1. LITTLE THINGS (Julia A. Carney) Stanza No.

1 Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty oceans, And the beauteous land; Paraphrase: In these lines of the poem â Little Thingsâ , the poetess Julia A. Carney is focus ing on the importance of little things. She says that these are the little drops which make the mighty oceans. The oceans cannot come into existence without lit tle drops. In the same way the vast and the beautiful land is made up of little grains of sand. We cannot avoid the importance of little things. Their significa nce is unbeaten. Stanza No. 2 And the little moments, Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages, Of eternity; Paraphrase: The poetess is emphasizing on the significance of little things by givin g us the example of little moments of the time. She is saying that mighty ages o f eternity are made by the little moments though they are unassuming and we do n ot feel them spending but actually they are important because vast periods of ti me depend upon these moments. We do not give them importance but they are more i mportant in real than large periods of time. Stanza No. 3 So our little errors, Lead the soul away, From the paths of virtue, Into sin to stray Paraphrase: In these lines of the poem â Little Thingsâ , the poetess is giving us a moral les son by showing the importance of little things. As big and great things are made up of little things, so our little doings matter a lot. Our little errors and m istakes mislead our soul and make our mind dirty that we lose the ability to dif ferentiate between right and wrong. These little mistakes lead our soul away fro m right path. So we should not commit little mistakes considering them unimporta nt. Stanza No. 4 Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Make our earth an Eden, Like the Heaven above. Paraphrase: We learn from these lines that little activities of kindness and sympath y that we do for others make this earth peaceful like an Eden. Little words of l ove and affection give comfort to othersâ hearts and it can fill our surroundings wi th love, harmony and peace. In this way our lives may become more comfortable an d our society may become like a heaven. So we cannot neglect the importance of l ittle deeds and we should keep on doing little virtues. Little deeds and words o f love and kindness make this world a happy place to live.

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