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Work Ethics Essay

Ali Kilinc – 900235909
Mrs. Mandi Sena
ENG 191 – 3:30PM – 20424

In many ways, a man’s character defines everything about that man.

Many important factors are considered when defining a person for who he is,

but a person’s character is the most important factor. Character is also an

important factor in any sort of environment involving other people. This

environment could be at home, around family members; at school, around

teachers or other students; and especially at work, where interactions with

many people under a stressful environment can really bring out the true side

of a person. A person’s work ethics are built on his character. The foundation

of good character is based on trustworthiness, integrity, and good morals.

First, trustworthiness is an essential part of one’s character. For

example, if an employer assigned an employee an important presentation to

be presented at the grand opening of a vital new retail chain1, and if the

employee failed to comply with the employers demands, the employee

would prove to be untrustworthy. Such behavior would prove to be highly

detrimental to the character of that worker. This is why trustworthiness is

essential when judging the work ethics of a person.

Second, when observing the character of a person, determining

whether or not the person has integrity is vital. If a person does not have

integrity, then he would misbehave in a working environment. This person

The work assigned would fit any job obligations the employee might have.
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would disrespect fellow members in many ways because he could even lie to

himself, thinking that his actions are not against his or anyone else’s values.

For example, if an employee working at a financial department found tax

fraud, and he did not report it out of the fear of losing his job, this employee

would prove to lack integrity. If a tax audit would occur, he would lose his

job, and risk going to jail. This is not the only matter to consider when

judging one’s character; morals are also important.

Finally, aperson’s morals are fundamental when defining his character.

Especially in a working environment, a person must have fully understood

the concept of morality. If not, this person would commit heinous acts and

not care about them, or even know about the horrendous nature of such

acts. This would be because the person’s morals would be wicked, abnormal,

or simply non-existent. Furthermore, the person might choose to omit certain

tasks in his day to day schedule, as in, purposely choose not to do them, or

simply over-look those tasks, thinking that they are irrelevant. For instance, if

a volunteer is passing out food to the poor, and decides that he wanted pie

that day, and he stole a few pies for himself thinking, “They’re free anyway,”

he would prove to be an immoral person. This type of behavior, as well as

the aforementioned actions, is linked to the person’s character.

Character is important to all people, all around the world. No matter

what one does, one’s character comes out in the end result of their task. This

is especially apparent in a working environment where the work ethics of a

person is almost always more important than the employee’s ability to do

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the job. For example, if a person lacks character, that person would risk

being dismissed from his job. Such consequences would have nothing to do

with his competency to do his work, but his character as a person.