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Creative Campaign Ideas

Creative Campaign Ideas

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Published by: Samrat Chakraborty on May 05, 2012
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Creative Campaign Ideas

Make your campaign an exciting event not to be missed with fun and creative events, entertainment and prizes. Here are some ideas to get your planning started and kick-off your campaign. Professional Speakers and Performers – the ArtsKC Fund Talent Ensemble  A number of 2009 grant recipient organizations and artists are willing to come to your workplace for a performance or informance (speaking engagement). Many also have displays and giveaways available. For a complete list please visit the “Join the ArtsKC Fund” section of www.ArtsKC.org, click on Workplace Giving Campaigns and Talent Ensemble. Communication  Use your company’s intranet site to post fun facts, highlight arts groups, offer trivia, contests, raffle prizes, display goals, deadlines and activities.  Use e-mail and voicemail as a way to send daily reminder messages.  Invite crafty and creative coworkers to create posters or try to emulate famous artists, recreating their style for your campaign pieces. Themes  Holidays/Events o February  Valentine’s Day - "Give Your Heart to the Arts" - pass out valentines and candy and have Cupid distribute pledge forms; collect donations for candy grams to be sent to fellow employees; post employee names on heart cutouts as their contributions are received  President's Day - recruit employees to dress as George Washington and Abe Lincoln and distribute ArtsKC Fund info  Mardi Gras - organize a mask making/decorating activity; pass out beads along with pledge forms to all associates; organize a King Cake competition; serve a Cajun lunch  The Oscars - hang movie posters; roll out the red carpet; show Best Picture movies over lunch/during break times; donors may complete Oscar ballots; serve sparkling grape juice o March  St. Patrick’s Day - "Bring in the Green" - Encourage employees to dress in green; feature an Irish performer; organize a St. Patty's Day lunch for employees who complete their pledge forms on or before that date; conduct a drawing for an employee to get a free afternoon off to attend the Parade  March Madness - "Dunk for the Arts" - serve donuts and coffee to all donors; allow donors to wear their favorite team jersey to the office; organize a bracket with all proceeds to be donated to the ArtsKC Fund

 Invite employees to enter a culinary arts contest where everyone tries a sample.  Distribute “Act II” popcorn to ArtsKC Fund donors  Schedule an “All You Can Eat” buffet for your donation of X dollars  Sell “Golden Ticket” chocolate bars…think Willy Wonka  "Sweet Charity" .  Origami folding  Employee photo show  Baby match. donuts. Picassohead contest . coffee bar. to get involved  Art@work employee art exhibitions – contact Kelly Seward.Challenge departments. floors. etc. tape."Help the Arts Grow" .  Office door/cubicle decorating contest  Sculpture contests using paperclips. Trivial Pursuit. conduct a drawing for Royal's tickets Food – the ultimate enticer  Host kick-off festivities with a pancake breakfast. (winner could receive tickets or other incentives).have an Easter Egg hunt for all donors. program manager for the Kansas City BCA for details and information  Do the 'write' thing" . host your own HORSE type basketball tournament in your office parking lot or at a local gym Spring Break . those who turn in pledge cards cast a vote for their favorites  Create an employee cookbook to sell (proceeds to the ArtsKC Fund) and/or give to donors  Hold a cake-decorating contest  Plan a “Put a Little Culture in Your Life” breakfast – serve yogurt  Offer a “We’ll give you our dough if you give us yours” incentive – give each person who makes a pledge a fresh baked cookie  Create arts themed company cafeteria offerings – TuTu Potatoes. etc. jersey. bubblegum.attach seed packets to pledge forms or distribute to those who donate to the Fund o April  Easter . Tenor-ized Steak."Go to Bat for the Arts" . etc.allow donors to wear their favorite team's hat. shifts.bake sale Fun & Games . Pet match.attach a pen or pencil to the pledge form as an incentive  Host a poetry or writing contest  Star Search  American Idol  Game show-like quizzes  Arts Scrabble. etc. etc. etc. Lettuce Entertain You salad. – collect pictures from employees and sell guesses as to who is who or who belongs to whom  Spelling Bees  Mr. include tickets or other incentives inside some of the eggs  Baseball Opening Day or Royal's First Home Game . divisions.."Bunny Hop for the Arts" . etc. Bach's Lunch. recycling bin contents. AuPavarotti.

Entertainment  Invite performers from local organizations or musicians/actors from your own office to perform during a staff meeting. etc.  Employee talent show  Karaoke  Lip sync  Sing-alongs  Face painting  Temporary tattoos  Spoken word. poetry or storytelling hour  "Art" and "Ed" distribute pledge forms along with information about local arts education programs Raffles  Early bird gets the worm…pledge forms turned in by a certain date are entered into a drawing for…  All employees participating in your events may be entered into drawings Prizes  Prime parking  Free vacation days  Pass to sleep in  Pass to leave early  Extended lunch  Roll of quarters for the vending machine  Casual day  Denim Friday  Company logo wear  Event tickets (ask your CEO. lunch. Serve popcorn. break room. DVD sales Cubicle/office decorating contest Office treasure/scavenger hunt Coloring contest "Pop for the Arts" . tootsie pops. etc.display the items in the cafeteria.          Paint your own (insert item of choice here) session or organize your employees into to teams to paint (insert item of choice here) .donors "pop" a balloon filled with gift certificates. Hard hat (or other item relevant to your industry) decorating contest Finger painting contest Valentine card/box contest (donate to a worthy organization at completion) Auctions Book. tickets and other incentives. CD. soda pop. popsicles. pop tarts and play Pop music at the event.org)  Contact your vendors for gift certificates and other donations .ArtsKC. top management and board members for donations and view the ArtsKC Fund Talent Ensemble at www.

Fleishman-Hillard – Jan Rasmussen. ECM  Showcased their employee artists and performers at a First Friday exhibition on The Star’s front lawn at 18th & Grand.  Proceeds from the sale of burgers & hotdogs benefited the ArtsKC Fund. All entries received 5 raffle tickets. The canvas now hangs with pride in their company conference room.)  Java & Jazz Café featuring Kerry Strayer at sax . Bits and the Arts – used books and CD sales  Art@Work Employee Art Exhibition  “I Scream for the Arts” ice cream social featuring the Bell Road Barn Players  Bach’s Lunch & Spring Fling Creation Competition (wreaths. bonnets. side) received 10 additional tickets.Past Metro Area ArtsKC Fund Campaign Events Bank of Blue Valley –Gene Pal.  First Friday Art Crawl & drawing for winners. Teams e-mailed their answers. an artist & an arts organization during their ArtsKC Fund Campaign…  Musical Performance by the Lyric Opera at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum  Artist for the Week – Louis Copt (information provided to employees regarding this Kansas native)  Arts Organization for the week – American for the Arts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City – Kelly Cannon. Kansas City Star – Candace Spurny. For each item found. ECM  Associates were invited to paint on a canvas together. ECMs Provided information to their employees about a performance. ECM  Distributed ArtsKC Pins to associates  Raffles…arts tickets & caricature drawings  Employee Art Booths  Swing Dancer demonstration  Performance by the American Jazz Museum BNIM – Ruthie Harrison. baskets.  ArtsKC Fund Salad Bowl – associates were invited to prepare their favorite homemade salad to share. ECM Theme…Art for the Senses  Party Arty opening ceremony  Medicine in Art – tour at the Nelson for employees  Books. nonvegetarian. Each winner (vegetarian. All 10 were located outside of the building but close enough that they could be found over the lunch hour. etc. the team received one raffle ticket. KCUMB – Nancy Jones. ECM  ArtsKC Fund Scavenger Hunt – e-mail clues were sent to teams of associates regarding the location of 10 items.

 Held raffle drawing for Arts tickets. Kannice Ford. Carvin’. Buyin’ & Sellin’ Book Sale  Biddin’ without Talkin’ Silent Auction  Drawin’. Sculptin’. Theme…KPMG Celebrates the Arts with Kansas City  Hosted an event for employees at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center featuring performances by Kevin Hiatt. Calligraphy. Tile Painting  The Buck Stops Here…Used Books. Nallia School of Dance. ECMs Theme…KPMG Celebrates the Arts with Kansas City  Hosted an event for employees at the Lyric Theatre featuring performances by the Kansas City Rep and informances by local artist. Beading/Jewelry Making. Fly Tying Demo. ArtsKC Fund staff. and others. and Horace Washington  Held raffle drawings  Obtained food sponsors from local vendors . and Paintin’ Art@Work  Capturin’ the Moment Photography Class  Now Playin’ Short Films  Uptown Tourin’ Trolley Tour of Power & Light District  Just Dreamin’ of Bein’ Caricatures  Agrentinin’ 2-Step Tango Lessons  Takin’ a Bow Closing Celebration Theme…Show Me Art  Some Me Talent Opening Celebration  The Kaleidoscope in You…Painting Miniatures. DVDs. Holly Swangstu. Sarah Burke. the Kansas City Symphony. Rebecca Ashe. CDs & Games  Art/Work employee artist exhibition  Show Me the Money…Silent Auction  Show Me Where in Kansas City is…web game  Show Me How to Puppeteer  Saucy Songs BBQ & Blue Grass lunch  Show Me How to Illustrate…draw character illustrations  Show Me How to Paint…basic painting techniques  Jazzin Around – tour of the Jazz District KPMG – Cassie Meschke & Brandy Dietz. Paul Cormaci. Sense and Sensations Closing Ceremony Theme…Rhythm of Givin…Steppin into the Arts  Raisin’ the Curtain Opening Celebration – featured staff dressed as California Raisins and singing the “I heard it through the Grape Vine” song  Scribblin’ in Color Art Canvas  Exposin’ our Campus Web Contest  Donatin’.

Bracket Deadline. Raffle. Luncheon & Raffle  American Jazz Museum Performance.  MRI logo contest. ECM Theme…Art Madness  Art Madness Bracket Informative Luncheon to review rules/sales/prizes  Campaign Kick-off Luncheon – ArtsKC Fund Staff speaker  Heart of America Shakespeare Performance. Luncheon & Raffle  Kansas City Ballet Informative Luncheon.  Gary Denbow Quartet performance  Craft Bazaar (showcasing employee creativity that was not included in the judging categories for the UMB Art@work exhibit).  Shakespeare to go.McCown Gordon Construction – Martha Martinez.  Caricatures were drawn of all 22 senior managers. Monet money used to participate in campaign activities below. They were matted and displayed with a donation jar in front and a contribution goal in order for managers to have their faces painted during lunch. ) – all UMB associates were given the opportunity to create their own unique art card. UMB – Vanessa Vaughn West. They were the first wallet “photos”.  Art@Work employee exhibit  Piggy Bank Parade (each regional banking center received a ceramic piggy bank to decorate.  Hot Degas Dogs lunch. Today art cards have evolved into miniature works of art. ECM Theme…UMB Celebrates Art Week  Art Card Decorating (art cards are about the size of a business card and started as small portraits of loved ones. All 41 were displayed at the downtown location and sold in a silent auction). ECM  Monet money was given to associates in return for completed pledge forms.  Picasso Pizza lunch.  I Scream for the Arts Ice-cream Social and Chalk Art event  One UMB Magnet Mania  Jazz Lunch with guitarist Paul Cormaci  Artist Reception and Announcement of Auction Winners & art@work Exhibit Awards .  Jazz Museum infotainment. Pledge Forms Due & Now Showing Event  Game Day! $10 get out of work HOUR + lunch  Round 1 of the NCAA Tournament (on projector)  Parking lot “HORSE” contest  Final Winners Announced – prizes for top 3 Midwest Research Institute – Linda Cook. They cards were on display at the company’s Art@work exhibit. Luncheon.

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