fine coach. Four horses were pulling it and three people were sitting inside it. One of these people was a woman with black hair and dark eyes. Next to her sat a pretty little girl with long dark hair. The third person in the coach was a lady - a very beautiful lady. She was wearing fine clothes. 'Who are those people?' I asked myself. 'Is the black-haired woman a servant? And is the pretty little girl the beautiful lady's daughter?' In the afternoon, thick fog came down. We could not see the road clearly. Everything was silent. But Jan and I rode on across the moor. After some time, Jan spoke.

The Doones were terrible people! They were a family of robbers and murderers.'We must be very quiet now. 9 . But we were also near Doone Valley. Jan spoke again. the fog went away.' he said. Master John. And I knew the reason for this. Suddenly. They lived in a lonely valley on Exmoor. And their valley was a dangerous place! After a few minutes. We were near our home.

She was wearing a fine dress. T h e Doones are dangerous men!' We rode on to our farm. I could not see her face. And then I knew everything. 'You were very foolish. She was crying. And after a moment. Then I heard my mother crying. Two of the men turned and looked at me. But the other man put his hand on his friend's arm. But she was unhappy.' Jan said.a little girl. Master John. the men rode on. We got off our horses. Suddenly. But my father did not come out of the house.One rider was holding a child . One of them pointed his gun at me. I was angry. I stood up and I shouted at the riders. My father was dead! 10 .

My father was a brave man and he tried to fight the Doones. But one of them . One of the guards took my mother to Sir Ensor's house in the valley. There was a high wall at the end of the valley.Carver Doone . The other farmers were afraid of the Doones. He shot my father and killed him. Suddenly.2 The Doones The Doones had murdered my father.' she said. a man rode out of the trees. 'Give me all your money!' the man said to the farmers. At that moment. He was one of the Doones. they were riding through a forest. But Father was not afraid. Take me to Sir Ensor Doone. Jan Fry told me about it. That evening. And there was a gate in the wall . Two men always guarded the gate.the Doone Gate.had a gun. there was a shout. 11 . and twelve more Doones rode out of the trees. After my father's funeral. with six other farmers. Early in the morning. my mother went to Doone Valley. My mother spoke to the guards. Father had been returning to Oare from Porlock. He rode his horse towards the man and he lifted his stick. They quickly gave the man their money.

strong man .' Sir Ensor said. He was a grey-haired man with a long beard. He was a very old man.a big. and he shouted to someone.' said the grey-haired man. 'Four of our young men went to Porlock that day only four! Some farmers attacked them in the forest.Sir Ensor Doone was the head of the Doone family. 'One of your men killed my husband.' Sir Ensor said.knocked three of our men to the ground. 'That story is not true. 'Do you know about this?' 'My men are sometimes wild. I don't believe your story. 'But they don't kill people.' The old man went to the door of the house. He was going to kill them! Then Carver used his gun.' my mother replied. One of the farmers .' 12 . 'Why have you come here. Mother told the story again. another person came in. He had to kill the farmer. Mrs Ridd?' Sir Ensor asked my mother. After a minute. 'Listen to this woman's story.

but nobody had punished him. Soon. After my father's death. Before that. Lord Dugal.' I said to myself. There was a trial. The farmers took them food. Carver Doone had killed my father. At first. everybody on Exmoor hated the Doones! 13 . and Sir Ensor lost all his land. Then they began to steal from the farmers.Sir Ensor Doone believed the man's story. the farmers of Exmoor were their friends. They built their houses in a lonely valley. Sir Ensor and his cousin. Everybody was frightened of the Doones. They tried to help the family. After a few weeks. I will kill him. And sometimes they stole the farmers' daughters too. And at first. there were only twelve Doones. My mother returned home sadly. But I took my father's gun and I used it every day. Sir Ensor and his family came to Exmoor. After the trial. They took the girls and married them. They went to the law courts in London. Sir Ensor's sons grew big and strong. Annie. I did not go back to school. They argued about the land. I heard more about the Doones. But soon. Many years later. But the two men were not friends. Sir Ensor Doone had come to Exmoor from Scotland in 1640. had owned a lot of land in Scotland. 'One day. They stole their animals. I could shoot well. I lived on the farm with my mother and my sister.

along the river. delicious fish. The rock was steep and wet. That was a good place for fishing.Lorna In February 1676. I went to my fishing-place and I sat on the river bank. But I was not lucky. I had to start climbing again. Bagworthy Water and the Lynn River joined together. Then I had to walk in the water. But soon. Loach are small. I was fourteen years old. I had not caught any fish. the banks of the river were very steep. After another mile. On one side of the pool there was a high rock. and I began to walk along the bank of the Lynn River. We all liked to eat them. The water was very cold under the dark trees. I was walking towards Doone Valley. That February afternoon. I fell back into the deep pool. A stream of clear water fell from the top of the rock down into the pool. I came to a large pool in the river. At last. I got to the top of the rock. Once. I walked on again. The Lynn River passed near our farm. I got up. I went fishing. But I had injured 14 . And two miles from the farm. I wanted to climb to the top of that rock! I started climbing. And one sunny February afternoon. I often caught loach there. and I was in a beautiful green valley. After that. After a mile. And suddenly. I caught a few loach. After two hours.

Lorna Doone. 'What's your name?' she asked. 'Please don't worry about my foot. But please tell me your name. you've injured your foot!' the girl said. When I opened my eyes again. 15 .' she replied. Then she began to cry. 'Didn't you know that?' Suddenly. 'I've been fishing in the river. the girl's voice was unhappy. I saw a young girl beside me. I'll tie some cloth round it.' I said.' 'Oh. 'How did you get into the valley?' She had a sweet voice.' I replied. 'My name is John Ridd.' 'It's all right.my foot and I was very tired. She was about eight years old.' 'My name is Lorna . and beautiful dark eyes and dark hair. I lay on the grass and I shut my eyes. 'It's bleeding.

' Then she smiled. twelve men came down the valley towards her.' she said. and he carried her away. 'She's asleep on the grass!' Carver Doone walked up to Lorna. 'You must go. 'Go now. 'Do you see that hole in the rocks. 'You can get out of the valley through that hole. I did kiss her. John!' she said. The beautiful little girl stopped crying.I wanted to kiss her. But please. John!' I hid behind some trees. 'The Doones must not find you here. Soon. we heard somebody shouting.' she said. After a moment. Goodbye. He lifted the beautiful little girl in his arms. Lorna's face became pale. Lorna?' I asked.' Then she pointed to a place on the side of the valley. over there?' she said. be careful!' 'I like you. 'I like you as much as my sister. One of the men will see you. He was a big man. Then they'll kill both of us!' 'They'll kill us? Why. 'This is the Doones' valley.' I said. 'You must go. 'And now you've found one of the secret entrances. Lorna lay down on the grass. Come here again one day. and she closed her eyes. 'I like you. 'The men are looking for me. Annie. John Ridd. Lorna. 16 .' Suddenly. But you can't climb back down the rock.' she said. 'Carver! Here's our little g i r l ! ' one of the men shouted.

but he never hurt them. He stopped people on the roads and he took their money. Seven years passed. He took their money. I often thought about Lorna. And he gave most of the money to poor people. I climbed through it. Tom Faggus visited us. Tom was a good man. He became a highwayman. I ran to the hole in the rocks. He had been a farmer once. but some rich men had taken his farm from him. After that. he became a robber. but I did not go to Doone Valley. But we often had visitors at our house. I liked him very much. I grew bigger and stronger than any man on Exmoor.After a few minutes. Sometimes. Tom was my mother's cousin. 17 . I did not leave the farm very often. I worked hard every day. Then I ran all the way to my home.

We were looking down into Doone Valley! I started to think about Lorna.it was New Year's Day. Then Tom was speaking to me. and she listened to all of his stories. 'Look down there. Suddenly. we were both looking through a hole in the rocks. and she fell in love with him. 1683 . I remembered her beautiful dark eyes. Tom stopped his horse. My sister. watched him carefully. Something white was moving quickly along the valley.Tom and I were riding on the hills together. I had seen something in the valley. And I remembered her sadness. Tom fell in love with her. but I wasn't listening. I remembered her soft voice and her sweet smile.Tom visited us every month. In a moment. A n n i e . One day . It was Lorna! 18 . John!' he said.

' Lorna was afraid. And suddenly. I loved her very much! At last I spoke.' Lorna smiled and I touched her white hand. 'And you are afraid. I loved her. But she smiled and she asked me a strange question. She was coming towards me and she was s i n g i n g . Don't you remember?' 'Yes! I remember. The grass was soft under my head. it's a dangerous place for me.' I replied. don't be afraid. I walked along the river to the high rock by the pool. strong young man. and I opened my eyes. Lorna. And one day. 'But don't you remember something. John Ridd? This is a dangerous place for you. She remembered me . I climbed to the top of the rock easily. This time. I dreamt about Lorna often. birds were singing. Please. 'I'm John Ridd. You were very kind to me.That spring. In the green valley. But I will come back another day.' Lorna said. I'll go now. Then we said goodbye. 'We met here seven years ago. She was very beautiful! 'Lorna Doone!' I said.' I said. I looked at her big. dark eyes. I lay down and I closed my eyes. 19 . I heard Lorna's sweet voice a few minutes later. I was a tall. She stopped near me.I knew that. 'How do you know my name?' she asked. There were flowers in Lorna's hair. 'Yes.

Please make me a promise.' 'Carver wants to marry me. 20 .' I was very busy during the next two weeks. Then you must come to the cave." But I don't want to live with the Doones. 'You must go now.' said Lorna. 'He's strong and brave. The other is my servant. But I don't remember my mother or my father. John. I'll be waiting for you. 'Only two people talk to me. this valley will belong to you. I worked very hard on the farm. Sometimes. Gwenny. I went into the valley. Each day. She told me more about herself. John. You'll see the coat from the hill above the valley. Try to come every day. The coat will be our secret sign. and she took me to a secret cave near the pool.' 'I'm not happy here. John. And Sir Ensor often says. I looked for Lorna's sign. 'But I want to see you again soon. And each day. My father was Sir Ensor's eldest son. 'One is my grandfather. Come to the valley often. Sir Ensor Doone.' she said. All around me are robbers and murderers. I can be alone here. I often come to this cave. "One day. I saw Lorna again. I went to the hill above Doone Valley. But he's a cruel man!' She began to cry.4 The Sign Two weeks later. I'll put a black coat over the white stone outside the cave.' she said.' Lorna said. 'The valley is beautiful.

Mr Ridd. 'I'm John Ridd. 'I'm one of the King's messengers. After two weeks. You must come with me to London.But I did not see it.' 21 . a man rode up to the farm. I had a visitor. 'I'm looking for John Ridd. One afternoon.' the man said.' 'My name is Jeremy Stickles. 'You've found him. He got off his horse.' he said to me.' I replied.

' 22 . At last. Soon. I asked Jan Fry to take care of the farm.' I replied. And I did not like the city. Jeremy Stickles and I travelled for many days. we arrived in London. 'Who are you?' Judge Jeffreys asked me. The letter was an order from one of the King's judges. I had to tell the King's judge about the Doones. I came with Jeremy Stickles. But the judge was a very busy man. But I had to go. I went to his house. the King's messenger. I was not happy about this. It was a long and dangerous journey to London. I did not want to leave my mother and sister at the farm. I had to go to London. I had to wait in London for two months. the judge sent for me. But Jeremy told me many stories. I was going to talk to Judge Jeffreys.The messenger gave me a letter. At last. 'I came from Exmoor two months ago. I opened it and I read it quickly. 'I'm John Ridd. sir. we were good friends.

Again I was surprised.'You've come from Exmoor. 'Is the judge in Tiverton also a Doone?' I was surprised by this question and I did not reply.' I said. sir.' said Judge Jeffreys. John Ridd.' said the judge. 'Tom is my cousin. And he will find out more about the Doones. Yes!' said Judge Jeffreys. John Ridd. They are robbers and murderers! There are about forty of them. 'No. 'The judge in Tiverton is not a Doone.' I said. 'My neighbours are the Doones. 'He has made mistakes.' The judge smiled. 'I like you. Do you know any highwaymen? Do you know Tom Faggus?' 'Yes. 'You are an honest man.' I replied. Am I right?' 'Yes. He will tell me about the King's enemies there. And stay away from the Doones. 'But we want him to be a good king. I can see the answer in your face. John. Then we will put them in prison. 'Your neighbours are a family of robbers. I'll send someone to Exmoor soon. 'No. Now go home. 'Faggus is a good man.' 'Forty! Why aren't these Doones in prison?' asked Judge Jeffreys.' he said. sir. but he loves King Charles. Now.' 'Have you heard about any enemies of the King in Somerset. sir. John Ridd. John?' asked Judge Jeffreys.' I replied. Stay away from the King's enemies.' 23 . sir. tell me another thing. do you and your friends love the King?' 'We don't know much about him.

'Do you love me. We must not stand here. She was waiting by the entrance. And there was Lorna's black coat! She had left me a sign. John. And one day. John. I told Lorna about my journey to London.' We went into the cave. I had to ask Lorna a question.' she replied. I went to the hill above Doone Valley. Lorna heard me coming. Grandfather saw one of the other men looking at me." he said to me.A week later. 'I have put the coat there every day for two months. Lorna. She knows about our meetings. 'I've been in London.' I said. I wanted to see Lorna. 'I like you very much. I was happy too. 'Gwenny. But soon. Grandfather will die. I told her about you. "You must marry Carver.' Lorna said. I looked at the white rock.' Lorna replied. 24 . He must wait. Lorna?' I asked her. and he was angry. John. But when had she left it there? I went to the cave. 'She knows about you. And now he watches me all the time. "I have chosen him for you. My mother and my sister were happy." But Carver doesn't want to wait. 'People are watching me every day now. Nobody will help me then!' 'Does anybody help you now?' I asked. You did not come.' 'I'm sorry. John. my servant helps me. 'I saw your sign. 'Are you in danger?' 'Yes!' she said.' I said. 'But the Doones want me to marry Carver.' After that.' 'Come into the cave. I was at home again. Sir Ensor wants me to marry Carver. But you are young.

Then she took the ring off her finger. John.' . Lorna cried for a minute.' she said. go home. 'But one day. She smiled and she kissed me. Lorna. John. Stay away from this place. Then I gave her a little present.' I said. I will wear it for you. And now. It was a ring with a blue stone. But I put the ring on her finger and she stopped crying. I will send a message to you soon.I told her about Judge Jeffreys and his plans. I had bought it for her in London. Please take care of it for me. 'I won't leave you again. 'I can't wear this now.

It was autumn. He was carrying a gun.5 The Message Two months passed. 26 . He came nearer and I saw his cruel face. I waited there all day. I went to our secret meeting-place in the valley. I went back to the valley every evening for the next two weeks. I thought about Lorna every day. but she did not send me any messages. One morning. Was he looking for me? I waited till evening. I saw a big man walking in the valley. He was wearing a wide hat and heavy boots. Gwenny brought me a message from Lorna. Then one evening. In the afternoon. It was Carver Doone. but Lorna did not come.

'I will go to her house tonight. but I was very worried about her. I went to the gate after dark. people from Exmoor had to visit one of the Doones' houses.' I thought. Lorna lived there . Carver watches me all the time. and Lorna was waiting for me.I knew that. I moved quickly past them in the darkness. do you love me?' I asked.' We met in the cave the next morning. What had happened to her? I did not know. John. One day.' she said. John. they began to fight. and they did not see me. That night.' Lorna said. Sometimes. 'I love you.I went to our meeting-place the next morning. But it was a dangerous place. 'I am a prisoner in the house now.' The Doone Gate was at the end of the valley.' 'I do love you.' 'Lorna. Lorna. 'I will go into the valley through the Doone Gate. I was afraid and I did not call her name. I found Sir Ensor's house. Lorna did not come to our secret place. I was lucky. I made a plan. But which was the window of her room? I did not know. The two guards were drinking brandy and they were arguing. But after that. They went into the valley through the Doone Gate. There were always two guards with guns outside the gate. and the next. 27 . It was n o t one of the secret e n t r a n c e s to the valley. and I want to marry you. I did not have to speak to them. 'Oh. 'But we can never get married. And soon.

near the house.' I said. She put her head out of the window and she looked sadly at the moon. 'He will die very soon. ' she replied. After an hour. The men watch us. You must help me!' 28 . Gwenny can't leave the house. Was she thinking of me? I called to her quietly and she looked down at me. Lorna suddenly opened a window. My grandfather will die. 'Are you mad?' 'I wanted to see you. 'John!' she said. I can't leave the h o u s e . Then I will have to marry Carver. Lorna?' 'My g r a n d f a t h e r is very i l l . I'm in danger here. 'Why are you a prisoner here. John.I waited in the dark.

there were only six nests in it! I went home and I waited until the evening. my son.' Lorna said. One day. I told my mother about Lorna. It was Lorna's servant. 'Sir Ensor Doone is dying. 'One day soon. Mr Ridd.' And every day after that. There are seven of them. Then I went up onto the hill again. Sir Ensor will die. One day. 'He wants to talk to you. outside the valley.' she said. We will take care of her. 'Yes.' she said.'There is a very tall tree behind you. There are some birds' nests in it. I saw somebody coming towards me. He is a murderer. You must bring Lorna here. But she must not marry Carver Doone. Suddenly. John. I looked at the tall tree. Gwenny will climb the tree and take away one of the nests. I will be in very great danger!' The next morning.' 29 . Lorna will be in great danger. Gwenny. Look at it every day. I went to the hill above Doone Valley. 'Do you see it? You will be able to see it from the hill. Then you must come immediately.

'I'm a farmer. And the Doones have been robbers and murderers for forty years!' I had spoken foolishly! 'Sir Ensor will be angry with me now. 'You must make me a promise. A very old man with white hair and black eyes was sitting in a big chair. why do you meet Lorna?' the old man asked. He spoke quietly and sadly. I put my arms around her. 'Yes. 'Are you John Ridd?' he asked. I know that. and Lorna comes from a rich family. 'We'll be happy fools together. bring her here to me!' I found Lorna and I took her back to Sir Ensor. 'You must never meet Lorna a g a i n .' he said. He saw her hand in my hand. John Ridd. He looked at me carefully. 'I love her. sir. But my words were true! And the old man was not angry. 'You young fools!' he said.' I said. And you must never speak to her again.' I thought. But the Ridds have been honest men for hundreds of years. Lorna was waiting for me. sir. Now.' I replied. The old man saw my arm around her shoulders. 30 . sir. sir?' 'John Ridd.' I replied.6 Snow on the Moor I followed Gwenny down the hill and through Doone Valley. Then she took me into a large room and she left me there. We arrived at Sir Ensor Doone's house. 'Are you feeling better.

The snow was very deep. 31 . A lot of snow fell on Exmoor that winter. T h e Doones will not travel in this weather. I pulled it down into Doone Valley. 'I cannot help you. 'I love him. T h e n she said. I will be safe.' That evening. I took our sledge and 1 pulled it over the frozen ground. I worried about Lorna. A few weeks later. I went through the hole in the rocks. and everything on the moor was white.' Then be fools together!' the old man said. Was she warm and dry? Did she have enough food? I wanted to go to her. Sir Ensor Doone died. Grandfather.Lorna kissed me. 'I will go to the valley today. I said goodbye to Lorna and I left the house.' His voice was very tired.' I thought. Nobody will see me.

Her face was pale and she was very weak. You've come to see me. I said no. John. But at last. Lorna lay on the sledge and soon. 32 . 'John. and Gwenny followed us outside to the sledge. Annie and I will take care of you both. Grandfather died and Carver wanted to marry me immediately.It was a difficult journey in the snow. I pulled the sledge and Gwenny walked beside me. 'I'm in trouble. I was standing in front of Lorna's house.' I lifted Lorna in my arms. Inside the house.' I said.' she said quietly. Now the men won't give us any food. we began our journey through the night. 'You must come now! Mother. I knocked on the door and Gwenny opened it. Lorna was lying in a chair. We're prisoners here!' 'You must both come home with me.

After two hours. 'Then the Doones will search for Lorna.' she said. and we carried Loma inside. We gave her and Gwenny some good. They will come here. My mother looked at Lorna. hot food. 'You have saved my life. We must be ready for them. It fell for many days. 'The weather will be better soon. Horses could not cross the river.' More snow fell during the next few days. there was heavy rain. 'Thank you. The snow turned to water. 'You are welcome here. My mother and sister met us near the house. Nobody could come for Lorna. 'Sweet child. we arrived at my farm.' Lorna smiled. 33 .' I told my mother.' But after the snow. and the Lynn River ran fast through Doone Valley.' she said. Nobody could leave the valley.

Then I told Tom about my love for Lorna. Tom loved Annie and she loved him.7 The Fight at the Farm One rainy day. And he brought some good news with him.' Mother and I were not surprised. And I told him about Sir Ensor Doone and his family.' he said to Annie. Tom Faggus arrived at our farm. 'I've bought a farm.' 34 .' I said. We were all happy that day. We knew that. 'We will be happy together.' he said to her. Mrs Ridd. 'Lorna and Gwenny live with us now. 'They must never go back to the Doones. He wanted to see Annie. 'And I want to marry Annie. 'I'm going to be an honest man from today.' Then he looked at my mother.

He was watching me. 'This afternoon. I had been working in my fields all day. I saw Carver Doone standing near the trees. And I am finding out more about the Doones.' A few days later. He had returned to Somerset some weeks before. 'But the Doones are evil people.' Jeremy said. 'I am looking for enemies of the King. 'Judge Jeffreys sent me here. but six of my soldiers will stay here with you. He told us about his work on Exmoor. I was afraid. I must leave tomorrow. 'You have done well.' 35 . He shot at the ground near my feet. And the next evening. But last night. three of the Doones attacked us. I called Jan Fry and he let me in. I arrived home late in the evening.' he said. 'Suddenly. The women were very frightened. They will try to take her and they will try to kill you. John. You will have to fight them. I went into the garden.' Lorna replied. I couldn't move. The doors and windows of the house were locked. and he was holding a gun. Carver Doone and his men will come for Lorna soon. 'What's happened?' I asked them. Jeremy Stickles arrived at our farm with some soldiers. For a minute. They shot one of my soldiers. He wanted to frighten me.' The King's messenger and his soldiers rested at the farm. Then I told Jeremy about Lorna. Then Carver lifted his gun. We gave them some food.Tom left us the next morning.

Nobody must touch her!' I lifted my gun. I told the soldiers about it. Burn it to the ground! But remember this .' 'Go into the house now. But Carver could not see me. I waited. 'I can kill Carver now. I hid behind a wall in the garden and Gwenny climbed a tree near the river. 36 . Gwenny watched for the Doones. 'Ten men are crossing the river now. 'Gwenny. Then I spoke to the women. then they rode into the garden. 'Tell the soldiers about the Doones. I knew that.' I thought. come with me!' Gwenny and I went into the garden.' said the voice of Carver Doone. I had a plan.' she said quietly. "You must come back to us tomorrow! We are going to kill John Ridd! You must help us!" I ran back to the house and we locked the door and the windows. 'Mother. And I had never killed a man.' Carver was not going to wait until the next day. After a few minutes the Doones came. I could not do it. 'Then burn the house. Annie and Lorna must stay in the house with the soldiers.' I said.'Then he shouted a message. Then stay inside the house!' I watched the gate in our garden wall. 'Carver is leading them. The Doones were going to come that night. 'Kill every man in the house. I could see her from my hiding-place. They broke down the gate. After an hour.' Lorna said. she saw them.Lorna belongs to me. 'He shouted. She climbed down the tree and came to me.' I said.

Suddenly Carver moved away. 37 . I ran to the house.

He wanted them to attack us again. John!' Jeremy said. I walked towards Carver. But the soldiers killed three more of them. 'No. Carver got up and ran to his own horse. I told him about the fight. and the others stood still. He rode after the other men. But I pushed him down onto the ground and I took his gun from him. He shouted at them. That was something new! 38 .' We did not chase Carver and his men. Two of the soldiers were pointing their guns at him. he tried to lift his own gun. 'You will be in danger. But the Doones had lost a fight. Suddenly. At that moment. I wanted to ride after the Doones. They put their hands above their heads. There are more Doones on the other side of the river.Then the soldiers started shooting at the Doones. Two more Doones fell to the ground. The other Doones saw this and they started to run away. Two of them got to their horses. Jeremy arrived at the farm.

Jeremy.' Jeremy said. She was an Italian. Jeremy Stickles told me a strange story. 'John. 'The family . She told me her name. his wife and his young daughter . the man fell from his horse and he died. This happened in France.an argument between the man and his cousin.' Jeremy said.' Jeremy said.a man.8 The Truth About Lorna A few days later. It was Benita.' 'Benita often travelled through Europe with this family.' I said. The owner of the inn was a woman .' 39 . There had been an argument about some of the land . They owned a lot of land in Scotland. The women had gone to bed.lived in Rome. They were a rich family. 'You won't like it. I stopped at an inn. 'Yesterday. For six months after that. I wanted to rest and I wanted some food. Benita was the family's servant. 'It was late in the afternoon. I must tell you something. Benita worked for an Englishman's family. and I was tired.' 'Many years ago. 'But one day. It was late in the evening. But you must hear it!' 'Tell me. and the cousin had lost all his land.a woman with black hair and dark eyes. I was riding back from Dulverton. near the sea. And she told me the story of her life.' Jeremy said. There had been a trial. the man's wife stayed in France.

'But at last. The three of them were going to live there. She said. The driver drove the coach onto the sand and towards the sea. They were wait' ing next to a big rock. And then. "I know that man! He is Sir Ensor Doone . She spoke to Benita. They were going to attack the coach. something hit Benita's head. the driver of the coach saw some men on horses. the coach was in the sea. Suddenly. The wheels of the heavy coach went deep into the sand. 'And Benita came with them. After a moment. they were travelling in their coach. The coach could not move quickly.' 'One November afternoon. she brought the little girl back to England. The family owned a house in Watchet. He tried to escape from the robbers. He is our family's enemy!" Then she asked the driver to go faster. But the robbers followed on their horses. But the waves of the sea turned the coach onto its side. 'They were on the road to Watchet.' said Jeremy.' 'The lady in the coach saw an old man riding with the robbers. They had guns. They were near the sea.my husband's cousin.' 40 .' said Jeremy.

'The Dugals were one of the richest families in England.' 'What happened to the little girl?' I asked again. And the little girl had gone too!' 'Benita and the coach driver took the lady to her house in Watchet.' Jeremy said. She was lying on the sand and the rich lady was sitting on a rock nearby. her servant and the pretty little girl. The Doones had gone. 'Who were Lorna's parents?' I asked. 'Benita had no money. I remembered the people in the fine coach . We had seen a c o a c h near Dulverton.'Later. John?' Jeremy said. John. That night. 'And why did Benita stay in Somerset?' 'The Doones took everything from the coach. 'Can't you guess that. you must tell Lorna the truth about her family. She is Lady Lorna Dugal!' 41 .' Jeremy answered. 'But she soon died. I had seen the Doones riding on the moor. And I remembered another thing.' Jeremy answered. Jan Fry had taken me home from school that day. She could not go back to Italy. 'The little girl was Lorna!' Then I remembered the day after my father's death . She stayed here and she married a man from Dulverton.' 'What happened to the little girl?' I asked.November 29th. One of them had been holding a child on his horse. 'Their names were Lord and Lady Dugal.the lady. Benita opened her eyes. She is not a Doone.' said Jeremy. 'She was very cold. 1673.

She said. 'Soon. Your father was not Sir Ensor's son. John?' 'I want to tell you about your mother and your father. Lorna. "John Ridd. 'Lorna. "Go away. You were very young. 'Or will I say. Lorna was sitting in the garden.9 Torna Has Forgotten Me!' I had to tell Lorna about her family. I sat down beside her. Your father was Lord Dugal. you are not a Doone. John Ridd!" Will you forget about me?' Lorna laughed. Will you say. 'The Dugals are a rich and important family. Lorna. But I was afraid. I love you!" What do you want to tell me. you'll know the truth about your family.' I said. He died in France. She was reading a book.' I said. 'Will Lorna want to marry a farmer now?' The next morning. 'I have to tell you something.' I thought.' 42 .

Yes. and Lorna had gone! My mother told me the news. He wanted the Doones to have the Dugals' land again. 'Lady L o r n a Dugal and Gwenny h a v e gone to London. I was afraid. She was angry. 'My dear John. I love you!' I looked at Lorna's clear. The Doones attacked her.' Lorna's face became pale. I wanted to believe her. 'But she died in Somerset. He wanted her land and her money. but at last I understood Carver Doone's plan. For a few minutes. Tom Faggus and my sister. got married. I wanted to marry Lorna.' she said. But then something terrible happened. bright eyes.' I ran to Lorna's room and I found the letter. 'Lorna left a letter for you. They lived at Tom's farm and they were very happy together. and I want only you. They had taken Lorna from her mother. Then she put her arms around me and she kissed me. But they had not told her about them. I dreamt of happiness with her. 'I don't remember my parents. she cried for her dead parents. The Doones were the enemies of Lorna's family. but he did not love her. I have you. I came home one evening. Annie. They took you away from her. but I was afraid. They knew about her parents.Tour mother died soon after your father. 43 . Carver wanted to marry Lorna. I told her Jeremy's story.' she said.' I said. Soon after that day.

I read those words. But I was very unhappy. 44 . and I wanted to believe them. 'I shall never see Lorna again!' I thought.

Sometimes. But many people in England did not like him. there were many soldiers on Exmoor.In January 1685. but no letters came from her. I waited for news from Lorna. In February. At last. King Charles died. The King's soldiers were going to take the Doones to the judges. 'Many rich young men want to marry her.' they said. became the next king. Fighting started in many parts of the country. 'She is a famous lady now. Immediately. the dead king's brother. they talked about Lorna. Prince James. 45 . Soldiers from London often came to our farm. Mother and I heard some news. the judges were going to punish them! But the soldiers did not come. They could not fight the Doones too.' 'Lorna has forgotten me!' I thought sadly. Suddenly. there was trouble in the country. But they were fighting King James' enemies. Many people in Somerset were enemies of the new king.

I arrived in the town of Bridgwater. He is going to fight against King James' soldiers.10 After the Battle One day. 'Oh. I woke up. I left the farm. I asked people for news of Tom. Annie brought the child with her to our farm. I went to an inn for the night. My sister was crying. On the fifth day.the date was the 4th or 5th of July. Early the next morning. Carver and his men will burn it down. I put on my clothes and I went to the stable. I got onto my horse and I rode out of the town.' she said. towards the sounds of the battle. It was a Sunday evening . You must find him for me. You must bring him back to us!' 'I can't leave the farm. The town was full of angry men. 46 . All of them wanted to fight King James' soldiers.' But I loved my sister and I wanted to help her. She and Tom Faggus had been married for more than a year. I was tired. I travelled for four days. I must stay here. Annie came to the farm. 'The Doones will attack it. I must take care of Mother. John. 'Tom has gone away. And the soldiers were nearby. The sound of guns woke me. and it was not far away! Was Tom Faggus fighting there? It was about four o'clock.' I said. But very early in the morning. There was a battle. And I did not want Tom to die. In each town. They had a baby boy. That day.

I came to the battle. and after a few minutes. The King's soldiers had left the village. He drank it slowly.' I thought. I gave him some water. I knew that horse. 'Please lift me onto her back. Tom Faggus was lying on the floor. The noise from the guns was terrible. but their cooking fires were still burning. I went inside the building. S h e was Tom's horse. I got off my horse and I helped a dying man.Soon I came to a small village. Then she turned and began to walk away slowly. Tom. Then I gave him some water. 'She's a fast horse. There was blood on his clothes.' 47 . But many lay on the ground. 'Is Winnie injured?' Tom asked me.' said Tom. 'Winnie wants me to follow her. She'll take me home safely. she isn't injured. So I got back onto my horse and I followed her.' I replied. She led me to an old building on a farm. Most of them were dead. John. The screams of dying men were terrible too! Men with blood and dirt on their faces were running away from the battlefield. I quickly cut a piece of cloth from my coat and I tied it round Tom's injured shoulder. I rode on. A horse without a rider came towards me. His shoulder was badly injured. The King's soldiers had won the battle. Winnie! She looked down at me. Then a strange thing happened. It pushed its head against my n e c k . 'No.

I'm not one of the King's enemies. and I lifted him carefully onto Winnie's back. 'No horse can run as fast as Winnie!' I watched Winnie taking Tom away.' another soldier said. He pointed his gun at me. and they pushed me out of the building. 'The King's enemies must die. 'I love the King. 48 . 'You are one of the King's enemies!' 'No. They were going to shoot me.' I said. Then 1 lay down in the old building and I slept for many hours.' But the soldiers did not believe me. There were men standing round me.I took Tom outside. 'I'll be safe now. 'Take him outside and shoot him.' Tom said. They threw me onto the ground. Suddenly. That is the law!' The soldiers put a rope round my hands and arms. They were the King's soldiers. I woke up. 'Stand up!' one of them said.

The soldiers will tell the judges about you. a man on a horse rode between me and the soldiers' guns. Jeremy. 'John Ridd! You are my prisoner now. Jeremy took the rope from my arms and we both got onto our horses. 'You saved my life. John.' I said.' said Jeremy.' he said.' 49 .' 'The Doones attacked my soldiers at your farm. 'You helped my men that day. You must tell him your story.I thought about Lorna and about my mother. We rode away from the farm. The soldiers lifted their guns. You must go to Judge Jeffreys in London. 'Don't shoot!' Then he spoke to me. It was Jeremy Stickles! 'Wait!' Jeremy shouted to the soldiers. But suddenly. But you are in danger. I loved them very much. And now I've helped you. 'Thank you.

they went to a church in London together. 'Does she remember me?' I asked myself.11 At Lord Brandir's House I was in London for two months. I sat in a corner of the church and I waited for Lorna. Many rich and important young men wanted to marry her. And after five weeks. Many great lords and ladies followed them. She was wearing a white dress. After some minutes. During that time. The Judge remembered me. I saw Lorna! Lorna was living at the home of her uncle . And on Sundays. She was very beautiful. 'Does she still love me?' Many people talked about the beautiful Lady Lorna Dugal. He lived in a large house in Kensington. with many servants. 50 . He listened to my story and he believed me.Lord Brandir. Lord Brandir was the brother of Lorna's dead mother. And Queen Mary liked her very much. I learnt many things about her. One Sunday. I met Judge Jeffreys again. I wanted to see Lorna very much. He was an old man and he was a friend of King James. King James and Queen Mary entered the church. I loved her more than ever. near London. And then Lorna came in. The two women often met and talked together. I went to the church.

Gwenny took me to a little room. opened the door to me. She smiled. I was a happy man again! The next evening. 'She was once my friend.' I thought.' A few minutes later. I went to Lord Brandir's house. Lorna's servant. I ran out of the church.' she said. 'Please wait here. Then she sat down next to the Queen. Then he went away. 'But now she's the Queen's friend. 51 . a thin young man with yellow hair walked towards me.Suddenly. Lorna turned her head and she saw me. Lady Lorna Dugal. Gwenny. He said nothing. I went to Kensington. I did not know why. Lorna Doone. but he gave me a piece of folded paper. They were words of love .and they were from my dear Lorna. She was angry with me. I opened the paper and I read the words on it.

A moment later. 'But is Gwenny right?' I asked Lorna. She wanted her mistress to marry a rich man from London. John. Lorna was very angry.' 52 . 'I want you to be my husband. 'My dear Lorna. 'My dear John.Lorna arrived a few minutes later. The men are only interested in my money and my land. 'I love you very much. And then I'll marry you. Why didn't you write to me?' 'What do you mean. 'People will say. She sent the servant away. she called Gwenny into the room. And I'll always love you. Gwenny was crying sadly. I will be twenty-one. But we learned the truth about the letters. I thought about this a long time ago. You will have nice clothes. I've lived in London for a year now and I hate it! The women don't like me. S h e did not want L o r n a to marry a farmer from Exmoor. I'll marry you and we'll live on the farm at Oare. She held out her hand and I kissed it.' she said quietly. Lorna? You will be happy at the farm.' I said.' Lorna answered. "Lorna Dugal is foolish! She wants to marry a farmer!" Do you want to marry me. John?' said Lorna. But you won't be an important lady. 'I did write to you! I gave the letters to Gwenny and —' Lorna stopped speaking. And soon.' 'John. She had hidden the letters. Gwenny had not sent them to me. Please visit me often until then. Lorna asked the servant some questions. One day.

and the servant girl ran away. then I went upstairs too. Inside the house I saw a servant girl. After a moment. He made some noise. They did not see me. and no lamps were burning in Lord Brandir's house. I heard somebody calling softly to the three men. Somebody inside the house opened a window near the street. Then the three men went into Lord Brandir's bedroom. I followed them to the door and I stood outside it. 'Why are they here?' I asked myself. I looked into the bedroom. One of the men tried to open the bedroom door. One of the robbers had a gun. the street was very dark. I waited for a moment. 'What are their plans? Are they robbers?' I watched the men until midnight.Late one evening in September. The man quickly broke the lock. I was leaving Lord Brandir's house. Then they walked quietly up to the house. but it was locked. One of them was carrying some rope. They were looking at the house. She was carrying a lamp and she was leading the three men up the stairs. I moved quickly and I followed them into the house. Lord Brandir was sitting up in his bed. 53 . I saw three men standing near some trees. He was pointing it at Lord Brandir. The other two men were trying to open a large metal box. Suddenly. The three men were standing outside Lord Brandir's bedroom. The three men entered the house through the window. At midnight.

54 .

55 .

' he said. And they were enemies of King James. 56 . The King and Queen were there. They smiled at me. The next morning. 'From this moment.An hour later. And that afternoon.' said the King. They were enemies of Lord Brandir. They took the robbers away. Lord Brandir told the King my story. the soldiers found out about the three men.' Then King James lifted a sword and he touched my shoulder with it. You've done a great thing for me and for your country. your name will be Sir John Ridd. the King sent for me. 'I thank you. 'Lady Lorna Dugal has told me about you. And you've done a great thing for my friend. I went to his palace and a servant took me to a beautiful room. Soon. Lord Brandir. four soldiers came to the house. 'You are the great John Ridd!' said Queen Mary.' 'John Ridd.

'We are going to attack the Doones. Tom and their son. Carver Doone pulled the baby from her arms and he threw it onto the hard floor. But I was worried about the farm. He was a farmer and he was a good man. And I wrote to Lorna very often.' 57 . But that winter.12 We Attack the Doones I left London after two months. there was more trouble on Exmoor. 'We must stop this robbing and killing. The Doones were making the trouble. Christopher was not there. John. Then the Doones took all the food and the money from the house. In December. And I wanted to see Annie. something terrible happened to his family. Christopher Badcock was one of our neighbours. I wanted to go home. My family was happy and I was happy too. The men from the farms and villages on the moor were very angry. We want you to lead us. I was at home on the farm. One day in February. I wanted to see my mother and Jan Fry. I did not want to leave Lorna there. The baby died immediately.' they said. He was working in his fields. Some of them came to my farm. Carver and some of the other Doones went to the Badcocks' house. And they took Christopher's wife away with them. But Christopher's wife was in the house with her young baby.

The Doones must leave Exmoor for ever . Most of them will be at the mine. 58 . T h e r e won't be many Doones in the houses in the valley. He had a plan. He was listening for the sound of the fighting at Doone Gate. Then he fired his gun. 'You know that place. Some of them will go to the mine late on Friday afternoon. I was with some of our neighbours at the bottom of the High Rock.Tom Faggus joined us. We heard Jan's gun and we started to climb the rock.' Tom said. T h e y like it very much! We'll tell them a story about some gold. T h e Doones like gold. Jan Fry took his gun and he went to the hill above Doone Valley.' he said. he heard it. You first met Lorna there. They will try to help the guards there. And some of our men will be waiting for them.' 'You must attack the valley from the High Rock. John. At the same time.alive or dead!' It was a good plan.' T h e n I and some of the other farmers will attack the Doone Gate. We'll say.' said Tom. Four men are going to take it across Exmoor on Friday night. Soon. And soon. We started to tell people about the gold. But some of the men in the houses will run to the Doone Gate. Your men must burn all the Doones' houses. The water falls into the pool there. "There's a lot of gold in the mine at Wizard's Cave. John and the rest of our men will attack the houses in the valley. the Doones had heard about it! On Friday night." The Doones will want that gold.

In the morning. There was a long and terrible fight. Then we took all the women and children outside and we burnt the houses. but we killed them all. Soon the valley was full of smoke and fire. Our men killed all the others.We moved quickly forward into the valley. We ran between the trees. Some of the Doones were fighting our men at the Doone Gate. the Doones killed ten of our men. Then he rode away on his horse. The men in the houses tried to fight us. I heard the story of the battle at Wizard's Cave. 59 . and the Doones did not see us coming. Carver was the only one of the Doone men alive. but Carver hid in the mine. but we quickly killed them. Later. In the three battles of that night. But more than forty Doones died. Carver Doone was there with some of his men. My men began shooting at them. They saw the flames and they ran back towards their houses.

And the judge had made a decision. I was going to marry Lorna at Oare Church. And Lorna had some news for us. and I was happy too. Judge Jeffreys was taking care of her. S h e was happy. Lorna returned to Exmoor.13 Lorna Comes Home In the spring. She came into the church in a beautiful white dress. 'They will be married immediately!' The happy day came. I had always loved Lorna. I loved her more than my life! 60 . Lord Brandir had died. 'Lorna must marry Sir John Ridd. And on that day.' the judge had said.

and at last. But at that moment. I was looking for Carver Doone! I rode fast. but it did not stop me. Lorna fell down at my feet and her red blood ran across the floor. and soon I saw Carver on his big black horse. We made our marriage promises.I looked into Lorna's dark eyes. I ran out of the church. I took her in my arms and I kissed her. Carver turned his horse and he rode into a little valley. She was Lady Lorna Ridd. Then she was silent. He was riding towards the sea. and she was not Lady Lorna Dugal. Then he turned and he fired his gun at me. 'There is a bog at the end of that valley. I will catch him now!' I followed Carver into the valley. She was not Lorna Doone. and suddenly he saw the bog in front of him. I jumped onto it and I rode onto the moor. I pulled a heavy branch from a tree and I rode on after him. The bullet hit me. Soon. The horse and its rider fell to the ground. He stopped his horse. I was mad with anger.' I thought. Who was he? I knew the truth. She tried to speak. somebody fired a gun. She smiled at me. 'There's no way out of there. I rode straight towards Carver and I hit his horse with the branch. 'Somebody has killed my dear wife!' I shouted. I was going to find the murderer. 'And that person is going to die too!' My horse was outside the church. 61 . Lorna was my wife. But his horse was tired.

but I was stronger. Carver got up from the ground. but his feet were in the black bog. I hit him across the face. 'You killed my father and now you have killed my wife. The soft ground began to pull him down.I jumped off my horse. He fell to the ground again. 62 . He jumped forward and he put his arms around my body. The killing must stop! I'm not going to kill you. I put my hands round his neck and I threw him away from me. and you must never come back!' Carver tried to stand up. He was very strong. But you must leave Exmoor today. 'You are a murderer!' I shouted. Carver Doone.

She kissed me. She must rest. But then. 'Carver killed Father and he killed Lorna. Lorna was close to death for many days. Now Carver is dead too. 'Lorna isn't dead. She must not speak. one beautiful morning. I was weak and ill. After a minute. But you must not see her now.Carver fell onto his back. I fell to the ground. I watched the thick black bog pulling him down.' my mother said. 'He's dead. I rode back to the church. but she belongs to me. my son. I could not help him. I remembered Carver's bullet. But there's blood on your clothes. My mother was waiting for me. he had gone. I could not save him. I was happy and strong again. I lay ill in my bed.' 'John. Will she die or will she live? I don't know. Suddenly. And the world was good! 63 . Are you injured too?' I looked down at my coat and I saw the blood. She is dead. my dear Lorna walked into my room. A moment later. And for many days. At that moment. She is very badly injured. And now I want to see my dear wife.' I told my mother.

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