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Published by: Prodip Mitra on May 06, 2012
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unlimited pool of creative brain storming and infinite supply of advertising and event management solutions as the company philosophy. even related and training oriented services to its clients. Ingenious Entertainment and Marketing Solutions is a Dhaka based marketing support company. The company believes that a phenomenal job does not take big sponsors. “marketing solution & support” is defined as an innumerable number of marketing solutions. big partners or big budgets but it only takes a big heart full of enthusiasm.INTRODUCTION INGENIOUS is a full service agency for marketing jobs. advertising. . The company started off as a small one is quickly progressing as one of the prominent ones in the marketing industry in Bangladesh. the company is the product of intense passion and dedication. According to their statement. The company offers various marketing. The is based upon some other prominent personalities with long experience in media sector. With a global presence and perspective. big brain full of ideas and a pinch of motivation from the customers. INGENIOUS is a sister concern of the Nakhotro Sagufta Consortium owned by eminent media personality Tauquir Ahmed. The company tagline sums its purpose by stating “Innovating for you. The company believes in giving a handful in return of something small. product related. promotional.” BACKGROUND Primarily.

Finance and Accounting He controls the marketing operations He controls the events organized by the company He is responsible for controlling the accounting duties. Responsible for customer relations. CS assists in . The director person is one of the leading personalities in the media sector in Bangladesh. Chief Executive Officer Head of Marketing Operations He controls the everyday operation of the company. event organization and other marketing services provided by the company Chief. Customer Provides the necessary research on business and new fields to venture. Event Execution Chief.ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE The structure of the organization is as follows: Tauquir Ahmed Chairman Tauhid Hossain Head of Marketing and Operations MD. Also to provide support in understanding the advertiser’s marketing and promotion needs and to provide logical interpretations. Position Director/Chairman Duties He provides general guidance and direction to company affairs. Provides coordination with financial services in the company’s effort of creating and producing marketing services. Hasan Ekram Ahmed Chief Executive Officer Marketing Wing Mohammad Saif Mostafa Event Execution Istiaque Ahmed Finance & Accounts Wing Nitai Chandra Shutradhar Business Development Wing Shah Fayed Customer Service Wing ArifaTaslima Khan Human Resource Wing Farjana Yeasmin Kakon Here is a general description of duties performed the person in each position. Chief. Business Development Chief. The director himself is a good provider of credibility to the branding of the company. Marketing Wing Chief. Thus he can provide greater liaison and support for media exposure. He controls the marketing operations. promotional activities.

reasons. retailer. during and after the production. Planning. such as positioning. Help increase the demand of a product at wholesaler. Conduct stunts. organizing and managing events. Provide Strategic planning for branding efforts. effects. planning and offer full support. tradeshows. conference. or distributor level Conduct and support the process of bringing a brand to life through creating brand experience. training. Assessing demand. Creation and planning a meme in the internet. maintaining MARKETING SERVICES INGENIOUS provides following services to its clients Services Marketing Services Modern Trade Promotion Description Providing campaign support to wholesalers and retailers to gain their support in marketing of the product. Plan and help to create a buzz among public using various media. segmentation. shows. Chief. Organizing public events and/or conducting attention grabbing programs. Providing campaigns. Planning and creation of ads of single or multiple theme and planning strategic exposures. like meeting. outlets etc. Maintain contact and relation with customers before. HR Offers necessary support to hiring.Service communication with clients to understand their needs. Conduct promotional support/activity to new or existing shops. sources of various marketing problems. Shop Promotion AD Campaigning Brand Strategic Planning Buzz Marketing High Profile PR Stunts Marketing Outsourcing Market Survey and Research Trade Marketing Activation Event Management and Planning . sales centre. Finding experts on particular service from other sources or provide part of service from other agencies Provide research and survey for marketing needs. employees.

to promote events Road Shows Overall Media Based Logistic Support Direct Marketing Gift Item Making TV and Radio Commercials Print Media Product Designing marketing of lifestyle items. Organizing specific events for corporate needs with appropriate fashion.Services Corporate Events Lifestyle Events Description ceremonies etc. display like tradeshow. Provide direct marketing services. Planning and organizing road show events. Designing attractive packaging. Offer HR recruiting support. Organizing specific events fashion show. magazine. Designing and creating gift items. Other Services Creative Services Recruitment Training/Organizing Social and Cultural Events events like . Provide logistic support for marketing programs. Creation of advertisement for TV or Radio Creation of printed ads. Organizing social and cultural reunions and meeting. booklets. Helping to plan and design products satisfying other marketing drive. pamphlets and other printed products.

Gift Item redesign. Product Relaunch. interior redecorating Full length Promotion. Branding. Rongon Group Udayan Purbachal City Limited Bangladesh International Music Conference Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) British-American Tobacco Bangladesh Fair Distribution Limited (Olitalia) MudX Herbal Products R F Builders Limited Crystal Jewele Sagufta Group Other Services (No Information Collected) Service Provided Exposition and Corporate Seminar Reality Show of 26 Episodes Overall Printing Support Promotional planning for the upcoming cinemas Marketing and Event Plan Nationwide Lifestyle Event. Organization IBM NTV Olitalia ATN Movies Nokkhotrobari Limited Resort and Convention Center Destiny Group Best Aviation Limited (Best Air) An Harbal Consumer Product Company Bangladesh Archery Fedaration BirSrestho Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College Bangladesh Army Abdul Monem Bangladesh Limited SME Foundation Limited Uddough Purbachal City Ltd.CLIENTS AND PROJECTS Following is the list of some of the notable clients of INGENIOUS. Marketing Arrangement of National Archery Event Arrangement of Reunion Event . TV commercial Overall Branding Support.

Having prominent media personnel in their rank is an added advantage for them. With a fleet of hardworking.CONCLUSION INGENIOUS is a successful and a role model for a marketing agency. they have successfully conducted almost every kind of marketing services. dedicated and experienced team. . although it is not a necessary one.

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