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Published by: gardenoffaith on May 05, 2012
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why do women rule the world? why do they exert such power?

well of course ther e is the obvious - they create children, they are mothers and wives. they have a very important in fact essential place in our lives. and there are also the id eal explanations - how the feminine essence is necessary, so beautiful, the qual ities only a woman can bring. all true. i have more to add - somewhat irreverent, a bit humourous, i hope, and also psyc hologically based. when you were a baby, you were connected to your mother, even before you were bo rn. you were one. you needed her to survive, so you could survive. and in the b eginning of your life and for many years to come, you still need her. your life literally depends on this at first. her response, her love, her feedi ng and changing you, is absolutely critical when she is withdrawn, or angry, or cold, this can be like a death blow to a chi ld. i believe for many of us this feeling stays deep in the subconscious, especially true for men, who literally may still need a woman to take care of him, to be t here for him, to live with him and love him. the feeling of abandonment, of sheer panic, of helplessness, continues even when he is grown. for female children, the feeling may be less intense, seem less fatal, except in the cases of female children who were very close to their own mothers and neede d her approval, her constant love, her care, even past childhood - perhaps they were feeling enormously dependent on her and made to feel that everything depend ed on keeping her happy. i believe that this is the other key, the psychological insight, that tells us w hy women exert such power. when they are angry with you or disapprove or nag yo u, nothing feels quite so bad. their words can cut, they know your secret shames , your flaws, and they do not hesitate to point them out. remember, women are gr eat with words. better than men, at times. a dicey skill and they can talk you nearly to death and wear you down with arguments, pleading s, or numbing anger. yes, such is the power of Woman. the other side, of course, exists, and it too is amazing, but unfortunately nega tive power works just as well you would rather go through Hell naked than hear one more nagging endless litany , or be made to feel guilty! i am sure many men understand this one, and more t han a few adult children as well! no, not the same thing if it is a wonder marriages and relationships survive, well, sex is a powerful u rge and necessarily put in us by God, for procreation. that starts things off! and then - and then - then what? you hopefully fall in love with the woman you have chosen, put up with her shit, embrace her good qualities, and make sure she also puts up with you and sees your good qualities as well if you ever ask yourself, where is the beauty of Woman as described in literatur e, in poems, in music, or movies - keep looking! keep looking! encourage the o

ne you love, if she is far less than beautiful in the feminine respect, encourag e her to be more of what you would want - and then accept her. whatever you can accept, do so. a gift you do not want a Stepford wife, do you? or be a Stepford husband or person? s ometimes we think we would be better off, when we seem so stupid, or ugly, or bo ring, or have a host of problems. but work with what you have, see what you c an do with it, bring some beauty out of the mud pile, out of the dirty room and the chaos you can always find something beautiful if you try. so there is my essay on the power of woman, wielded awfully at times, at other t imes, handled very well God bless!

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