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In order to get the full benefits from the Awakening Course. and finally into the final stage Awakening. Joe Vitale. listen to each CD at least twice. Listening to each CD several times allows it to sink into your subconscious mind as you make more and more discoveries each time you listen. Think about your idea in connection with your situation. you may discover that everything you have been striving for throughout your lifetime suddenly manifests in your life. take time out each day to act on the insights and strategies that Joe has provided for you. and has developed a compelling new program to aid you in creating the life you want. Give yourself a deadline to complete each exercise and be committed to following through.THE AWAKENING COURSEINSPIRED ACTION GUIDE HOVV TO USE THE INSPIRED ACTION GUIDE "You are the masterpiece ofyour own life. ideally three times. the Awakening Course becomes nothing more than a listening exercise. Joe provides you with cleaning and clearing methods that can literally shift your life into one in which miracles become an ongoing occurrence. Joe Vitale's Awakening Course. spiritual marketer. and be prepared to stop the program when you hear an idea or technique that appeals to you. Dr. and then prepare an inspired action plan." Dr. and The Compass Welcome to Dr. He has an ingenious way of looking at the world of opportunities from the perspective of attracting what you desi reo In order to gain the full benefits of the Awakening Course. make the decision here and now to work through it. You will dispel any beliefs that may have put you in a place of victimhood. act upon your insights and strategies. practices and experiential exercises within this program will assist you in moving forward in your life with a greater sense of ease and well being. He instructs you on the pitfalls and practices of each stage. To achieve the maximum benefits from the Awakening Course. -2- . Joe Vitale is a gifted inspirational speaker. In the Awakening Course. your work. and innovator in the area of human dynamics and personal transformation. scarcity. No matter which of the four stages you find yourself in. and create new practices and beliefs that will put you in a place of personal empowerment an~ transformation. Joe takes you on a journey through the four stages of awakening. He has the ability to think beyond the status quo. and achieve the kind of results in your life that you've never thought possible. star of the movies The Secret. and then work on the corresponding chapter in this Inspired Action Guide. author. The Opus. This Inspired Action Guide has been created to aid you not only in attracting the life of your dreams. you are the Michelangelo of your own life. Be sure to keep a pen and some paper handy as you listen to the Awakening Course. but also in moving beyond the Law of Attraction towards awakening to the highest level of personal transformation possible. The David that you are sculpting isyou. Start using your Inspired Action Guide right away. Without implementing any of the action steps that you have mapped out for yourself. the theories. your lifestyle. and lack in your life. As you take initiative on these powerful stages of awakening. Do not procrastinate.

COM CD I: INTRODUCTION ((Belief are the determinant of what one experiences. What would you dare to do if you couldn't lose? tn the Awaketlitlg Course. and starts you on your journey [Q discover what your greatest fears. He takes you through his own "r:lg~ co riches" story and discusses how your fears QU1 be catalysts LO finding your greatest success. a. desires and ambitions are. I Ie shares insights on the phenomenon of The L1W of Arrracrion.AWAK[NIGCOURSE. There are no external causes. J Ie ends the program with a new definition of what "marketing" is. What would you dare to have if mere were absolutely no limits? -3- . 1. role models. I: Reality and Subjectivity In this introductory session. 111 the introduction now. alone with eye-opening perspectives on money. What would you dare to be if you were guaranreed unconditional success? c. JJ - David Hawkins. the narrator asks several questions. Take the time to answer them b. Joe provides an overview of the AwakminK Course.WWW. and the power of your unconscious mind.

Joe lists several programs and books that have really helped him on his personal journey. GUIDE Dr. 2. 5. -4- . 4. Joe describes a challenging time in his life when he was homeless . What tools have you used to get out of past difficult situations? 6.and how he used inspirational books.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION 2. What books and programs have most affected you on your personal journey? 4. but one that is temporary. Vitale opens the Awaketzing Course by stating that where you are right now can be a painful place. Make a list of five things that you would like to change or create in your life: l. Why do you believe you were drawn to this program? What are you hoping to get out of it? 5. 3. 3. research and personal growth to get out of the struggle. Where are you right now? Write a paragraph about what's going on in your life.

You may hold most of your self-destructive beliefs in your subconscious mind. how? 8. famous person. Joe explains that some of the greatest challenges that you are facing right now can become future opportunities. in your life? traits do they possess that you 9. Joe states that our beliefs create our reality. Take some time to list any challenges that you are currently facing in your life.WWW. 11. -5- . anyone else)? What may have replicated. Who do you model yourself after (parent. make a list of all of the fears that you are 10. If we believe we have to stmggle through life. beliefs that you are not aware of.AWAKENINGCOURSE.COM 7. Do you believe that your life is being greatly affected by beliefs you're unaware of? Yes No conditions. Noting the effects of the media and other environmental feeling. what beliefs do you have about life? Do you believe you have to fight your way through life? If so.

Get Out of debt Be financially free Better health. write down any new insights or ideas you may have experienced as you reflected on those fears. e. Write a list of any material desires you currently have. b. Listed below are some of the benefits that you can receive as a result of the Awakening Course. 16. h. c. d. Joe suggests that you avoid judging yourself on any material desires tbat you have (cars. multiple homes). lose weight find happiness Move u levels of awareness in life Become more conscious Attract a spouse or loving partner Be happier in my life Yes Yes No No No 0 0 0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes f g. 13. is right behind your strongest fears. Vitale describes how. money. Make a list of your strongest fears. fancy jewelry. -6- . What ace your conscious beliefs about money? 14.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION . Joe states that we have many conscious and unconscious beliefs about money that will strongly affect how much we have in our lives. IS. very often.GUIDE 12. your greatest success. Note those that you would like to experience in your life: a. Dr. Having gone through your Feac List (Question #10) with Joe in the ending meditation.

once you awaken (Q the realization that yuu have been feeling like a victim. Joe emphasizes that as a child you absorb and take on programming from your parents. begin by contributing one happy. you can then free yourself from victim hood and align with Stage #2. healthier and wealthier. star of the movies I he Secret The Opu:. List any messages (positive and negative) that you received from others during your childhood. He then lakes YOIl rhrough additional processes in which YOLI learned to re-state complaints and negativisms into more positive beliefs and practices.-------------------CD 2: VICTIMHOOD WWW." In what areas in your life are you currently feeling confused? 2. and The Compass In this session Joe begins to lake YOll through Four Stages uf Awakening. me mat 1. teachers. and learning how you have been holding onto being a victim." Dr Joe Vitale. Joe quotes Mandy Evans. I Ie opens the session informing you many of the inllueuccs within your childhood actually program you [0 be under the thumb of someone else.. and other influences. He asserts that. I Ie then tal es you rh rough several exercises to assist you in detaching &()m YOIl t rn i nd.AWAKFNINGCOURSE. 3. This leads you into Stagt: # 1: Vicrirnhood. What kind of programming have you received about lack and limitation? -7- . "Confusion is that wonderful state of mind right before clarity. healt~yand wealthy person to it: You.COM "Ijyo« would like the world to be happier.

If not. It is important that you understand the difference. You are absorbing beliefs unconsciously from the culture itself You are not ruler of the earth or God. You can do the impossible. the President. it's not your fault. and you have more power than you realize." You may have had difficult experiences happen to you in your life. boss). -8- .. however you don't hold onto them and remain powerless over them throughout your life. economy. The Seven Key Principles • • • • • • • that will help you awaken to this stage. You can change your thoughts.. and move you forward in your life are: You aren't to blame. You are responsible for your experiences? You are absorbing unconscious beliefs from the culture? You have great power? You can change your thoughts? You can do tfie impossible? You will manifest whatever image you add emotion to? You can have miracles when you let go of attachment? 6. GUIDE Joe explains that your early programming has led you to believe that you are a victim in your life. friends. COURSE INSPIRED ACTION. You don't know your limits. when you are aware of them.THE AWAKENING 4. family. write it down in your words. 5. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No Joe clarifies that there is a difference between being a victim to a certain circumstance or experience in your life. terrorists. as compared to having a "victim consciousness. You might make note of what or whom you complain about in your life (the system. Make a list of whom or what you currently feel victim to in your life. Whatever image you add emotion to will tend to manifest. You can have miracles when you let go of attachment and need. neighbors. the government. but you are totally responsible for your experiences. re-Iisten to the Victimhood session so that you do. Do you understand it? If so. Do you believe that . Remember that very often you see yourself as a victim and don't know it.

pitfalls or new awakenings." Wl. n Rocall a struggling experience that made you feel like a victim. it's what you determined it IDC:lUlt that is not voice a complaint for a minimum of 30 days.COM 7. A Complaint Free WorM. Reflecting on the situation.WWW. "The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.AWAKENIGCOURSE. Go at least one day without complaining. Next time you find yourself in a challenging place. "It's not what happened to you that matters. When you get to the point where you can laugh about it. and make any notes based on your experience. Joe introduces you to Will Bowen's book. can you now find something good that came of it? R. Joe encourages you to find the humor and/or positive that comes from every event in your life. Quoting Mandy Evans. does this quote mean to yuu? Write about an example from your own life in which you tried to solve a problem with Utesame mindset you used to create it. 9. He issued you a challenge . complaint-free challenge. Try this exercise. you are in a good place. Then try Joe's 30-day. see if you can find a positive in it. Joe states. Einstein said. Write about your progress. Be sure to note your insights. -9- .

and turn it into what you want. 1. you might catch yourself wanting to complain about it. write at least three positive things that you would like to focus on and make note of how they expand. Joe speaks of the Marva Collins way and how she started a new school system where she WVED all the children. Pause. Write down any changes that you feel or experience. instead of complaining. 2. 13. -10 - ." you might state. "whatever you focus on will expand. Therefore." Both models were built on the principle that. She rewarded them when they were right instead of condemning them when they were wrong. If you receive a bill. Initial Word or Phrase Problems I have to Setback Enemy Tormentor Pain I demand I have a complaint I am struggling You did this You Could Change To Opportunities I get to Challenge Friend Teacher A signal I would appreciate I have a request I am on a journey I created this Transform your vocabulary with the list above. When you catch yourself starting to complain. Joe also discussed Win Wenger and his higher learning techniques that state. stop and state the opposite Intention." 12.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION GUIDE 11. "You get more of whatever you focus on. "I intend to have more than enough money to pay this bill and all my other bills. "I don't have enough money to pay this bill." Now. The results were incredible. 3.

shift. Re-visit the list of circumstances (ft-om question #4 of this session) in which yon have heen feeling victim tn. in fact. Then have a dialogue with it and ask if it did.COM 14. and then look at it with a little bit of detachment. have a meaning. take an inventory of them. and really honor yourself. Ch()o~enne of lhe items 0'1 Ihe list. -11- . and miracle that occurs as you continue through this process.AWAKENINGCOURSE. Try this with each item on yuUt Iist. List all of yow strengths and positive traits. Be sure to journal on each and every insight. Focus on them. J 5.WWW. and what that meaning is? What might have been the positive reason behind it? Write out any insights that you may have bad after the dialogue.

If not. 2. If you don't know you can. He then speaks of how you can attract anything you want into your life by following the five teps he outlines in his bestselling book The Attractor Factor. The Superman Syndrome Empowerment is introduced in (his se ion. -12- . Have you ever worked an intention through the five steps and achieved success? If so. go to the next action step to create your new intention using the steps. Joe opens this program describing the The Secret. you can't. Joe opens this session discussing the Law of Attraction and The Secret. Write out your current understanding of the Law of Attraction and how it works. Go through the steps above.D. He ends this session discus ing the power that gratitude will have in your life. author. Nevillize your goal by visualizing the end result and really feeling it.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION GUIDE CD 3: EMPOVVERMENT (7fyou don't know you can't. write about it. the Law of Attraction and how we are all responsible for what happens to us. " Gene Landrum.. Transform #1 by declaring your intention . He rakes you through each of the five steps and provides you with insights on how to apply them to clear anything that might get in your way. Ph. Get clear of any negativity and limiting beliefs that may be stopping you. you can.what you 42 want. 1. Let go while taking "inspired" action. Here are the five steps you need to follow to attract what you want in your life: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Make note of what you don't want.

Go through Step 1. Imagine something you'd like to attract into youe life right now (perhaps a car. 4. Turn that negative into a strong intention statement. If you are struggllng to find something.WWW.COM 3.e. -13 - .ny. These will often come through your unconscious into your conscious mind. "Wi'iteabout your feelings and what you saw. Be sure to write about any insights you receive after you've taken these actions. better health. If you ex. i. "I intend to have a beautiful house. you might take 1l0LC of something you've been complaining about lately. Now you must go through the final step and let go of your attachment to your goal Then you will find that you will get little suggestions and nudges from within you to take actions. a relationship. 5." Then note if allY obstacles or negative thoughts come up. Find an imagery experience that is at the end result of the attraction. and visualize youe goal.perience a. write them down. a house).AWAKFNINGCOURSE. Trust and know that they will take you in the direction of where you want to go. See and feci yourself in a situation where you've already attracted it LO you.

Autistic children who go on to graduate university. If you continue to believe the evidence against the belief.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION GUIDE 6. let it go. If not. 1'11 never have money." Then ask yourself why you have that negative belief. -14 - . 9. or men or women are always like this. teachers. 7. Do not stop yourself or edit out anything. 8. List every big idea you have. Investigate where that negative helief may have been introduced into your psyche (perhaps messages from your parents. Write down any inventive ideas you have. Joe dares you to do something worthy. question it and ask yourself how it serves you. Catch yourself when you make any negative statements like. no matter how large or small. Become a belief detective. Give yourself total permission to get out of your box and allow yourself grand expressions of manifestation. and experiences that you are grateful for. He shares examples of people who are legally blind and yet see. '(This always happens to me. Another way to attract what you want is to fed gratitude. Make a list of the people. mentors). things. Similarly he challenges you to do something big. You can then reRect on whether that belief is serving you.

Go back to the "Dare Something Worthy" list (question #6)." SinCI! making that small shift.u something big in your life. Then use it during the visualization exercise that Joe will walk you through on the CD. and changcd that statement to.1 10. Or if you already have. 12. the more money I receive. he has Doted ongoing wondrous change in his financ. 'fry making this shift.l situation. the less money I have. Do a final inventory of what you are grateful for in your life. It is time to manife. "The more money 1 spend.AWAKENINGCOURSc.ia. Note any ideas or insights you have." He questioned it. Vitale used to think. • -15- . create a similar shift in another challenging area of your lifc) and note any related changes. "The more n'I()ney I spend. Continue to add to your list. Ll . and select one item. Dr.WWW.COI.

not the patients. Based on the Self-Identity Ho'oponopono Process. . you have co-created everything in your life and therefore need to clean the emotions around it. Hew Len suggests you say to clean and clear issues are: 1) 2) 3) 4) I'm sorry. and make note of any insights or feelings that arise.THE AWAKENING COURSEINSPIRED ACTION GUIDE CD 4: SURRENDER 'Tm completely satisfied. -16- . and explaining the power and reasoning behind this powerful cleaning technique. Hew Len suggested to Joe that all that he had done to heal the patients of the Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Hawaii. Have you had any experiences that you struggle to believe you created? If so. 3. Make note of anything you feel. Are there any steps that feel uncomfortable to you? If so. Dr. Thank you. "I love you" throughout your day. Please forgive me. list them. try cleaning around that discomfort. I love you. 1. Try using this cleaning technique on something in your life. Continuously say all four phrases or even just the phrase. I just want more!" Britta Alexandra aka Miss Bootzie In this session Joe introduces you to Surrender. The four phrases that Dr. By claiming complete responsibility for everything in your life. you are able to move past the empowerment stage to a place where you are consciously co-creating with the Divine. He opens this session with a description of the miraculous work of Dr. Stage 3 of the Awakening Course. and cleaning all that you come in contact with. Hew Len and the Self-Identity Ho' oponopono Process . 2.taking you through the four phrases. was to clear and clean himself.

you are always there? You took part in the creation of it. dear them through the Ho' oponopono process. Joe describes a special prayer that says. "not my win. but thine be done. You f." Do the cleaning exercise on the guilt that you feel around it. "not my will.d D. Note any awakenings 01' insights you receive. whereas Divine intentions begin with an intuitive nudge felt in the heart and are "passion-emhusiasm" driven. "I'm sorry. Take a moment and simply watch your thoughts come and go. ¥ou do this by re-stating. Have you ever noticed that whenever there's a problem in your life. 5. but thine be done.flllluJI predict your next tlllJughl.}Joe "comparison-winner" driven and come from your bead." Note how you feel." Try to start praying with the phrase.u~e that ego intentions ..:down any insights or awakenings you receive." List two intentions (ego-drivetl and Divinely-driven]. please forgive me. Thoughts bubble up frain rout lIi'COilscil)us mind. 7. 8. Dr.l: intentions . Take note of how they fed and how the world responds to each.4. Then reflect on how you are not those thoughts and how they move through you.ivio. Write about your experience."The diff~r~n~ b~weell ego intentions au. "Whatever happens in your life is not your fault. Write. but it is your responsibility. So you must take the thoughts and feelings you have around it and give it to the Divine. I love you. thank you." Write down all the th~ that annoy you and then do the clearing exercise on them. 6. Reflect on previous circumstances or issues that you have deemed as "your fault. Vil4ltt: ~ayl>'. Wdte them out. If the thoughts are negative. -17 - .

Whenever Joe or other successful business people had concerns or objections on their minds. 11. After writing the list. Do the cleaning process on each item. concerns or challenges you have. Item of concern: Item of concern: Item of concern: -18 - . 10. Include on this list doing a physical and emotional check up when you are tense. Make a list of things you are trying to "control" in your life. Go through the clearing process with Joe on each of the items you listed in question #11. they would simply clean them. Make a list of any business desires. and noting the circumstances that surround that tension/fear. List those as "control" items as well. Note anything related to each issue and clear on it for the next 30 days. List anything that you are currently worried about.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION GUIDE 9. take time to do the cleaning process with each and note any shifts that occur. 12.

As you meditate. and you deliver to others the experiences they subconsciously request.. he prepares YOII tot the A. or awakening experience is to meditate. You are not THE God.. Meditating Reing a mystic in the markerplace Living in the pre. . 1. Go behind the thoughts to the blank whiteboardj the witness-self.~em momenr b. but you become one with the Divine when you awaken.r >.CD 5: AWAKENING «}'{n. Do you currently meditate? If nul. joe op<':!1~ this session emphasizing that }'Oll are not your body. Make time to detach from your thoughts. list them below and clean on each of those fears. Do you practice any of the three ways that Joe suggests you use to prepare for awakening? a. 2. Arc you aware of any fears when you consider meditating? 4. you can experience a satori moment./unconsciously demand all your experiences. Miracle Pmye. or feelings. Susan Shumsky. Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes Iwice a day. It is here.' Stage 4: AW'lkt'f)ing is j nrroduced in this session. Yes Yes Yes No No No If so. You are simply experiencing (hem.19- . out any blocks that God. one in which you merge with all beings and experience a oneness in which you realize that you are best way to prepare feelings and body. thoughts. He further explains mar you are the witness and the Divine that has chosen to come ro this world in human form.. And from there. why not. c. vakcning stage. Dr.? Wi'ite you may have around medh:aliJlg and do some cleaning on those thoughts or perceptions. The for a satori. Take some time to witness your mind and write about what yoo experience. 3. Vitale describes your natural state as a bJank whireboard open to the messages of the Divine. take Dote of your thoughts as they enter your head.

Try to listen in the moment throughout the day and make note of any insights you gain by practicing this exerci e. Do you have a home or office filled with stuff? If so. 6. When someone is speaking to you) note if you are focusing completely on them and what they're conveying. As you do your daily chores. If not. 8. Do an inventory of your life and write a list of those «things" that you are constantly chasing. 9. be more in the present. you are most likely focusing on the next thing you're going to say. -20- . Joe says you must live in the moment. Write about any insights or awakenings you expenence. Another practice that will assist YOli in staying "in the moment" is to note your inner dialogue. Write an expression of gratitude for all the joys in your life. and literally create space for new experiences. practice being a mystic in the marketplace. 7.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION GUIDE 5. concentrate on being separate from your body. As you proceed throughout your day. believing that by acquiring them you will find happiness. thoughts and feelings. The incessant chasing of worldly "things" is an illusion that can keep you preoccupied and distracted from present moment happiness. Be happy right now. Write about any insights you gain when de-cluttering. This will help you let go. take the time to dean it out or de-clutter.

AWAKENINGCOURSE. Do a personal inventory of moments in which you've felt "awakened. Vitale recommends Day 1 Date: Dat(!: using a meditation Ye. 12. Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 DayS Dare: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Dare: Dare: Dace: Date: Dale: Date: Date: No_ ='10 No No No ~o Day 6 Day 7 DayS Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 DayB Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day 14 15 16 17 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YC-"i 18 19 Date: 20 Dare: 21 Date: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No -21 - . Make a list of these moments or experiences. Meditate at least 5-10 minutes daily for at least 21 days. Write about anything you feel or experience in doing this practice.WWW. Joe suggests that you ask great spiritual masters for assistance in reaching the satnri state or to help you surrender to your highest self.:s Yes_ Yes_ Yes_ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes log. you will continue to experience them in your life. 11.COM 10. Dr." Perhaps you had a glimpse of bliss or deep-felt peace. and know that as you commit to your own personal growth.

And finally.THE AWAKENING COURSE INSPIRED ACTION GUIDE 13. Be sure to journal any insights. Day 1: Today I experienced Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: DayS: Day 6: Day 7: Day 8: Day 9: Today I experienced Today I experienced Today I experienced Today I experienced Today I experienced Today I experienced Today I experienced Today I experienced _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Day 10: Today I experienced Day 11: Today I experienced Day 12: Today 1 experienced Day 13: Today I experienced Day 14: Today I experienced Day 15: Today I experienced Day 16: Today I experienced Day 17: Today I experienced Day 18: Today T experienced Day 19: Today I experienced Day 20: 'Ioday T experienced Day21: Today Lexperienced -22- . in whatever form it wishes to communicate. or ideas that you may receive. remember to express gratitude. Give yourself permission for greater creative expression.

Larry King Live. He's also one of the most sought-after media Joe Vitale developed his 5-step system when he went from literally being homeless.miraclescoaching.This is the only program dedicated to teaching thousands of people.AWAKENINGCOURSE. books." as well as coaurhor rhe book.M. Here. Joe Vitale.Attracting Wealth: Magnetizing Your Unconscious Mind for Prosperity The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealrh (or anything else) The Attractor Factor Blueprint Essential DVD Study Course The Beyond Manifestation Spiritual Growth System Money Beyond Belief How to Attract A New Car Joe Vitale is a much sought-after public speaker. speaking schedule. Joe Vitale for attracting wealth. Tbe A1Vilkening Course The Awakened Millionaire The Awakened Relationship The Missing Secret Home Study Course: How to Use The Law of Attraction to Easily Attract What You Want. As a writer.COM Bestselling aurhor Dr.T. His most recent interviews include. on the Law of Attraction. he was asked to star in the world-famous movie "The Secret. how to use the Law of Attraction to create miracles in their lives. His life's mission is to help orhers to do the same. please contact Peter Wink.. Wealth. Joe Vitale has written many bestsellers on rhe Law of Attraction including . Readers can also sign up for his complimentary newsletter called "News You Can Use" at http://www.html..Fear-Less: Transcend and Break Through Fear The Subliminal Manifestation Series Joe's website address is www.Forgiveness and Love The Subliminal Manifestation Series -. Vice President. For all marketing. love. - Life's Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birrh. and More There's a Customer Born Every Minute: P. webinars. or you may e-mail heratSuzanne@mrfire. and exclusive five-step "attraction" system.. health. please contact his personal assistant Suzanne Burns at 1-512-2781610. Joe presents all his productslservices. and happiness work. Joe has successfully coached thousands of people. or you may e-mail him at peter@mrfire. Every Time The Missing Secret: Lecture Series Volume 1&2 The Subliminal Manifestation Series -. Joe has also starred in and produced CD/DVD programs including .joevitale. is known as rhe world's only "spiritual" marketer. DVDs. and links to his blog sites. Barnum's Secrets to Business Success The E-Code: 32 Internet Superstars Reveal 47 Ways Online Almost Instantly to Make Money The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! -23 For general information on Joe Vitale or to schedule an interview. Cyber Writing: How to Promote Your Product or Service Online (Without Being Flamed) The A. and partnership requests.. living on the streets of and More Spiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out How to Attain Your Desires: How to Live Life And Love It How to Attain Your Desires by Letting Your Subconscious Mind WOrkfor You Adventures Within: Confessions of an Inner-World Journalist The Seven Lost Secrets of Success Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insider's Guide to Making Big Money. Marketing & Product Development. Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising At Your Command: The Famous Mystic's Universal Recipe for Guaranteed Success in Any Situation Tbe SuccessfUl Coacln Insider Secrets to Becoming a Top Coach Joe also is the founder of the Miracles Coaching program (www. to becoming one rhe most prolific writers and entrepreneurs. and Newsweek magazine. and TV/radio appearances. Peace. Fast! Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers With Only Your Words Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing Meet and Grow Rich: How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own "Mastermind" Group for Health. rhrough his seminars. Extra Tv. . Thousands of testimonials from allover the world prove Joe's 5-step method Dr. The Big Jdea With Donny Deutsch. His system has helped countless people become millionaires and find happiness. through one-on-one coaching. Now he is financially independent living rhe life most only dream about. speaking to rhousands of people annually at prestigious events including the Learning Annex expo and the National Speaker's Association among other large-scale events. Combining his unique. Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealrh. Joe Vitale is also a passionate philanthropist and humanitarian. working wirh many private and public organizations. at 1-847-985-1321. product development. one-ofa-leind charismatic/inspirational style.WWW. Joe's system is so effective.

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Cleaning tilt: Unnl11~ci[)us Mind 3.(Thy Some Things Arc Happening Tn YiJur T.ssion CD #2 . Inrroducrion / 5-Slep Artracror Factor Process 2.. Detachment & Projecting 6. :.forlh)' How Yilll Clear Your Bdier.SURRENDER 1. 8. Keing Free From Fear I n. End of Ses. Program Sllmrn:~ry <1nd Meditation I() 1 . My Lire Orll1H': Slreel. i\bundance and 15. I . Tnl roducrinn to Smrr. Len Sloty 2. 5. 6. J\ Powerful and Practical 'Iool 7. Tnlroducrion I There r.~ 3.VICTIMHOOD 1. \. Be Happy Right _ ow 4. \Xlho Do You Blame? 4. Tm:lginillg :Inti Selting Inrem inns Dare SlIrndhing \.AWAKENING 1. Not My \'{Iill But Thine Be Done 6. Asking for Assistance I Giving Up COlltrol 5. How [0 Prepare Yourself For Awakening 3.CD #1 -INTRODUCTION 1. 4. Your Inner Dialogue '5. Practical Tools and Meditations ~.~ MOlle). The Victim Mentaliry You Have A Choice Memories and Their Meanings Complaining and Setting Inrenrions 'lJl. \\'Thy You Need 13.ncierillg / Dr. Move Forw<1rdThrough The Four Stages of Aw:~kelling 4: The B<lsio or Aw:~kel1ing and Reyund 5.sibility fill' Ev ·rything 4. 'Lhe Clearing Process 10. Tlking Rt:spun. End of Session CD #5 . 6.iorkbook and Relaxation Exercises 5. Seven Key Points roc Becoming Empowered 3. Workbook Exercise 8. List Your "Felrs" 11. 9. Introduction to Awakening / The W'hiteboard 2. LCITing Go Of Worry 8. 10.':lY 2. End of Session 7. 7.if<:. Being a Victim 2. Clearing Yourself of Limiting Beliefs 8. End or S .. CD #4 . End of Awakening Course .Efforting" Yuur Way Through Lift' 7. The Po rer of Your Unconscious CD #3 .ir.~Another \X. 8. ion Mind F:~ceYour Fe-.r urCI". Is Good 14.~ Kirk :md Th(~ 'Pow(.EMPOWERMENT 1.lritllcie Becoming a Belief Dcrccri vc Writing a Gratitude List Introduction to Relaxation "\X'11ar ould You Dare?" W Exercise Exercise '). 3.osing Your Training Wheels 7. 6. \\'lurkbook Exercise 9.

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