The Call Over Maori TV for Maori to register with their Hapu by end Of 2012 if they wish to preserve

their Native Identity? People are advised if worried or under pressure from others to include the words,

“Without Prejudice All Rights Reserved”
After your signature is placed on all papers to which they put their signature to. The World of Commerce and the NZ Ministry of Justice appear to be attempting to do away with Sovereignty and totally enslave everybody. Be reminded that




recognised in 1835AD, by Britain, France, and America, as an Independent Sovereign State. By reserving you and your Hapu's rights, = (A contract - of any sort should be a fair and equitable "meeting of the minds", which means that it benefits both parties equally.) if not its duress.

You and your Hapu are reserving your inalienable rights and remain
in good stead. To take up the long standing invitation to join with the Northern Hapu of Aotearoa who are inarguably Sovereign and Independent. "UNITED WE STAND SOVEREIGN HAND IN HAND"

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