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Physiology of Pronunciation

Physiology of Pronunciation

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Published by: milanista8812 on May 06, 2012
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The Physiology of Pronunciation

Main points:
 The Organs of Speech:
 Lungs  Cavities and passages  Articulators

 The Production of Speech Sounds:
    The airstream process The phonation process The oronasal process The articulatory process

The Lungs

• They are the source of energy to produce speech sounds

Passages and Cavities

Inside the larynx

The PHONATION PROCESS occurs in the larynx

Upper lip

Alveolar ridge Upper teeth

Hard palate
Lower lip


Soft palate (velum)

Parts of the tongue
blade body back


The production of speech sounds
• the airstream expelled from the lungs passes through the trachea into the larynx, where the phonation process occurs.
Vocal folds during phonation

• Then, the airstream passes into the pharynx, where the ORONASAL PROCESS takes place.

If the velum is lowered the airstream will escape through the nasal cavity.

If the velum is raised the airstream will escape through the mouth.

• In the ARTICULATORY PROCESS, the different articulators in the oral cavity will “shape” each speech sound.

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