1. Explain in brief the “ Pipelining” 2. What does Superscalar Architecture means? 3. What is pipelining? Discuss various problems in designing efficient pipeline. 4. Enlist RISC and CISC features. 5. Write short note on following 1. Power PC Architecture 2. Sun SPARC Architecture 6. List the important features of RISC Processor. 7. When does 8086 generate wait state? How will it come to its normal mode again? 8. Where is the interrupt descriptor table located for the protected mode operation? 9. Explain the following terms 1. Descriptor 2. Selector 3. Invisible Register 10.Comment on Virtual-86 mode. 11.In short describe the Cache memory with reference to 80486. 12.Enlist the Technical Advantages of Pentium? 13.Compare 80286 with 8086 Microprocessor. 14.Explain priorities of interrupt with an example. 15.Explain the application of following terms 1. GDTR 2. LDTR Prof. Mehul P. Barot and Prof. Hitesh Barot Page 1

MSW 16. Linker 9. BOUND 2. Hitesh Barot Page 2 .Write short note on “DEC Alpha Axp”. ENTER 3. Prof. Macro 3. 20. Compiler 7. IDTR 4. Assembler 4. Barot and Prof. but they are used by different vendors in their processor structure to improve performance. Interpreter 8. Loader 23.Draw the logical block diagram of Pentium and explain its important features.Write down short note on followings 1.Explain the following instruction for 80286 with example 1.Explain the Access Right byte of descriptor 22. 17.Discuss the use of REP Prefix. IN S 24.3. 21.How Operating modes are different from a addressing modes? 19.What are the major advantages of memory segmentation? Enlist comments on each.Discuss the features were not basic features RISC. Mehul P. Memory banks in 8086 2. PUSH A 4.Compare software protected mode and real mode addressing 25. Debugger 5. 18. Editor 6.

41. 42.Draw and explain the functional block diagram of clock generator 8284-A used with 8086. Discuss now 80386 with different registers and request.Write short note on following 1. Paging in 80386.Compare 8086/88/286/386. 34.What is interrupt service routine? Why do you write and test it. Hitesh Barot Page 3 . 33. 29. Barot and Prof. 31. for address lines. 2. 32. 37.How does register window help in improving call switching time? 43. 27. cache support operating modes.26. size of segments. 30.Justify the statement: Pentium is CISC processor employing RISC characteristics.Justify statement program written for 8088 may or may not run faster on 8086.Give the function of each hardware section of 80286. 35.Each memory access in protected mode needs conversion of address which is time consuming process.Technically what is importance of Aliasing Prof. 36. Solve this problem and improve overall performance.Why does 8086 take 2 machine cycles of 16-bit word starts from odd location in memory? 40.Explain page table and page directory entry with example.What is selector? How is it used to access the segment stored in main memory. data lines.What is descriptor? Give its format and discuss the use of each field with an example. 44. 38.What do you mean by programmable invisible registers? 28. Mehul P.Justify: Divide overflow and interrupt on overflow can’t occur at the same time.How virtual address is translated into physical address if paging is disable in 80386. Memory interfacing with 80286 using ALE signal 39.Draw and explain functional block diagram of 80386 microprocessor.Difference between LDT and GDT.

HOLD 2. The i/p and o/p should be done using standard i/p and o/p devices. 12. XLAT Prof. Short note on protected mode memory addressing. Short note on Pipelining. 6. Barot and Prof. Where is the Interrupt descriptor table located? 8. RISC Properties.How 8080 handle interrupt? 11. Mehul P.Paper – January 2008 1.Write a program to reverse each and every word in the given string. Write short note on following 1. 2. Explain maximum mode operation in 8086? 9.What do you mean by segment override prefix in 8086 architecture? 14.Write a program to convert unpacked BCD digit to packed BCD digit. 13. What happens interrupt 8086 micro? Show the complete process using diagram and working stack and IVT.Explain following instructions 1. Short note on Memory paging mechanism in 80386 7. 3. 5. 4. Power PC Architecture 2. SPARC Family 3. Hitesh Barot Page 4 . List merits of memory segmentation in 8086 microprocessor 10. Short note on addressing modes.

For (i=0. 2. Barot and Prof. EVEN 5. ASSUME 4. Divide overflow and Interrupt overflow cannot occur at same time. PTR Paper – 2006 1. How does 8086 determine whether instruction is 8-bit or 16-bit? 3. Justify: Pentium is CISC processor employing RISC features. Program written for 8088 may or may not run faster on 8086. When does 8086 flushes pre fetch queue? Why? 4. What is minimum size of segment in 8086? Give reason for it. 8. 6.3. If AL registers contains 5 then what will be the binary contents of AL after executing the CBW instructions. 7. 5. 9. Sum=0. Give the steps to set Trap flag to 1. Hitesh Barot Page 5 .i++) { Prof. Write an 8086 program to implement following C code.i<10. LENGTH 6. Mehul P.

Hitesh Barot Page 6 .Features of Power PC.If ((i%2)==1) Sum =sum+1.Compare the Superscalar & Super Pipeline architecture. 19.Write the stack segment of 20 words: How do you initialize it? 13. 15. Memory banks in 8086 2.Features of RISC Processor.Short note on Context Switching 18. Barot and Prof. 8086 Interrupt Priorities 3. Ready synchronization through 8284 14. 20. Mehul P.Write short note on following 1. 12. 11.Write a subroutine to find minimum of two numbers and use it in mainline program to find minimum from block of 10 numbers. 16. } 10.Features of Sun SPARC Architecture. Minimum mode 4.How does 8086 compute the address of ISR? When there is a valid Interrupt? Give the example.Features of Pentium Architecture 17. Macros 5.List out CISC Characteristics. 21.What is LDT? Why it is local to process? Prof. Maximum Vs.

Short note on Power PC Architecture. State difference between real mode and protected mode memory addressing. 14. IMUL 3. XLAT 4. Short note on following 1. How 8086 responds to an interrupt? What is IVT? Explain Type 0 and Type 1 interrupts.Paper – December 2005 1. 10. 4. Macro & Procedure 3. ASSUME 2. 80386 & 80486? 9. Mehul P. Hitesh Barot Page 7 . 13. Queue 2. 12. LENGTH 3. HOLD & READY Instruction 2.List out RISC Properties. Briefly describe following instruction with an example 1. Find Physical address if IP 2313H. Barot and Prof. 11. 8.Short note on DEC Alpha AXP Architecture. What is minimum and maximum segment size of 80286. Explain the memory paging mechanism in 80386. Draw and explain the architecture of 8284 clock generator 5. CMPS 5. 6.Short note on SPARC Architecture. Difference between minimum and maximum mode of 8086. 7.Explain GDT and IDT. If CS in 8086 starts from address 45BC0H then content of CS Register. Prof.

Write a program to check the password entered by the user. 3.Explain the flags of 8086. 16.Write a program to arrange the given number in ascending order.Write a program to convert uppercase string into lowercase string using XLAT instruction. Barot and Prof. Mehul P. Hitesh Barot Page 8 . Discuss the special features of SUN SPARC Architecture. Discuss how does 80386 with the help of the different register and technique solve this problem & improve the overall performance. Discuss the Difference between LDT and GDT. which are not available in 8085 Microprocessor. Prof.Explain with an example reentrant and recursive procedure. Paper – 2004 1. What is descriptor? Give its format & discuss the use of each field with an example. 17. Displays message “Password is correct” if password is valid otherwise display “Password is not correct”. Each memory access in protected mode needs conversion of address which is time consuming process. 19. 18. 4.15. 2.

Justify Statement: “Pentium is CISC Processor employing RISC Features. Paging in 80386 3. 15. Hitesh Barot Page 9 .What is interrupt service routine? How do you write and test it. 16.Compare 8086/88/286/386 for address lines.Justify Statement: “Program written for 8088 may or may not run faster on 8086”. Features of Power PC Architecture 2. What are control flags? How they are useful? 10. 7. Prof. 17.Discuss the use of REP Prefixes. Give the functions of each hardware section of the 80286. but they are used by different vendors in their processor architectures to improve performance in specific aspect. data lines. 12. Superscalar Vs.Why does 8086 take two machine cycles if 16-bit word starts from odd location in memory! 14.5. 18. 19. Barot and Prof. Super pipelined 9.Explain the use of Directional flag. Discuss with small example. 8. List the features of CISC which encourages users to choose RISC as alternative architecture. size of segments (minimum & maximum).Write an assembly language program to accept the decimal number from the keyboard & print the sum of all the digits of that number. operating modes.What is macro? How are they useful? Show the example using macro.Justify the Statement: “Divide overflow and Interrupt on Overflow cannot occur at the same time”. 11. 6. Write short notes on following 1. 13. cache support. Mehul P. Discuss the features which are not basic features of RISC.

4. Barot and Prof. Mehul P. 2. when two interrupt Occurs at the same time? Q-3 (A) write a program to find no. RET inst – IRET inst 5. contains -5 then what will be the binary contents of Al after executing the CBW instruction. NEAR Subroutine – FAR Subroutine Q-2 (A) WRITE AN ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE PROGRAM TO ACCEPT THE DECIMAL NO. TEST inst . FROM THE KEYBOARD & PRINT THE SUM OF AL THE DIGITS OF THAT NO. JUMP and CALL 3. 286. How do you set Trap flag to 1 (B) Differentiate Between 1. OR Q-2 (A) write a program to find the GCD of two integers Q-2 (B) what is the priority rules that 8086 follows to resolve the problem. How does 8086 determine whether instruction is 8-bit or 16-bit? 2. use SCANB with appropriate repeat prefix OR Q-3 (A) Write a program to convert uppercase string into lowercase using XLAT inst.AND inst.’S Q-2 (B) Discuss various types of loop instruction. Q-3 Q-3 (B) give the diffn’t between min & max mode of 8086 (C) gives the diffn’t between simple SHIFT RIGHT & Arithmetic SHIFT RIGHT OR Page 10 Prof. If Al reg. NEAR Jump – SHORT Jump 4. What are the min & max size of segments in 8086. Hitesh Barot . 386? 3. of occurrence of a given character from keyboard and store the Result in AL reg.PAPER Dec-2003 Q-1 (A) Answer the following:1.

Hitesh Barot Page 11 . Selector 3. What is the role of bus controller chip? explain with proper diagram how a page is accessed in 386 system what happens if the required page is not available in memory? 1. Descriptor 2. List the operating modes of 80386 2. What is the role of TLB? 4. what is use of it Explain? Answer the Followings 1. How do you switch from real mode to protected mode 6. GDT (global descriptor table) (B) list the important features of RISC processor (A) Write short notes on “Memory interleaving” (B) SUNSPARC Architecture (C) RISC Characteristics (D) power PC Architecture Prof. Draw block diagram of Pentium & explain it’s properties 2. Mehul P. Invisible register 4. What is the meaning of granularity bit? 5. What is the pipeline? Discuss various problem in designing efficient pipeline OR (A) explain the following terms with their meanings 1. What is the size of the one page in 386? Why 3. Barot and Prof.Q-3 Q-4 Q-4 Q-5 Q-5 Q-5 Q-6 Q-6 Q-6 Q-6 (C) what is vector table?.

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