A Resolution Stating the Sentiments Regarding Official Name of the Parks and Recreation Fandom WHEREAS: NBC’s “Parks

and Recreation” (hereafter known as “Parks and Rec” or “Parks”) has been on television since 2009; and WHEREAS: Parks has had 68 outstanding episodes as of the fourth season finale; and WHEREAS: The cast, crew, writers, and showrunners are full of sunshine and happiness and inspire the fandom; and WHEREAS: The things that the Parks fandom have ranged from novel-length fanfiction to .gifs to campaign posters and Li’l Sebastian snowglobes; and WHEREAS: The fandom extends from livejournal to tumblr to AO3 to twitter and the NBC website; and WHEREAS: The members of the Parks and Rec fandom have integrated various aspects of the show into our daily lives; and WHEREAS: Whereas the members of the fandom agree that the fandom is unlike and better than nearly any other fandom we have collectively been part of; and WHEREAS: Both Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt have said that the citizens of their town of Pawnee are “weirdos who care”; and WHEREAS: LJ user stillscape has said that “Weirdos who care” is really the Parks fandom in a nutshell; and WHEREAS: LJ user craponaspatula has seconded this motion. BE IT RESOLVED TO THE COLLECTIVE FANDOM OF THE INTERNET: That the Parks and Recreation fandom be known formally in their collective as “Weirdos who care”; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That this name properly reflects the way that the members of the fandom feel about the show and each other. AUTHORS: throwingpens

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