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07 Design a Playground by T Sweeney

07 Design a Playground by T Sweeney

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Published by: fjal on May 06, 2012
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Share examples of different brochures collected by the teacher and
identify the structural features of this form of exposition text. For
example, brochures:

• Can be different sizes and may be folded in various ways
• Usually contain clear appropriate images linked to the target
audience (as discussed in Activity 14)
• Are well planned with a good layout so that it is easy to read
• Contain a clear title, contact information and clear points with
elaboration that attempt to convince the reader of the merits of
the product or service.

Learning Activity 15b: Create a brochure

• What sort of text type is a brochure and what are the structural
features that need to be included?
• What are the main arguments and elaborations we want to
• What size and shape will we create?

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