The Paradise

Vital Bird Sanctuary in Manila, in Danger for Reclamation

See the trees that give us life, Look at the grasses that is soft to touch Smell the beautiful flower scent, The things that our Lord sent. Thank you for this home, Built from your wonderful gifts Thank you for the life around me That powers me when I’m weakened Here I thank you for the wonderful memories, That fulfills my mind like a great library, This place that I love so much This paradise that I will treasure throughout my life.

President Gloria MacapagalArroyo issued Executive Order No. 1412 declaring the coastal lagoon as the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area and banning activities that would impede its ecologically vital role as a bird sanctuary, this has been disregarded and the government plans to continue with their project. For many years the 175 hectares of Manila Bay which contains an area called Las Piñas-Parañaque Coastal Lagoon had been a vital habitat for native birds in the Philippines and an important stop over for migratory birds from different countries. Today this critical sanctuary is in danger for reclamation for commercialization purpose. The government plans to reclaim 635 hectares of land that is in front of the sanctuary to create a new business center. This can cause the slow destruction of the sanctuary that may greatly damage not only the ecosystem in a certain place but the disruption of the migration of the foreign birds which causes the population of the birds to dwindle.

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