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Seen Area Mol Biot

Seen Area Mol Biot

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Published by: Vivek Bhat on May 06, 2012
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Compare and contrast the methods for the production of recombinant proteins from micro organisms and mammalian

cell lines. - host expression system, - the strain or cell line that could be used - the appropriate vectors required. This essay will be worth 40% of the exam mark.

Seen Area

Example Short Answer Questions
Below are a selection of example short answer questions. There will be one short answer question provied per tutor on the module and two from Dr Smith. You are required to answer 4 out of 8 questions. Each question will be worth 15% of the exam mark. Example 1. You have discovered a novel alkaloid called 'pralomin' in a common weed, and early tests suggest that it could be used to treat various forms of cancer. The level of pralomin in the weed plant is very low, and it is only found in the trichomes. Therefore, you have decided to use bacteria for the large-scale production of this alkaloid. Explain the following aspects of your strategy: a) How will you create a cDNA library to isolate the genes involved in pralomin synthesis? b) In addition to the introduction of genes specific to pralomin synthesis, what type of engineering might be required for the native bacterial biochemical pathways? Example 2. Briefly discuss the perceived advantages of nanoparticle-containing materials for 'Detecting' or 'Imaging' biological molecules. Example 3. Discuss the approaches that are available to you to create a fusion protein between two separate a genes, you can assume you have the cDNA and know the squences. Example 4. Describe the principle of producing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Example 5. Discribe the features of the vector constructs required for gene expression in Yeast. Example 6. Discuss the differences between knock-out and knock-in transgenic animals

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