- Create 3D models - Mesh - Precast - Run - Viewcast 1. Create 3D models
Optionally, you can use : PRO, UNX, CATIA... To perform simulation requires three main components + Fixed mold + castings + mobile mold

Perform detailed mesh in turn drew. The mesh is the most difficult stages of procast When meshing need to pay attention to your product For example: Your casting edges, or into such 1mm thick. the grid can not be> 1 mm. Because the mesh will fail. But smaller mesh than the machine running slowly. So the grid mesh size depends on how much detail and the ability of your computer.

.Mesh lower die Mesh upper die.

Assemble the component on together and conduct mesh volume .Mesh casting.

After the volume mesh ------------- .

2. casting --------------------- . Attached material for molding.Precast.

Determining heat transfer mold casting (interface) ------------------------ .

. ----------------------------------- ..Determination of boundary conditions. such as temperature. velocity on heat transfer metal mold environment. temperature cooling system ...

Set the gravitational acceleration ------------------ .

casting . . ...Set initial conditions: initial temperature of the mold.... --------------- .

cycles.Set to run the simulation conditions: flow. or micro-structure After you finish setting the parameters save it and run . stress.

3.Run .

viewcast: The flow and temperature field.4. .



solidification time ----------------- .

Shrinkage Porosity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The only preliminary presentation on how to do. Parameters of each stage you can refer to help .

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