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Zero and First Conditionals

1. Work in pairs. Do these sentences have different meanings? If so, what are they? a) If the children arent home by five, I call the school. / If the children arent home by five, Ill call the school. b) When hes late, he calls us. / If hes late, he calls us. c) If you cant do it, I might help. / If you cant do it, Ill help. d) If it doesnt rain, Ill go to the beach. / Unless it rains, Ill go to the beach. 2. Join the clauses to form a complete sentence. 1. If you have children, 2. If he gets there before me, 3. My boss gets angry 4. Water boils 5. If people stay indoors all the time, 6. Unless you need more space, 7. If it rains, 8. I dont sleep very well a. if you heat it to 100 degrees. b. they become unfit. c. the grass gets wet. d. you worry about them all the time. e. if Im late for work. f. if Im worried. g. ask him to wait. h. a small car is big enough for one person.

3. Choose the correct tenses (present or will...). 1. If you (do) that again, I (not talk) to you anymore. 2. I (be) surprised if she (manage) to sell that car. 3. I (need) some money if we (go) out tonight. 4. I (miss) you if we (move) to Wales. 5. If you (look) in the top drawer, you (find) your passport. 6. It (be) funny if Norman (get) the job. 7. Ive hung out the clothes. Its lovely and sunny. If it (stay) like this they (be) dry in two hours. 8. If the pain (return) you should take another pill. 9. Tell him to bring his bicycle inside. If he (leave) it outside someone (steal) it. 10. Be careful about the time. If you (spend) too long on the first question you (not have) enough time to do the others.